Thursday, February 24th, 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

Launch Date: March 3, 2011 for North America, March 2011 for International.

Is there anything more enduring (besides love and heartbreak) than denim? Jeanius is a celebration of the journey – country cousin to haute couture – the whole world wanted to go on since America made it a national obsession. Since tooth-and-nail workwear jumped the pond in farmer’s overalls to gussy up in the glam of the great Paris couture houses…France may take the credit for creating it in 18th-century Nimes (de Nîmes = DeNim), but bright young American women took it higher! M∙A∙C keeps up with a Jeanius collection of moody blues and indigo ink, the quantum of modern cool, with four new limited-life denimized Eye Shadows, along with new limited-life shades of Lipstick, Lipglass, Blush and Biker Blue & Frayed to Order Nail Lacquer. Like the faux-metal “snap” on the Eye Shadow…completely riveting.

Eyeshadow ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Diva In Distress Mid-tone gray with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Motorhead Mid-tone blue with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Stove Pipe Black Black with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
  • White Jeanius White with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Docile Chrome pink peach with gold (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Fabulous Felines, ’10)
  • Indigo Pink Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Painted On Grayish beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Acid Washed Grayish beige with gold pearl (Glaze) (Limited Edition)
  • Pretty Please Pale pink pearl (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Riveting Rose Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Biker Blue Black base with purple and blue pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Frayed-to-Order White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Blush ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Overdyed Bright magenta (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Cult Mid-tone neutral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Brow Maker ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

Penultimate Eye Liner ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Rapidblack True black (Permanent)

See photos!

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

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214 thoughts on “MAC Jeanius Collection for Spring 2011 Official Photos & Information

  1. Ah that white nailpolish!! And i’m also very curious about the last blush that was posted. Love that colour at first sight

  2. Amalee

    whoa whoa whoaaa. i’ve never seen eyeshadows like that before.. kinda cool but kinda creepy..

  3. Samantha

    Hey Christine! I hope you answer! Would they paint your nails at MAC or do you have to buy the polish and then go to a salon or do it at home? Thanks!

  4. esme

    by descriptions, i’m only interested in two products: Docile lipglass & Pink Cult blush

  5. PASS! sorry mac but for me at least your 2011 collection so far are awful! there is not one thing i want which i guess is good and means i can save my money, where are the fun collections like ‘Hello Kitty’ or ‘Heatherette’ stop being so boring and in my opinion unimaginative

  6. im not even big into nail polish but that’s what im looking forward to most, the white looks so unique! i wonder if its more sheer or opaque? either way, cant wait for them both. the blushes look nice as well. really excited to see whats in store at mac for spring! cant wait for wonder woman !

  7. Lala

    What about the Wonder Woman collection?? Is still in Spring? Does anybody know anything?

  8. Eliza

    Docile lipglass and the Pink Cult blush!

  9. Joyce

    I don’t like this collection, it looks rather dull.

  10. Kim-Mary

    I understand some people aren’t impressed with all the collections coming out OR impressed with a certain collection. That’s fine. Get off this website then. The people on this site are MAC-aholics and most of us are impressed and excited for the upcoming collections. If your not. Stop posting your disatisfaction for the company and collections. Seriously. Get help, get off and stop trying to bring the rest of us down cause it ain’t gonna work. Also, Christine is nice enough to post Q&A’s and yet most of you refuse to read and then ask her the questions she’s already answered. It’s annoying. Read. It’s not hard. Thank you.

    • Morgan

      Well said Kim-Mary! There have been times I wasn’t too excited for a collection, but I would only say that it wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t bash MAC or the collection itself cause everybody’s taste in cosmetics & colors are different. You are so right. If you don’t like MAC or the collections they have out don’t come on a MAC website and bash them. Same with Christines question/answers. It makes you look like idiots cause you don’t read first.

  11. Melissa Morelli

    The nail polish, lipglosses, lipsticks and the one pink blush look good. The eye shadow kinda scares me lol

  12. I died an went to heaven with riveting rose lipstick!

  13. Oh my. I need those e/s and the blushes

  14. kris

    i’m surprised they didn’t rerelease bell-bottom blue from the naughty nauticals collection with this seeing as though the name fits in so well.

  15. I don’t think the eyeshadows look like something i HAVE to have. the lipsticks and lipglasses look nice though. I really love the nail polish colors, but i’m not such a fan of MAC nail polishes unfortunately :/

  16. Laetitia

    Hi Christine,

    Loving this collection, but do you think this is the main spring collection or do you know if there will be a bigger one similar to the Spring Color Forecasts in 2010? MAC usually does one with a few LE palettes.

  17. Jennifer S.

    They have done it again, some cool eyeshadows but I wish they would have done more LE packaging. The don’t release different products that often in these collections and we get that, so why not give us the packaging which sets it apart and really makes it something LE or different. If not, isn’t it just a new shade release which every company does in the new season, only more frequently. I have been a fan for a long time but with the Tartan e/s, the Metal e/s and now these LE e/s, perhaps we could use some LE face products that are not repromotes.

  18. haynsh

    im really looking forward to this collection!

  19. Kenneth Alan

    The print on the eyeshadows is so awesome, but this collection just seems alright. I haven’t been that impressed with MAC collections lately. My two favourites have been Venomous Villains and Style Black.

    But as a lover of all things black and vampy I’ll probably check out Stove Pipe Black and Riveting Rose. Pink Cult intrigues me as well.

  20. Definitely a Skip! MAC needs to get more creative.

  21. loveee the packaging of the eyeshadows…i would never want to use them!! ahhh. might have to buy them anyway because that is just SO cute. Will probably get the blushes too since im a sucker for MAC blushes especially the LE ones…

  22. i like how the eyeshadows look but there is no originality in color!

  23. Angeles

    I wish Mac could understand that we love makeup but come on.. we would appreciate the collections they come up with more… if they wouldn’t come up with limited collections every second of the hour.. Its really upsetting that I can’t have everything in each collection because Im always saving for the next one. I would love to for the most part be able to get everything I really want from each collection without going bankrupt and feeling guilty every time I spend way too much on every 2 to 3 collections per month, it takes the fun out of my passion for cosmetics! Mac please listen to what we your consumers are saying.

    • Jacqueline Lopez


  24. LuLu

    Im from europe and in my mac counter it says this collection will be launched in february

  25. Jacqueline Lopez


  26. VJNS

    All the shadows seem dupable but I still like the color combos. I’d get at least the lipsticks or the glosses. As much as I like the packaging though, I’m passing on this. They need more originality.

  27. sarah

    Are all of the lipsticks lustre formulas? Two of them dont say anything.

  28. Eliza

    I love how mac is doing complete lips- so they have 3 different sticks and glosses, but each one belongs with another of the exact (or similar) shade. way 2 go MAC

  29. Becca

    only the eyeshadows and blushes are calling out to me :) thank God!

  30. Juana

    cute collection but pass…love the jeans design in the shadow;)

  31. I think MAC needs to revamp! Come on- everything is SO similar. How about a quad with a smokey charcoal, matte violet, shimmery teal, and a duo-chrome champagne/pink color. IDK, just something different!

  32. Jordyn

    Can’t wait for the eyeshadows, but i wonder if the little button is just a spray-on like the blush from the to the beach collection?

  33. ak

    Acid Washed lipstick would sadly probably look like a disaster on me, but I may take a quick gander at it but the Painted On lipglass maybe I could do; maybe it could be a good replacement for my Flesh lipglass from the Mickey Contractor line once it runs out…

    The burgundy lipstick and lipglass look pretty too though. And Pretty Please lipstick is probably not that much different from Angel or Plink! or something like that.

  34. Lizzy

    Pretty! I want those lipglasses!

  35. susie


  36. i LOVE these! i’m a new MAC addict and look best in cool tones.. i love so many of these! although i can’t really tell what the eyeshadows look like quite yet. i can’t wait for you to swatch them :)

  37. Kari

    I am a sucker for anything “pearlescent” so I might check out that nail polish, as long as it’s not streaky.. :) Speaking of pealescent, I really wish I could get my hands on the mac lustre drops in pink rebel, I can’t believe I missed it!

  38. Korryn

    Any idea when we will have swatches? Also any word on this Daisy collection that was mentioned awhile back? I am now hearing on it was only a working name & that may have now changed. Help!

  39. suzysoffice

    I ‘m looking forward to seeing your swatches of these , I ‘m very interested in this collestion

  40. Adee

    SO freaking excited about this one!!!

  41. Emily

    all of this looks lovely !i cannot wait for the shadows+polishes!!

  42. Cepeda

    OMG! Im freaking out over this upcoming collection!!

  43. quartapiecediva1

    Ok so MAC doing a bit much with the collections I have found some pieces I like out of every one of them and this collection is kinda losing my interest I think they should give us a break to regroup and come with something hot for the summer just my opinion

  44. Any chance you are going to have an opportunity to swatch these before the official launch? Inquiring minds want to know so they can make critical budget decisions lol…

  45. Maggie

    I’m already lusting after the nail lacquers and a couple of the lippies. But I’m going to have to get Motorhead eyeshadow – Motörhead is pretty much my favorite band in the universe ^_^

  46. Jennifer

    I love MAC but I rarely get excited about the new collections (haha) but there’s something cool about this one that I’m definitely interested in!

  47. Pretty Please is my fav lipstick of all time, and probs the most (in my opinion) uinique shade of MAC’s, and it was the first i ever bought way back in the day, to now ive bought like at least 10+ i love it!
    everytime i go mac i tend to get one i love it…
    I cant wait to try the lipglass that compliments it xD

    im gonna do some face chart looks, like 20 dif looks u can do with the lipstick haha i love it that much xD

    I love the bright blush colour and the lipglasses actually from this collection but the e/s’s which ud think wud b the star of the collection are like lacklustre!
    im not a fan of this printed shadows, they cost too much aswell and the pattern disapears after abit and ur left with nothing but a plain colour u could have paid $3 for at a drugstore cos they aint special colours but…

    u never no xD

    *hopes up for this one mac* x

  48. Jocelyn

    I might check out a lipstick or lipglass, but not too sure. Can’t wait to see the reviews and swatches. Thanks Christine <3

  49. beautyaddict

    I kinda like the dark lipstick. The rest can go hang although if I liked polish enough to pay the price the shades are nice.

  50. Ginny

    the only thing i Dont like about this collection is the eyeshadow… can’t wait for the lipstick, blush and nail polish!!!

  51. Brittni R

    MAC’s promo people must have a specific photoshop brush for adding the speckles to polish and gloss. 😛 It always looks like that, then the product is always different.

  52. The lipsticks and glasses look like they fit right into the Felines collection. That blue nail polish is pretty and I don’t have anything like it so I may just get that because I’m a lacquer junkie. The eyeshadows do not look unique enough for $19.50. :(

  53. The eyeshadows look cool and the lipsticks are pretty colors. It’s not that exciting of a collection though…

  54. Tiffany

    I’m completely passing on this collection. There’s not one thing that really caught my eye :/ The eyeshadows are really interesting but of course, it sucks that the design was just an overlay.
    Thanks for your review Christine!

  55. Corliss

    I’m not getting anything from this collection. I don’t like it.

  56. kristen

    it’s up for sale

  57. Louise

    So new thinking, the way that the eyeshadows look, love it! loving the dark nail polish too :)

  58. Judy

    Where do you get these photos?? There is no source to be referred to and I’ve seen the exact same photos from Macy’ and
    Can someone clarify the exact sources of the images, where they come from? Thanks!

  59. Makeupmafia1

    Hi dolls! Ok so I rushes to my local mac counter after beauty school this past Thursday with full intent to purchase the entire collection. With $200 cash in hand and a big grin on my face I ran to the counter, but to my dismay it was blah! The eyeshadows were “ok” and the blushes I felt like this had been done before. I know the eyeshadows look cool but the little rivet in the corner of pan weren’t even pressed through >:^• ya they look cool and would be a nice addition to my growing collection but but but it was a yawn. I felt like there were more exciting colors in the regular collection. What I did purchase from this collection was the lipglass in “painted on” and the lipstick in “acid washed” they left my lips looking quite “virgin-esk” there not ment to have a ton of pigment cuase there luster and that’s ok with me the total washed out look realy isn’t my thing. Any way in all I say leave it the new cream blushes and sheer creamy lipstick were much more interesting.

  60. Maria

    Most brands, have made a “jeans” oriented make up collection. Cannot understand why as it doesn’t give you much inspiration… Anyway. The colours are nothing much, not impressive at all, rather boring. Sorry MAC, but nothing special this time! Wait to check them out though!