Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

MAC In the Groove Online! (And Alice + Olivia!)

Hey all! It’s 5:30AM PST, but at least now I can fully sleep… LOL. Kept waking up (unintentionally!) every 45 minutes to check.  MAC Cosmetics looks like it has it up now!   Nordstrom has most of it – the MSF page still isn’t updating to reflect all four, just Comfort.  I’ve gotten some reports in that MACPRO also has it up.  Alice + Olivia is also up. 

Edited @ 6:27am (PST)Officially up with launch pages:  Alice + Olivia; In the Groove.

Edited @ 7:30am (PST):   Yes, Stereo Rose is showing as sold out (U.S. site).  Other retailers (Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillards, Bloomingdale’s) should have separate stock and come online shortly.  If you see one pop up, leave a comment so I can update the most in case I miss it.  Nordstrom still isn’t showing the other MSFs online, and I did a LiveChat with them, but nothing helpful yet.

Edited @ 10:14am (PST): Nordstrom is now showing Stereo Rose (along with the other MSFs) available!

Edited @ 8:51pm (PST): I ordered at 6:49am (PST) and my Stereo Rose is on backorder, and while the representative said that since it sold out so fast, they are “trying to get more,” I will remain skeptical.  Sadface, since it means I might not have a Stereo Rose to swatch and review for you all.  I put one on hold at my local MAC on Saturday, called tonight, and they couldn’t locate it. :(  I put another one on hold, but we will have to wait and see if it’s there on Thursday.

@ MACCosmetics.com

@ Nordstrom.com

FREE SHIPPING: Try using code LASH710 or code MACAO.  For Nordstrom beauty orders over $50, you can use the code BEAUTY for $5 shipping; free shipping for $200+ orders.

REVIEWS:  All reviews for both collections (In the Groove is only limited reviews right now) here.

Share your hauls in the comments! :)

P.S. – Stereo Rose and Comfort are *most* flattering for warm skin tones; Petticoat and By Candlelight for cool skin tones — BUT BUT BUT — all four work well on most skin tones in general. Petticoat and By Candlelight are definitely universally flattering, Comfort may turn orange on some, and Stereo Rose is typically flattering on most.

My haul? 1 of everything from In the Groove, plus a couple doubles, so I can photograph, swatch, and review everything!  Anything that’s a duplicate was bought to giveaway.  Yes, expect giveaways! Don’t even ask how much that cost.  You can add it up.  I’m pretending like I didn’t see the totals… Yes, totals.

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286 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove Online! Alice + Olivia!

  1. Okay so I went back to the Nordstrom website and I finally got to order some stereo rose. Yay! Then I went back to the MAC website and Later pigment is already sold out! Are they going to be releasing it on other sites as well. Does anybody know!?

    • No, just on MAC as far as I know.

      • Sometimes they restock. I hope this is one of those times. MAC would be silly not to. I live in Texas and there is no MAC store nearby. My sis is in Cali this week. I’m gonna see if she can snag the pigments up for me. She has an incentive because I always give here samples of all my pigments. I luv my sis!

  2. Katie

    I reserved Stereo Rose, By Candlelight, Petticoat, and Jazzed lipstick at my mac counter like a month ago. I was DETERMINED to get them haha.

  3. Chelsey

    My haul is pretty stunning… I haven’t come across a Mac collection in years that I’ve really purchased a lot from. There’s my justification. I purchased Stereo Rose, By Candlelight, Comfort, 3 Creamsheen Glasses, 2 mineralized eyeshadow trios and Jazzed.

    I may end up returning an item or two, but still.

  4. Chelsea

    I nabbed Petticoat, By Candlelight, and In the Groove at 7:00 AM PST. I had Stereo Rose in my cart, but decided against it when I finally admitted I wasn’t that excited about it and was only getting it because everyone else was.

  5. Tiffany

    Hmm, I put in my order for Stereo Rose @ Nordstrom but I’m not feeling too confident about actually getting it. The MAC in my area said all the pre-orders were on hold already.

  6. kerry

    i got stereo rose and im so happy i did! it took a while before it sold out on the cdn site. believe it was around 11am that it sold out

  7. monique newsome

    I just purchased Stereo Rose from the Nordstrom! Two minutes ago.

  8. Elle

    I think Stereo Rose is sold out at Norstrom…I bought it about 15 minutes ago and now it is not showing up on the site. I ordered one in store and figured I’d give it a go online too in case one method fell through. Good luck to everyone who wanted one.

    • Elle

      Oh also, on the offchance that I actually get both Stereo Roses (who knows if that will happen though…), if I put it up on eBay there’s no way I would mark it up that much. Never sold anything on eBay but I think it’s a tad bit unfair to mark something up to like $100 bucks if its retail value is only $28…I get that people are trying to profit but still…

  9. Paige

    I woke my dad up (he was taking a day off to take my sister to the zoo) so I could get Stereo Rose! He wasn’t very happy, but now I have a By Candlelight, and Pettiecoat and a Stereo Rose comin my way!

  10. At 1:58 PST I finally gave in and nabbed Stereo Rose and Petticoat since it didn’t show “SOLD OUT” on the Nordstrom site (I took it as a sign…I told myself that since the MAC website sold out this morning that I would just wait till Thursday…but gave in once I saw that it was still on Nordstrom)! Oh I also got Jazzed lipstick after seeing how pretty it was on lollipop26’s blog and here on Temptalia. (I would never got it otherwise cuz it looks so scary orange in the tube). This is my FIRST MSF purchase and I was also thinking I could resist the hype but with such a uniformly flattering shade as Christine keeps saying Stereo Rose was I figured WHY NOT GET IT and try it on my NC30 skin :). *CROSS FINGERS* that my Nordstrom confirmation email comes soon…if it’s sold out then I guess Thursday was meant to be haha.

    • SUCCESS! Nordstrom confirmation email received! Sadly the MSF’s are estimated to arrive by 7/21…will have to twiddle my thumbs and wait for the pretty products patiently. Definitely beats buying them off a beauty blog or eBay for an increased price tho! ^_^

  11. Am I missing something here? What is special about this collection. It is not doing it for me in the photos.

  12. Nik

    Whoa, looks like I got Stereo Rose right on time! I got it 30 min. ago on Nordstrom and it it sold out now!

    I also got Petticoat!

  13. Heather

    Wow. Stereo Rose is already sold-out. (^_^) But I got Petticoat and Chillin, so I’m happy.

  14. Lauren

    When will this collection be available at MAC counters and stores?

  15. L1onQueen

    Anyone know when Macys.com stock will go up?

  16. ali

    Mom’s credit card is sitting right next to me and i’m so tempted to order something from Groove without telling her…but i’d get in so much trouble! must. resist.!

  17. update from earlier – 3:20pm. Got an email saying “unable to fulfill” for Stereo Rose. Guess they didn’t catch it nearly early enough. I had even checked later in the day to see if it was still in stock, and it said it was, so they were really late on this email *sigh*.

  18. Vickie

    got the last stereo rose that my mac counter. it pays to call as soon as the store opens lol

  19. Connie

    I checked Nordstroms online and they are sold out. I finally called my favorite manager of the MAC counter at Macys. She was on break but I asked them to hold Stereo Rose and By Candlelight. I told her that Stereo Rose was sold out already on MACs site and she was surprised. She also told me that Macys usually puts the new stuff online the day of the release.

    • L1onQueen

      LOL! Samething happened to me! I called my counter to see how many they got in and the MA said “oh we should have plenty because we didn’t take preorders” But she went in the back to double check and said “Gee we only have 2 total!” I laughed and told her good luck because its sold out online. She was astonished (heck I was too, it was 10 am!) but she was nice enough to offer to hold one for me.

  20. Christina

    lash710 wont work for me…

  21. Christina

    SOMEONE HELP. im nw20/15 and i have to chose between by candelight and petticoat! which onne?!

  22. Catherine

    I ordered at 6:50am… hopefully all is well. I hauled more than planned 3/4 MSFs (I passed on Comfort), Going Casual and On the Scene Cremesheens and Jazzed lipstick. I also ordered some permanent items i’ve been lemming :)

  23. Dee E.

    I preordered Petticoat and Love to Love at Nordstrom, but Stereo Rose was already gone. I checked Dillards and Bloomingdale’s but it isn’t up on the website yet :(

  24. TG

    I purchased a Stereo Rose from Nordstrom at around 2:30 or so and it’s saying “Order is in process” and I got a confirmation email.

    Anyone know when I’ll know if it’s actually gone through? I know some people have ordered high-demand LE items from there and then find Nordstrom has canceled the order.

    • Marianne

      I ordered stereo rose around 9 MST this morning, didn’t get the order conformation until 12:30 and I was a little worried that Nordstrom’s was going to cancel my order but, as of 4:20 I received my shipping notice. Because you ordered so late in the day (after 12), you might not get your shipping until tomorrow. Fingers crossed they can fulfill your order.

  25. Nicole

    will A&O be available at places other than Mac online and freestanding stores?

  26. Rene

    Well Nordie’s just canceled my order yet again even tho I placed it as soon as stereo rose appeared. Won’t even bother with them again.

  27. Lauren

    I woke up at 6am (not on purpose) eastern time and kept checking their website what seemed to be every 10 minutes. After I ate breakfast I saw that it was up. I order all the nail polishes from alice and olivia. Then from in the groove I ordered stereo rose (hopefully I wasn’t too late- I still kick myself over missing out on marine life), blue my mind, band of roses (most excited for this), style influencer, fashion whim, hang loose, and creme d’nude. I had to debit this because I knew my mom would kill me if she saw all of this on the credit card.

    I got an email saying my ordered had shipped and was super excited because I thought it was the stuff above, and then I actually read the email and it was the haute and naughty lash and neutral eye and cheek that I ordered on thursday (which came today).

    I’m surprised if it sparkles sold out, no one seemed to be that interested in that one.

  28. Brianna

    i had to leave for work at 815 EST and i must have just missed it…i don’t have access to a computer at work so i checked twitter on my phone during my lunch break and christine had said Stereo Rose was sold out! luckily i called my boyfriend and he checked nordstrom for me and got one! im so excited :)

  29. Allison

    I ordered stereo rose probably 10 mins after it was put on the nordstrom site and I just got an email saying I wont be receiving it because they are sold out :[

    • Tiffany

      :( surprise, surprise

      • Rene

        Don’t feel bad Allison same thing happened to me. Thankfully there is a Mac store a few blocks from me and they reserved 2. I haven’t had the best experience in this particular Mac, that’s why I tried to get it from Nordie’s.. but I will suck it up for stereo rose and get it from Mac

    • iris

      ugh/…. same for me i swear i ordered it right when it got on the site because i remember going to the site and it wasn’t listed then i refreshed and it was there! they took awhile to send me a confirmation email maybe about an hour or so and right when i get off from work i see an email saying they cant fulfill my order because its no longer available. Soooo mad. guess ill be waking up bright and early and running to the nearest mac on thurs.

  30. Megan

    I’m going early Thursday morning to a mac store to do my shopping! Can’t wait!

  31. Q

    I already have By Candelight and Comfort and Petticoat, so I just finished a presale order for Stereo Rose at my local counter (over the phone; I love my MAC counter). I can pick it up at my leisure on Thursday and it’s already mine. Yay! (I also get to pick through the veining if there are any left when I get there. <3)

    Comfort is fairly dark on me. I can only use it sometimes in summer and when I'm going for a specific look, but it's gorgeous. I don't know why it doesn't get the love the other three do.

    Depending on what's left when I get there Thursday, I may pick up an extra Petticoat, too. <3 that one so much.

  32. Tiffany

    If It Sparkles is now sold out. I’m surprised Partylicious is the last pigment standing.

  33. Cassidy

    I am on vacation right now and won’t be home til mid-august.. I have the worst internet connection so I couldn’t order online. I am travelling 40 mins on Thurs to a nearby counter. Hopefully there is some stuff left there!!!!!!!

  34. Wendy M.

    I’m sorry if this has been asked before Christine, but do you know if they’re going to have alice + olivia at MAC counters?
    I reallyyyy wanted Later. pigment. :(

  35. tg

    Son of a gun! I just got the dreaded “your items aren’t available” from Nordstrom. I hate that MAC does this with their products. Would it be so hard to make the popular items like Stereo Rose permanent?

    Does anyone know when Macy’s, Bloomies and Dillards are getting theirs in?

    If not, I guess I’ll have to manage to get to the mall at 9:59 sharp on Thursday. >:-(

    • I think Macy’s said on Thursday, but it might be tomorrow. Hard to say :(

      • tg

        Do you think the websites will have them tomorrow? That’s what I was wondering about.

        I could go to my counter at 10 sharp on Thursday morning, but I’m hearing on Specktra that the employees and other customers have reserved SR, so a trip there might not be worth it.


        • I’m really not sure :(

        • omo

          my advice to you is do not wait on the mac website, from experience it takes them a while to restock on sold items…it could take like 2weeks trust me…i be stalking thier website daily when a product i want sells out…. so i know what am saying. Futhermore products like SR is probaly not goin be restocked becos i dunno. Recall ripe peach? it never came back. The marine life? it never came back and am not sure this would. so go where ever you need to go DO NOT WAIT ON MAC WEBSITE

    • Dee E.

      Me too! I know, my stomach sank! But I just went to Nordstrom’s website and got Stereo Rose! It will be shipped on 7/30 though :( Just happy I snatched it before it got away again.

      • Tiffany

        I just got it too. I fully believe MAC didn’t make enough for the purpose of creating buzz. They could’ve made enough if they wanted.

        • tg

          I managed to snag one through a nice gal on Specktra, and it turned out to be cheaper since Nordies charges that ridiculous $8 shipping fee.

          Still, this has turned me off of MAC. They make some of the most beautiful cosmetics around, but they’re sadistic with all of this LE marketing. The CEO probably giggles at the thought of everyone trying to get one and coming up short.

          • nicci

            exactly, same thing w/Marine Life…they know exactly what they are doing. I wonder how much they raked in just from Stereo Rose?!

  36. Soly

    So I placed my order with MAC at 9:00AM ET and all was well. I just checked my order and its showing Stereo Rose as backordered and the order is pending. Is this MAC’s way of letting me know I wont get it or do they ship on the backorders?

    I am glad Jazzed l/s seems to have made it through!

    • Tiffany

      Jazzed is sold out now? Lol

    • nazih

      Same thing with mine I ordered it at 9am and now I see it’s on backorder. I just called mac they said it will be shipped separately from the rest of the items when they get more in stock :/ UGH.

      • Soly

        Oh, thanks for the info! I do hope they do ship it eventually. I’m afraid “back in stock” may mean “never”! ::crossing fingers::

    • PJ

      Same thing happened to me for my Stereo Rose order :( I don’t feel confident they will get more in stock :(

    • annie

      same thing with me! i’m so surprised, this didn’t even happen when i ordered my marine life on the site, and i thought for sure i wouldn’t get it. soo frustrating.

  37. Maddy

    stereo rose = GONE!

  38. suzy

    When I woke up this morning it was sold out online. I called a few Macy’s and they were no longer taking pre-orders because it was SOLD OUT! Thanks to your site I bought it online at Nordstrom and picked it up this afternoon. The MAC gal told me I was lucky to get the last one. WOW!

  39. Kenzy

    I was unable to get Stereo Rose, but ehh it’s not that bad. I got Petticoat, Jazzed and On the Scene :)

  40. Melissa

    My order shipped! I got stereo rose and petticoat. I am excited to try them as I have never had MSFs before.

  41. I ordered Stereo Rose and Jazzed l/s this morning around 11am (HST). I received the dreaded “backorder” email for Stereo Rose around 4pm (HST). I went to the Nordstrom website to live chat with a rep who confirmed that it is backordered and that Nordstrom expects a shipment around 7/30, which is when my item is estimated to be shipped. Crossing my fingers that it goes through. Nordstrom did ship out the Jazzed l/s today and I guess that will have to do for now.

    I have one free standing MAC and numerous counters in my city so I’ll try those on Thursday to see if I can score another to give away as a gift.

  42. dana

    i placed my order early at work to make sure i got my Later pigment..and i was so excited it went through..now when i checked on my order its backordered!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!???

  43. ellie

    I got my stereo rose tuesday and petticoat wednesday. I was surprised it came out here in our country earlier than the US launch date. Anyway, i guess it’s really a chain reaction if many people are buying that product then naturally one would be curious about the fuzz and would end up buying that product too. Well, i’m a victim of that … i bought these two msf’s because of curiosity but i’m happy because they are pretty indeed but i would’t go beyond paying more just to get those.

  44. LNU

    I beat everybody and purchased mine early at the pro store on Saturday! I might hit the store on Thursday and pick up the alice + olivia pigments, I’m still on the fence about them!

  45. britt

    why are you skeptical about not recieving stero rose? now im worried, if you were not going to receive it wouldnt they tell you your not going to and not say it will be shipped out in two weeks? on nordstrom it even says the day it will be shipped 7/30. i ordered five minutes after you and now im very worried,,,

    • They just said backordered but there is no guarantee of fulfillment – I ordered from MAC, not Nordstrom. Whenever a LE item sells out fast, e.g. Marine Life just a few weeks ago, many get backorder notices but shortly after, they get cancellation notices, too.

      I haven’t received any notices, but I called to find out.

      • I got the same backorder email. I just called and the representative said there is a very good chance I will still get mine. She said they just got an email that they are trying to get more in to fill the backorders. She told me not the cancel my order. But I am still going to stalk Dillard’s and Bloomies websites and order when it finally goes live.

  46. tg

    This is insane! Now the Nordstrom site is showing all MSFs for sale *except* Petticoat. What the?

  47. teralissa

    i went to nordies yesterday to preorder stereo rose. i was telling the ma that i wanted to make sure i got it, because i was bummed i missed out on marine life. she perked up and said, “wait!!! i just saw a marine life under the counter!” sure enough…there was one. so i walked out with marine life and my preorder for stereo rose. was a very happy girl. :)

    • Mel

      I am so happy for you!!!

      • teralissa

        awww…thanks, mel!
        it’s so funny…no one would understand my excitement except for the wonderful ladies on temptalia. :)
        my “real life” friends are like, “eh, whatever.”

  48. Sheena F

    omg i’m so excited! i just picked up my order from nordstrom.com that i placed this morning. i got 2 “stereo rose” msf’s! and just when i thought i was done, i was walking by my favorite mac counter, which is at bloomingdale’s westfield san francisco center and asked them to put “comfort” on hold for me…now i’m kind of thinking of putting “petticoat” on hold too haha! i’m kind of on the fence about “by candlelight” though being that i am NC40 and highlighters don’t show up too well on my skin without it looking too oily…

  49. I made a purchase around 11AM CST via Pro, and just (12 1/2 hours later) received an email saying Later. Pigment was on Backorder. I sure hope I get this one! It’s the whole reason I wanted all 3!

  50. Jennifer

    *TEARS* I woke up late today…I have to order through Nordstroms.com because I have a Nord card, and my credit card is maxed (Yes dad will kill me). So , I had put “Stereo Rose” in the basket while I was debating about other things and then it said it was unavailable, when 15 mins earlier it was available. So I placed the rest of the order w/o it. Then I checked again and they had “Stereo Rose” back…So I ordered it ugh…

    Now it says it is delayed. I know there is a good chance I won’t get it. :( I’ve never experienced it before and I wanted to…

    On the bright side I got:
    MSF Petticoat
    Jazzed Lipstick
    All styled up Lipstick
    In the groove trio
    If it’s pink dazzlecreme gloss from A and O (Only thing I wanted from that collection)

    And I might still have hope for Stereo Rose …

    Oh and my order for the Dazzle lipsticks in Babys on fire and Naughty you is on its way.

  51. monika

    STEREO ROSe will be back online in 2 weeks.

  52. Mel

    Christine it happened to me too! Why oh why??? I ordered right after you and I’m stressed…

  53. karen

    I ordered before I went to work at 2 and when I came home found Stereo Rose cancelled. Then I see it’s still up on Nordies. So I placed another order, and it’s telling me it’ll come in 8/12! But let’s see if this one gets cancelled too.

  54. Aisha

    They still have stereo Rose available on Nordstrom site, ( as of 10:10 PST they are only sold out of Petticoat).

  55. Elle Alsion


    Does anyone have any idea as to when australia will get this collection as I dont want to miss out on stereo rose???

  56. Kathie

    I ordered one Stereo Rose from Nordstrom and plan to use it as a blush on my NW45 skin tone. Other then that, I’ll plan to purchase the Alice & Olivia collection before I buy anything else from the In The Groove collection. I’m waiting for the Feline collection. I think that collection is going to be gorgeous!

  57. OMG

    Hey I had the same problem I put stereo rose on hold at my mac pro store and then when I got there ..it mysteriously vanished and they couldn’t find it!

  58. As of 07/07/10 at 1:15AM, Stereo Rose is back on nordstrom.com.

  59. amelia

    haha whose keeping track of whats already sold out? all the a + o pigments, stereo rose, one of the nail polishes and jazzed. :)

  60. Brandi

    Um…can someone please explain the hype for Stereo Rose? What’s so great about it?

  61. FYI – In the Groove is up on the Macys website at 1am (HST)…stereo rose and everything else included :)

  62. I just order my Stereo Rose on Macy’s website at 6:48am eastern time. I can rest easy now.

  63. Niccole

    ON THE GROOVE IS LIVE ON MACY’S.COM !!! I just ordered Stereo Rose and Band of Roses on Macy’s website at 6:48am eastern time. I can rest easy now and get some work done today.

  64. Kerri

    I just checked my bank account and they charged me $28 (plus tax) less than what they were supposed to so I’m guessing I won’t be getting stereo rose. They haven’t emailed me the bad news yet though. At least I got Jazzed and Later before it sold out. I’ll try my Mac store and see if the makeup gods will be on my side today.

  65. Carina

    I Ordered Stereo Rose from MAC site around 9 am… was so happy I got one, but just got an email saying it out of stock and they said it should ship in 2 weeks. :(

  66. Kathie

    O.K. so got an email from Nordstrom and my order was canceled because Stereo Rose is no longer available. WTH??? I’ll call my local MAC store and get it if not then oh well. Wasn’t meant for me to have.

  67. Becky

    Hey there, Christine,

    Macy’s is showing In the Groove, as of 7:20, this morning. Sadly, Stereo Rose is not showing. I don’t know if it’s already sold out…or what.

    Just FYI!

  68. I wonder why it is still not up on Bloomingdale’s or Dillard’s sites.

  69. Hehe, mine’s not too much of a “haul” for the collections… I just got the “Blue My Mind” eyeshadow trio. Also got refill pans of humid and mulch eyeshadow… fix + and brush cleaner :-) I can’t wait to get everything!

  70. amy

    It sucks you are having a hard time getting Stereo Rose, hope you are able to get it tomorrow. I am lucky enough to live by a MAC store that releases most collections earlier and I was able to get my grubby hands on Stereo Rose last week. It is GORGEOUS. Stereo Rose is sold out on the Canadian site as well.

  71. Elle

    By some miracle of the powers that be, I got a shipping confirmation for Stereo Rose. Looks like it shipped out last night. Thanks, Nordstrom–and I hope this is for real! Hope everyone who wanted one gets one…I have my fingers crossed for you guys :)

  72. Lisa

    When will you post what items we should get from the collection. Tick Tock I need your opinion. The last time I bought mineral eyeshadows, they just sit in my toolbox. I am wondering if I don’t need anything from this collection.

  73. Anyone know when Bloomingdale’s typically puts up new MAC collections? I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to place my order on the MAC Pro site but nervous now that it might be canceled. I called Bloomie’s but they had no clue…lol.

  74. nicci

    12:36PST – Stereo Rose sold out on Macy’s site as well.

  75. Amanda

    I ordered Stereo Rose online yesterday and when I got home from work today it was in my mailbox already!! :) I love it, it is truly amazing! I also got By Candlelight which is very pretty and I also got all three pigments from the A+O collection!! :)

  76. Lauren

    I called my MAC counter today and they said that they only received 3 of Stereo Rose. That is crazy!

  77. Michelle

    I got Stereo Rose through MAC at Macy’s. I was there on a fluke, killing time while I had a tire replaced at Sears… and a pack of 3 had mysteriously been found, though it had been thought to have been completely sold out. *It was my lucky day, as one of my never-in-stock tires needed replacing and was in-stock also!* I did pre-sale and pick it up tomorrow morning AT OPEN (10am PST). Anyone want to trade for MARINE LIFE???


  78. Lovebugg003

    FYI….I just ordered stereo rose this morning(Thurs.7/8) from bloomingdales.com. I got the order confirmation that it was in stock and shipping 7/15. I’m so excited. I ordered one previously from Ebay and paid $46 – I wish I’d waited, but at least now I have a backup.

  79. In th groove was up at nordies when I got up at 4:30 am central time but no stereo rose listed!

  80. WHOO HOO! First in line at my Mac counter! Got my Stereo Rose, Comfort and By Candlelight skinfinishes and you’ve got it cream sheen gloss for a nude lip! Also, couldn’t resist the Chanel counter while leaving and got the new Fall quad! giggle So excited to try everything 😀

  81. Kayla

    Hi Christine! I also had the same message about Stereo Rose unavailable/backordered! I just checked my order status and it said that it shipped…I ordered around the same time you did, so hopefully you will get your’s too :)

    • We shall see! My order is all weird – since I ordered a ton of other stuff, all that shipped, and it doesn’t show Stereo Rose anywhere, even though the total reflects it!

  82. I got my Stereo Rose from MAC at Macy’s after calling and placing one on hold yesterday. I got there right at open and all 3 were on hold! The SA was shocked. I also ordered one from Bloomies this morning but it is pending availability of stock. So if I get the one from Bloomies and the one that is backordered from MAC, I will keep one as a backup and sell the other at cost plus shipping. FYI-It is gorgeous and so worth it!

  83. Jasleen k

    I order my stereo rose 845 am and it’s backkkordered!!! Nooooooooo!!!

  84. Gladys

    Also picked up Stereo Rose at my MAC counter @ Macy’s. I also got jazzed l/s. Wish I could have picked up more but I’m on a budget. But I am very happy w/ those 2 things! :) Stereo Rose is beautiful!!

  85. Niccole

    My Stereo Rose was shipped from macys.com today. I am so happy. I was afraid that I would get the dreaded email. Some of my friends that ordered from MAC’s website got emails that Stereo Rose shipped, as well. I hope the rest of you were lucky. I think I might chill out on MAC for awhile, too much stress!!! LOL

  86. Phyllis

    STEREO ROSE back online at maccosmetics.ca!!!