Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

MAC In the Groove Online! (And Alice + Olivia!)

Hey all! It’s 5:30AM PST, but at least now I can fully sleep… LOL. Kept waking up (unintentionally!) every 45 minutes to check.  MAC Cosmetics looks like it has it up now!   Nordstrom has most of it – the MSF page still isn’t updating to reflect all four, just Comfort.  I’ve gotten some reports in that MACPRO also has it up.  Alice + Olivia is also up. 

Edited @ 6:27am (PST)Officially up with launch pages:  Alice + Olivia; In the Groove.

Edited @ 7:30am (PST):   Yes, Stereo Rose is showing as sold out (U.S. site).  Other retailers (Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillards, Bloomingdale’s) should have separate stock and come online shortly.  If you see one pop up, leave a comment so I can update the most in case I miss it.  Nordstrom still isn’t showing the other MSFs online, and I did a LiveChat with them, but nothing helpful yet.

Edited @ 10:14am (PST): Nordstrom is now showing Stereo Rose (along with the other MSFs) available!

Edited @ 8:51pm (PST): I ordered at 6:49am (PST) and my Stereo Rose is on backorder, and while the representative said that since it sold out so fast, they are “trying to get more,” I will remain skeptical.  Sadface, since it means I might not have a Stereo Rose to swatch and review for you all.  I put one on hold at my local MAC on Saturday, called tonight, and they couldn’t locate it. :(  I put another one on hold, but we will have to wait and see if it’s there on Thursday.

@ MACCosmetics.com

@ Nordstrom.com

FREE SHIPPING: Try using code LASH710 or code MACAO.  For Nordstrom beauty orders over $50, you can use the code BEAUTY for $5 shipping; free shipping for $200+ orders.

REVIEWS:  All reviews for both collections (In the Groove is only limited reviews right now) here.

Share your hauls in the comments! :)

P.S. – Stereo Rose and Comfort are *most* flattering for warm skin tones; Petticoat and By Candlelight for cool skin tones — BUT BUT BUT — all four work well on most skin tones in general. Petticoat and By Candlelight are definitely universally flattering, Comfort may turn orange on some, and Stereo Rose is typically flattering on most.

My haul? 1 of everything from In the Groove, plus a couple doubles, so I can photograph, swatch, and review everything!  Anything that’s a duplicate was bought to giveaway.  Yes, expect giveaways! Don’t even ask how much that cost.  You can add it up.  I’m pretending like I didn’t see the totals… Yes, totals.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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286 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove Online! Alice + Olivia!

  1. erieli

    i know yay!!!!! good nite all! lol ZZzzz (8am est)

    • Rhonda

      What about the Pro site? I am on the East Coast and 8:57AM is a no show!

      • I heard from others that it is? Have you tried searching by product name? None of the sites have launch pages yet.

        • Rhonda

          I was able to get my order thru, thank goodness. I literally kept htting the refresh button until I saw the launches appear. It is so weird how they must have the launches set up. Lonon and Paris had their launch up for about a week. I saw folks on YouTube showing hauls by July 2nd!

          • Rhonda

            Do you believe I received an email last night about 12:30 AM EST that Stereo Rose was backordered!!!!!!! (sigh) Seriosly MAC? How is that possible if I ordered it first thing in the morning?

    • erieli

      im still worried tho, this happened with “marine life” i got my order number and everythingg but a few hrs later i got an email saying it was sold out.. hmmmphhhh..

      • Hi Erieli,

        It looks like the earliest it came online was around 5:30ish AM (PST), so you should get yours.

      • Melissa (divinem)

        I will be SO mad if this happens to me again. I ordered at 5:45am PT, so hopefully I’m in the queue of customers who ordered early enough. Stereo Rose is already sold out. Geez!

  2. ilona

    thanks christine!
    so glad they didn’t torture is till mid-day! i’m so happy i was able to place my order. now i can finally relax lol.

    • sillylilacs

      lol I agree!!! I was really worried I’m going to miss out b/c I have work and since I work in a pharmacy, I can’t get to the computer and order online >.<

  3. nicci

    Just purchased Stereo Rose :) 5:42am

  4. Melissa (divinem)

    I got mines!

  5. Angel

    I got mine too! Yey! Thanks Christine.. I can go to bed now.. I’m in PST, btw :)

  6. Man, I almost missed it! I got Stereo Rose and Petticoat!

  7. omo

    got mines….happy

  8. Becky

    Yay! Woke up on a whim, and I’m so happy I decided to check!! I got petticoat AND stereo rose! HOLY COW!!

  9. Andrea

    Finally got my order in at 6:53. I hope it goes through! Fingers Crossed! Im going to bed!lol Goodnite Everyone!

  10. Catherine

    OMG i just ran to mac website! its out in Canada too!! I place my ordre during class, dont want to miss the msfs this time!!!!!

  11. Sarah

    To the beach is gone!?!?!?! I never got float on by!

    • sillylilacs

      The eye kohls are still up, they’re just no longer in the what’s new section, you gotta pull it out of eyes tab =) However, Float on By is out online, so you can still check your local stores =) I got Dressmaker Dressmaker like last week still my Nordstrom :) Good luck!

  12. Dini

    Yay. I think this is the only day I’m happy to be up early for work. I got my order in just as the collections came online in Canada. Hopefully all will work out.

  13. nikki

    Woohoo I ordered stereo rose and jazzed l/s. Can’t wait!!!

  14. Verojo

    Whew! Got my order in, LASH710 is a working code! Ordered Stereo Rose, Jazzed and two eyeliners(navy/purple). Can’t wait!

    • Verojo

      Now at 1846 cst, I check my order status and it lists Stereo Rose as backordered : (
      Now, i’ve just got to wait and see what happens, i guess.

  15. Everything looks more expensive than usual or are these the usual prices for MSF?

  16. Junie

    Just ordered mine! Stereo Rose, By Candlelight, and Jazzed. Oh and I got an email yesterday that my Nordstrom anniversary pre-orders shipped. Gonna be waitin for the mailman for all the goodies.

  17. Kalex

    I checked MAC’s site at 7 and it wasn’t there but it’s there as of 8. Where did you all order it so early? After reading the comment about erieli’s Marine Life order I’m worried I’m not going to get my Petticoat and Stereo Rose now!

    • It seemed like it went up around 5:30am PST – it’s 6:34am PST right now.

      • Kalex

        Wasn’t paying attention to the time zones! You’re 2 hours behind me (I’m Central). So hopefully since I ordered 1/2 hour after they went up I’ll get them!

  18. nazih

    I don’t think I added items to and checked out that fast in my life! YAYAYAYAYA STEREO ROSE AND PETTICOAT!

  19. Diana S.

    I just got stereo rose and free shipping even though my purchase was under $50 thanks to Christine!! Im going to wait to get the other stuff I want (like Petticoat) on thursday when its at Macys. My husband is going to kill me when he sees the credit card bill this month! eeeek!!!

  20. Dana

    I got 2 Stereo Roses and the Togetherness eye trio 😀 I am going to hit the counter after work later and check out the Alica and Oliva’s pigments and the other mineralized blushes. Yay!

  21. Soly

    Got my stereo rose and jazzed lipstick. And I’m staying away from MAC ’till winter! LOL!

  22. Kerri

    I got Later and Partlicious pigments as well as If It’s Pink and Sparklicious dazzleglass cremes from Alice + Olivia.

    I was all set to checkout with my Jazzed and By Candlelight from In The Groove and at the last second I fell victim to the hype and added Stereo Rose to my cart. This thing better be good or I’m exchanging it for All Styled Up and Go For It lipsticks.

  23. Got Stereo Rose and Petticoat at 8:39 am cst!

  24. Stephanie

    Whew! Got my Stereo Rose MSF, Togetherness trio, Bubbles l/s (I’ve seen some really cute stuff done w/ it!) and the blush duo New Vibe (I swatched it at Nordstrom’s and fell in love!). Now I don’t have to take Thursday off like I’d planned to in order to stalk the MAC counter at Nordie’s, haha! Thanks for the heads up, Christine!

  25. Robyn

    I got all Cremesheen glass and 4 L/S and 2 mineralize blush!
    Awwwww! I can’t wait arrival!

  26. Pam

    Hi Christine!!

    Just letting you know that the Alice and Olivia collection is on the http://www.MACCosmetics.ca website for us Canadians :) not sure if it will be in the Cdn MAC stores though… at first i thought i was going to have to drive all the way to New York for this :) I think we originally thought it was only US, Korea and Japan that were going to
    have access to this. Thanks for your swatches. I got If It’s Pink dazzleglass :)

  27. Annie

    by candlelight and stereo rose! woo!

  28. amelia

    AH YES! NOW I CAN STALK THE COLLECTION ONLINE! that is, until it comes over to the asia/ pacific side… which could be in half a year or tomorrow! :S
    for the record im planning on getting one mineralize eyeshadow, all dazzleglass cremes, two pigments and two nail polishes- and thats absolute maximum- itll probably be about half that!

  29. Janette

    I was originally not going to get Stereo Rose but didnt wanna regret it later like Marine Life so I got it!
    also got Jazzed L/S and Band of Roses and Dainty Blush instead of Hang Loose thought it show up better on my NC 40 skin

    I been checking religiously since yesterday! x) im a day ahead of the states

  30. jessica

    OMG..for once I knew that this collection launched BEFORE someone posted it on-line!!! YAY!! I missed out on marine life by an hour, but I quickly got over that because I LOVE MSF’s! I already have by candle light, perfect topping and soft and gentle, now I can add stereo rose too!!! I also got jazzed l/s…but sadly thats all I could afford..if petticoat is still available in the next few weeks I may just pick that up too, but I am happy with those two!!

  31. mel

    Whew this is one of those times that I’m very thankful for having my smartphone in the office! I got stereo rose, jazzed and so rich so pretty… I’m a HUGE sucker for purple np lol :)

  32. Deedee

    Ordered Stereo Rose, Petticoat and Jazzed
    I just got into make-up collection thing, actually want to buy more stuff, but somehow I managed to control myself…

  33. Lauryn

    By Candlelight is SOLD OUT on the Pro Site.. already!!

  34. Shal

    I really want Jazzed, If it’s Pink and maybe a MSF. I think I’m going to wait until I seem them in person though. Can’t wait until Thursday!

  35. jessica

    Stereo Rose is now SOLD OUT! I hope you got your orders in!

  36. Andrea

    Couldn’t sleep! Just saw Mac Online and Stereo Rose is SOLD OUT!!!

  37. Joanna

    The MAC Pro site is already selling the MAC Alice + Olivia

  38. Lauren

    stereo rose has officially sold out on the mac website as of 10:30. two hours lol. ridiculous. glad i picked mine up though:)

  39. I was able to add stereo rose to my shopping cart but before I could even pay, it was sold out! I’m devastated. :( Please Please let me know when it becomes available at Nordstrom. I live nowhere near MAC!! I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I got soo close!

  40. Mia

    I ordered Stereo Rose the second I saw it was on the website! I’m waiting to look at the rest of the collection at my local MAC Store Thursday but I just had to make sure I got a Stereo Rose MSF! I’m SO excited I got my hands on one!

  41. Samantha

    THANK THE MAKEUP GODS, that I live around the corner from macy’s because at 9:59 am est I will be waiting at the door to buy Stereo Rose because selling out in 2 HOURS is just insane !!!!!

  42. dee

    Stereo Rose is already sold out lol.

  43. brittany

    this is the largest mac order i’ve ever placed, but i’ve only been buying since liberty of london and got hooked. ordered jazzed, partylicious, by candlelight (first ever msf), hang loose, and soften the mood. thanks for helping me decide what to get!

  44. Viridiana

    It’s 10:45 am est and stereo rose is sold out I am so glad I pre-ordered mine at my MAC counter

  45. Lisa

    Oh no i just woke up like half an hour ago and went on the MAC site and it was sold out. I guess i’ll have to wait for July 8th and line up at the store.

  46. Teralissa

    I went to Nordies yesterday to preorder Stereo Rose and got to talking to the MA. Told her I regretted not getting Marine Life. She perked up and said, “Wait!!! I just saw one under the counter!” So I walked out with Marine Life and have Stereo Rose coming to me. Yay!!!

  47. Stephanie

    It was a 5am wake up time for me here on the west coast. Ordered Stereo Rose, By Candlelight, Jazzed, and Togetherness. My first MAC LE purchases.

  48. Marissa

    The weird thing is that if you google Stereo Rose it, it comes up as a “shopping result” on Nordstrom. You can also search for it on Nordstrom’s site and it comes up but the only MSF listed is Comfort. Judging by these 2 factors, it should be up on Nordstrom soon!

    • I hope so — I only remain annoyed/frustrated, because the listing has been up and showing “Stereo Rose” in the description for 2 days now!

  49. Allison B

    Nooooo…!!!! will be checking Nordstrom.com like a mad woman.

  50. Catherine

    Nothing sold out yet on Mac Canada! I bought MSFs in stereo rose and petticoat as well as 2 mineralize eyeshadow trio and (soften the mood and togetherness) and a lipstick (i like it like that). I’m planning on getting more stuff and maybe some items from the Alice + Olivia collection!

  51. Béatrice

    I just ordered By Candlelight!! I will check Petticoat in my store on the 8th… I am NW20, so I think it will work nice…
    Any tutorial on how to use MSF?? Is the 187 the best brush to use with them?
    Thanks a lot for the news!!

    • I like the 188 or 116 myself. I like the 165 (which was LE) for highlighting, but the 188 works well, too. I find the 187 just a lil’ too big.

  52. virginiaisforluvrs

    I’m happy! Bought Jazzed and All Styled Up lipsticks plus Right Image Cremesheen gloss. That’s all I wanted 😀

  53. Stereo Rose is still on the Canadian site if any Canadian MUGS are interested!

    I got from A+O
    All 3 DG Cremes
    Partylicious and Later Pigments
    Military Nail Lacquer

    From ITG
    Go For It lipstick

    I’m interested in a couple of the MES trios, but I think I probably have dupes, also Hang Loose blush is beautiful, but it’s $27.50 CAD… And Mineralize blushes look a bit frosty on me, so, it was easy to pass on those two. I may still get an eyeshadow if I see them in stores next week.

    MACAO is the free shipping code if you spend under $65 CAD. Also, LASH710CA will get you a free sample of ZoomLash

  54. Meagan

    Nooo! I wake up at 6 am but I forgot to check online this morning :(

  55. apfelwinter

    You are so lucky you can order MAC online. I have to travel at least 3 hour get to the “local” MAC store. Damn.

  56. I just ordered my Stereo Rose and Candelight MSFs by phone – they aren’t sold out yet =)

  57. Lauren

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw the MAC Alice + Olivia was live!!! I was waiting till Thursday! I raced over the the website and got…

    the 3 A+O pigments (My 1st MAC pigments!!)
    money honey dazzleglass
    funtabulous dazzleglass
    total bang! superglass

    Viva glam Cyndi and Gaga
    mascara sample

    This is my 1st mac purchase and I’m so excited!!!!

    • I was so excited to see A+O on the website! I was told by live chat, and in store that it would not be on the web, just at freestanding stores. I was planning to be lined up on Thursday morning for it! Now I can sleep in 😉

      By the way, that is an awesome haul! You won’t be disappointed. Welcome to the wonderful world of MAC addiction.

  58. Allie

    Grrrrr so mad! I stayed up till 5:00 and then fell asleep
    and now no stereo rose for me **tear**
    hopefully it will go on the nordstrom website soon ;D

  59. Angie

    I hope you can do a look using Alice + Olivia products! It would be really nice!!!

  60. Sophia

    I got Stereo Rose and Hang Loose! Stereo Rose is still available in Canadian website. I was so worried that it might sold out, so I processed mine in my 8:30am morning class…so worth it!! lol

  61. Aisha

    I ordered stereo rose by phone through Mac Pro they have it, and I guess they still have it plenty and it is not sold out as of 9:30 PST. so Good luck :)

  62. linda

    is it out at the mac counters yet or just online for now? I wondering if i should head out to my local counter…ugh i totally missed out no stereo rose =*(

    • It doesn’t hit stores til the 8th.

      • Rhonda

        Call your local MAC Stores today (July 6th) to see if they will hold items. The standing stores may have the items in the back to so folks can get a sneek Peak and place items on hold until July 8th. I ordered the things I wanted online, just to be on the safe side. However, I will be going to my MAC counter after work to look at some potentials and place things on hold. I called and confirmed that this is going on.

  63. kristi

    omfg stereo rose is ALREADY sold out. dayum!

  64. Everyone you have until the 8th for Stereo Rose MSF to hit stores. I’m going to keep checking Norstrom’s website to see if it appears. If not, then it may appear tomorrow.

  65. roberta

    it’s unfair alice+olivia is nôt sold in uk!

  66. Hay Mich

    Picked up Stereo Rose and Jazzed. Hopefully my bf will get me All Styled Up and Togetherness for my upcoming birthday!

  67. lalala1719

    I just called Mac PRO and Stereo Rose is SOLD OUT with them for phone orders as well — 10:11 PST.

  68. iris

    stereo rose is up at nordstrom!

  69. lalala1719

    YES! Got 3 Stereo Rose’s at Nordstroms along with Chillin’ Cremesheen Glass and Togetherness e/s.

    I’ll be reselling all my Stereo Rose’s on Ebay as I don’t use blush :)

    • Steph2


      It makes me sad that true MAC fans can’t purchase items for a fair retail price because of this practice.

    • Cynthia

      Too bad that so many who actually would have used them missed out…

      • Cynthia

        I just wanted to clarify that I am NOT the same Cynthia that made the Capitalism comment below, though I don’t necessarily disagree… Ha ha!

        From henceforth, I will be known as “Cynthia B”! 😉

    • NeenaJ

      really? i mean… really?

    • Ugh. I can’t stand it when people do this. Let those that actually want it have a chance to get it, without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it.

      Christine, if you decline this comment, it’s okay with me. I don’t want to start trouble on here. It just feels better to have typed it out.

    • That breaks my heart to see that comment advertised :( People woke up and stalked the various websites to get their hands on this MSF who will actually use the product. I mean to each their own, but feels kinda mean to show off that you bought so many when there are people who clearly commented that they are sad they missed it on the MAC website after 2 hours.

      PS. You don’t have to approve this comment Christine either. I just wanted to let you know how that comment made me feel :(

      • I was actually waiting for y’all to get up in arms 😉 I don’t usually, but I think it’s important that the community at large point some fingers at it.

      • Michelle

        Why all of the hysteria, though? I mean, I don’t buy things just to sell them. — and if other people do, oh well. However, I don’t get all hysterical over a MSF, ya know?? I love makeup and love MAC collections — but let’s face it — there is so much HYPE over Stereo Rose — like it is the end all be all product of the century. Let’s get a grip people!!

        • Catherine

          I agree will all of you, i considere myself as really lucky cause im in quebec and that sold out way later here but it is sad that people wants to make money on the back of other people….i mean, we are not rich and i would not pay 50$ for an MSF, they are already more expensive here. MAC should do something about this! And we shouldnt buy those things from ebay, if nobody buys it, they will stop no?

    • Cynthia

      that’s pure capitalism in MAC form. GREEDY, GREEDY. i guess some of us are the have-nots as a result and that sux :(

      i managed to buy ONE SR which i plan to actually use along w/ other MSF’s i’ve bought, collected, and yes, used!

  70. Scientific Housewife

    Got Mineralize eyeshadow trios in Blue My Mind and Calm, Cool and Collected :)

  71. Teresa

    MAC online is sold out of Stereo Rose but it’s up on Nordstrom.com and it’s 1:20 pm EST

  72. Missy

    Just picked up Stereo Rose MSF (and a backup) along with some Cleanse Off Oil from Nordstrom.

  73. Gladys

    ALL MSF’s are now available on nordstrom.com RUN!!!

    • Brianna

      Just purchased Stereo Rose on Nordstroms as it was sold out on MAC when I woke up this morning. Disappointed I didn’t jump on Alice + Olivia first thing too because Later pigment is sold out now as well so I’ll have to go to my local store on Thursday anyways. Thanks for the tweet it was up on Nordstroms!

      Purchased mine at 10:30 am west coast time!

  74. Meesh

    A little godsmacked over the fact that stereo rose sold out in two hours – way before I was even awake (SF time!) The collection will still launch in stores Thursday right? I should be able to nab a stereo rose then . . . hopefully?

  75. iris

    yayyy got mine! cant wait.

  76. Do these come out in stores July 8th, or are they out today?

  77. Katie

    I’M SO HAPPY! I just placed my order, thank you for posting! I’ve been lusting for this collection since April and it felt like forever but I’m so glad it’s out! I got all of the MSF’s except for Comfort and I also got two lipsticks: I Like It Like That and All Styled Up. I’m skipping Alice + Olivia.

  78. Hay Mich

    Stereo Rose is still available on MAC Canada.

  79. Mimi

    In the Groove is up on Nordstrom.com Stereo Rose MSF and all!!!!

    • hellochristina

      i got my stereo rose from nordstrom woo!!!! at least i know i will have it! i can’t wait till thursday to buy the rest at the store lol!

      • hellochristina

        One or more of your items is no longer available and will not be shipped. We apologize for this inconvenience and would be happy to assist you in finding a replacement item(s).

        This just came from nordstrom….. wtf.

  80. Jazz

    Later pigment from A+O is sold out @MAC.com 12:38 CST

  81. Shelby

    I purchased Stereo Rose and Petticoat!

  82. Natalia

    I got the In the Groove and Love to Love eyeshadows (I went to my boutique). I really wanted to buy a MSF but when I tried it, even By Candelight was WAY too much shimmer for me. I am all about the neutrals. Since I just wanted a highlighter I got a cream color base in Hush instead. Ooh and a Viva Glam V gloss and tecnakohl in earthline!

  83. rachel

    just purchased jazzed. not a super huge fan of mineralized eyeshadow. already own by candlelight and petticoat.

  84. karen

    I am so happy! I just ordered Stereo Rose from Nordstrom! Thanks for the link!

  85. Kushani

    okay so cue wierdest question: its really hot these days and i’m paranoid the lipstick is going to melt while in shipping:S any thoughts?

  86. details

    just placed an order with nordstrom for stereo rose.
    still haven’t received my confirmation email.
    with all the online purchases – I hope nordstrom doesn’t have to email people back and say they sold out – that happened to a friend of mine with Marine Life – she ordered it online from nordstrom only to find out later – that they didn’t have the stock to fill her order.
    I’m nervous – but hopeful that I’ll get it. :)

  87. ana

    Nordstoms has it up

  88. Farah

    Haha your “my haul?” section just made me lol. Funny! :) I’m not much of a makeup buyer (lover yes, buyer no). So I’ll just enjoy the collection vicariously through you!

  89. MsK

    haha I check Mac online as soon as I came into work and I saw that it was already sold out (Stereo Rose). I then went to Nordstorm online and it didn’t show up either. But after coming onto your website, I went back to Nordstorm online and it was there. I grabbed Stereo Rose and Petticoat but something is up with there website because it took me a while to pay for it. Its slow for some reason…kekeke

  90. Marianne

    I purchased Stereo Rose, Petticoat, and By Candlelight. I am so super stoked to get my order come on Mr. Postman! I’m going to swatch Comfort at my local Mac counter before purchasing as I think it might be too much for my fair skin tone. Hope everybody else is getting what they want from the collection :)

  91. Diana S.

    lol Its so funny how crazy everyone is getting over getting Stereo rose! Including me! I have been reading all of the updates and It sounds like the world is ending and we are all trying to get that last bottle of water before they run out!What has gotten into us??I logged on this morning and ordered it on the Mac site faster than my fingers could type! And now Im sitting here wondering….why did I want it so bad?? haha Mob mentality!!

    • Marianne

      I had told myself that I was going to skip these two collections but, when I started reading all the comments about stereo rose I said to myself, this must be something worth purchasing. I have never purchased a MSF nor desired to own one, not too sure why they have never been appealing to me before this collection. I loved the swatches and I am excited about receiving them. I just hope that I don’t have buyer’s remorse after receiving them. *sigh*

      • Diana S.

        Me too! Plus I have Soft and gentle which I LOVE so I am hoping Stereo rose will be just as great. Im an NC40 so it seems like just the right amount of pigment for my skin!

        • Marianne

          I betting stereo rose will be quite lovely on you. I don’t know what color I am in terms of Mac foundation (I wear Smashbox Fair 2). Which is one step up from being a translucent ghost ;)I imagine that stereo rose is going to take a good deal of blending and a very light hand when applying it on myself.

          I had soft and gentle in my bag and decided at the last minute not to purchase it. The color description soulds wonderful, do you think it would be flattering on someone as light as me?

          • Diana S.

            I think it would! Its great as a highlighter so I think that it would look great on your cheekbones over your favorite blush. Good thing its not limited edition because its my favorite (and it lasts FOREVER)!

  92. yay just bought stereo rose for in store pick at nordies =D!

  93. Kristen

    Stereo rose is now sold out on the canadian site, as well as Jazzed lipstick

    • kushani

      i know! i thought stereo rose would be sold out for sure but not jazzed at least i got it:D

  94. 12:13pm Pacific time. Just ordered Stereo Rose from Nordstrom, and it didn’t give a “sold out” warning. Thought someone might find that useful.

  95. Callen

    Stereo Rose is sold out online for Canada now too!

  96. Pam

    Jazzed and Stereo rose now sold out on MAC Canadian website. WOW!!

  97. Shayla8181

    Which MSF do you ladies think are best for a NC45 skin tone….

  98. Kaylabella

    Ordered my Partylicious! I am so excited!

  99. Sally

    How does Jazzed look on NC25 skin tone?

  100. Jenn

    LASH710 worked for free shipping, but they were out of Zoom Lash samples! :( Oh well, I’m glad I placed my order for Jazzed! Can’t wait!