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MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection: Mineralize Skinfinishes

In the Groove is most likely so anticipated because of the repromotion of Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinish.  Which will sell out… in hours.  If you’re grabbing it online, it most likely will pop online on the 6th, but there is always a chance it will make an appearance on Monday afternoon.  I’ll be sure to tweet about its availability as soon as I see it online.  I don’t have Stereo Rose yet–have to buy that when it launches–and I don’t have the original for comparisons, so my deepest apologies for that.

Edited @ 4:24PM (pst): I hope to update this post tomorrow–the 8th–with photos/swatches of Stereo Rose, assuming my store did in fact hold the Stereo Rose like they said.  Nevertheless, I updated the post with photos of me wearing the other three mineralize skinfinishes.

  • By Candlelight is is a soft, sheer gilded pink-beige. It’s really great as a highlighter on cheeks or even subtly all-over the face.
  • Petticoat is a darkened raspberry pink-bronze. This is one of the mineralize skinfinishes that can change color depending on how much glitter veining you have (and also, the less glitter veining, the less glitter). I don’t find Petticoat obnoxiously glittery, though. It’s pigmented enough to be worn as a blush for light and medium-dark skintones–the deepest skin tones may find it very subtle.
  • Comfort is a slightly bronzed brown with golden sheen. This is nice on warmer skin tones as a subtle flush on cheeks or as a bronzer. It’s one of the less shimmery mineralize skinfinishes, and it’s also one of the more pigmented ones, too.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish (Dry/Blended)

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish (Blended/Dry/Wet)

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish (Dry/Wet/Blended)

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish\

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish\

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish\

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266 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove Collection – Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Madison

    i’m just starting my msf collection! which 2/3 would you recommend? im an nw25! :) thanks!

  2. Sorry for this question but how to use these Mineralized Skinfinish and the Mineralized Blush Duos? Thanks! 😀

  3. Dawn

    I’ve ordered Stereo Rose, By Candlelight and Petticoat, and having seen your pics and swatches I’m sure I’ve made the right choice. I’m hoping they’ll arrive tomorrow.

    I am so glad they have been re-released, as otherwise I could only find them at greatly inflated prices on ebay and elsewhere.

  4. apfelwinter

    About Stereo Rose, why is it so famous, Christine, I’m really curious now.

  5. Renata

    In UK SR was sold out online after 2 days. I was lucky to get it in store :)

  6. Rachael

    Am i just totally missing something with these? They don’t excite me and what is this drama about Stereo Rose its already sold out on the UK website (launched in UK on 1st) this collection isn’t doing much for me I have had mineral eye shadow’s before but got rid due to fallout!

    • Well, here are a few reasons why Stereo Rose will sell out:

      1.) It was only released in 2005. It has never again been repromoted. That’s 5 years. A lot of hype has been built up over the years — it goes for $100 on eBay.
      2.) It is pigmented and not overly glittery, so it is one of the good MSFs.
      3.) It’s an MSF – people love them.
      4.) It is really the only coral shade of MSF released.

  7. Jenn

    No need to apologize for anything, Christine! You’re blog has been soo helpful, I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done!

  8. pinkgirl

    Hi Christine!
    In the Groove launched a few days ago in the UK. I bought petticoat, and I’ve found it’s really pigmented.
    My skintone is NC25 and I’ve found that you have to be really careful not to get too mch on.

  9. jess0501

    hi christine,

    i just wanna ask, is by candlelight comparable or similar with shimpagne or soft & gentle?

    thanks so much

  10. Diana

    can you tell me why stereo rose is so amazing?

  11. Katie

    I love MSF’s! I already reserved Petticoat and Stereo Rose. I probably should’ve asked for By Candlelight too, so maybe all call my MAC girl (who looks just like Gaga) and reserve that too. When these are released, they’ll still have Soft and Gentle right? It’s permanent? I need to buy a new one because mine broke!

  12. Sophie

    does by candlelight contain tons of glitters??

  13. Azaza

    Oh wow those look so pretty. I want to see the others before I decide on which ones to get

  14. t_zwiggy

    So Stereo Rose will be Marine Life all over again? Great. :(

    • Yepppp. Possibly worse.

    • Charlotte

      Definitely worse. In the UK I got an email that the collection had launched on the web at 4pm and when I placed my order at 8pm it was out of stock!!

      • Anitacska

        The e-mail only came out the day after the release though! Still, it only took 2 days to sell out online. :( My counter had 7 of them and 2 were bought by me and another lady at 10 am on the day of the release, so that couldn’t have lasted long either.

  15. ellie

    Is stereo rose really a must have? If i have to choose only one what would be the best among these four? I’m NC25/NC30 in reference.

  16. Liz

    How do you think Stereo Rose would be for someone VERY fair with light green eyes and brown hair? Thanks Christine!

  17. Holly

    Hi there! I have a fair skintone. Would these msfs work for me? They are so pretty!

  18. Sophie

    is by candlelight and Petticoat very shimmery?
    eg IMO, deep throat by nars is quite shimmery..

    • If you find Deep Throat really shimmery, which I don’t really find shimmery, then I think these would be as shimmery, if not a little more…

  19. i’m still on the fence about the whole stereo rose hype. sure, it looks pretty in swatches but i’ve never owned nor used an MSF in the first place & they’re are kinda pricey for my college-student budget. i might pick out by candlelight or petticoat instead if i really decide to get one.

  20. Argeleen

    Candle light subtley all over the face?…omg that would look so pretty! I’m an nc30/35. Which would suit me better, candlelight or stereo rose?

  21. Vickie

    im thinking of picking up by candlelight comfort and maybe Stereo Rose. Luckily i can get petticoat at my local CCO so i’ll pick that up there.

    Christine would you recommend stereo rose for nw20?

  22. Kelly

    It will be available in stores right?

  23. Nicole

    I have never jumped on the MSF bandwagon, and I don’t really plan on ever collecting these things for the sake of it………but By Candlelight is SO PRETTY!! Might…break…down….

  24. Charlotte

    Can’t wait to get my Petticoat, I just hope it’s as pretty as yours!

  25. Gisele

    I’ll be purchasing By Candlelight for my daughter; I considered Stereo Rose for me but I’ve already got a coral blush and this one looks intense, even for NW20 skin. I use Soft and Gentle almost every day and love it.

  26. Hend

    OMG Im soo ordering the Petticoat MSF !!
    I think its universally flattering

  27. amy

    I picked out Stereo Rose a few days ago and it is GORGEOUS but now I want Petticoat as well.

  28. rashmi

    ohh god i dont have any of the MSF … i wanna have atleast one pls tell me christine which one will look good on me ???
    i missed marine life n now i dont wanna miss any of these…

  29. Melanie

    petticoat is just gorgeous
    I’m an nc42 in mac do you think comfort will look too bronzy on me

  30. Maja

    By Candlelight looks so pretty. I haven’t got a MSF yet and thinking about getting this one. But I got the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder from the Libertys collection and wondering now if there is a big difference between them? Is there?
    What is your favorite Skinfinish ever Christine?

    • Hey Maja,

      None – the MSF line seems to break me out, so I don’t really use ’em!

    • Petra

      I also own Shell Pearl and I prefer the texture of it over the MSF’s. It’s just more fine and subtle, and never emphasises my pores.
      However it’s very different in colour, imo.

      but if i want to be honest with myself, as a highlight or even as a soft blush, they don’t make a HUGE difference (unlike a lipstick, for exc). I think Stereo Rose is more coral and has pink in it (unlike SP), By Candlelight is more pink-gold ‘cream’ colour, Petticoat is far more rasberry-pink.

      Texture-wise and seeing that SP doesn’t seem to break people out as bad, I personally think it’s far superior and more wearable for everyday. :)

  31. Bananabelle

    I’m not sure if my earlier comment went through, but just in case it didn’t, I just have to ask… How does By Candlelight compare to Porcelain Pink? I kinda skipped it when I saw it in the pro store but that was probably because I got sucked into the Stereo Rose hype. I’m excited for these MSFs!

  32. Isheeta

    I have no MSF, I want to buy from this collection. I am MAC NC42. Christine, which ones will be good for my skintone?

  33. I think I ordered 3 Stereo Roses? LOL! 3 or 4…

  34. Callen

    Hi Christine! I’ve never gotten an MSF before and I want to pick up a couple from this great collection! I’m really fair and cool though, NW 10/15 Which ones do you think would work?

  35. Kristen

    Are any of the MSFs in this collection close to Intenso mineralized blush duo?

  36. Victoria

    By Candlelight looks a lot like Fyrinnae’s Center Stage loose powder highlighter, although Fyrinnae’s is only $6.50 and less shimmery, more glowy :)

  37. kara vitacca

    would comfort be too orange on NW 25 girls? I honestly want all of them but I don’t want to get comfort if I won’t suit my skintone.

  38. Linda

    Those MSFs look so mini!

  39. I didn’t think I wanted By Candlelight.. but after seeing it I think I might want it in my collection. I was going to get Stereo Rose for sure! I don’t know if I want Petticoat anymore.. but the bright big shiny beautiful orb melange is calling out to me..

  40. Elle

    Gah. Just pre-ordered Stereo Rose with my Nordstrom counter…sadly I might be trying to get one online that day as well just in case…I’m dying for a coral MSF! I can always hawk it on eBay if I end up getting both, right? :)

  41. sophie

    I want By Candlelight! I read your previous comments about By Candlelight from the Warm + Cozy collection, and that you wouldn’t recommend it as an all over face powder but here you say it is suitable for that… I just wondered why that was? :)

    How gorgeous is Petticoat… I might purchase just for looks alone! :)

  42. Kristen

    thanks for the swatches Christine. I am thinking about picking up petticoat and by candlelight!

  43. Kalee

    i will be getting by candlelight for sure.
    stereo rose sounds nice (and i wanted it at first)…and it would be nice to have considering it is so popular and its pretty, but i dont really think corals look good on me so i dont want to buy it if im not going to use it.

  44. Dramaticness

    Stereo Rose looks so pretty! I have already called my Macy’s girl to set one aside for me. This is probably going to be worse than Marine Life. One girl got mad because they were sold out and threw the sample one into the floor and broke it! lol

  45. Kristen

    btw is this launching the same day in Canada?

  46. Eleanor

    Do you think Petticoat would be a flattering color to use as a blush? I’m NW 20-25.. I just can’t tell from swatches haha

  47. Meesh

    I’ve never really gotten into MSF except the natural ones. Is it worth it to splurge on Stereo Rose (And how coral is it? Say compared to . . . I don’t know instant chic) and Petticoat or should I just settle on one?

  48. Hannah

    Wow, I will definitely have to check out By Candlelight in person… it looks lovely but I fear it might be too dark to use as a highlight for my NW15 skin (I would probably be NW10 if they still made it…)

    • Karla

      It shouldn’t be too dark… Its a really light sheen on cheekbones. I used it everyday. If your fair it’ll give you a healthy glow :)

  49. MrsFields

    Just wondering…what is a skinfinish and why is it so exciting?

    • It’s a mineralized powder that can be used on the face either as a blush, highlighter, or bronzer – depending on the shade and your skin tone.

  50. Dee E.

    I was going to just get Stereo Rose, then it turned into Stereo Rose and Petticoat, and now I kind of want By Candlelight! Do you think it is an absolute must, or I can pass and just get another highlighter?

    • I know that a lot of people LOVE it for highlighting – I find MSFs seem to break me out, so I don’t wear mine very often – so it’s hard to say. I don’t think you’ll be devastated, as there are tons of other highlighters on the market, but if you love MSFs… maybe you would love it.

  51. Maria

    I just pre ordered a Stereo Rose and By Candlelight today when I went to my local MAC Store and they only got 2 SR I was lucky I asked when I did, So I suggest if you really want SR call your MAC Store or counter and see if they’ll hold one for you which I’m sure if they have it they would. :)

  52. Sydney

    So excited for Petticoat.

  53. Kenzy

    Would Stereo Rose look well on my really freckly NW20 skin? Ive never had a MSF before

  54. Hilana

    By Candelight is pretty.

  55. Hi Christine, I’m just wondering is petticoat really metallic on the skin? lets say like cheeky bronze (colour craft). Which 2 would msf’s you recommend getting for NC25?

  56. Lisa

    Hey Christine!! Have heard anything from future collections of So Celyon Mineralized Skinfinish being repromoted again???? I just love that one, its my most favorite!! Love to have a back up of it!! Can’t imagine running out of it!! LOL thanks….

  57. jaspreet

    i love MSF’s!

  58. kenneth alan

    I might have to pick up By Candlelight, it looks like the perfect highlighter.

  59. Daniela

    christine isnt comfort VERY VERY similar almost the same as sunnybynature msf?

  60. Kallisto

    hey girls why not mention to your comments the MFS comfort? it’s a great colour especially for summer it’s like a bronzer …

  61. Marjolijn

    I’m just starting my MSF collection. I’m an NW15, which one(s) would you recommend?

  62. princess lolli

    I already own By Candlelight (which on my pale self, looks awesome as a blush), Stereo Rose and Petticoat and I hardly need yet another bronzer/MSF, so I think I’m skipping these altogether.

  63. Melissa

    I am having trouble deciding which MSF I might like to try. I am an NW20, with reddish hair and am contemplating either Petticoat or Stereo Rose. Suggestions?

  64. Holley

    should i get by candlelight or petticoat? im only allowed to get one :(

  65. Krys

    hey do u think petticoat will look on my skin (nw45) as a hilite?

  66. aradhana

    for canadians out there interested in this collection…i was at the pro store on st.denis in montreal this afternoon, and the mua told me they’ve had the collection since last week!

  67. hhhhfcrc

    why didnt you review Stereo Rose mineralize skin finish?

  68. Joanna

    Hi Christine:

    If I wanted to use a MSF (for example: stereo rose) as a blush, what brush would you recommend? Would a 168 be suitable, or does MAC offer something better for this kind of application?

  69. aradhana

    hmmm i only picked up stereo rose out of these, and now that i take another look at the swatches again i wish i had picked up comfort and petticoat as well!

    oh well, i will have to try and resist…for now…;)

  70. cmferret

    i really hate how the veining in petticoat can be so diff in color from 1 to 1. i already have peticoat but its more on the peach side and not so much pink. im wondering if i should buy another one that has more veining in it?

  71. Dawn

    Just received my Petticoat, By Candlelight and Stereo Rose, and am very pleased with all of them (Comfort just doesn’t interest me at all)

    There’s very little of the beautiful bright pink veining in my Petticoat, though, or the gold glittery stuff. Mine is quite a dark one.

    I don’t have the luxury of being able to pick one out in a shop, though, as there are none that sell MAC anywhere near me, so I have to take pot luck buying online.

  72. Lorraine

    Hi Christine, I was wondering… I’m an NC43, do you think I can rock Stereo Rose or Petticoat as a blush?

  73. Shal

    How do Stereo Rose and Petticoat compare to Light Flush (which I have already)?

  74. Beth

    By Candlelight is the only one of these that I’m interested in. How different is the color from Rhapsody in Two mineralized blush? (I use Rhapsody as a highlighter, blending both colors together.). Just trying to decide if I need both!

  75. Rae

    Hi I was just wondering if you know if the Macy’s counters will also launch this collection?

  76. Anna

    Im a nw35.

    I just jumped into the hype and bought stereo rose… would it look good on my skintone? Im considering getting candlelight also, but still unsure. I never bought a msf before >.<

  77. candlelight is my all time fave!

  78. krystin

    wow i hope these r jokes!! is this how u would really wear it??

    • If you want to – I don’t think any of these are worn badly or look like jokes, other than Comfort should be buffed a bit, since it does go orange. The whole point is to show the color, though.

      • krystin

        im sorry they just look a little clownish

      • cmferret

        u tell them christine! gosh what a nasty comment. i love how u comment so nice and professional christine!=)

        • Mai

          I don’t know if its just me but does (a little bit of sunshine, mbd) and (comfort, msf) look pretty similar? If you had to choose just one which would it be??and why??I’m trying to make a decision before the launch tomorrow at my counter.Pls help.I’m a NC42.

          • They are similar, though Comfort is a little darker and more pigmented, I’d say. A Little Bit of Sunshine seems to have a little more golden tone to it as well.

            I’d go A Little Bit of Sunshine!

    • Alejandra

      That was a bit rude/harsh.

  79. Ali

    oh boy…comfort is really orange.

  80. Dee

    Which MSF do you think would be the most versatile and wearable for everyday? I’m about a NC42, for reference. Oh and by the way, I think you accidentally included two pictures of you wearing Comfort? (:

  81. Alice

    Hi Christine, thanks for the swatches. But am I the only one who thinks the Petticoat swatch and the Comfort swatch look exactly the same? Did you brushed Petticoat over Comfort?

  82. Stacey M

    Comfort is so pretty but, I’m certain it would make me look like an oompa loompa. I’m totally jealous of your skintone Christine!

    • I think it makes me look a little oompa loompa, LOL. I wanted to show the vibrancy of it, but I’d definitely buff it out a bit for actual wear, haha.

  83. rachel

    the lipstick you’re wearing in these blush and msf photos looks soooo nice on you!

  84. I am so torn between By Candlelight and Petticoat…I don’t use MAC foundation, but I’d guess I was an NW15, but I’m thinking if I’m delicate with them, they’d both look good!

  85. LNU

    Christine, whats the best way to apply the three mineralize skinfinishes/what brushes would you recommend/technique? I like the way it looks in your picture, and these are my first so I’m still experimenting! I have Stereo Rose, Petticoat, and By Candlelight! I’m an NC40.

  86. Jess

    do you know if any of these mineralize blushes/highlighters have the same ingredients as the mineralize skinfinish natural ? That one broke me out really bad !

  87. Victoria

    WOW. The MAC Store at Valley Fair is ALREADY “sold out” of Stereo Rose. GRRR

    • Michelle

      Some stragglers were found last night at Newpark Macy’s! Yeah! Try giving them a call at 10. They might still have the other 2 from the pack!

  88. Kathy

    You look better with pink on your cheeks I think

  89. Ashley

    Candelight and Petticoat are so beautiful~!

  90. kenneth alan

    In the By Candelight swatch on your face, what are you wearing on your lips?

  91. Hey Christine, how similar would you say By Candlelight is to Shimpagne MSF?

  92. Teena Marie

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for the swatches! I’m definitely going to try to snag Stereo Rose, but Petticoat looks very pretty! Do you think it might be too pink for an NC42? Or is Stereo Rose a much better match for everyday?

  93. Madelynn

    I really love By Candlelight.

  94. Sarah

    I want by candelight sosososo bad! Its so gorgeous. These can be used as eyeshadows right?

  95. Brenda

    Petticoat looks really beautiful and I absolutely love the glow it gives your skin Christine, but sigh, I read the comments and with the veining variations in each one and the issue of shimmer overload, I don’t know.
    I’ve never tried an MSF and am terrified of the mineralize products because my skin does not handle shimmery powder well at all! It seems to get rough after a few uses and I really don’t like how it looks. I’m more of a shaping/sculpting with matte or satins… I’m getting old:/

  96. Tekoa

    I think By Candlelight is very pretty. Petticoat I already have (thankfully). Comfort would be too orange for my skintone. I plan to be at MAC in the morning right after the doors open to get Stereo Rose. Do I think its that amazing? No, mostly I’m doing it for the Aquiring Challenge factor.

  97. Aubrey

    Could you swatch Petticoat next to Ripe Peach, Hipness and Marine Life please?

  98. Sydney

    Which would you suggest for an NC15 for an all-over color?

  99. ellie

    Thanks Christine for doing all these swatches. I really appreciate that you put a full face swatch. This really helps us get an overall view of how the product would look like. Also, i noticed that you put a ton of effort in reviewing and swatching all these new items from this huge collection.

  100. Annie

    Hey, just wanted to say I just checked and they have available to order, but it says it won’t be shipped until 7/30. I placed an order because the two mac counters around me are all pre-sold out. I hope it doesn’t get canceled because that’s happened to me before from another online site.