Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC In the Groove Collection

U.S. Launch Date: July 8th, 2010
International Launch Date: July 2010

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Call My Bluff Mid-tone creamy coffee (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Jazzed Bright coral pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Creme de Nude Pale muted peach beige (Cremesheen) (Permanent)
  • I Like It Like That Deep blue pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • All Styled Up Bright yellow pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Go For It Mid-tone blue purple (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)

Cremesheen Glass ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • On the Scene Light Coral beige (Limited Edition)
  • You’ve Got It Dirty silver grey (Limited Edition)
  • Going Casual Sheer lilac (Limited Edition)
  • Fashion Whim Light Beige (Limited Edition)
  • Right Image Mid-tone blue pink (Limited Edition)
  • Chillin’ Light white blue (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Eye Shadow (Trio) ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Love to Love Satin beige/Pearly Bronze/Satin Brown (Limited Edition)
  • In the Groove Satin green/Pearly burgundy/Satin coral (Limited Edition)
  • Making It Easy Satin red brown/Pearly beige rose/Satin dark beige (Limited Edition)
  • Togetherness Satin lavender/Pearly purple/Satin grey (Limited Edition)
  • Style Influencer Satin silver/Pearly deep blue/Satin deep mauve brown (Limited Edition)
  • Soften the Mood Satin light brown/Pearly rose/Satin light blue (Limited Edition)
  • Fresh & Easy Satin pink/Pearly burgundy/Satin grey (Limited Edition)
  • Calm, Cool, & Collected Satin deep green/Pearly green/Satin beige (Limited Edition)
  • Blue My Mind Satin light blue/Pearly deep teal/Satin black (Limited Edition)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Stubborn Brown Deep Rich Brown (Permanent)
  • Permaplum Deep plum with pink shimmer (Permanent)
  • Navy Stain Royal blue with shimmer (Permanent)

Zoomlash ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Zoomblack Rich Black (Permanent)

Mineralized Skinfinish ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN)

  • By Candlelight Golden pink (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Stereo Rose Coral with golden bronze shimmering nuances (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Comfort Golden bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Petticoat Pale rose with gold and amber veining (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Mineralize Blush (Duo) ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Happy Together Satin caramel/Pearly beige (Limited Edition)
  • A Little Bit of Sunshine Satin light brown/Pearly beige (Limited Edition)
  • Hang Loose Satin bright pink/Pearly lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Band of Roses Satin blue pink/Pearly light plum (Limited Edition)
  • New Vibe Satin deep rose/Pearly bronze (Limited Edition)

Brush ($42.00 U.S. / $50.50 CDN)

  • 187 Brush A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

See high-res photos!

Thanks to the lovely Emily for all the details & Debbie for the images!

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC A Little Bit of Sunshine Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Band of Roses Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Hang Loose Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Happy Together Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC New Vibe Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Blue My Mind Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Calm, Cool, & Collected Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Fresh & Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC In the Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Love to Love Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Making It Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Soften the Mood Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Style Influencer Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Togetherness Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Chillin’, Fashion Whim, Going Casual, On the Scene, Right Image, You’ve Got It

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC All Styled Up Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Call My Bluff Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Go For It Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC I Like It Like That Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Jazzed Lipstick

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487 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove Collection for Summer 2010

  1. Crystal

    OMG- one word describes this collection: beautiful

  2. TT

    So glad to see By Candlelight and Comfort back, I missed these when they came out back around the Christmas holiday!! 😀

  3. Tiffy

    I’m a little bummed about the packaging, but none-the-less, I want it.

  4. I don’t like the mineralize eye shadows in general. And no new msfs? I’m disappointed :(

  5. I have so many things on my WL from this collection… I can’t wait! I’ll be calling my MAC every day from 7/1 on so I make sure I can be there for the release if it’s early!

  6. Excited about Band of Roses Mineralize Blush and Stero Rose MSF

  7. Gabrielle

    Thinking about petticoat, does anyone have it? What are your opinions on it. I really don’t want to spend the 32.50 on something that isn’t well liked.

  8. Megan

    I wasn’t sure about this collection, especially the e/s, but they look really pretty. And I love blushes so I hope tehy look as pretty in person!

  9. Kelli

    I have really big pores and have heard that MSF’s aren’t good for that type of skin. Is that true and is there a use best fit so they don’t emphasis pores?

  10. CristinaG

    Pleasseee, when will you have the swatches ?? I’m willing to see them ! :-)

    • You should assume the day it launches – I never have any control over if or when I will receive anything earlier than the launch date. Sorry that I can’t help you!

  11. Will the size of the eyeshadows be the same as a regular pot or a little bit bigger? It looks like the middle line could only be grabbed with a 208 or 209

  12. Dollymix8

    Petticoat and Stereo Rose! (L)! I’m going to be at my MAC counter an hour before they open, because I just have to have those!

  13. ikimaska

    Do you know if MAC is doing a FF sale this June? Thanks!

  14. Liz

    will this collection be releasing the same day as Alice and Olivia??

  15. Openexpression

    Hey Christine! I’m pretty sure Stereo Rose and By Candlelight MSFs are mislabeled!

  16. Shelly

    It looks to me like you flipped the pictures for By Candlelight and Stereo Rose! I’ve never had (or even swatched) an MSF cuz I just got into MAC fairly recently, so I am definitely interested in checking them out!

  17. Scientific Housewife

    Oh I can’t wait for this! Those mineralized eyeshadows are insane!

  18. Holy wow. This is an insane collection.

  19. Wow, I don’t like anything / don’t want to get anything. That’s a first. 😀 It’s a nice collection but everything is already seen, more or less. :/

  20. Tiffany

    so much stuff is on my list… lol

  21. Ellie

    If mineralized blushes didn’t break me out so horribly I would totally get “Happy Together”, beautiful colors and super sweet name, which to me matters, haha.

  22. Leliforever

    I’ve finally decided!
    Petticoat,by candlelight and stereo rose (cause I know I’ll regret it)
    And hang loose!!! Omg itlooks soooooo pretty!!!!!!
    Do you think it will be too pigmented? Cause it looks sheer and I like blushes that are not very pigmented…

  23. Kathie

    Beautiful collection.

  24. Kelsey

    soften the mood es looks so original. sky blue isn’t a colour mac usually does.
    and i dunno about stereo rose, i’m not an MSF fan.

  25. LNU

    I am seriously dying to get my hands on those MSF’s!

  26. Disneytwinmom

    Oh Boo! Too bad the MSF’s break me out, Stereo Rose looks pretty. Not even gonna try the mineralize blushes. :(

  27. Sass

    And let the race to Stereo Rose begin. I am wiped out over this darn Marlin Life goose chase like FOR REAL. MAC, serrssly, this is getting really OLD!

  28. AnGeLwInGz

    I wanna get Chillin’ just for the heck of it.

  29. TT

    I’m so glad to see By Candlelight and Comfort MSF back, I missed them during the release of the Warm & Cozy collection. Hopefully they won’t sell out once they launch this collection, I’ve got my calendar marked, I will be so disappointed if I miss these two MSF’s this time!!

  30. I am a huge sucker for MSFs. I’ve been waiting for repromotes of these for a while now. Will definitely get Stereo Rose and Petticoat. I also want Happy Together!!

  31. SiaM

    WOW!!! more pictures YAY!!!!
    I am so looking forward to those Cremesheen glasses (finally some interesting colors, these would be my 1st cremesheen glasses) and also some of the lipsticks specially the purple one (but I think I want all the new lipsticks ^_^ ) !!!

  32. AgnesONutter

    What a lovely collection! A good incentive to find me a proper job this summer and save some. Though I have a feeling saving will not be all I need to do in order to lay my hands on Stereo Rose. Wonder if I can put up a tent by my counter? 😛 Seriously, though, this collection will kill my whole budget. Stereo Rose and Petticoat I must have, and Band of Roses looks lovely as does Happy Together. And then all those shadows! Argh! Too gorgeous photos.

  33. Ellen

    I looove MSFs :) Stereo Rose, Petticoat, and By Candlelight will be mine the day it hits stores :) What a great early birthday gift for myself!

  34. Sasha

    I will definettly pick up the purple lipstick! even if i won’t wear it that often, and it IS a dreadful creamsheen (i hate how they melt to easily), i will still buy it FOR SURE

  35. Madi

    Hey christine i have a really important question for you,
    I REAAAALLLY want stereo rose but i won’t be able to go to mac the day the collection releases, so i was wondering if i’m able to reserve one for when i’m able to get it or have someone go up and get it for me?
    Please reply!!
    thanks :)

  36. Melly

    What is the big deal about stereo rose?! It looks kind of ‘blah’ to me. Does it look really pretty in person? I’m def. getting my hands on petticoat and jazz lipstick.

    • It’s one of the original MSFs – not the FIRST launch of MSFs, but it was launched in 2005 and has never been re-released since its original release.

  37. Flusternutter

    YESSSS!!! What a beautiful collection & colors. I am wondering if that purple lipstick “go for it” is anything like Violetta? I hope not. I mean I like the Violetta lipstick but it isn’t a true purple shade in my view. I want a pure purple color. Also All Styled Up lipstick looks great.

  38. Leenie

    Soften the mood is pretty, I can see me buying a few things from this collection

  39. Oh thank you baby jesus! I’m not looking forward to much from this collection…except for those pink lippies! I just gotta have my pink lippies!

  40. I love Band of Roses. Might have to get my hands on that one.

  41. aquarianrabbit

    Now I’m really excited! Thanks for the updated pictures!

  42. PJ

    So how would a NW40-ish/ (177 in MUFE HD) use Stereo Rose? I have heard so much about it but feel like I already have so many highlighting products. Also, on a slightly related note, the Victoria’s Secret summer makeup line has baked mineral eyeshadows that look EXACTLY like these and dare I say are pigmented and wonderful. The one I have is Jungle Heat.

  43. Rawr! I love the lipsticks!! Can’t wait for it!!!

  44. hana

    love hang loose and petticoat! i think they’ll look gorgeous on fair asian skin! YAY

  45. Ada

    mm i’m thinking of picking up stereo rose and maybe petticoat…might add in one of the mineral eye trio’s onto my list

  46. Alyssa

    So, I’ve been wanting Creme de Nude for a while. From the pics it seems as though they aren’t doing any type of unique packaging for this collection. Is that correct? If so, I’m going to get it now instead of waiting. =)

  47. MC

    Hmm..I want MSF Petticoat, Stereo Rose, and the Togetherness eyeshadow. Craaaap.

  48. Flavia

    Is By Candlelight similar to Cheeky Bronze? I have Cheeky Bronze, and from the pictures they look similar. Is it worth getting By Candlelight? Thank You!

  49. nikki

    can’t wait gotta get tht stero rose will be ordering off at 12a during the launch date lol….

  50. I’m really only interested in the MSFs this time around. I missed them before, so I’m hoping to get my paws on Stereo Rose, By Candlelight, and Petticoat. Otherwise meh.

  51. Kat

    Honestly I’m not all that excited. Maybe when I see swatches of the stuff I’ll be more interested. At this point though I don’t think I’ll be buying much of anything

  52. sooooo excited for this collection! x

  53. Andrea

    I’ve been wanting Petticoat and Stereo Rose. Now I can get these plus back ups!!! Can’t wait!!

  54. Olivia

    Hi Christine!

    I was just interested in your opinion..
    i have nw20 skin, and i’m wondering what you would recommend for me out of Stereo Rose MSF or By Candlelight MSF?
    I already have petticoat on my list, but i’m still deciding between those two.

    Thanks in advance!

  55. dana

    i am dying for this collection , cant wait

  56. MACaddict

    YES!!!!! Loving that purple lippie. Hoping its a real grape lipstick shade and not one of those that as it fades turns pink or red. Other than that nothing else is really interesting to me at the moment.

  57. The colors of the lip products in this collection are real weird, but in a good way. Chillin’ lip glass looks very intriguing.

  58. Bradmah

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOh so pretty!!! That purple lipstick is MINE! ALL YOU OTHERS STAY AWAY..JK I want all the lipsticks,creemsheen glasses, eyeshadows and stereo rose is MINE MINE MINE

  59. Helene

    Interesting collection. I’ll wait to see it in person.

  60. Sarah

    Looking forward to By Candle Light msf, Calm Cool & Collected mes trio and Go For It l/s. I already have Stereo Rose and honestly, I’ve never been overly impressed :-\

  61. kennethalan

    phew i don’t think I like anything for once.

  62. Christina

    Going Casual, Go for it, and Right Image -will- be mine. Not too interested in the eyeshadows, unless the swatch out to be fantastic. The new vibe and hang loose blushes are intriguing, but I am on the fence.

  63. Ingrid

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY STEREO ROSE AND PETTICOAT!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Yup I was one of those people who considered paying over $100 for them LMAO but yay my dream has finally come true =D July 8th, I AM THERE.

  64. Erika

    Hi Christine!
    Just wanna know if any of this MSF looks like with shimpagne MSF.
    Thanks =]

  65. dana

    finally i am gonna have all Mineralize skinfinish that i wanted and thanks god didnt buy from ebay its double the price.

  66. Sophia

    what do you think will be the most popular from this collection?

  67. Lolo

    glad that Stereo Rose Mineralize Blush is making a comeback…I have been saving my last one from five years ago and treating it very carefully! hopefully I can pick up another one for backup because the mineralize powders are prone to breaking:(

  68. kellyk

    Comfort is still available on the website, but i thought it was limited ed. Whats right? are they the same?

  69. Maddie

    is the by candlelight msf the same msf as the one in the warm and cozy collection? because it doesnt look like it..

  70. Andrea

    Which MSF would be great for my skintone? I’m a NW25/NC30. Thank You!

  71. Moe

    The mineralized blushes look exactly like the blushes that were released earlier this year.

  72. Leslie

    YESSSSSSSIRE!!!! Loving all the lipsticks & lipglasses! I want them all. Not sure which blush I want, it’s between band of roses & hang loose. I’m going to be soo broke this year.

  73. harley

    Im waiting for Making It Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

  74. sillylilacs

    Quick question, (hope its not a duh question but I’m fairly new to mac) so what is the difference between this Comfort and the Comfort msf already on their website? O_o

  75. Susan

    Wonder if they have a tiny amount of products (i.e. Stereo Rose)to drive us all crazy again a la Peach Ombre and Marine Life…. Makes me kinda angry they do that to us! Why not make us happy and make more $?!

  76. sindy

    Finally i can get my By Candlelight msf!!

  77. sindy

    Btw ladies, you can see swatches here in the meantime Christine gets her hands on them :)


    • jeez! it’s like when i watch lifetime and they say “television for women” and i have to yell, “PEOPLE! TELEVISION FOR PEOPLE!”

      i’m not a “ladies” but i still like to see swatches too! 😉 LOL! Thanks for the post! go for it looks AWWWEEESOOOOMMME!!!

  78. what for you use stereo rose and petticoat MSF and wich brush you use ?

  79. I love the lipsticks but I’ve just never been able to get into mineralized products!

  80. Stacy

    I am so excited about Stereo Rose! I am getting 4 of them!! I am still deciding whether to get Petticoat or not…I have heard good and bad things about it.

  81. cant wait, the eyeshadow are tempting!

  82. Judy

    My goodness. The swatch of that “go for it” purple lipstick is amazing. It will be mine!

  83. Haruka

    petticoat mineralized skin finish. 😀

  84. I definitely want to get by candlelight, really happy its back since i missed out when i came out a few months back. Just recently got into MSF’s as Im new to it all and I love the ones I have! I also want to get petticoat .. stereo rose looks okay to me online .. not sure what the hype is but Ill probably try get it because it will probably be a regret if I don’t.

  85. Amy

    I thought they were also promoting a number of eyeshadow pans that you could purchase at the counter?

  86. Shay

    i am actually really excited for this collection!
    this is my wishlist:
    Soften the Mood Mineralize eyeshadow
    Calm, Cool, & Collected Mineralize Eyeshadow
    love to love, or making it easy mineralize eyeshadow
    petticoat msf

  87. Kayla

    Hi Christine,which msf and blushes would you recommend for an NC50 girl:) thanks in advance!! i appreciate the help.

  88. Kayla

    sorry one more question….Do you know if there will be a pre_release party for this collection?

  89. Sweeda88

    I was thinking about getting Go For It! lipstick, but I think it’s too cool toned to work with my skintone. I do better with red toned purples.

  90. OMG I can’t wait till this Collection hits Australia =) Till I can get my hands on that Mineralized Blush Duo and Eyeshadow Trio OH! Gorgeous colours!

  91. Ashleigh

    Mostly just excited for the msf repromotes. The other stuff is pretty but i’m not like omg i need to buy that. gonna buy petticoat and maybe by candlelight

  92. Hendrix

    Do you know if this collection can be pre-ordered?

  93. Allie

    Hey i have a question!
    so im planning on getting this online
    but i dont want to miss out on stereo rose
    is the first day its going to be available online the day its going to be in stores?

  94. Allie

    will it release online the same date it will be released in stores??

  95. Will there be pre-order? I know that Stereo Rose and Petticoat will sell out quick!

  96. Kiele

    Myfriend forwarded over this swatch site for the In The Groove Collection. Thanks to specktra.net for it. I still want to wait to see what Christine thinks though, but in themeantime: http://www.specktra.net/forum/f217/mac-groove-july-10-a-162294/
    loving all the lipsticks/lipglosses, stereo rose and band of roses blush so far.

  97. Fudgedrops

    I can’t help bragging. Today, the entire In the groove collection (except Stereo Rose and Petticoat) has arrived at the Mac counter near me and starts selling tomorrow. I went in and looked at all of them. The eyeshadows are simply beautiful and its texture different from the previous mineralize eyeshadows. It is finer and I believe there will be minimal fallouts. I already reserved 3 eyeshadows, one blush and one cremesheen glass. I congratulate myself for having such great self control.

  98. Judy

    Loving the lipstick swatches!!!! I am dying to get the purple lipstick even though it looks like there is sparkley stuff in it & I don’t do sparkley. I can’t really tell if any of the other liptsticks have that kind of sparkle in them. I’m wondering if it’s the paper that the swatch is on and that it’s not really that way. I just want a great purple lipstick that isn’t too dark or too light. Maybe MAC will make a purple similar to this color in an amplified for those of us who just love more coverage & the color purple.

  99. Gabby

    Christine, how come some websites already have swatches posted? Did the collection already come out in other parts of the states? I’m waiting for you and your review before I go all crazy with buying up everything I want.

  100. def getting stereo rose, petticoat, and by candlelight. i need swatches of the other things to decide if im gonna get them, so excited for the msfs! omg!