Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC In the Groove Collection

U.S. Launch Date: July 8th, 2010
International Launch Date: July 2010

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Call My Bluff Mid-tone creamy coffee (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Jazzed Bright coral pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Creme de Nude Pale muted peach beige (Cremesheen) (Permanent)
  • I Like It Like That Deep blue pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • All Styled Up Bright yellow pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
  • Go For It Mid-tone blue purple (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)

Cremesheen Glass ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • On the Scene Light Coral beige (Limited Edition)
  • You’ve Got It Dirty silver grey (Limited Edition)
  • Going Casual Sheer lilac (Limited Edition)
  • Fashion Whim Light Beige (Limited Edition)
  • Right Image Mid-tone blue pink (Limited Edition)
  • Chillin’ Light white blue (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Eye Shadow (Trio) ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Love to Love Satin beige/Pearly Bronze/Satin Brown (Limited Edition)
  • In the Groove Satin green/Pearly burgundy/Satin coral (Limited Edition)
  • Making It Easy Satin red brown/Pearly beige rose/Satin dark beige (Limited Edition)
  • Togetherness Satin lavender/Pearly purple/Satin grey (Limited Edition)
  • Style Influencer Satin silver/Pearly deep blue/Satin deep mauve brown (Limited Edition)
  • Soften the Mood Satin light brown/Pearly rose/Satin light blue (Limited Edition)
  • Fresh & Easy Satin pink/Pearly burgundy/Satin grey (Limited Edition)
  • Calm, Cool, & Collected Satin deep green/Pearly green/Satin beige (Limited Edition)
  • Blue My Mind Satin light blue/Pearly deep teal/Satin black (Limited Edition)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Stubborn Brown Deep Rich Brown (Permanent)
  • Permaplum Deep plum with pink shimmer (Permanent)
  • Navy Stain Royal blue with shimmer (Permanent)

Zoomlash ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Zoomblack Rich Black (Permanent)

Mineralized Skinfinish ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN)

  • By Candlelight Golden pink (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Stereo Rose Coral with golden bronze shimmering nuances (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Comfort Golden bronze (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Petticoat Pale rose with gold and amber veining (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Mineralize Blush (Duo) ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Happy Together Satin caramel/Pearly beige (Limited Edition)
  • A Little Bit of Sunshine Satin light brown/Pearly beige (Limited Edition)
  • Hang Loose Satin bright pink/Pearly lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Band of Roses Satin blue pink/Pearly light plum (Limited Edition)
  • New Vibe Satin deep rose/Pearly bronze (Limited Edition)

Brush ($42.00 U.S. / $50.50 CDN)

  • 187 Brush A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

See high-res photos!

Thanks to the lovely Emily for all the details & Debbie for the images!

MAC In the Groove Collection

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC A Little Bit of Sunshine Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Band of Roses Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Hang Loose Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Happy Together Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC New Vibe Mineralize Blush

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Blue My Mind Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Calm, Cool, & Collected Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Fresh & Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC In the Groove Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Love to Love Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Making It Easy Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Soften the Mood Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Style Influencer Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Togetherness Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Chillin’, Fashion Whim, Going Casual, On the Scene, Right Image, You’ve Got It

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC All Styled Up Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Call My Bluff Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Go For It Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC I Like It Like That Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Jazzed Lipstick

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487 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove Collection for Summer 2010

  1. Bernice

    Hi Christine,

    I know this is a very minor detail but thanks for putting down all the Canadian prices ! πŸ˜€

  2. Jessica

    besides the msfs, what do you think are the must haves of this collection?

    • Nothing is a must-have to me until I’ve been able to see & swatch it!

      • Leliforever

        in the promo pictures they all look gorgious don’t they?
        Is it true that stereo rose is going to be different from the one previously released.I ‘ll surely buy by candlelight and petticoat.everyone says stereo rose is a must have …and about bronze:I’m nc20 do you think it would look good on me to bronzen up my look a little bit???
        (the promos look amazing and I want two blushes and 4 eyeshadows!something has to be sacrified!!!)

        • I have no idea, and it’ll be hard to say until someone with both an older one and the new one can compare. I don’t have the older one (gave it to a friend a long time ago).

          I could see it bronzing you up a bit :)

  3. LNU

    Oh no…I have my eye on those MSF’s, I thought I wouldn’t be tempted into any MAC collections this summer except one of those LE pigments.

  4. vania

    OMG i’M so going to be broke for this collection. I can’t wait to buy all the msfs and I’m going to get two of go for it lipstick and I like it that :)

  5. Cynthia

    oooohh! Stereo Rose sounds lovely! For anyone lemming Petticoat, I would check out your local CCO as I got mine there only last month and i adore it!

  6. Honeys

    im already in love with On The Scene Creemesheen Glass & seeing all the ave bout MSF Stereo Rose, it’s hard to resist that one too πŸ˜‰
    exciting collection indeed.

  7. Sweeda88

    Ooo.. I really want “Go for It!” Awesome purple!

  8. LauraBread

    thank god i totally ignored mac to the beach!

  9. Jessi

    Christine, how does Stereo Rose compare in color and texture to Marine Life?

    • I don’t find it anything like it, personally. It’s a good deal pinker and has so much more shimmer. The texture is also different – kind of a sheer, shimmered look vs. a satin powdered look.

      • Jessi

        Thanks for the comparison. Don’t those promo pictures look HOT! That dress is so gorgeous and the crushed mineral mosaic is pure art. No more money left for me!

  10. StellarStace

    The descriptions had me so pumped for this collection but after seeing photos I don’t think I’m as interested…

  11. I’m not too keen on the eyshadows or blush duos but I’m loving those lipsticks! The purple one is a must have :)

  12. All I want is Stereo Rose, and Petticoat. None of the pink lipsticks seem differenct enough & the other colors don’t seem like something I need & I will have to swatch the blushes to decide if I want any of those. At lease I feel like I can save some money this collection.

  13. 1. I wish cremesheen glasses had more color payoff… Bah!

    2. I wonder if the matte texture mineralize shadows will be as eye irritating as the regular ones (I rarely use them on people – Even I have a problem with those little buggers).

    3. That purple lipstick is MINE! MINE MINE MINE!!! MUAH HAH HAH HAH!!! [scowling and rubbing hands together] mine… πŸ˜‰

  14. audrey

    by candlelight, petticoat msf and creamsheen glasses! so excited!

  15. Gao

    Can’t wait for I like it like that and Right Image! WHOOOO!!! :)

  16. DJ

    I’ve already warned my husband about how much I’m gonna spend on this collection! lol

  17. Kathryn

    Does this launch in Canada with the US date or the international date?

  18. FlyingBuffalo

    MAC has had so many big collections for summer, this almost seems like overkill…

  19. missy

    im all about funky purple lipstick haha :)
    I like the two pink lipsticks two!

  20. ashlee

    ohh i really want the pink /lavender mineral blush
    soooo pretty

  21. Michelle

    I’m gonna get Stereo Rose just so I can see what the big deal is. I may want to get By Candlelight too. I had Petticoat & I wasn’t too crazy about it.

  22. Heather

    Looks exactly like last years mineral collection~

  23. Hannah

    Surprisingly, I’ve never tried any Cremesheen or Mineralize products (except for the Mineralize Satinfinish liquid foundation which is my #1 favorite foundation), so I’ll definitely need to take a look at MAC when this collection comes out!

  24. VJNS

    No, not feeling this collection. Looks like it was thrown together – there’s no rhythm, no theme, no imagination. I’ll skip it all, thanks.

  25. I like the looks of the last mineralize blush on the bottom row, which colour is that!?

  26. Melanie

    OMG! The purple lipstick looks just like Violetta! I must have that since I cant have violetta as theres no pro stores in my area!! So excited!! I’m in taiwan and the collections usually launch a couple weeks before the U.S.

  27. Jessi

    New Vibe looks exactly like Bi-Tone from Too Fabulous, which is fantastic. I didn’t think that one was going to be my favorite from that collection but I am addicted to it. I’m very fair but I just dab a little of it on and it gives such a healthy rosy glow – that’s the blush i get the #1 amount of compliments on hands down. It’s a serious head turner!

    New Vibe is even better because it’d be easier to control just taking the bronze or the rose.

    Also OMG @ Hang Loose and Band of Roses. I love this trend towards stronger blush!

  28. Sandy

    Has anyone seen a picture or swatch of the ‘Love to Love’ Eyeshadow Trio? That’s the one I’m interested in! They all look lovely though.

  29. Ashlee

    Yayy for MSF! Even if they have been around before, I don’t have any of them!

  30. mari

    is petticoat msf similar to light flush msf??

  31. Kelsey

    Everything looks amazing (as usual), but my only question is: How do you make purple lipstck wearable? I can’t think of any occasion where it could work (except maybe Halloween)!

    • RR

      Personally, I wear my ‘odd’ lipsticks with either a sheer wash of neutral eyeshadow, or more often a simple black winged eyeliner. I wear all black or all gray and black clothing very often, so the outfit clashing isn’t a problem. I can see that it might be a bit more ‘out there’ for a lot of people, but I’m a teenager, so I’m going to enjoy my creative license while I can!
      I don’t know how pigmented this one is, but if it’s sheer I suppose you could layer it with other colors too. I’m not into layering my lipcolors really, so I honestly wouldn’t know much about that.

  32. Angela0804

    Loving hang loose and all of those MSF’s. I’ll be passing on all the lip products.

  33. *massive gasp* Purple lipstick!! I’ve missed out on like, the last 3 because I have no money, but OMG, I just have to have,….

    And the Cremesheen Glasses!!! MY FAVORITE FORMULA! I need those bad!

    And that pink/purple blush tooo… oh Jeebus!!!

  34. Krys

    I think I’m going to get my first mineralized skinfnish! Hopefully sterorose will be worth it!

    I’d love it if someone could answer these questions! Thanks! :)

    What would the perfect brush be for a light application?

    How are these on oily/combo skins?

    Are they mainly highlighters on med/darker skintones (NC35 & up)?

    • 187 or 131.

      I think they’re fine on oily/combo skin.

      Stereo Rose, Petticoat, & Comfort may give you some color, By Candlelight will be more like a highlighter. Petticoat may or may not deliver on lots of color.

  35. I’m drooling.. I want this WAYYYYYYYYY more than To The Beach!

  36. Emily

    Yeahness for this collection! I luvs me some mineralize products and creemsheens!

  37. Marissa

    Are by candlelight and shell pearl too similar to own both?

  38. kfm

    I have a little list going for this one.

    Go For It!- definitely. There are so few bluish purples around.
    Chillin- I loves me the wacky colours
    Stereo Rose & Petticoat- I already have By Candlelight and I adore it!! These other two look too gorgeous to pass up.

    I’m guessing at least one of the MES will appeal to me- most likely Style Influencer, based on the descriptions. The blushes… I’m curious to see Hang Loose. It’s sort of a sore point with me that MAC does not have a lilac or other light purple blush. I’d just love to have something light and cool toned beyond the pinks they have available.

    I’m also curious to see Jazzed in person. Orange colours can either realy work or really fail for me.

    Thanks, as always, for the pics!

  39. Sabrina

    Are petticoat and light flush similar? I have 2 light flush and I’m not sure if I need petticoat also.

  40. Christina

    hi Christine, do you think that the msf’s will go fast? If so let me know :) thank you

    • Yeah, they probably will. Stereo Rose will go quickly, then maybe Petticoat. The other two may eventually sell out, but they won’t be super fast.

  41. My

    MAC IS KILLING ME SOFTLY! ….i just bought a bunch of jap and korean products…now i have to save for this!…and then the disney collection AHH

  42. Helena

    Those last two Cremesheen glasses look dreamy.

  43. Greta-Maree

    might get Style Influencer MES, the colors remind me of the Urban Decay get baked palette haha :) and Stereo Rose MSF.

  44. karen

    I want all the MSF’s!

  45. nikki

    oooooooooh cant wait soooo much better than the “to the beach”!

  46. Wendy M.

    Definitely excited for Jazzed maybe I Like It Like That. On The Scene looks pretty, but I’m going to have to see it in person to decided to buy it or not. Definitely buying Stereo Rose, maybe Petticoat. :)

  47. The blue based purple will be an interesting color. I like it but don’t think it will work for me. And I would agree with some others this isn’t really a summer collection, I would guess it as a transition from summer to fall.

  48. Sarah

    Don’t really see anything I’m too excited about…now I can go buy the rest of To The Beach!!

  49. Lana A

    Style Influencer kind of looks like a reversed Russian Flag, lol :)

  50. Son of a… RRRRR.

    This just isn’t fair. All of a sudden MAC starts rolling out awesome collections filled with limited edition stuff I won’t be able to get. Maybe if it was perm, yes I could eventually
    bit by bit but this is just an overload. I’ll be sighing a lot this summer.

  51. Thank you so much for the pictures Christine!

    I really like the colours of the eye trios (especially that they didn’t put any metallic shades in there!), but I would have liked the blushes to have some pretty veinings. Not so sure about the lipsticks, and definitely pass on the cremesheen glasses. I already have Petticoat, By Candlelight and Stereo Rose, but will pick up another SR to see if it’s any different, and never wanted Comfort. I might not actually spend as much on this collection as I previously thought, lol.

  52. Victoria

    Christine, when you get your hands on these, would you do a comparison between Calm, Cool, and Collected and the Photorealism quad?

    • I will see what I can do – it kind of just depends on when I get it. If it’s the launch day, I pretty much just try to get photos and swatches of the new collection up ASAP.

  53. Princess Lolli

    I probably already own colors just like it, but I know I won’t be able to pass up Calm, Cool, & Collected. I’m a sucker for green.

  54. I wanna check out Jazzed and All Styled Up lipsticks, all cremesheen glasses, Calm, Cool & Collected eye shadow, and Hang loose and Band of Roses blush!

  55. Nadia

    So much for budgeting!!

    Everything looks so pretty!

  56. ellie

    Chrisitne, i’m quite ignorant here … what’s the stereo rose they are talking about here? Seems like everyone likes it.

  57. Natalie

    Where’s Pleasureflush?

    I thought that was supposed to be re-released with this collection as well?

    Don’t get me wrong – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Petticoat and am digging Comfort and BY Candlelight – but why re-release them so soon – especially BC and Comfort?

    Stereo Rose – YEAH! About time but why not some of the other ones such as Metal Rock and Northern Lights?


    • No, I have never heard about Pleasureflush coming out with this collection.

    • I don’t really understand why they’re re-releasing Comfort and By Candlelight so soon, Warm & Cosy only came out maybe 6 months ago?

      I would have loved Pleasureflush and Metal Rock instead, but never mind. Imo Northern Lights is cr*p though, it’s got a very gritty texture and it’s such a glitterfest! :)

  58. Laura

    i will be leaving this collection. I`m not that i`m mac’s mineral blushes and eyeshadow, i may check out the lip products, but other than that i`m passing.

  59. Melanie T

    Christine! Just wondering~ Are there expiry dates for products like MSFs~? I’d love to collect them~! :)

    Also, there’s the cap looking thingy behind some skincare product that shows “12M” for 12 months, I presume::~ Does it mean it’s good 12 months from manufacturing date or it’s good 12 months after you’ve opened the product~?

    Thanks, Christine!

    • Technically, yes, but powder products don’t usually have bacteria, since bacteria like warm, moist places.

      If it says 12M, it is 12M from opening.

  60. So, the infamous ‘Stereo Rose’ is back. Hmmm…
    I want that blush duo in the middle of the top row. :)

  61. Azaza

    Wow that looks like an amazing collection, I cant wait for the swatches to help me decide what to get

  62. Glosslizard

    I have been waiting for a purple lipstick like that! Come to mama!!!

  63. Katie

    I’m so stinkin’ excited for this collection. I’ve been impatiently waiting since I first found out about it. Hence, why I didn’t go crazy for To the Beach (to save money!). I would up getting Lazy Day, Marine Life, and Hipness. For this collection, I got my eye on two lipsticks, a shadow or two, and all the MSF’s!

  64. lauraaaaaaaaaa


  65. Tess

    Glad to finally see the promo pics (but my wallet isn’t)! Hopefully I can just stick with Stereo Rose… By Candlelight might creep in there… maybe Jazzed too… oh no.

    Christine if I already have Shell Pearl do I need By Candlelight? I’ve never tried MSFs before so i’m not sure how they feel on the face

  66. Vanessa

    OMG! I love their summer Mineralize collections! Can’t wait for this!

  67. Virginia

    Wow, so these will be released the same day as Alice and Olivia?

  68. 53

    hmm.. only 6 out of the 9 trio eyeshadows..??

  69. Haley

    Oh my God! I’m gonna be sooo broke after this. I’ve never bought anything from MAC so I guess that’s why I’m so excited. I was going to buy a couple things from the To The Beach collection but they sold out of everything I really wanted. People say this collection looks muted, but I actually kinda like it, I don’t really like super bright colors.

  70. Carla

    I am excited for this…
    BUT :( I will be out of the country during July 8th!
    Christine, How long do you think this collection will be on mac counters?
    I have a feeling stereo rose will be sold out by the time I come back :(

    • Stereo Rose will sell out pretty quickly. The collection is out for at least a month, I’d say, but pieces may sell out faster than that.

  71. Aleksandra

    Like someone said it all looks so dark and muted for summer, it should be a winter collection instead, very disappointed :(

  72. Rosie

    can’t wait for stereo rose!!!

  73. jackie

    im looking for a highlighter for my nc25 skin which msf will alow me to have a nice glow

  74. Orange Fizz

    Would love to see how the purple lipstick turns out!

    Think I’ll try to buy something from this collection…

  75. Mackenzie

    What do you think you’ll be wanting from this collecton?
    Stereo Rose FOR SURE! hahah :)

  76. Kalee

    by candlelight & Hang Loose are the only items looking nice to me.
    i think i might also get stereo rose as well because of the rave reviews

  77. eveli

    I just broke the bank with to the beach now this sigh

  78. nicole

    I’m definitely getting some cremesheen lipstick and glass. The mineralize shadows always look amazing, but the color payoff isn’t that great. Maybe these will be different!

  79. Haley

    Which eyeshadow is the one in the bottom left corner? I can’t tell by the descriptions.

  80. Christine, when do you think you will have the first swatches?

  81. Hay Mich

    I like some of the lipgloss and lipstick colours! I guess I’ll put some of these on my wish list, especially the corals. Cremesheen glass is so pretty and smooth; can’t wait to see the new colours!

  82. Mandi

    I want to see stereo rose in person now because of all the fuss lol right now I am surprised at how interested I am in this collection…I really like the purple and brown lippies…the mineral e/s look wicked too! I am also pretty excited about the cremesheen glasses…overall this looks like a cool collection :-)

  83. Vicky

    Can someone let me know if Petticoat is similar to Perfect Topping? I have Perfect Topping and if it’s similar (as a highlighter), then maybe I’ll pass on that. I’m a NC20.

    • No, it’s not. Petticoat is much pinker. If you get one with not much veining, then it’s a lot like Porcelain Pink, but if it’s got a lot of veining, then it’s quite dark raspberry pink actually. I have one each and the dark one is actually pretty dark on me even as a blush (I’m a Light Medium to Medium (MSFN) or Givenchy Photoperfection foundation no 4 (perfect vanilla) for reference.) Hope this helps.

  84. Josi

    I love mineralize produkts but i don’t like the colours;) there is nothing on this collection i would buy… i’ll save my money for the disney collection :)

  85. I’m loving it. Im going to stop by the CCo cause I think by candelight is already there. Those lippies BETTER be a cute as they sound and the coral skinfinish is a musty!

  86. Madison

    if you were going to pick up 2 MSFs which would you choose?

    • Alex

      stereo rose (it sells for $100 on ebay) for sure.
      and any of the other ones you want. i’m getting by candlelight.

  87. Madison

    if you were going to pick up 2 MSFs which would you choose, which are the hardest to dupe?

  88. Maddie

    when does it come out?

  89. livnzoe

    this collection looks really pretty.. but i have to see the swatches before i’m able to decide what i’m going to purchase!
    thank you so much christine for your pre-informations about all the mac collections!!

  90. Sylvia

    Oh this collection is very pretty… I have enough makeup but I’m definitely looking forward to see if there’s anything worth cheating on my makeup buying ban for….

  91. RR

    Oh my god.

    Purple lipstick.

    I need it. I NEED it.

  92. Agnes

    OK, so I’m going to sound like such a dork for saying this, but the mineralized e/s trio in the middle of the bottom row looks like a pokeball…

  93. stephanie

    does anyone plan on getting any cremesheen lipsticks or lipglass

  94. kennethalan

    I don’t see anything that really interests me… but we’ll see after you swatch things.

  95. Rosa

    Holy Cow Batman! I am loooooooving this collection. Looking forward to that fabulous looking purple lipstick. I hope it has more purple in it than pink. I hate pink undertones in my purple lipsticks. Also loving the Right Image lipglass, stereo rose & a few of those eyeshadows are looking like they are calling my name. Can’t wait for the Feline Collection, Disney and that Tartan one coming out also. Wondering if the Tartan one will have plaid colored lipstick mixshades in them?

  96. Ginny

    I can’t wait for this collection. Oh my poor wallet lol!!

  97. kerry price

    omg purple lippies!

  98. Sarah Z

    I cannot wait for petticoat and stereo rose! Hopefully I can get that one before it sells out!

  99. Marina

    OMG… i want them!

  100. Vanessa

    ok…prolly a stupid question but whats all the hype about Stereo Rose??? Of course im getting it LOL but why??