Thursday, January 7th, 2010

MAC in Lillyland Collection

MAC in Lillyland Collection: Overall & Round-up

OVERALL, Lillyland is definitely a very bright and colorful collection. It’s something that will catch your eye when you see it on displayer, even if you’re not necessarily into colors. Between the ultra pigmented Cremeblend Blushes and the ultra dazzling Lip Gelees, this is a very bold, bright, and cheery collection. It feels much more like a summer collection, actually, just because the colors are so bright and, well, summery! I truly am surprised they launched this together with All Ages, All Races, All Sexes; I almost feel like there’s no way to compete with it. But maybe some will be drawn in by the brightness, see neutrals next to them, and end up going that route instead.

Lillyland also included several permanent products, which I did not include in my review — such as three paint pots (Bare Study, Fresco Rose, and Rubenesque) and two technakohl liners (Graphblack and Purple Dash).

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-haves: Preppy Lip Gelee, Lush & Bright Lip Gelee, So Sweet So Easy Cremeblend Blush,

Nice-to-haves: Resort Life Lip Gelee, Joie-de-Vivre Cremeblend Blush, Coconut Ice Nail Lacquer

Skip: Pearlmatte Eyeshadow

Product-by-Product Reviews, Photos, Swatches

What are you loving? What aren’t you loving? But more importantly: what are you buying?

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43 thoughts on “MAC in Lillyland Collection: Overall & Round-up

  1. Anitacska

    I’m definitely getting the lipgelees and the pearlmatte compacts. Probably nothing else though, as I’m not a cremeblush or nail polish person.

    • ines

      i’m really sorry for spamming, but are you from hungary? (just because of your nickname…:] )

      in this collection i’m only interested in coconut ice nailpolish and 2 cremeblend blushes (joie-de-vivre, so sweet,so easy) and i will see it in personal whether i like it or not.

  2. Jasmine

    Already bought Pearlmatte Facepowder and Pearlmatte eyeshadow and So Sweet So Easy. Ill problly go back and pick up the lipgelees

  3. Lindsay

    I got the coconut ice nail polish (i like that it is a true peachy color and not orangey) and I got 3 lip gelees (all but lush&bright) I love this collection! I thought I was going to end up skipping it but the lip gelees are awesome!

  4. Alexis

    bought Resort Life – call me crazy but it looks great on top of 5N.
    I now want Lush and Bright because orange/coral gloss screams Summer to me.

  5. Stephanie

    I hope I’m not the only one that feels extremely happy and springlike when I see this. Definitely picking up a creme brush and lip gelee.

  6. Sabah

    Thx for the reviews on this collection christine. do u have any idea if Mac will have a friends & family sale (25% off) online any time soon? last yr they had it around this time :)

  7. DonnaN

    I’m probably going in for the Coconut Ice lacquer and Preppy Lip Gelee

  8. Andrea

    All of the colours look so pretty, but I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from this one!!

  9. cloudburst

    I think I’m taking home with me all the Cremeblend blushes & perhaps Resort Life Lipgelee.

  10. Tami

    I ordered Resort Life, Pearlmatte shadow and powder and Joie de Vivre blush. I skipped the polishes with this collection. The last polish I got applied in a streaky mess:( After viewing your swatches, I may pick up the rest of the the Lip Gelees:D

  11. amy

    I checked out this collection today and I really like the Cremeblend blushes and was surprised that the Lipgelees are decently pigmented. I picked up the Florida blush and I will go back next week to get the So Sweet So Easy blush and Preppy Lip Gelee, Lush & Bright Lip Gelee.

  12. Tiffany

    I bought all of the lipgelees, rubenesque and fresco rose paint pots (already have bare study… I thought I might as well start collecting them all), the pearlmatte eyeshadow, and so sweet, so easy cremeblend blush! :)

  13. Desicions, desicions. I absolutley love the way the eyeshadow and facepowder look. But… I don’t think they are going to work on my NC35 complexion. I don’t usually look good with pastels. Resist, resist, resist. Lol!

  14. ms.mad

    resort life lipgelee remininds me of who’s that lady lipgelee from years ago.i haven’t seen them in person. was concidering ordering it because i thought it was a more silvery tone. do love preppy and am cosidering shift to pink also. i think i will try to see them in person. i usually order online but then again i am stuck with too many product i don’t like. i have a ppid card so i prefer online

  15. Roberta

    Hi Christine,
    Do you think you could do lip swatches of creme blush since they are lip safe?


  16. Susie

    going to pick up all the lip gelees ..theyre really fun

  17. Rita

    This looks so much nicer than the All ARS Collection. I’m going to get Joie-de-Vivre and Pearlmatte Face Powder, I will also check the lip gelees.

  18. Lindsay

    Resort life lip gelee is SICK!!! I am a lip gloss junkie and haven’t seen anything like it!!! Yup, I bought it yesterday!

  19. alice

    There’s little in lillyland and All Races that I like, or don’t already have dupes of. I do like the Lip Gelees, although they’re not must haves for me by any means. It all looks pretty though.

  20. sharon

    I’m a nw45 and I got the 3 darker blushes. Before I saw your swatches, I planned to get 1 or 2 of the glosses and skip everything else but the blushes are phenomenal on darker skin. I allocated $50 for this collection and all ages since I didn’t really see anything I wanted but I ended up with the blushes, a 188 brush (which I may return because I tried the blushes with my 187 and they looked great), and spirit & soul glosses from all ages. As always thanx for the swatches :)

  21. Stephanie

    I bought all the Lipgelee’s. I loved the way they sparkle!…..and you get more product than lipglass for the same price, and more then the dazzleglass for less!!!

  22. Romy

    hmm i don’t know. there is something about it that i don’t like.

    ( excuse me for my terrible english i’m just a thirteen years old dutch girl so, i hope that you get my point)

  23. Erin

    I fell in love with the Cremeblend blushes and bought Optimistic Orange and Joie-de-Vivre. I also loved the Lip Gelees and got Lush & Bright and Resort Life.

  24. Meghann

    I got 2 lip gelees, resort life and lush and bright. i was pleasantly surprised of these gelees, they are gorgeous! I got the pearlmatte face powder which I wore today and love. I tried on a cremeblush and didn’t buy right away to think about it. I like the finish and it goes on smoothly so I will either pick one or two up over the weekend or sometime next wk.

  25. Nicole

    I can’t even describe how stunning Resort Life lip gelee was to me in person today! I am sooo in love!

  26. kpenn09

    I picked up 3 lip gelees (everything apart from Resort Life) and Steamy nailpolish. Put me in such a springy mood (plus I was thrilled at my self-control)!

  27. Nhi

    I LOVE it when you have “Temptalia’s recommendations!” Please keep these up (at least for the moderate to large collection releases)!

  28. Ana

    I am an NC30 and got the Florida Creme blush. I wore it today on my cheeks and lips with neutral eyes, it’s gorgeous. I guess not popular though, ppl went with the other colors :)
    I have a couple pics on my blog I took of it also in case ppl w similar complexions are curious.

  29. mm

    I bought all but the nails & already had all the perm products.

  30. Justine

    the only thing i bought from this collection so far is the preppy lip gelee. i really dont like it at all. i dont like any dazzleglasses either. although i love the actual color of the gloss, i HATE how much glitter is in it. i should have stopped at the dazzleglasses! lol. from now on, the only lip products ill buy from MAC are the actual lipsticks. :]

  31. Gracie

    I just bought the Lush & Bright lipgelee today and I’m in love with it!! It’s the perfect coral pink sparkly lipgloss, and it’s not sticky at all. Plus it’s in a tube, which is really convienient for me. I am probably going to get Joie-de-Vivre Cremeblend blush, and definitely a back up of Lush & Bright. And perhaps preppy….oh man I’m gonna be broke after this collection!

  32. shebeli

    when is exact date of this collection being released in the UK? i wish they’d mention the international release date!