Monday, May 21st, 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor @ Nordstrom

Nordstrom now has Hey, Sailor available for purchase–I know a lot of people were bummed about missing Red Racer and Sail la Vie, so here’s an early opportunity to snag it :)

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26 thoughts on “MAC Hey, Sailor @ Nordstrom

  1. Trina J

    The MAC pro store I went to was out as well…thanks for sharing :)

  2. jibong

    its online for show but you can’t purchase nor checkout until thursday.. i tried..

    • I just went through the process, and it let me add to cart and go to the checkout page. Where does it say you can’t purchase it until Thursday? I see that it says 3-8 shipping, so they might delay the shipping but it seems to let me do everything. I didn’t want to click submit order as I don’t want to purchase, lol!

    • Had a few readers confirmed they were able to purchase! Were you trying to do in-store pick-up?

    • Jhenn

      You can try live chat on nordstrom, they will try to find which stores they have the Red Racer in any states. That’s what I did 2days ago. Because I missed the first day they launch it online they run out on day one. So, I got two red racer.. I called the store in WA.

  3. Ava

    Thanks Christine! I’m torn because I’m tempted to order it now but would love to see it in person when it’s released on Thursday but at the same time, I don’t want to regret missing on the opportunity if it’s sold out. Hmmmm…

  4. I was able to go through the checkout process.  The shipping was longer than usual but I guess they are doing ship delay. I just recieved the conformation email! =)

  5. Dominique33

    Thanks for posting, I really love Red Racer.

  6. coquis

    Christine, I wish you stop telling everyone to go and get specific shades of MAC lipsticks, in this case. People buy them by the bunch and sell them on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money. It ruins it for the people that truly likes the color and it’s not in a hurry to buy them.
    Let them do their own research.

    • kitalovessm

      I’m not sure you can actually discourage that kind of behavior (I mean with people selling on eBay), as it tends to happen with many limited edition collections.  The same thing happened with the MAC Bloggers’  Obsession Collection back when that came out, and Christine didn’t give any notes or reviews on principle.  It was a big event on many makeup blogs, so it was a great target for scalpers :(

    • Kafka

       @coquis She’s not *telling* people to do anything, let alone to go out and buy something. She’s merely informing people that these lipsticks are now available at a specific store since some people were previously disappointed that the lipsticks had sold out at other shops/sites. Those people will go out and look for it because that’s what they had always planned to do, while others people won’t.  IMO, scalpers’ behavior is triggered by MAC’s Limited Edition silliness, not by bloggers. Blame MAC, not Christine.

      • coquis

         @Kafka I don’t want to upset anyone. She already posted that other retail stores were launching the collection so even if it was SOLD OUT @ MAC there were going to be plenty of other retail stores selling it, that should be enough BC people that truly love MAC will find what they are looking for but this just make it easier for the ones that want to go and sell them on other websites. That is my point, I have nothing against Christine, she does a great job.

        • Fiona Denali

           @coquis I didn’t know that Nordstrom would have the collection early and I’m really happy that it was there. I know the whole eBay thing is annoying but I was going to purchase off ebay and I just saved about seven dollars. It’s there anyways so mass buyers could find it anyways but now devoted readers who want the shades now know that Nordstrom has them early.

      • Ruca

         @Kafka Actually, I completely see the logic in this request. I watched the full 25+ minute Youtube video (as I have others prior to this collection), and Christine in all good intentions does advise people to grab such-and-such colors or products as quickly as possible because she has “a feeling” it’s going to sell out fast. I’m in a makeup forum. What do I see? People who had previously said “meh… nothing here excites me; I’m going to pass,” and then after Christine makes these statements about how hot the LE item is going to be, the stupid thing sells out instantly. I’ve seen it happen on several collections. I have a pro membership, and I tend to get everything when it’s released to us, and oftentimes I don’t agree with her opinions of which are the best products in the line, yet it’s always the ones she has predicted will be a hot seller that become unavailable to the general public super fast. I can’t tell you how many people are begging me to find them Red Racer because Christine said it was great, and the same people didn’t care for the color at all before. I, too, would prefer simple reviews of the products rather than predictions of what will sell out fastest since it clearly ignites people to buy like gangbusters.

        •  @Ruca  @Kafka Just to clarify: Red Racer and Sail la Vie sold out LONG before I said anything about them. I have very little impact on what sells out/doesn’t sell out. I even stated that both shades were more dupeable than not so don’t stress out about not getting them.  

        • Ruca

           @Christine (Temptalia)  @Kafka I got them both; it’s other people I know who can’t get them. The site does say “coming soon” implying they’ll be restocked, and the lipsticks always sell out fast, but it wasn’t until after the video that Crew went MIA, along with the 2 eyeshadows you’re wearing in the video. I’m not blaming you for who chooses to buy or not buy based on what you like, but you have to take into account how many followers you have. Believe it or not, there are MANY people in the makeup community who follow your reviews religiously. You do have over 50k followers here alone, after all. 

        • coquis

           @Ruca  @Christine (Temptalia)  Thank you Ruca, you explain my point perfect! It’s great Christine informs us that the Collection will be out in other retail stores, like I said before that should be enough, no need to link who has it first before the others.
          I like to go to the stores and try on the products, play around, have fun and more than once happened that when I get there the “hot” items are gone and I can surely like and get something else but it takes the fun away.
          I kind of like this blog better when it first started, it was more fun less business like.

        • Kafka

           @Ruca  I haven’t seen the video, so I can’t comment on that. What I could — and did — comment on was this post where Christine merely informs people that a certain product is now being sold at Nordstrom’s. In this post, I didn’t see her telling anyone to go out and buy something.
          I have a lot of sympathy with what you are talking about and what others are experiencing. I really do. MAC’s availability issues for their L/E items is one of the things that rubs me the wrong way about them and something I’ve mentioned here in the past. But based on this post and the one below, it seems to me that what you’re really talking about here is the impact of Christine’s influence. What is she really meant to do if, as you’re saying, even the bare minimum of a positive review is going to make a product sell out? She obviously can’t stop reviewing MAC but should she stop forecasting that a product will sell out? Perhaps. But, again, if her influence regarding MAC products is what you say it is, the reality is that a mere good review (even *without* a prediction) will make a L/E product sell out, no? Ultimately, the blame should go to MAC for their L/E silliness and intentionally limited availability.  
          As for people who go from disliking a product to suddenly having to have it based solely on Christine’s review, I don’t know what to say. I have changed my mind about buying a product based on a really terrible review, but I have also bought things that Christine has been iffy about (NARS’ Daphne is just one product that comes immediately to mind). I also have eschewed a whole SLEW of items that Christine raves about and adores. (Every single lip gloss and most lipsticks in fact.)  I understand that everyone is different but….  well, I just think it’s a bit unfair to Christine because she seems damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. 

        • coquis

           @Kafka  Just to clarify this is not an attack towards anyone, it’s just feedback and I am sure Christine appreciates it. 

        • Kafka

           @coquis  I know that, Coquis. :) I promise, I don’t think anyone here is attacking Christine. I know you were merely making a suggestion. I just don’t think there is anything she can do about it. The situation seems intentionally rigged by MAC to ensure maximum hype and madness.  From limited availability for a very short duration of time, diff. products in diff. dept. stores (and *very* few of them, at that), massive PR everywhere and more — it’s all intentional and it’s greed-driven, imo. Christine’s reviews have some influence, sure, but it wouldn’t be a problem for any other brand but MAC.   

  7. 360anita

    i went yesterday

  8. ms

    in oct mac will release a marilyn monroe inspired collection, source, elle magazine. 

  9. Jolo

    I check your blog more than I check the Nordstrom website soooo thank you for the heads up since it was released early online. Love your blog!!!! And don’t worry…you didn’t “fOrce” me to buy anything…saved me time!

  10. Skipper16

    Totall ordered both those lipsticks as soon as I saw this! Yay! I also just received the lipglasses in Blessedly Rich, Rivera Life & Send me sailing. I wasn’t sure about getting those but I received them in the mail today & LOVE them! Beautiful colors :)

  11. coquis

    I just went to my local Macy’s and try on a few of their lipglass from this Collection and bought Riviera Life, it is BEAUTIFUL!