Monday, January 5th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Pictures!!

A bunch for your perusal! :)

See lots more!


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82 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Pictures and Photos Preview

  1. Love the top shot :) Not as sure on this collection as I thought I was going to be, the quad looks quite boring imo – the lip products look more interesting – wonder if they’ll be stickers?

  2. ledisxo

    loving everything..except maybe one palette – ahh the brush holder is so freakin cute

    • I KNOW!! needing the brush holder.

      • emma

        that brush holder will be mine!

      • emma

        is it true that there will be a waiting list on the 7th? if so, i really gotta save up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i want at least one lipstick, lipglass, lip conditioner, blush, nail polish ( i dont think mac has ever put designs on a nail polish! ), pigment, maybe and eye trio, maybe the brush holder, maybe the mirror, maybe a dazzleglass, maybe the doll, and maybe the keychain charm thingy. holy crap thats a lot lol

  3. Crystal

    OH YES!!!!

  4. I’m suprisingly not that excited for this collection. Though that grey nail varnish is intrigueing.

  5. I love it
    anyone know the date?

  6. vicki

    Brush holder is mine!

  7. Shefali

    This better no have stickers, a la Fafi. I’m glad to hear Specktra says there are no stickers.

    On a positive note – the stuff looks cute and I agree with ledisxo – brush holder is adorable!

  8. OMGosh!!! I can’t wait! On spectra it says that it’ll be out online on Feb. 10, and @ MAC stores on Feb. 12. I’m just grooling over this right now! I wanna see all the products!!! Hope to see more pic.s!

  9. IZzySA

    *yawns* — heard that as cute as the Kitty is, the prices are going to be high for this miserable economy (WWD)… also, the colors don’t really impress me. This seems like a lot of reaching with little grabbing…

    There was a great nail polish from Sephora.. called “Metro Chic”.. greyish and LE.

  10. DevilishDoll

    Meh, nothing really interests me in these pics. I wanna see the pigments and glitter liners.

  11. i want allllll the non MU items — none of the colors will really work for me, save for whatever that is in the little pot (TLC? dunno).

  12. The packaging is cute, some of the colours are interesting but that one quad looks a little boring…

  13. cloudburst

    The colours in that quad are a weird combination.

  14. sandra

    anyone know how much that brush holder is going to be??

  15. That purple gloss looks soo hot. I want it. :O

    • GretaluvsMAC

      Yes!!! I’m def loving that lipglass also!!! I’m getting excited for this when I really wasn’t in the begining!!!!!

  16. Lexi

    WAAAH I want that brush holder!

  17. Tanya

    I dont buy MAC polish but I am really glad to see that a LE polish is getting some love, usually they might have LE color but it doesnt have any logo or anything cool on it…glad to see that Hello Kitty changed that.

    At first look I thought the quad was a weird combo, but I have worn browns with blue before and it makes for a very nice look…I guess I just wasnt expecting HelloKitty to have a look like that.

    I agree with what others have said, the brush holder is sooooooooo freakn cute! Great idea, MAC!!

  18. Nicole

    The packiging is so childish, I will not buy this stuff.

  19. The models are gorgeous! Still waiting to be wowed bt the products.

  20. Neena

    Brush sets are 49.50 and I believe they come in the holder! They aren’t suppose to be stickers… Also there are 3 different collections sort of- some stuff will be exclusive online some exclusive at Nordstroms some exclusive at the pro stores and counters so yeah be ready to jet around. I work at mac so my information is somewhat accurate (I know what they tell me). The only stuff that’s going to be really expensive is the kitty couture line and I believe you can only get that at the pro stores and online. Everything else is regular mac prices! If you don’t like the quads get someone at mac to do your makeup with them and I am positive you will change your mind. You can do alot with the colors believe it or not!

  21. KyaLyn

    I heard they are doing pre-orders starting Wednesday. Does anyone know if this is true? Cause if they are…I so want that brush holder and the dazzleglasses!

    • GretaluvsMAC

      I just called my MAC store and they said that they won’t be doing a pre-sale until the first week in Feb. you may want to call your store and ask them. It may be different for your store.

  22. For someone who collects make up or is a cute kitty fan..the collection is seriously cool…but if u buy makeup for colors n search for color variety…this is not it…its more of “cute packaging” than “cool colors”….

  23. kat

    I just wish that they had a neutrla palette, cause I don’t use bright colours and can’t justify the cost if I won’t use the blue… too bad! But I like the blush/powder/whatever it is haha! and the brush holder looks super cute!

  24. I’m loving all of the stuff without makeup! I’ll probably pick up a few items if just for the packaging, but I’ve really got my eyes on the couture stuff! Crystals on a compact?! Gimme!

  25. Sharonda

    I love HK, I don’t know if I love this collection as I thought.I probably pick up something.

  26. Skyler

    I guess I’m the only one thinking “ick.” 😛 I LOVE black and pink together but I think they could have done a better job with the decals. They’re pretty boring. Not into Hello Kitty so I don’t plan on buying much. Although, I do like the palette in the above images (hate the Dolly one though, way too bright) and I’m very curious to find out if the glitter liners, pigments and glitters will be LE or not. Too much pink for my taste in this collection (thus far). I think I’ll be able to walk away with just a few things, thankfully. The couture prices are insane so I won’t even glance at that part of the collection, haha. Almost $30 with taxes for a Dazzleglass?! No, thanks. $90 for a face product? Oy. Must be nice to afford stuff like that but I certainly can’t. I glue on my own crystals. Hah.

    MAC should come out with more brush holders. They should have done one with Fafi. *shakes fist*

    This is the most non-make-up stuff MAC has ever come out with in a collection, no? I can’t believe how many accessories they are releasing. Wow.

    • KatoAto


      The whole concept is ug. Ridiculously so. Grey/pink/black swirls? The colors aren’t naturally terrible together but the way it was done lacks coherence. It seems like a conceptualization designed by someone or a whole team of someones who have no business in product design.

      I agree with you, girl. Hate it. Hate. it.

      • Skyler

        I know it’s supposed to appeal to a younger audience, but there is such a thing as being TOO simplistic. You’re right–it’s just a bunch of swirls or circles behind the Hello Kitty logo, and I don’t think that’s very creative. There’s also too much black, not enough going on. I just think they had so many options and didn’t make use of any creativity that could have been involved. I guess the non-HC fans will care more about this than the fans. 😛

    • They probably realized accessories is where the $$$ is. OK, I’m a little cynical.

  27. tiffany

    i felt so excited for the collection, but now i don’t even know. i guess the packaging is what seals the deal for me. normally i love mac packaging for things, but this doesn’t…i don’t know! hello kitty colors are red and white, she does like pink but her favorite color is red. i wish they had put that in somehow. i feel like they could have done a much better job. plus the colors in the palette look so dull, it looks so similar to previous quads and stuff. i feel like the imprinting on the nail polish looks pretty tacky, but hey, i can’t really complain until i see it all in person. however, knowing me i’ll manage to pick something up! just because, well it is “hello kitty” after all. (:

    • Claudia M.

      I was expecting red/white also. I’m not feeling the colors or the packaging and I hate the black HK, feels like a cheap knock off, plus what the hell am i gonna do with the damn plushie?
      My instinct is to get something, just because it is hk/mac, but I don’t think I will…

  28. jess

    I want to love this collection, but I feel so ‘meh’ about it. Sure, the brush holder is cute, but I own a ton of Hello Kitty items already. I want the makeup to be cute too – like Barbie Loves Mac was (cute packaging AND awesome colors). I feel like I may be really disappointed. I do like the model pictures, though…especially that blue eyeshadow. Maybe once I see it in person I’ll feel differently.

  29. Lena

    This is an over hyped collection. Maybe, if I were five years old, I would want it. But, the cat looks like the lining in my car. Weird!

  30. Manda

    I don’t know, I might be weird but I’m VERY excited about this! The pigment looks awesome and i love the palettes! And I think the packaging is super cute. PInk and black is a fave combo of mine. Anything with MAC on it is sophisticated to me, not childish. I think everything about this collection, how it has a couture version and a normal priced version… the packaging, the different colors across the board.. silver polish, gold dazzle glass, orange lip glass, blue and pink shadows.. such a great variety.. i think it all rocks :)

  31. omg!
    i got start saving, i love hello kitty!

  32. Andy

    I have to say that even though I adore HK, this collection doesn’t excite me at all. From what I see, a lot of the colors look the same as perm ones or things you can find in other brands =/

  33. Haley

    So cute! I’m excited :)
    Does anyone know if this will be available at counters? Like that are in DIllards or Macys? That’s the only one around my area so if anyone knows, let me know. :]

  34. Rebecca

    OH MY GOD, I have to get that brush holder. It actually comes with those 3 brushes??? Wow… I don’t dig the eyeshadows too much at all! I guess I’ll save my money there. I think I’ll pick up some lipglasses. And that nailpolish looks stellar!

  35. Jenny

    I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of any of this. I think I’ll just splurge on the brunette, blonde, redhead collection and skip Hello Kitty. Maybe I’ll get one gloss just for the packaging though.

  36. pia

    i might be buying that lipstick and lip/dazzleglass. the accessories? no. I’m sure there are better design and cheaper ones out there.

  37. Kellie

    OMG so excited. I can’t wait. Don’t know what I want yet, but this will for sure be the most money I’ve spent on a collection in a while.

  38. Shanel

    Can’t wait for the preview party! Im getting at least one of everything, & the brushset with the holder is a must though. Im definitely gonna nab that! Man ‘o man, Im ready togo!

  39. Ashley

    cute collection, not for me, but my younger sister might like the lipglass and the accessories.

  40. The pictures look lovely but not for me, even though I am a sucker for the packaging. I think this is a strictly Hello Kitty fans collection. The colours look so-so to me…

  41. claudine

    great collection cant wait to get my hands on it
    i love hello kitty

  42. Victoria Maria

    Hi Girls, you should come live in Denmark – we have Hello Kitty stuff EVERYWHERE….. but H&M has had Hello Kitty makeup ( poor quality ) for ages, so this collection just does nothing for me.

    There is one thing, and it’s the gray nailpolish.

    I’m waiting for the “hair colour” collection……and the new 214 brush, that I really do want very badly :-)


  43. Evelyn

    They took some ridiculously gorgeous photos, but that’s about it… the shots are good (models look smokin!) but that’s it.. If I had to buy, I’d just buy that kitty-face brush container and mirror. Sad to see M.A.C ruining their collection… GET ARTISTIC AGAIN!

  44. Manda

    I don’t know why I just keep coming back to these pics, I really cannot wait to see these in person..though I gotta say in MAC’s defense.. it’s gotta be hard now to NOT repeat colors.. they have so many already in the permanent collection.. it’s probably impossible to pump out brand new like nothing before colors ya know? I think the variety of colors here are good :) something for everyone, whether you like neutral or brights.. I wish someone would post a good shot of the pigments :)

    • It’s true! I can see why it’d be harder to come up with creative colors, but at the same time, it does seem like they’re repeating the same colors within a month or two, you know? That’s annoying!

  45. Manda

    yeah, you’re definitely right :) I would love for them to bring back the colors from the C SHOCK collection from last year.. so I was happy with ROMPING’s return haha but definitely need to repeat older shades not ones that were just released!

  46. mariale

    hello!!! cuando sale esta coleccion??? asi como soy fanatica de mac soy superfanatica de hello kitty!!! yo quiero toda esta coleccion!!!!!

  47. cloudburst

    I may not be a little kid anymore but I love that brushholder and the purple gloss!

  48. Boom-boom

    This is soooo sexy!! I think i’m going 2 go shopping for this stuff.

  49. emma

    I’m so not interested in this collection…the packaging is so kiddish. And the colors aren’t impressing me at all. I’ll pass…

  50. Pamela

    Are the hello kitty brushes going to be full sized?

  51. i love hello kitty it is so so good i am going to start safing my money so i can bye it all lol

  52. Sunchyne

    I agree it the line does look a lil boring. But I DO love the idea and the promo pics!

  53. jas

    do you know what brushes are included in the brush set?

  54. I have seen it all live people save your money its all amazing!!!!

  55. PusaCat

    I LOVE the set! However, I am disappointed by the lack of Asian models promoting this set.

  56. Jaimee

    I went to the mall today and got the lipglasses, two of each to last a long time, in Mimi and She Loves Candy , the blush in fun and games, and on Feb. 11th I ordered from Mac online the brush holder, soft vanity case $55, the keychain, and the beaded bracelet.. Too excited, spent about $300.

  57. Silly Gee

    Does anyone know the price for the complete set!?