Friday, January 16th, 2009

There is no doubt MAC’s Hello Kitty line has stirred up some feelings in many of you–for good or bad. I have a few Hello Kitty-related things to share with you, so I thought this quick post would be a good place to do so.

Why is Hello Kitty not white and pink?

I was chatting with a local artist from my MAC freestanding store, and she mentioned how many of the spring fashion trends were a bit on the fetish side, which she felt really help explain the way MAC interpreted Hello Kitty into a collection.  Others think it’s more about MAC taking its traditional black packaging and melding it with the figure of Hello Kitty (and thus, not the colors per se).  But I think the fetish-fashion-kitty idea has merit; the promo images certainly seem to fit the bill.

How much is the brush holder?  Does it come with the brushes?

The brush holder comes with three brushes, and the U.S. price is $49.50.  Each brush is black handled and says “Hello Kitty” on it.  When there have been special launches featuring brushes like these, they are usually just as good quality, but shorter handled.  I have not tested these out, so I truly couldn’t tell you one way or the other.  I can say that $49.50 was the going price for this past holiday’s brush sets, so this set does not seem priced so far out of the expected realm.

How can I go to a special MAC Hello Kitty event?

Many key locations are having both Hello Kitty events as well as unveilings.  An unveiling occurs in advance of the national release date, while an event often happens the following weekend or week after the launch date.  As far as I know, it looks like February 3rd is the unveiling date around the country.  Some people will receive actual invites in the mail, while others may be invited when they’re in-store.  You can always call up your local store(s) and ask to attend.  I definitely recommend giving it a shot, because you have nothing to lose by trying.

Are you going to an unveiling event?

Yes, I will be attending MAC at Valley Fair’s unveiling event on February 3rd.  If you think you may be there, let me know!  I’d love to meet you. :)  Or if you see me there, be sure to say hi!  Otherwise, I’ll be in and out like the swatchin’ fiend I am, LOL.

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63 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Murmurings & Thoughts

  1. Kristin

    So how do you get an invite to an unveiling event?? I called two of my local stores – a pro store and one in Nordstroms. Nordstroms said they were not having an unveiling but are having an event the weekend after release, so valentines weekend. The Pro store said yes but it was invite only and hung up on me! Ouch…so I was just curious since you’ve got all the good dish. Attending the unveiling for HK would have been pure happiness for me, I’m so excited for this collection…so maybe next time around, right? :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Christine, I just RSVP’d for the Valley Fair event! I had no idea one of my favorite bloggers was local! :) I’ll definitely keep my eye out for you and will make sure to say hi if I do…

    • Ohh, awesome! :) I’ll probably be going as soon as it starts. Any idea when you’ll be going?

      BTW, I’m a total Starbucks fan too 😀

      • Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m so honored 😉

        They told me they would call to confirm when it got closer about times but otherwise, I plan to get there right when it starts as well (if not a little earlier). It’ll be my first MAC preview party so I’m very excited.

        • I believe it’ll start around 7pm. I’ve been several, and they all have started at that time thus far! 😀

          There’s usually a line, too! Only so many allowed in the store at once, ha!

  3. Sara

    this might be a dumb question…what exactly are the 3 brushes in the brush holder? LOL i mean one seems to be a 187…so whatre the other two? i usually stick to my loew cornell brushes so i’m not quite so well versed in the mac ones

  4. Munazzah

    heyyy i’m going to Valley fair toooo…i’ll look for ya 😀 !!

  5. cloudburst

    Are unveilings only at PRO stores?

    • Nope, not at all! I thought they were confined to MAC freestanding stores only, but someone said they’ve gone to unveilings at counters, too 😀

  6. Shanel

    Im going to unveiling (:

  7. Shanel

    question though,

    Are your garunteed to get everything you want?
    this is my first unveiling party that’s why.

    • Nope, you’re not! They should have everything in stock, but they could sell out if you arrive late. I always come when it starts, so I’m not sure how likely it is to sell out, but I do believe at Fafi some stuff *did* sell out.

  8. I’m so excited to be going to the unveiling nearest me! I’m going to be going to the freestanding store at the Topanga Mall =)

    • Awesome! 😀 I think I may have been there once, if it’s the one in southern California!

      • Yea, it is! It’s the closest to me yet it’s still about 30 minutes away! I am too excited I can’t even contain it. Are you planning on splurging on everything like I am? lol

        • LOL, I don’t know how much I’m going to buy, but we’ll see. I can always justify it saying it’s “for the blog.” ;P

          • you’re so cool like that!
            another q……… you know if items can be returned afterward? because i know that the events are said to be packed and i wanna just go in and get them and test them out at my house….then if i don’t like it i will return it….

            • I know in the U.S., you are pretty much always allowed to return cosmetics as long as it is within the # of days of MAC’s policy and you have the receipt!

  9. you’re so awesome christine, thanks for all the info!

  10. cloudburst

    Hmmm, I know someone who works at a freestanding store – I think I will ask her to try & get me on the unveiling guest list. I hope I get invited, it sounds really fun!

  11. Jessica

    aw i was hoping that brush set was cheaper :(

  12. Satine

    I dropped some mad money at MAC in the past month and I got the invite for Feb 3rd in Ottawa, Canada…never got one before and my file isnt new. Must be based on some financial criteria on occasion!

  13. Gigi

    Wait – so is the quality of the brushes in this collection going to be the same as the special edition (i.e. Holiday brush sets) or the regular, fullsize brushes?

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the middle brush is not the 109 but the 129 brush. Sucks. :(

    • I’m not sure. In the past, brushes that have come out with collections that AREN’T holiday/Nordstrom’s anniversary sets are the same quality as regular brushes, but the handles are shorter.

  14. knzay

    no freaking way! Valley Fair in San jose? next to santana row?
    im going there too. weirdness

  15. Tanya

    Sorry Christine but I wont be making it down to your mall this time :( We have plans the next day in our area so I will be attending the party in Sacramento instead!! I am soooo excited to for the party, but am bummed I dont get to hang with you again this year.

  16. LocaLoli

    I am signed up for the event my nearest freestanding store is haveing on the 12th but now I want to go to an unveiling as well. Can anybody tell me what the differance is? please. Thank you.

    • I think the only difference is that at the unveiling it’s a reservation thing and the events are just open to everyone since it is the actual day the products come out. At the unveiling the people who RSVP for it get a chance to purchase before anybody else…….but that’s just from what I know.

    • Unveiling is before the national, February 12th launch, that’s all :)

  17. Sorry if this has been asked before, but do you know if you can get the Pro discount on this collection?

  18. shaun

    I just rsvp’d for the unveiling of the hello kitty launch at the glendale galleria! Yay! This is my first!

  19. Zandra

    I called my local MAC store and did what you stated in the first comment on here. at first the girl was like “well its invite only so im sorry,unless you got something in the mail there isnt much i can do.”, i was like yeah i know i recieved an invite but my dumb husband threw it away. thats how i knew i had to rsvp. she was like “oh ok… what is your name. will you be bringing a guest?”

    thanks for the

    i really dislike my MAC store. The MAs are very snobby:( i prefer the counters but i called them and they werent having anything. but yay!! im going in for my invitation tomorrow jan 19th. :)

  20. Haydee

    Here Kitty Kitty…….All this excitement for Hello Kitty. I will admit has made me a lil somewhat curious lol. Make sure to take lots of photos if you can Christine. Remember sharing is caring HA I dont have to worry you always share :)

  21. Erica

    does anyone know of an event in san diego?

  22. Jibby

    This might be a dumb question but how do you make it so you get these invitations in the mail? Do you have to be a pro member? =S Im so confused =(

    • No, anyone can come. You just need to receive an invite (which is random, there’s no 100% way to get them) or ask someone at MAC, “Hey, do you have any upcoming events?”

      • Kristina

        I have a friend that lived in VA and recently moved back to the bay area (san jose) she had an invite to the MAC store back home, do you know how she would go about getting an invite to the Hello Kitty unvielling here?

  23. bella

    When you buy stuff they usually ask for your address. For the unveiling, they randomly choose a guest list of those who can attend and they mail an invite which is good for yourself and a friend. HTH!