Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Today is GET YOUR KITTY ON! day!

For those lucky enough to attend, MAC stores and counters around the country are having very special unveiling parties this evening. I’ll be heading to my local store’s unveiling party tonight, which starts at 7PM, but you know me — planning to be there early so I can be first in line (OK, my ambition is to be first group in the door, not necessarily *first* in line!). I figure I’ll pop by the mall around 6PM so I can check out Nordie’s and return a few items at Sephora.

According to the lovely MA I spoke to last night, they fully expect to sell out tonight for many items, AND they are showin’ off Kitty Kouture! Based on this poll, you can expect Temptalia to bring you all of the swatches, lip swatches, and product photos you can handle. (But I’ll be passing on the accessories’ line, sorry all, that’s just a lil’ too much for Temptalia’s budget!) Told ya your feedback matters!! :) I had to call yesterday to make sure they weren’t going to restrict spending (I believe some stores have a $500 limit, LOL), so I can fully lavish in my Hello Kitty Haulin’.

Anyway, the point of this post is for YOU to tell me about what you would haul from Hello Kitty if you had $250 to spend on anything your heart desired from Hello Kitty (including Kitty Kouture, don’t think I don’t know how clever y’all are!). Then, tell me what you’re actually planning to haul, whether your budget is $0 or $1,500! Let’s talk Hello Kitty today and embrace the collaboration between MAC and an icon.

And finally? Tell me what you’re looking to dupe. Ask me if _____ is a dupe for ________. I’ll do my best to figure it out and get you an answer before the collection releases nationally on the 12th.

Are you behind on your Kitty?

Collection Details
Promo Photos
Official Product Photos
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Clearing Up Confusion on Brush Set and “Fetish” Kitty (?!)
Kitty Kouture (Info & Photos)

(And if you’re ever feeling lost in the vastness that is MAC Collections, visit our roundup page.)

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148 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Madness – Get Your Kitty On!

  1. Jessie

    I’m trying to limit my spending, but I’ve already put three lipsticks, three lipglasses and both eyeshadow pallets on hold. Haha. I just love Hello Kitty so it’s hard! My plan is to not spend over $250 and that’s only because I saved one of my giftcards from Christmas in preparation for this!

  2. Daria

    Hi Christine!! Love this site! It’s really impressive!!

    I would definitely purchase the Tippy Blush and the Pretty Tom eye palette, and maybe the pink glitter liner and thats about it, so my budget is somewhat reasonable:) I was wondering if you thought the Pretty Tom eye palette is a dupe ( or just not practical) for Fafi eyes 2.

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Sara

    i want to know which is a better lavender lipstick- fashion mews or lavender whip from cremesheen. ty!

  4. victoria

    i just want swatches, oh pls, oh pls. i want to know if the beautypowders are worth getting, do they have shimmer? and the lipsticks, too. sooo excited, can’t wait for your review, thanks.

  5. Angie

    I would deff. haul the two palletes and all the lipsticks. I’m loving all the pinks lol! OH and the brush setttt. It looks so cute :] My boyfriend is getting me some stuff I asked for, so he might spend around $230? I’m hoping theres a dupe for Fashion Mews l/s, Fresh Brew l/s, and maybe a dupe for She Loves Candy l/g, cause i’m gonna be missing out on those :[

  6. DevilishDoll

    If I had $250, I would get:

    Big Bow Lipstick
    Fashion Mews Lipstick
    Strayin Lipstick
    Sweet Strawberry Lipglass
    Nice To Be Nice Lipglass
    Nice Kitty Lipglass
    She Loves Candy Lipglass
    Fast Friends Lipglass
    Too Dolly Palette
    Kitty Power Glitter Eyeliner
    Milk Pigment
    Something About Pink Nailpolish
    Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass
    Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass

    What I’m actually getting is:

    Fashion Mews Lipstick
    Strayin Lipstick
    Nice Kitty Lipglass
    Fast Friends Lipglass
    Too Dolly Palette
    Kitty Power Glitter Eyeliner
    Milk Pigment

    • Awesome dream and real hauls! :) I forgot ALL about the new pigment!

      • DevilishDoll

        It’s one of the items that I am the most excited about. I have some combos picked out for it already. And of course the Kitty Power glitter eyeliner I am quite excited about. I would get every pink MAC item ever if I could afford it.

        • Awesome! You gotta share the combos, you know 😉

          • DevilishDoll

            I’m thinking of using it as a base up to my brow bone with a bit of Sunset B blended on the lid and Romping in the crease. I also think it will look really pretty with some purples like Lotusland, Parfait Amour, etc. I could probably come up with a million combos, I’ve been wanting to try something blue and pink too. For Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna wear Milk with Sunset B on my eyes, maybe Kitty Power glitter eyeliner, then Pomposity lipstick with Snowscene lipglass.

          • DevilishDoll

            =) I love makeup, I drive everybody crazy with this stuff. But I went to school for Cosmetology and I really wanna be a makeup artist, so it’s a big part of my life.

          • DevilishDoll

            Not too good so far, I need to do a lot of other stuff first. It would be awesome if someday I could work for MAC or something though. I have no idea what that job would require. But it’s definitely something I wanna figure out and try for someday.

            • To be a MAC artist, you actually don’t need formal training. It’s mostly about being hired at the retail level and working your way up through the chain from what I’ve heard!

          • DevilishDoll

            Cool. They don’t actually have any MAC stores around here, but they do have a Macy’s and Nordstrom that are like right beside each other. When I go to get my Hello Kitty stuff, I’ll ask them about it. BTW, do you have to call in your order for HK, or can you just walk in and buy stuff?

            • Definitely ask! Long time ago, I dropped off a resume and got a call back a few weeks later — sometimes if they’re not hiring, if you leave a resume, they’ll refer to it when they are hiring.

              I can’t get anything until I show up tonight, no putting things aside for us!

  7. I will buy .. ehm..

    One palette ( not sure ),
    1-2 glitter liners ( gold&black ),
    2 lipsticks ( even maybe 3 cuz I need swatches, probably the berry shade and cute ster ) ,

    I decided to not buy pink blush cuz Grand Duos looks better ( and I need to save money for the summer collection ).

    The both lavenders from CremeSheen and HK looks similar.
    The both Bp’s looks like ( uhm, sorry, same as ) Heatherette’s.
    And BpB’s looks like Fafi’s. Especially pink one.

  8. Elisa

    Basically I’m looking for brush set, so I’m *really* interested about the quality of brushes, if is good or not so much (I skipped holiday sets because they did not look so good).

    I’m interested in a lipstick and a lipglass, because I need them and I’m loving this packaging. I’m waiting for swatches!!

    I’m interested in beauty powder too. Please God, no shimmer in them!!

    Maybe a blush too?
    I’m European, so I’ve a lot of time for thinking about.

  9. Dana

    I’m def getting Cute Ster L/S, Mimmy l/g, She loves Candy l/g, both TLC, On the Prowl polish, and the Brush Collection.

    I’m considering the Beauty Powder and the Blushes I just want to play with them first.

    Do you think that Tippy BPB is similar to the hot pink BPB(sweetness) released last March or maybe the pink Fafi blush?

  10. I’m going to the unveiling party too! I’m excited since I’ve never been to one before. I don’t plan to get more than the two palettes, the purple lipglass and the pigments. Thats about it.

  11. Julia

    What I am getting:

    Her Glitz and Girl Groove Glitter Liners
    Milk Pigment
    Nice Kitty Lipglass
    Big Bow Lipstick
    Tippy BPB
    And Pink Fish TLC

    If the brushes are nicer than the holiday sets, then I will get them, although I doubt they will be very good quality :/

    If I had $250, I would get what I’m getting, plus the eyeshadows and all the lipsticks.

  12. I’ve been torn on this for a long time. I’m getting my tax refund on the 10th, so perfect timing! here’s what i’m planning on getting:

    both TLC’s
    compact mirror
    1 of the couture glosses (dunno which one)
    maybe 1 lipstick
    the brush set
    the doll
    the tote bag

    and i think that’s it :) i’m more excited about the accessories

  13. Rebecca

    I really wish this had cute pastel or pink packaging. Only if a lipstick REALLY appeals to me.

    P.S. Creamteam and Well defined were already on sale yesterday in my local MAC Pro Store. Christine/Does anyone know if they are they allowed to release it early in stores sometimes?

    • Rebecca

      P.P.S. I am not sure if any of you have gotten to check out/purchased any Creamteam or the new foundation… I just have to say I am disappointed with the Creamteam glosses. I thought they would be more pigmented. Most are almost clear with a milky tinge (especially the lighter shades)! And I swatched them on my clean dry hand and within minutes they were bleeding (darker colors) or migrating all over (much like Plushglass). Also, I thought the Studio Sculpt was going to be more gel based in feeling and application, but to me it seems like any other medium finish MAC liquid foundation.

      Bummer, the only lipstick I *might* get is Crosswires. But it is a ever-so-slightly more sheer/glossy dupe for Coral Polyp so I might just wait to get the Spring collection lipsticks. Oh and you guys might notice some of the lipsticks are ‘gritty’ or different in texture compared with the last set of Creensheens; especially Lickable.

      Just my thoughts on my preview last night…

      • I’ve only played with two of the Cremeteam glosses, and I haven’t tried out the new foundation yet. The Cremesheen cremeglosses are definitely really sheer :/

        At least the Cremesheen lipsticks are permanent so there’s no rush :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Rebecca!

      PRO stores DO often put it out up to a week early :) They are allowed, they’re special like that, LOL.

  14. Liz

    I can’t wait until you post swatches!

  15. Oh no! Is it too late to still “pre-order”?

    I want the Most Popular lipstick
    Popster TLC
    On the prowl nail lacquer
    Tahitian Sand beauty powder and the mirrored key clip

    That’s all. :)

  16. Kat

    The colors in this collection are honestly not really my thing for the most part…but I loooove Hello Kitty, so I’m getting mostly the accessories which I think are too cute. What I’m planning to get is around $250 dollars…so my lists are one in the same!
    Most Popular and Cute Ster lipsticks, Mimmy lipglass, Kitty Kouture dazzleglass, pretty baby beauty powder, lucky tom eyeshadow x4 petite makeup bag, train case, brush set and, yes, the Hello Kitty plush (yeah, I’m a complete sucker).

    • LOL, hey, if you like HK, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge if you can afford it :) NO SHAME KAT!

    • Rebecca

      I agree!

      I totally bought all of Cult of Cherry last year based on the images and color ideas. I totally had to have everything!

      I just know HK will cause a riot and sell out fast at the MAC store below my office!

      • It’s going to be interesting to see how fast it sells out online.

        Anyone taking bets?!

        • Rebecca

          I hope not as fast as the Manish stuff! I barely got on my computer in the A.M. and it was mostly gone! (Christine, do you know if they had less stock of that collection since it was so limited store-wise as well?)

  17. vicki

    OMG DC SUCKS ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Sorry guys but why are we not having an unveiling party here? I spent so much money at the Georgetown MAC counter! UGH angry! However, I am excited to see the swatches! I cannot wait until you get back Christine! I’m super excited for you!

  18. Kristin

    I am so excited about tonight’s event!!
    My wish list currently contains:
    -On the Prowl Nail Lacquer
    -Fun & Games Blush
    -I would love to have both palettes (in reality, I can only probably get one, so I’m leaning towards Lucky Tom)
    -Both Tinted Lip Conditioners
    -Mimmy Lipglass and maybe 1 other
    -Cutster Lipstick
    -And I really, really want the Couture Compacts and a Dazzleglass when those come out…

    I think my brain will be on color overload this evening! I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself!! I knew I shouldn’t have paid off my credit card!!

  19. Hiya Christine, so sorry if you’ve answered this before but how do you get invited to MAC parties? Like what do you have to do?
    Thank-you =] x

    • There are a few things:

      1) Be friends with a MA
      2) Be known by your counter (aka you’re there a lot and/or spend a lot of money)
      3) Spend a lot of money (you may get an invite in the mail)
      4) Be sure your name is in their system
      5) Just ask if they have any upcoming events :)

      I usually do #5, but they all know me as “that girl who writes Temptalia” LOL.

  20. jenn

    Can’t wait for your reviews & SWATCHES, lol!!! I think Big Bow is going to be Fun N’ Sexy’s twin sister. I also want to know which to buy…Lavender Whip or Fashion Mews(I heard Fashion Mews is a glaze & am really bummed about it) I’d like to kow if Strayin l/s has any dupes. Have fun!

  21. Hahaha in CAD 250 is what I’m actually planning to get.
    Big Bow, Strayin’, Most Popular, Nicce Kitty, She loves candy, Mimmy, Sweet strawberry, fast friends, lucky tom, too dolly, tippy, milk and the lashes.

  22. Lingping

    This collection looks so awesome! I am planning to spend most of my beauty budget for spring on this, but as I’ll be buying everything over the net I am eagerly awaiting swatches to know what to order :)

    I want the brush set, Big Bow lipstick (and maybe one more), the white and the gray nail polish, one of the pinkish glosses and maybe a berry one, Kitty Power liner, Tippy blush, one of the lip conditioners, the lashes, and possibly an eyeshadow quad (not so sure on these, though – looking forwards to swatches!)

    I was about to say “a pigment if there is money left over”, but I can kinda tell that there won’t be :)

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, Christine! Love your blog :)

  23. KaylaK

    Yay for giftcards!!! I plan on getting the Mystery Powder and both dazzleglasses from Nordies and my giftcard will knock off $50 of that. And I have $100 giftcard to Macy’s that will cover my other stuff. I’m getting both lip conditioners, possibly both beauty powders and blushes. And I’m still debating on the brush set, but I may substitute for a lipstick and gloss.

  24. Marie

    I am sooo glad that you will be there reporting for us!!! I hope you are at the front of the line tonight because I have a feeling the paws will come out!! LOL

  25. Milan

    I think I’m going to be spending about $250. Headed to my local MAC store for the unveiling tonight. I plan to get…

    Both e/s palettes
    Fashion Mews l/s
    Fast Friend l/g
    *tinted lip conditioner
    *beauty powder (1)
    that greenish blue piggie
    the brush set (for the Hello Kitty brush holder)


    Err I think that’s it. I hope that’s it.

  26. Milan

    Oh I’m adding Milk piggie and the small makeup bag to my list…lol!

  27. Manda

    I unfortunately ran into some unfortunate incident with my new puppy and had to spend 450 on medical bills this past weekend so I’ve dwindled my list down :( But if I had 250 to spend, it would be on…

    -the milk pigment!!!
    -BOTH eyeshadow palettes!!
    -a lip conditioner
    -fashion mews lipstick
    – the silver nail lacquer
    – and the cute keychain clip :)

    now ill prob just get a pigment, one of the palettes and maybe a lip conditioner if i sell some things on ebay first!

    have fun, christine! its gonna be awesome!!!

  28. I definitely plan to get both e/s palettes and the brush set although, I’m sure I will get sucked into buying more when I’m there.

    P.S. I’ll be at Valley Fair tonight as well! Hope it’s not too crazy :)

  29. Note: Canadian Dollar

    1 Beauty powder – $32
    2 Blushes – $44
    1 lipstick – $33
    1 lipglass – $33
    1 eyeshadow palette – $48
    Brush collection – $58

    So I’ll probably spend around $250 with taxes. That’s not bad because I won’t be getting them all at the same time. I bet some of them will even be out of stock when I get there. =(

    But knowing me, I’ll probably go over budget.

  30. bklyn

    Christine – can you please let me know if you think there are dupes for Fun’n’Games blush? I love BPBs but am on the fence about whether to get this one. Thanks!

  31. Please compare Strawberry blonde vs. Sweet Strawberry lipglasses, and Hipness vs. Fun n Games blushes please 😀

    I really can’t wait to see your swatches!!

  32. charlene

    yeah girl can’t wait to see what u’ll come back with!! :) have funnn

    • All the makeup portion 😛 I already know that, haha! It’s probably more a matter of what I’ll keep vs. what I’ll give to friends & family after swatching and photos!

  33. Alannah

    Are you kidding me, they’re going to sell out of stuff already tonight? Wow, that sucks. :(

  34. For me, it’s really up in the air what I’m going to get. I want to convince the MAs to let me see/sell me the Cremeteam stuff while I’m there!

  35. Crystal

    Could you please swatch the beauty powders???
    Let me know if they’re worth it! I sent you an e-mail earlier actually asking if I should get the beauty powder in Tahitian Sand.
    Please swatch it and tell me if it’s shimmery or matte. Will it give me a glow? (with no shimmer)

  36. Tamara

    If you could swatch the following I would be so happy:
    blushes, and
    beauty powders
    I can live without the eyeshadows since dupes can always be found for them, and I never buy Mac’s nail polishes–$11.00 is too steep for me

  37. Amanda

    We still haven’t even got BBR or the other releases in Australia yet. Seriously, I think my beauty addiction is dying in the arse with all this waiting (and spending triple the price).

    I just don’t care anymore. Have fun girls.

  38. Shanel

    yep i’m gettin mines tonight.
    I totaled mines up, about $370.
    can’t wait.

  39. Shanel

    yep i’m gettin mines tonight.
    I totaled mines up, about $370.
    can’t wait.

  40. Andrea

    hey I was wondering how Fashion Mews compares to Fun Fun? Thanks!

  41. Jenn

    It was crazy at the unveiling party I went to. It was a small store and there was hardly any room to move, but I was proud I stayed within a $250 budget between Hello Kitty and Cremeteam.

  42. Michelle

    I jus got back from the event. It was fun n so packed. A few drinks n makeup makes for a great night lol…. i spent less than i thought i would, $170.

  43. Jenny

    My event was super fun. It was at the Mall of America which is a tiny MAC store but it was super packed! As in I waited 30 minutes to get in. I got the tinted lip conditioner in Popster. Actually, I got the second to last one left and I checked out at like 8 pm. I wanted to get both lip conditioners but my store had only gotten Popster in. I’m thinking I’ll go back and get the brush set…

    • wow…some one from minneapolis….:) the MUA are nice there…at MOA…i missed the party..:(

    • LOL, I’ve never been to an empty unveiling party ;P They’re always ridiculously packed!!

      OMG, this makes me so glad that I gave them my list as soon as I walked in the door! I had my stuff and paid by 7:20pm!

  44. maryda

    I actually got my H Kitty this afternoon at San Fran MAC Pro store. I wasn’t impressed much, they are so so, personally. I was going to get the gloss, but then they’re more sheer type of gloss with added mild glitters. The most pigmented one is the one looks like neon fuschia. The beauty powder is very soft and sheer, almost transparent with a hint of color. Reminds of Benefit Georgia and the pink one. One of the lipstick is quite nice, the peach shade from Nice Kitty. I haven’t pick up my items, yet, maybe tomorrow. I was lazy to drop by the store event. After all, they’re okay. I’m more excited to see Creamteam collection :)

  45. maryda

    Thank goodness, I went there like 4pm and the lady let me buy the H Kitty collection before the event starts. But, I can only pick them up after 7pm. :) No need stand in lines nor bump into crowd of ppl. yay.

  46. maryda

    I do recommend Fun and Games blush, they’re almost the same like Shu Uemura OR 55 blush. Nice orange fine shimmery tone, corally. The light frosty purple lipstick is not bad, but looks like it can turns out diff on lips (common thing in MAC) which I don’t like. The beauty powder doesn’t have shimmer, but it has a hint of glow, super transparent sheer, tho. I think fair/light skin works the best.

  47. Alex

    Hi! My question: is Milk a dupe of Helium pigment? Thx!

  48. Deidre

    Hi, I am just reading comments well, I did go to the South Beach party last night & it was AWESOME…..

    I spent $400. I bought two of the brushes one for me & my daughter…They are to die for & the sold out quick…The container is acrylic….

    I bought two bracelets as well..Not a must but cute…

    The mirror is a must super cute!!!!!

    The make up bag(35) sold out quick too..

    The too dolly eye palette is niceeee….Love This!!

    I bought both beauty poweders no shimmers tahitian sand & pretty baby.

    Lipstick big bow is nice…

    Lip Glasses-Nice Kitty (I love bought 3), She Loves Candy, Fast Friends (bought 2), Nice To Be Nice

    Oh, the blushes sold out and the party started at 7:00 and I was there at the counter to pay at 7:30 so go figure…..

  49. margot

    argh with 250$ I’d get … Cute Ster, Big Bow and Most Popular l/s, Nice Kitty, She Loves Candy and Fast Friends l/g and … how much is all that XD and probably Too Dolly and the pink nail polish and Girl Groove glitter liner !! And both the pigments LOL

    in real life, I have to wait a month before getting it so … but I’ll get one l/s, one l/g, one glitter liner and the pink polish 😀 unfortunately I’m broke, so I won’t be able to buy anything else XD

  50. Annie

    The unveiling party I’m going to is on Sunday. :( But they expect to be sold out as well, so they are letting attendees reserve their makeup selections until the actual release date. Thank goodness! I don’t want to miss out!

  51. sionaid

    Hi –

    I went to the launch party at the S.F pro shop on Union Street; what fun! I got the brush set, Too Dolly eye shadow set,
    plushlash, very pink glitter, kitty power – girl groove – glitterpuss liners, something about pink nail laquer, and the pink beauty powder. They were sold out of the half lashes, and Big Bow lipstick. Guess I’ll have to get those at Nordstom :)

  52. Jessica

    If i had $250 i’d get the brush set, fun&games blush, popster tlc, lucky tom palette, her glitz and kitty power glitter eyeliners, the false lashes, most popular lipstick, petite makeup bag..not sure if that covers it haha

    but in real life.. id get the fun&games blush, and thinkin bout the lucky tom palette, and maybe popster tlc. i kind of want the brush set too ):

  53. Deidre

    Just found out tonight that the Nordstrom store in my city is taking Pre-orders and will charge it to your credit card on the morning of the 12th. So, if you are near a Nordstrom just call with your list of Hello Kitty items you want & they will take the order over the phone.

  54. Heey,
    do you have a dupe for the two lip conditioners, she loves candy, mimmy, cute ster, and fast friends?
    sorry there’s alot..

    sent from: fav.or.it [FID5301747]

    • I don’t have dupes for the first three. Mimmy doesn’t have a great dupe in the permanent line, but it’s like Moonbathe lipglass from a past collection. Cute Ster is just mostly shimmer on me, so any shimmery lipstick dupes it for me personally! Same with Fast Friends – mostly shimmer. One of the more fuchsia/purple dazzleglasses would work in its place!

  55. oh! i got 5 lipglasses…the only one i didn’t get was sweet strawberry, i got cute ster and hopefully big bow, pink fish and again, hopefully popster.

    sent from: fav.or.it [FID5301765]