Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash with Gordon Espinet

AHHH! I love MAC’s videos. They’re so creative and pretty and yeah. Short and sweet. Still gotta get my hands on Haute & Naughty and see if it’s worth $18. I love me some MAC mascara, so here’s hoping!

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35 thoughts on “MAC Haute & Naughty Lash with Gordon Espinet

  1. Rawrzellers

    MAC confuses me so much sometimes, so it Haute and Naughty out now?

    • It’s available online @ Nordstrom!

    • Milessa

      Its on the MAC website as well. I’m still a bit confused as to how it works, but will definitely check it out. I love the Plush Lash and I have a zoom lash to try. Looks like this shall be on my list!

  2. Sarah

    Ahh i love both the looks and want the mascaras. Did they use two? $18 for a mascare though :( I’ll wait for your review :)

    • They used the subtler mascara on the first, the more dramatic on the last. (To be honest, they looked the same to me, but it’s moving pretty fast.)

      Guess I’ll be ordering it online! Hmm, need to hit $50 to qualify for free shipping…

  3. Ashley Avocado

    I’ve never tried a MAC mascara before but this really makes me want to! I’ve always thought about Plushlash, then I thought about Opulash, maybe this time I’ll actually get around to trying some…

  4. Love it. I am always on the hunt for the ultimate mascara. I need length and volume. This one looks like a winner.

  5. This is something I am deffinatly going to purchase…Love the pink and purple sparkly packaging!!!

  6. Meagan

    So what I’ve gathered from this is that it seems like the mascara is from the same tube and the only thing that changed was the size of the opening? Like the purple one is a smaller opening and the glittery pink one is larger, allowing more product on the applicator?

  7. Milessa

    He’s hilarious! He sounds Trini. I need him to do my makeup, it’ll be a ball

  8. Julie

    OK, This video got me! I neeeed this mascara!! It’ll be my first MAC mascara! :)

  9. Andrea

    Aaahhh! I’m so curious! I wanna try it! (But I’ve already stocked up on mascara for the next little while) :(

  10. civa

    Love both looks but MAC mascaras don’t work for me!

  11. mac collections makes me think moving to the US. :) hahaha! :)

  12. Princess Lolli

    It looks fab on the model, but I’m always wary of promo pics and videos for mascara. They almost always apply the stuff over faux lashes, which makes customers promises that the product can’t deliver. :(

  13. Laura

    Damnit this video sold me on it both because I adore the looks he did, regardless of the mascara, and because the bottle is so freaking adorable.

  14. I don’t use the wands that come with mascara… So for me it’d be all about the formula. Hmm :/

    I LOVE that second look in the video though! I’m always digging a dark, bold lower lid instead of an upper one. I just think it looks edgy and fun! If I go out with makeup on myself – I’ll usually JUST do my lower lid and leave my top lid bare – It looks punk :)

  15. Sinead

    i don’t understand how yhuu can get 2 looks out of the 1 mascara….
    can somebody explain :)

    • Jess

      I think all they do is change the size of the opening to control how much product goes in and out.

  16. Scientific Housewife

    Can’t wait to see your review, this really intrigues me!

  17. sofia

    WOW! just… WOW!!!

  18. Azaza

    Hmmmm that seems interesting but I dont know how they can have two openings in one mascara

  19. happy

    I love MAC mascaras. Opulash is my HG. fave fave fave. I have incredibly oily lids and opulash stays on with out smudding at all! nothing. on all day. I have two tubes will be getting more back ups soon. The price is good for it too especially after a pro disc.
    Dont think I will be trying haute and naughty. Although love the idea of the applicator

  20. Dianna

    Christine, you have to attemtpt both looks! please.

  21. Jennifer

    I’m not in the need of a new mascara as I have three brand new ones I’m happy with…

    It seems like a gimmick? I mean I don’t know how much of a difference it could make, other than detensify or intensify the color of black on the lashes.

    He did use two different eyeshadow looks and colors which can make a real difference on how it pops or not. Would be interesting to see both ways on one eye shadow look. Then you can see the difference more truthfully imo.

    I want it, but I dunno.

  22. Love it, I’d buy it! But I know it’s gonna be expensive to buy it in Sweden >.> And Nordstrom doesn’t seem to ship MAC stuff to Sweden :'(
    But august 25th there will be a famous Swedish web shop that sells MAC ohohohohohoh! 😀

  23. Naz

    Just watched the video on, and I’m confused. The video they have up looks like a magic trick. Is there only one wand? One wand picking up less or more mascara??

  24. Xtina

    This video was disappointing. I didn’t like how there were random images thrown into the video; I wanted to focus on what he was doing. Furthermore, I feel like they didn’t offer any good shots of the actual product in use. They should have done a side by side comparison of the ‘natural’ and ‘dramatic’ lashes.

  25. Kristie Q.

    from what I understand its basically one opening for less actual product on the wand so you can achieve a more “au naturel” look and then the second opening is bigger allowing for more product on the wand?? (this is what i assume) if so, its totally gimmick-y and (sorry M.A.C. i still love you for other products) I am so far from going anywhere near this mascara for $18, its insulting! haha

    if i want my lashes to be more clumpy/mascara filled I will put the wand back in my mascara tube and do a second coat like a normal person.

    I’m sounding kind of rude…I’m sorry! but come on, this is like mascara douche-baggery. to me at least.

    the video was nice though, great make up looks haha

  26. Ruby

    I love this! :)