Sunday, May 24th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics’ Graphic Garden Collection launches in July at Nordstrom’s. It is a fairly large collection featuring palettes, brush sets, and the like. Here are some images :)


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145 thoughts on “MAC Graphic Garden Sneak Peek Images

  1. Ann


  2. Tasha Sari

    Omg! So pretty!
    But I bet it’ll cost a bomb here in Singapore );

  3. Vix

    Damn this stupid country and it’s complete lack of Nordstrom’s =[

    • felicia

      well if ur canadian, then they are being released at the bay so dunt worry :), if not then sorry

      • Andrea


      • Evelyn

        is it?! thats amazing!
        does that mean the palette from rose romance will be available at the bay too??

      • Vix

        I *am* Canadian actually… lol but I live in England so I don’t think they’re coming here at all =[[

        • BabyDollB

          I live in England too and I can guarantee we won’t get the collection over here! :( Ggrr I really like the pallets too..

          America is SOOOOO lucky they get all the best MAC things. We don’t even have a free standing store where I live, jst 2 in dept stores!!

          • MC

            I’m pretty sure you could order them on I may be wrong, but check it out!

          • Vix

            I know, it totally sucks doesn’t it? All the best stuff comes out over there but not here. Damn you, England!

            If I trusted my family, I’d send them money and get them to buy the things I want from The Bay and just pick it up when I go visit them in Canada in September but… chances are high I’d never see the makeup or the money again haha.

            Heartbroken, those eyeshadow palettes look amazing! And I’m in LUST with the packaging.

          • Vix

            ALSO I completely sympathize. There’s no freestanding store in the city where I live either, just one counter in a Debenham’s. =[

          • Amber

            I am jealous that you guys have ILLAMASQUA!!! The currency exchange is going to kill me when I order from them!

          • Tattoo Girl

            Some of this stuff is on EBAY now. The palettes, lip sets and brush sets!

      • M.

        i work at the bay !!! im so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cx

    Nice palettes! LOL @ Vix

  5. felicia

    the brushes look real small, anyone have an idea what’s their actual size?

    • Shanel

      they’re special edition size brushes! therefore, they have short handles & also made in the factory for the masses. NOT handmade like the longer handle original mac brushes! the factory made brushes feel real different then the full sized handmade ones! you might find some mac se’s to feel really fake & won’t give the same finish as the handmade ones :[

      • MACLOVE1

        woot! :) thats good news to me .i can pass on those bruses and get some more mac lol :) thanks for the info .

      • laurie&laurie

        whew! i was so worried, that i would not be able to get those super cheap brush sets while all you people with nordstroms get it πŸ˜€

    • juligirl

      They are full size brushes with just smaller handles.

      • Natalie

        No, the brushes are not the full size ones with short handles. As Shanel above said, you don’t get the same quality as the full size ones.

        • juligirl

          Have you felt them or compared to the origonal sizes? There is little difference besides the handles.

          • I haven’t felt these particular brushes myself yet, but in general, brush sets like these are considered special edition brushes. They’re man made as opposed to hand made (like the full-sized versions), so they’re not as soft, have a bit of variation, and may shed more. They’re good for the price (though I do feel they’ve gone downhill a bit in the past two years), but I don’t feel that they’re the same as full sized brushes at all. I have bought full sized brushes of all of the brush set brushes I have.

  6. Roxanne

    It seems MAC comes out with a different collection every week! (apparently not here, though)

  7. This looks beautiful. I want them!

  8. second palette looks pretty okay.

    can’t decide if i wanna skip or not.

    eh..nothing is really striking my fancy. -_-

  9. Oh wow! I want the brush set in the darker case!

  10. Nunu

    OMG…I hope my birthday genie brings me EVERYTHING from this collection

  11. wendy

    ohhhhhhh! They are wonderful!!

  12. Alannah

    These are SO for me! How exciting!

  13. Kelsey

    duuurn. i just wanted to see the look boxes, that’s what i’m interested in. πŸ˜€

  14. K

    So pretty!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Anitacska

    Ah, these are lovely! Anyone know if they’re going to be available in the UK at all? Anyone willing to CP them? πŸ˜‰

  16. sandra

    I want to know what colors are in the lip sets!!

  17. Nicole

    *sigh* i thought of it much differently.
    idk if i want this now.

  18. Brenda

    This is the one i’ve been waiting for!! and yay for the Bay!! i was worried Canada wouldn’t be getting it :)

  19. super excited for this collection! a good range of different colors and a variety of things! :)

  20. claudia

    Hmm, loved some items !!!!!!

  21. Leah

    HEY!! YAY—-these look way better than the primary colored collection from last year. Color Forms? I didn’t buy anything from it. LOL.

  22. MACLOVE1

    okay i’m getting this whole lot .every item so far looks good .:)
    *black and white and pink would have been better *.i love pink xD

  23. kathy

    oooo I can’t wait!!!

  24. Ms Trendy

    i collect the eyeshadow palettes so these I will have to pick up at The Bay.

  25. Ms Trendy

    Looks like the picture on the left is Fresh Cut and the one of the left is Graphic Garden (I like this one the best out of the two).

    Eye Shadow 6 Palette ($38.00)

    A black metal compact with a black and white plaque featuring the repeat signature MAC logo that morphs (holographic) into a black and white floral pattern when viewed from different angles.

    Fresh Cut Palette:

    Floral Inc. (Frost)
    Sun-Shy (Lustre)
    Fresh Cut (Veluxe Pearl)
    Poppy Noir (Velvet)
    Bloomcycle (Veluxe Pearl)
    Part Peony (Lustre)
    213SE Brush

    Graphic Garden Palette:

    Social Climber (Veluxe Pearl)
    Botancial Blue (Frost)
    Straight Hedge (Veluxe Pearl)
    Wild Wisteria (Lustre)
    Linear Lilac (Veluxe Pearl)
    Graphic Garden (Velvet)
    213SE brush

    • Ms Trendy

      I must still be sleepy and have two left hands… lol. left = fresh cut palette, right = graphic garden palette.

    • Shanel

      i agree, graphic garden palette is such a eyecatcher! must add that to my collection!

  26. Ms Trendy

    cant wait to see pics of the “LOOK BOXES”

  27. sapphire

    Ohh… great… very classy.. and high gadget… Wonderfull!

  28. kat

    OH WOW! Great packaging! I told myself I wouldn’t be buying any more MAC until I start using up my old stuff, but I’m not sure if I can pass up that pink palette…. so pretty!!

  29. Miss_M

    I *so* want the Fresh Cut palette !!

  30. Amy

    Those palettes look pretty! I’ll check them out when the collection is released!

  31. Nathalie

    Those little bags are very beautiful.

  32. anna

    I *need* the pinks for summer time!!!!!

  33. Sasha B

    i NEED that palette on the right- or maybe the left. and the lipsticks on the left.

  34. Skyler

    OMG, I love the packaging! Reminds me of Kat Von D’s line. The collection title is certainly fitting! I can’t wait for these. That warm palette on the left is stunning. Wow. Hopefully I can find someone buying both brush sets who doesn’t want the bags. πŸ˜› I have all of those LE brushes but really want those bags!

  35. Leah

    Beautiful packaging, I wish I could buy just the bags since I prefer the long handled brushes.

  36. Lix

    … is it just me or does e/s palette on the right have pretty much the same color scheme as the HK Wild e/s palette (pink, teal, nude and black)?

  37. OH MA GAWD!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT! lol >_< I love the flowers <3

  38. lisa

    Im a sucker for eyeshadow sets and lip sets i have to get them all minus the brushes already have enough of those.

  39. Becca

    Lol I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything else for awhile after Style Warriors…doesn’t look like it will hold.

  40. Summer

    WOW, I was so excited when i saw this at first befor i saw the pics i was goin to the fresh cut palette but now i want the graphic garden palette! and The brush set with the 187 in it and the baby blooms lip bag!

  41. Catherine

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was thank god this doesn’t come out until July!
    I definitely want both eyeshadow palettes and probably a brush set. Not sure about the lip sets, yet… will have to wait on swatches.

  42. Laycca

    The brushes I’m not too excited about, but the palettes look even better to me now! I’m so excited to get them!

  43. packaging cute…surprisingly m not too excited…now i really want to see what comes in fall….like COC types…:)

  44. Michelle

    Will this collection only be sold at Nordstrom?

  45. Shanel

    yay can’t wait to see some pics of those “look box” kits! thnks christine, please continue to keep us posted on this! :]

  46. WANT IT ALL! Maybe I can skip on the brushes and get them at the CCO?

  47. Wilcoa

    Like the first eyeshadow palette, but love the lip sets! Also love the packaging, hopefully we’ll get these over here *crosses fingers*

  48. openexpression

    What about Nordstrom’s online? My closest Nordstrom is 5 hours away :(.

  49. Jen

    Thank you, thank you! I have been dying to see this collection for a while now and it did not disappoint me. Please keep us posted on the Look boxes when you get a sneak peek at those! I know I am in big trouble with this collection, I want one of everything.

  50. Tatiana

    i hope this collection will be on there website because i don’t have a nordstrom near me at all. If anyone lives in New York City that know where a nordstrom is let me know or in jeresy city.

  51. jamie

    ooh! i like the purple/pinkish eyeshadow palette!

    maybe the pink lipsticks too! cant wait for swatches and details!

  52. the first eyeshadow palette looks nice, are the colors permanent?

  53. lauren

    hey can you start putting the product names with the promo photos of the actual products? i don’t like having to find your original post with the names. thanks! love the photos!

  54. Yulia

    YAAAY finally! I’m so excited!

  55. Ever since I tried the holiday ’08 palettes, I’ve really loooooved them. So as long as these don’t disappoint in color pay-off they’ll be mine! :-)

  56. Wow, this does look tempting, doesn’t it..

  57. shan.

    i want; but live in the uk.

  58. KaylaK

    Love this! I will be getting lots from this!

  59. Mikki

    I think I’m getting a heartattack

  60. Wow, I love the packaging! πŸ˜€

  61. Natalie

    Oh boy, I must get both palettes! I am thinking about taking the palette (the one on right) to vacation – it has green, blue, purple, grey smokey, highlight – what more could I want? lol

  62. Sun

    MAC, why are you doing this to me!! I am already broke!

  63. Nica

    Will they be released anywhere in Europe cause I really love this collection and will have to hunt it down if it doesn’t come out here in Finland. =[ but yep if anyone knows anything please tell me =]

  64. Christy

    Oh so pretty! I want both palettes, the pink lip set and maybe a brush set. Yea for The Bay! =)

  65. Honey

    Sitting lazy on my computer chair, browsing, and clicked on graphic garden thinking “there not showing much” and then all of a sudden i see more sneak peak photos, OMYGOSH! I WANT it all especially the brushes, all them, going gaga! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol! I hope to see the prices soon!

  66. maisie

    will this be available in the uk?

  67. cloudburst

    I never buy makeup bags but I think I may have to get one of these – I love the rose design one.

  68. I just talked to a SA in the Bay this morning and they will be released July 17th and they will apparently be getting all the brush/eye/and lip sets not 100% on the look boxes though…

  69. this is 1 collection i am goin 2 save up for i want alll of it

  70. classic

    OMG I luv the package

  71. Burlesque Doll

    Meh take it or leave it i i get something i have something if not i don’t.

  72. Huai-Ann

    I love all of it! Aughhhh!!!!

  73. Lucy

    how much for these babies?

  74. Hoonie

    wow so nice man….

  75. darkwicca

    Must have eye palettes :))))))

  76. Rose

    love them all!
    how much do they cost ???

  77. Rose

    and when are they coming out?

  78. butternutty

    love the lipsticks on the right and the eyeshadow palette on the left!

  79. It’s soooooo pretty!!!!!!! I can’t wait for this collection! I WANT IT ALL!
    MAC is awesome but makes my wallet sad. For all of these upcomming collections I need over $1000! What is the easiest way for a 13 year old to make a lot of money really fast?????

  80. Alyssa

    What will the prices be like for the eyeshadows? $40 like the xmas ones?

  81. L. U.

    I actually was already excited about this collection, and now I found out a relative of mine works at Nordstrom! So I won’t have to worry about not having one anywhere near me and paying shipping for the online order! =D
    I am really excited about the graphic garden palette and 38 seems like a pretty fair price for MAC!

  82. Brightness

    I will definitely be getting the eye palettes….I love the Veluxe Pearl finishes.

  83. i loveeeeee this packaging!!!!

  84. Honey

    Most likely just buy all the lipsticks and lipglosses!

  85. kathylulu

    Are they gonna be available in The Bay, someone answer me, plz!!!!!!!!!

  86. Leah

    Hmmm, I like the first pallete but i dont think id ever use those colors together.. I hate when people do that. Or is it just me HAHA :) But I Lo0o0ove the packaging my whole apartment is black and white like that.

  87. irene

    i probably wouldnt buy any of these for myself. but they make good presents for my mom though




  89. kathy

    when is this coming out ?
    thanks :)

  90. Christina

    please help me out! anyone! what should i ask for for my good grades gift- mac’s graphic garden or the occ lip tars?

    • Do you wear lipstick a lot? Do you think you’d actually mix your own lip colors? Is that something you’d find fun? If yes to those, then I’d say Lip Tars — especially if you already have MAC eyeshadows and the like!

  91. MC

    I just want them ALL. They’re just such good deals! Especially the brush sets. I may be able to skip on the eye shadows, mainly because I have something comparable to most of the colors… but maybe I’ll get the warmer one just for the packaging. And you can never have too many neutral lipsticks/lipglosses, so I’ll HAVE to buy those… =]

  92. Jon

    i believe it is going international to all partnered locations. So pretty much everywhere they sell mac thats not a mac freestanding store

  93. sugarcrumb

    I’ve got the Graphic Garden Palette! its gorgeous!!! I was surprised they were carrying it here in SG since it was a Nordies Anniversary exclusive but its gorgeous! yeeha!

  94. Angie

    It’s already on sale in MAC Singapore stores. I would say the 187SE is really not bad! And the cool palette is really pretty too…

  95. Brandi

    omg i am getting the entire collection aside from the boxed looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Kate

    I want the Graphic Garden palette, but am a bit disappointed in the lip shades. More variations on the same pink and beige.

  97. Mette

    omg, i live in Denmark,it sucks that mac stuff is twice as expensive here, but it sucks more that i cant get this collection :'(