Friday, July 11th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ Gold Fever launches September 25th, 2008 in LIMITED locations. From what we’ve heard, it’s Nordstrom’s only.

Slimshine Lipstick

  • Voile Canary yellow with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Missy Creamy pastel coral (Cream)


  • Sharkskin Swimming sharp polished grey
  • Penny Light pinky coral

Liquidlast Liner

  • Classic Cream White gold
  • Auto-Orange Rusted copper with pearlized pigments


  • Blacktrack Solid flat black
  • Silverstroke Richly metallic platinum
  • Brassy Metallic brass


  • Golden Lemon
  • Silver Fog


  • 3D Silver Multi-reflective silver
  • Gold Sparkling chunky gold


  • 209 Slim, tapered eyeliner brush made of synthetic fibres
  • 242 Shader brush made of natural & synthetic fibres


  • 3 Lash Long, full, natural-looking lashes
  • 34 Lash Slightly dramatic length lashes w/wispy & winged corners

Thanks Nartian!

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39 thoughts on “MAC Gold Fever Color Collection Information

  1. the slimshines and pigments sounds interesting…

  2. the slimshines and pigments sounds interesting… and i will def check out the lashes too.

  3. Cassie

    Not to excited for this line. Seems to me that there is a lot of relaunches or products already available in this “new” collection. The only ones I may be interested in are the LiquidLast in Auto-Orange and the Shadestick in Penny.

  4. DevilishDoll

    Both of the pigments are perm, I think. I already have them both. They are very pretty.

  5. Pquanda

    ..Aren’t these old products?

  6. Kristen Elisabeth

    Exactly… doesn’t seem like anything to get excited about. Almost everything is permanent.

  7. Sanayhs

    Seriously, who cares if it’s going to be in limited locations or not? It’s all repromotes.

  8. kae

    i’m glad these are all repromotes! something i can skip and save up for other collections!

  9. Aline

    well thank god i can pass on all of this..

    every single item is either pro or perm (with the exception of sharskin)


  10. Annie

    SHARSKIN IS COMING???!!! since they have been discontinued in the US some of those suckers have been going for 30 bucks on ebaY!

  11. Why a whole collection of repromotes? What is the point!! How about less frequent, more original collections, MAC!

  12. Nosh

    I want to pick up Sharkskin and Silver Fog pigment since I don’t have access to a Pro store. So this is not a total loss, in my opinion :)

  13. these do look like repromotes, but at least i won’t be spending too much on this collection lol i haaave to have the sharkskin shadestick tho!

  14. Zsofi

    Dear Christine,i have a question :-)
    if i go to a PRO store,can i buy anything i want,or i need to have a document that i am a makeup artist or something?
    i plan to travel sometimes in a PRO store,but since its very far from my home,i thought i get informed before :-)

    • Skyler

      You only need documentation if you are applying for a PRO card. :) But anyone can go into a PRO store without a PRO card any buy anything they want; no documentation required! Hope that helps. :)

      • Zsofi

        THX Skyler,this helped me really :-)
        bc Hungary,where i live is quite far from Milano and Berlin…there isnt any PRO store nearer as i know…
        if only they would open one in Austria :-DDDD
        but my parents are so nice,they take me anywhere in the name of beauty :-)
        i want soooooooooooooo many PRO pigments ,and paint pots…

    • Hi Zsofi,

      You can buy whatever you want, you do not need to have a PRO card or any documentation. Just bring money 😉

      • Zsofi

        yes,money speaks even in the world of beauty :-DDDDD
        i save up my mony now,so i wont by Sea & Sky now,however its soooooooooo nice…
        but,i have to save my money for PRO pigments and glitters :-)))))))

  15. Skyler

    Kinda pissed but kind of relieved that this collection is all repromotes. I would have liked some new gold-toned items, but my wallet is happier this way. The only things I’ll be getting are the Shadesticks because I’ve wanted Penny for a while and I want a Sharkskin backup. 😛

  16. Zsofi

    This question is for everybody who has PRO glitters:
    pls dear ladies tell me how You use them,do they work for You???
    You apply it to lids with clear lipglass???
    if not,how???
    i want Your opinion on this before i buy some :-)))

    • Cassie

      I LOVE me some glitter! LOL! I use them by themselves on my browbones and such and they stick with no problem but if you want to give them a little more holding power use them with a Shadestick as a base so it sticks to it more. Also, I have a PRO card so I use the water based Mixing Medium and the Mixing Medium eyeliner. The trick I use and I find super helpful, is I do my foundation and concealer first, then I apply the glitter and any fallout I pick up with tape. The tape moves very little makeup but all the glitter, roll it into a circle and you can get under your lower lash line, in the corner of the eyes, and under the eyes. Then I apply a little more concealer if needed and then my powder, bronzer, and blush. Glitter really doesn’t have to be that hard, you just need to spend a little more time with it and before you know it you will have it down!

      • Zsofi

        Thanks for clearing this question up for me Cassie :-)
        i am so interested in Your looks You make with glitter!!!
        if its possible show me some pictures of it in the future :-)
        again thx for the long comment,now i see much better :-)

  17. Aprilrobin

    100% perm or repromote? Unless, I’m missing something.

  18. DevilishDoll

    Personally, I think only a very crazy person would ever put glitter near their eyes. I was never able to get it off without getting it in my eyes…and that hurts for days. Only thing I want is Sharkskin.

  19. ooo this sounds pretty! I like the fake lashes!

  20. HeavenLeiBlu

    I guess I can finally see for myself if Sharkskin lives up to all the hype!

  21. All are repromote=(

    But Sharkskin and Penny’s back =)

  22. Jin

    I’m def. gonna get SHARKSKIN!!! but.. limited places only?! *sigh*…. this sucks~~~

  23. Kara

    Hey i just got back from my mac store today its in my local mall and i saw a mac gold fever flyer it says ” Come Celebrate out 6th month anniversary on sat,sep20,2008 at the MAC store in the smith haven mall Raffle prizes every hour Free Gift Bags with every $100,00 purchase” so0 i sead i thought this was only at nordstorms and she told me no so0 idk whats going on all i no is i booked and appointment at 2 aha and can some one tell me what there gift bags are>?

  24. Tekoa

    Hmmm…interesting how Auto-Orange is being discontinued and yet its appearing in a collection launch. Holy trying to move product faster Batman? The public has caught on!

  25. Mackenzie

    i went and they said that mac discontinued sharkskin in the gold fever so so only the only shadestick coming out is penny =( i was soo mad when i went to the counter and i thought maby they just didnt get in in,in that stand but i went to another one and called more and it was the same story =(