Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

MAC Fall Colour Collection for Fall 2011

Launch Date: September 29, 2011 (North America), October 2011 (International)

This collection was originally named MAC for Cindy Sherman but has been officially renamed to MAC Fall Colour.  Sherman’s only involvement was shooting the campaign promotional photos.

Fluidline ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Ash Violet Blackened purple (Limited Edition)
  • Blacktrack Solid flat black

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Fleshpot Pale muted pinky beige (Satin) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Violetta Bright clean violet purple (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)
  • X-S Dirty red chestnut (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Plum Bright Purple (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Neon Orange Bright clean orange (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Show Orchid Vivid hot pink (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Fusion Pink Bright coral (Amplified) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Ruby Woo Vivid bluish-red (Matte) (Permanent)

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Lip Erase ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Dim N37 (Permanent at PRO)

Pigment ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN)

  • Tan Muted pinky brown bronze (Permanent)
  • Emerald Dusk Deep yellow blue with white pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Blue Storm Rich metallic blue (Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Starless Night Deep black purple with light purple pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Neo-Orange Intense neon salmon (Matte) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Magenta Madness Intense neon blue pink (Matte) (Permanent at PRO)
  • Violet Vivid bright violet purple (Frost) (Permanent)
  • Golden Olive High frosted green-gold (Frost) (Permanent)

Lash ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • 36 (Permanent)

Parlor Smoke Eyeshadow Quad ($38.00 U.S. / $45.00 CDN)

  • Parlor Smoke Mauve grey (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Cross Cultural Neutral brown (Matte) (Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Steel Almost black (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • Indigo Navy (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Bronzing Powder ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Solar Riche Mid-tone deep orange brown (Limited Edition, Repromote)

Nail Lacquer ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Coco Clay Warm chocolate (Limited Edition)
  • Oyster Shell Light stone grey (Limited Edition)

Kohl Power ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Feline Rich black (Limited Edition, Repromote)

Eyeshadow ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Three Ring Yellow Yellow green (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • Passionate Real mid-tone red (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Blue Candy Clean blue (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Shock-a-holic Deep purple (Satin) (Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Royale Clean violet (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Chromagraphic Pencil ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Process Magenta Matte magenta (Permanent at PRO)
  • Basic Red Primary red (Permanent at PRO)
  • Hi-Def Cyan Cyan blue (Permanent at PRO)
  • Rich Purple Dense purple (Permanent at PRO)

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN)

  • Lightscapade Soft candlelit beige with multi-dimensional shimmer (Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Porcelain Pink Soft pinky coral with gold veining (Limited Edition, Repromote)

Jumbo Penultimate Eyeliner ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Rapidblack True black (Limited Edition, Repromote) (Permanent in small size)

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • C-Thru Peachy beige with shimmer (Permanent)
  • Pink Fade Pale pink (Limited Edition)
  • Orange Tempera Pale peach (Limited Edition)
  • Good Times Pale mauve (Limited Edition)

Angel Flame Quad ($38.00 U.S. / $45.00 CDN)

  • Chamomile Creamy pale yellow (Satin) (Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Feather Pink Mid-tone pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Angel Flame Coral that flashes pink/yellow (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Gravel Blue-grey (Matte) (Limited Edition)

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409 thoughts on “MAC Fall Colour Collection for Fall 2011 – Official Information & Photos

  1. Love it! Simply because I love Cindy Sherman…and that is what makeup has always been about…creation & transformation. I may or may not purchase from the collection, but I applaud the collaboration & promotion! Fantastic. :)

  2. kim

    i looking at those faces and thinking “ARE U KIDDING ME!!”

  3. coco

    I always thought C-Thru was permanent? I’ve bought 2-3 before…has it changed? anyone know?

  4. Maggie

    I’m a bright color fanatic, but… eh. I don’t know. This collection seems kind of blah. Too many permanent shades and repromotes, and the shades that are new are shades they’ve done recently 😛

  5. Moni

    All the products look fantastic,Im loving the quads and pigments…. but W T F with those promo photos?? they look beyond creepy!

  6. Rea

    Holy shit. Anyone looked at the promo pics? Bad taste party or what?

  7. Jillian

    i love the fact that there are bright colors and toned-down colors so anyone can use these, whether they like brights or not. I might have to try the parlor smoke quad! It looks like a great quad for smokey eyes. I have a question though. I have never bought a premade quad from mac. Do the eyeshadows come out of the quad?

    • Kathleen

      with the new ones, you have to go through a long process to depot them, but it can be done. If you google, “how to depot new MAC quads” you will probably find instructions.

  8. Steph

    The collection doesn’t appeal to me, and the images turn me right off. Clowns & a tacky 80s lady, ugh.

  9. Joyce

    those promo pictures terrify me 😮 but the products look nice, colorwise, ooh and feline!! i’ve been dying to try it out, i’m gonna be saving up for one (or more) of those

  10. OOOH so excited for this. hopefully won’t be disappointed like the quite cute collection…

  11. Leslie

    This is kind of bizarre. Cindy Sherman is fantastic. To me, her work really makes you think about what society expects of a woman…all those photos of her overly done up, looking like she’s had a face lift and whatnot. They’re garish and straightforward and even disturbing at times.

    So if that’s her goal, or if that’s what many of us are getting out of her work, how odd (or contradictory) is it that her work and persona, and thus, her point of view, would be used to sell makeup to those same women who are constantly being pressured into looking a certain way by society/the media/companies like MAC itself? I don’t know…it just doesn’t sit well with me. That being said, I think the shots above are creepy and awesome, but the fact that their point is to market something to me is just…odd. But maybe all of this is making a point in itself.

    I’m also not surprised that MAC is taking a more superficial stance on her work by branding this collection as something for the “chameleon”. I don’t know that being a chameleon is all that Cindy Sherman is about. But maybe it is…I guess that’s why art is subjective.

    Regardless, I am still a superficial makeup whore who may or may not have been brainwashed into thinking I need every purple lipstick known to man. So Plum Bright will be mine.

    • alison

      really love this analysis (and your final conclusion – i’m the same way about MSFs, so i’m all about lightscapade here!).

      • Meagan

        I agree. Love your analytical way of thinking- I’m the same way! And i am WAY excited for lightscapade!! Yayayay :)

    • lindsay

      I agree with alison–great analysis! I share the same sentiments!

    • Nellie

      I had the same reaction — that Cindy Sherman’s work is all about critiquing everything that, say, a LE MAC collection, is all about. I don’t see her work as just about transformation — there’s definitely something deeper there.

      Why is why I think so many people are having such a visceral reaction to the photos. Her work isn’t about “making you look pretty” so there’s an inherent contradiction in using it to make you want to buy stuff.

      Having said that, I would love it if this collection could give wider exposure to Sherman’s work, but it doesn’t seem as if that’s happening based on the comments I see in this blog. :(

      • Meagan

        I had never heard of her before, but from looking at the photos I got the reaction “Hmm, she must be a stage performer?” and after reading the comments I realized she is something ‘more’. So I’m off to research. Maybe many MAC fans are like me- have a reaction thats more than the superficial “omg those photos are ugly ewwwwwwwwwww” and figure out what she’s all about. I know I’m intrigued and I’m going to!!

      • Leslie

        I think the problem is that not many people are familiar with her and her work. Makeup is *supposed* to be fun and lighthearted. Makeup is about making women and men look and feel beautiful…so when you throw someone like Cindy Sherman at people who are expecting the total opposite (for example, Lady Gaga looking gorgeous in Viva Glam ads), it kinda makes sense that many would react with surprise and/or disgust.

        I’m disenchanted by people’s reactions as well…but I think this one is going a little over everyone’s heads. That’s not MAC’s demographic’s fault, it’s MAC’s fault. Even so, the collection is going to sell just like every other collection they’ve ever had. I don’t think anyone loses here. Hopefully it will raise awareness about Cindy Sherman’s work as well, even if her participation in the collection is kind of hypocritical in the first place.

    • mc

      lol…same here…also I think one of the points may be that with makeup you can do whatever you want…there are no rules.

    • be

      lol totally agree. Only I do get the idea of the “chameleon” being that I have always been one to see make up as a means of transformation. I use make up as a powerful tool. I can be whomever I chose from day to day. Yesterday I was the clown in my Show Orchid lippie and I loved every minute. Today I’m the naughty church girl in Plum Dandy. Cindy Sherman is definitely thought provoking and maybe too much for people like me who just want to tackle the importance of blending with the 217 or 222, today.

  12. Melissa

    Hello, nightmares.

  13. Gisella

    Those promo pictures are frighening!!!! Not sure what I want yet thinking about angel flame quad, feline liner, the purple lipstick and maybe a gloss. Since most are perm I can get them when money allows.

  14. toni

    i love all the lipsticks! and lightscapade please:-)

  15. Saffron

    Holy cow now that I’ve seen the promo it’s no joke! This rivals the first viva glam ads for coolest thing mac has ever done! Loooooove it!

  16. Courtney

    Wait…so it’s Lightscapade plus a bunch of stuff we can get a Pro stores already. Anyone else just a little disappointed? Don’t get me wrong, I love a bunch of this stuff, but as someone who lives near a pro store, I feel like I’m just having a trip saved.

    And yet, I’m still very excited.

    • mc

      I felt kinda disappointed too…but then again if the collection is all about bright colors and MAC has them in the pro store, then why not promote them in collection… At least those of us who aren’t near a pro store can have small taste of what they have there.

  17. Cindy Sherman! Omg, she is such an amazing artist who actually sold one of her pictures for 3.9 million! The world most expensive photograph ever! This is soo cool!

  18. Nadia

    So pretty much a bunch of repromotes and permanent (at pro) products. A few new items thrown in for good measure. Yeah, I’ll pass. The promo images are horrific as well. It’s finally happened…I’ve lost my zest and interest in MAC :(

  19. Crystal S.

    Ok seriously? What is up with these pictures? The collection…awesome. But these pictures are nauseating. Is this part of the Cindy Sherman mythos? I don’t know this person. I am having a hard time taking this seriously.

  20. Tracy

    OMG, LIGHTSCAPADE!! *eeeeeee!!* i’m so excited for this collection. i need to start saviiiiiing, now. lol

  21. Dana

    I don’t wear brights but this collection seems like it has something for everyone. I am definitely interested in the Parlor Smoke Quad, Starless Night Pigment, Ash Violet Fluidline and Oyster Shell Polish

  22. Sarah

    Lightscapade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!

  23. Emma

    I am so excited for Porcelain Pink MSF!

  24. Piper

    What’s a lip erase?

  25. Angel Flame quad looks so similar to Rose is a rose quad, although the names are all different.

    I hope they’re making enough Lightscapades, otherwise it will be another Stereo Rose fiasco. Porcelain Pink is pretty, but they should repromote Pleasureflush instead imo. How many times have they repromoted PP anyway, at least twice in the past 2-3 years!?

  26. Nella

    At what point does a woman tell herself ok at this age I can’t pull off those colors anymore?! Hopefully sooner then the one from the pictures above. This trend seems right on spot and appropriate….for clowns!

  27. Lucy S

    What the deuce! They’re the worst promo pics ever!

  28. This is the first collection that I’ve really been excited about in a long time! I’m glad a lot of the products are permanent, so it makes it a bit easier on the wallet.

    You’d better believe I’ll be one of the people going after Lightscapade though! I’ve been waiting for it to be released for about 2 years. I could never bring myself to pay ebay prices on it, or buy a used one. I will be pre-ordering at the store, and hopefully getting a backup online. I want one with heavy blue veining, and then another with more pink veining.

    I can’t wait to see the *new* pigments, even though I hardly use the ones that I have. I’m honestly hoping that I have dupes. I can see myself dropping wayyyyy too much money on this collection, just between the piggies, and the MSFs.

    Better start saving now. :-)

  29. nicole

    Only thing i’m super excited about it “lightscapade” MSF …. everything else is a big ..eh for me.

  30. Rosie

    WOW this collection does look awesome, though I’m not big on the promo pic it loooks like a tacky “street walker lady”….. but the colors themselves look amazing!!!!

  31. amanda

    man, everything is repromote and permanent at pro lately for the new collection.. what is with mac these days?

    • MORENA

      They cant afford to come up with new shades I guess? Thats what i noticed about them lately… some collections would be kind of BLAH, and basic… and every now and then, come out wiht a big hit such as the Venemous Villains Collection, This one, The Wonderwoman collection.. etc etc

  32. Nella

    I am not surprised that my post was deleted.

  33. Melissa

    Looking forward to this collection. I will hold off on purchasing any cosmetics until this comes out.

  34. Julia

    The only thing I’m REALLY interested in is the Angel Flame quad and the new fluid line, but I completely love the promo ads for this collection!!

  35. MORENA

    I love it, i wear these colors all year around. I LOVe when they come out with vibrant collections.
    One issue though, didnt mac say that some of their products are not eye safe? Becus tat sure looks like Hi-Def Cyan on the clown’s eyes (unless its the eyeshadow maybe). And the third photo looks ike she has Process Magenta in the corner of her eyes

  36. MORENA

    So are they going to sell the Pro colors at a regular Mac store (until they run out)??? There is a pro store in my city but the regular Mac store is closer

  37. Pamela M

    Could do without the promo pics but those lip glasses will be mine.

  38. Can’t wait! The quads look gorgeous and very excited for the two MSF’s to make another appearance! x

  39. bubblelacey

    i only really wear bright shades like this on the warmer day of winter, because here in socal, there are. so even though i wear darker colors in the winter, i can still see myself getitng plenty of use out of these. i am in loveeeee with the angel flame quad :)

  40. Jackers

    Uh, am I supposed to want to look like the people in these ads? I mean, seriously? I think MAC has finally gone off of the deep end, it’s not even like the Illamasqua ads for their last collection, at least those were well done and the makeup was blended and applied flawlessly. These just look like someone from Long Island or Jersey in the 80s. Good God, NO!

  41. Mel

    I’m going to skip this one and wait for the collection with Gareth Pugh. The colors are not appealing and the promotional images are disturbing at best. MAC, I’m disappointed.

  42. Zoe

    I wear bright colors year round.
    THIS COLLECTION IS AMAZING, if not only for all the PRO products that are coming available.

  43. Rose

    I really don’t like the pics

  44. Toto850

    I believe C-Thru lipglass is a permanent gloss at MAC.

  45. Luka

    Those ads are such a turn off.

  46. I love this collection 😀 way to go mac

  47. Rebecca

    Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish Repromote? That’s gonna be gone in 2 seconds.

  48. Ericka

    Is this collection coming to department stores? I am getting Blue Storm pigment. I missed this the first time around. I think that I will pass on the rest of the collection.

  49. Julia

    I’ve never tried and MSF before, so I think I might go for one of these!

  50. Yazmin

    hooray for lightscapade and porceilein pink msfs!! Glad i saved up money this month!

  51. Kay

    Cindy is known for her portraits of depicting types or cliches of women. She does that here again using exaggerated makeup. Whether you find these “transformations” insulting, clever, or ironic, it’s all Cindy, even though MAC states it’s “the campaign we’ve longed forever to conceive…” hmmm.

    Maybe Cindy would title the photos:

    Photo #1: Cindy Sherman, the Long Island Matron
    Photo #2: Cindy Sherman, Princess Sad Clown
    Photo #3: Cindy Sherman, the Senior Portrait

    Now moving on to photos of the MAC posh paradise paint pots! ;-P

  52. lil momma

    Interesting collection from mac. I’m not a fan of the promo pics. The makeup is pretty awesome but a clown photo?!! Really MAC, really??? I nearly pee’d myself when I saw it. No joke. I am curious to know if that plum bright lipstick and the prince noir will be similar in color? I know the finish is different but the pictures look very much a like. Also curious about another collection that may be released on the same date something called Art of Power? I wonder what items will be in that collection also. hmmm

  53. Phylena

    Looks exciting…I’ve written out my list. Can’t wait to until it gets to counters so I can swatch and buy!

  54. Selenite

    Repromotions, permanents, and some more permanents. I wouldn’t mind another tube of Snow Orchid but really?

  55. Carrie Ann

    I had no interest in this collection until I saw Lightscapade MSF. It looks so pretty. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on that one. Christine, is Pink Porcelain very similar to Petticoat?

  56. Omg, will this collection come to norway?!

  57. Amanda

    Those photos are so… odd.

  58. Eleanor

    It makes me kind of sad that some people don’t understand the concept of this collection. Cindy Sherman is an artist who transforms herself for her portraits. The pictures she takes aren’t meant to be realistic or taken literally as tutorials. The pictures might be creepy to you, but they’re inspirational ART, and I think they fit in very well with MAC’s history and reputation as a store catering to make up ARTISTS. That being said, I’m looking forward to this collection. I think it has an interesting mix of brights and more neutral colors. I’m probably going to get both the MSFs and the Parlor Smoke quad (:

    • be

      EXACTLY!!!! I totally agree. I don’t understand the negative comments from people who supposedly understand “Make-up ART Cosmetics” aka MAC.

  59. Colours are sooo pretty, but photos… emmmm… no comment, jajaja.

  60. Catherine

    Wow, surprised more people aren’t hyped about the Lightscapade MSF. Isn’t this the same MSF that hasn’t been repromoted in years, and the one I see going for upwards of $100 on ebay and LJ?

  61. Marie

    OMG!!!! all those bright colors… Im in LOVE!!

  62. Maureen

    Truly something for everyone!

  63. Carla

    I hope the quality of these are better than past collections. I hate getting my hopes up.

  64. That blackened-violet Fluidline is SICK!!! So hauling that!

  65. mumtaza

    I wish they could have honored the great Cindy Sherman by creating more original colors inspired by her. If you don’t know who she is please Google her. She is a really legendary, provocative, groundbreaking artist. Hence the wild promo pictures. These colors are wonderful, but they are mostly permanent and repromotes. how could that happen when the had cindy sherman to work with?? I think this is totally half-asked and disappointing. Does anyone else agree?

  66. Keen Shanine

    omg! Feline, Show Orchid and Violetta! My list is short but done!

  67. Jessica

    Creepy and overly photo shopped pictures.

  68. Lightscapade ftw! I might pick up feline as well, and the other MSF if I’m feeling crazy (which… I usually am :\) Otherwise, I feel I have something similar to everything else in the collection. And I really don’t like those promo images.

  69. Saffy

    Pass…. I don’t like bright, in-your-face make-up. It looks far too garish. The promo pictures scare me a bit, though!

  70. kristi

    im sorry but those pics look utterly rediculous. i dont care if shes an ‘influential artist.’ they just look stupid. BUT, thats just my opinion. to add insult to injury, i think the eyeshadows are totally boring and ‘been there done that,’ especially the quads. BORING!! i dont get why everyone is raving about this collection.

  71. Ashley

    Despite the -hideous- and downright scary promo pictures (which kind of embody what people do NOT want to look like…..), the actual products look amazing. The colors look lovely and although bright, mostly pretty wearable looking. The lighter blue eyeshadow looks amazing. The skinfinishes look great. Even the nail laquers (for nude / neutral looks) look interesting. On the product side, wonderful job, MAC and Cindy Sherman.
    Again, on the promos, I realize this lady is an artist, but my goodness! I spent a few seconds starting at the promo pictures trying to understand what she’s trying to do here before I was finally freaked out enough. I think “To the Beach” and “Quite Cute” were examples of promo art well-done.

  72. ashley

    lightscapade!!! <3

  73. Lexus thomas

    Lightscapade is coming back ! thank the M.A.C. GOD’S ! better stock up !

  74. D

    Please forgive me if im wrong BUT is this a joke? I mean i know its not April Fools so whats going on.Did someone a M.A.C. let there 2 year old design this Campaign! As i scrolled down to see the rest of the promo shots i thought oh somebodys having a laugh,this has got to be a joke!So i kept scrolling to the end so i would see the,”WE GOT YOU,HAHA” line at the end of the article.BUT to my shock there was nothing lol I feel like im in a MakeUp Artists Twist of the Twilight Zone.I get the “We Are the Artist and We Can Create Anything” Etc But if i seen somebody walking down the street even NY and LA im running in the opposite direction.If i offend anyone im very sorry.Im just expressing my thoughts on this lol.Have a lovely night everyone :) Or Day,depending on where you are in the world.

    • D

      Oops! I just realized all my errors.Im sorry! But besides my bad grammar which im sure you will understand anyway in spite of words being typed incorrectly the one thing i did want to fix or point out is my statement where i mention NY and LA.So what i had meant was if i seen somebody walking towards me with a face made up like any of these promo shots then i would run the other way!HaHa Even in NY or LA where is more acceptable to be outrageous lol

  75. Amy

    Do you enjoy looking at the same kind of promo pics over and over again? Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl. And then people complain that nothing is interesting anymore, it’s just overly airbrushed models that nobody will ever look like.

    And then a cosmetics company has the balls to do something daring and artistic and weird and disturbing and you complain that it’s “too ugly”? Who cares? Art isn’t always beautiful. A lot of the most famous paintings in the world are unsettling and “ugly”. That’s what makes them interesting. And if you’re complaining about the imagery, you must not have ever seen Cindy Sherman’s work, because this is EXACTLY what I expected the ads to look like.


    A. It’s not fall for everyone
    B. There are several other typical fall collections for you to take your picks from
    C. Not everyone follows trends

    • Ashley

      You have to admit…Surf Baby did not have “pretty” promo art. Their promo art is not always pretty. It’s sometimes daring.
      That said, I do think this is a bit too much….Clowns and makeup of this sort are usually not something we want to mix.

  76. marcy

    um…. that promo photo is slightly terrifying and gross… is that a rubber mask or just 10 pounds of makeup on her face????????

  77. LU

    The promo photos scare the living daylights out of me. EEK! D:

    Thanks for the info Christine!

  78. Carie

    Pink Fade, Orange Tempera, and Porcelain Pink will be mine! I like the color of Oyster Shell, but it seems easily dupeable, so I’ll probably just get a grey from another brand at a different time.

  79. Zayda

    Cant wait!!!!!

  80. This is brilliant! Three Ring Yellow caught my eye because of the Veluxe Pearl finish. I’m also loving that Lightscapade is being repromoted!!!

  81. Sydney

    I’m excited for this collection!

  82. gi

    pictures are awfull to my taste

  83. Mary

    I loooooove the bright colours, however the promo shots just aren’t doing it for me… lol I will probably end up buying, like, EVERYTHING. I love bright colours so much!

  84. brittany

    im sorry mac but those pictures for this collection are freakin horrid and scary. Is this suppose to make me want to by make up from this collection?

  85. brittany

    oh and the last picture with the girl reminds me of the cheshire cat for some reason? Anyway i’ve never seen mac come out with pigments in their collections before so thats kind of exciting. So the pigments, bight lipstick and lip glosses are definitely catching my attention.

  86. the collection looks nice, but the model looks hideous…so fake

  87. Kathleen

    ughhh!!!! i love all these collections!!! (too much :o) Good thing it comes out the day before my b-day! i want:
    three ring yellow eyeshadow
    feline eye kohl (yay)
    Lightscapade MSF
    Porcelain Pink MSF
    Angel Flame Quad
    MY WALLET IS NOT HAPPYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  88. Haley

    Love the collection… but wtf @ the promo pics. They don’t make me want to buy anything lol.

  89. Jennifer

    Re: “The promo pics are terrifying/ugly.” Google Cindy Sherman. 😉

    The heart of MAC is artistry. Take a little time to enrich your day and find out who this artist is. I didn’t know her before but now that I’ve seen some of her work, I’m intrigued. And grateful to have been introduced by my favorite cosmetics brand.

  90. those photos are hideous, street walkers and clowns dont encourage me to buy make up. i havnt heard of the lady and im not insulting her but to me thats what the make up reminds me of.

  91. La.pLebiitah..

    AHHHHH MSF’S!!!! ♥.♥

  92. Yumi

    promo pics are scary, but i’m biased, clowns freak me out.
    kinda disappointed that it just seems to be a lot of PRO products and repromotes. i think lightscapade is the only redeemer for me.

  93. Kenneth Alan

    There’s always one or two collections every year that I buy a ton from and this one will be it.

  94. Lindz

    AHHHH! I had to rub my eyes twice! Is that Lightscapade I see?!?! Woohoo! Sign me up for two of those :)

  95. Marina

    FELINE! AND MSF! Only things I’m excited about in this very neon collection.

  96. I am VERY pleasantly surprised by this collection! Based on the campaign photos, I thought it would be very strong and “out there” colors that wouldn’t work for everyday office wear but actually it looks like all the colors are wearable!

  97. Jo

    Those pictures are so awesome. What a breath of fresh air!! I swear for the past several years I felt like Mac has been making desperate collabs like with Hello Kitty, Barbie, Wonder Woman, etc. Although the products are nice I just think that it gets a customer more excited than an artist. FINALLY, something that is makeup-artist friendly. Hence so many pro products. It’s so nice to see the old Mac delivering the goods. Also just because the woman in the displayer has her makeup done a certain way it doesn’t mean that the buyer has to do the same thing. Use your imagination! Mac is a fashion brand and most of the looks that they do on the runway inspire the displayer looks, trends and aren’t always “everyday makeup friendly.” Clearly the theme is TRANSFORMATION. I love how a mac display of a clown or 80’s jersey girl can shock people. Anytime a artist shocks the viewer, it’s a win! Thank you Cindy Sherman!!

  98. Luisafer

    I thought it seems summery, but now that I think of it, I do wear bright colors in the winter, sometimes though… as long as you feel good :O)