Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

MAC Finally Flawless Collection for Spring 2011

U.S. Launch Date: January 13th, 2011 | International Launch Date: January 2011

Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 has the exclusive formula – micronized and coated pigments improve blendability, maintain colour purity with SPF 15, and our liquid mineral ferment complex adds nutrients. Light diffusing optics minimize the visibility of imperfections – FINALLY Flawless!

Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 ($32.00 U.S. / $38.00 CDN)

Minerals are the foundation for all living things. The human body is made of approximately 60% water and skin is approximately 70% water. By fusing minerals and water, Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation is the synthesis of earthly essential elements in the form of a rich, luxurious solid cream compact with a liquid mineral infusion. This uniquely textured, medium buildable, foundation delivers immediate hydration while revitalizing the look of dull and dry skin. Used backstage during the Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shows of; BCBG, Carolina Herrera and Baby Phat, it is both a makeup artists dream and a real woman’s skin saving grace.

Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation features an innovative gel based system that provides extreme comfort and creaminess in application, making this formula appealing to all skins but especially normal to dry. The gel fuses the formula’s high water content (30.5%) with the polymers and coated pigments for the ultimate in silky smooth, yet long wearing (up to 8 hours), colour payoff. Because of the immediate moisturization benefits, Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation also helps to immediately reduce the appearance of pores and provides skin with a non-sticky, cooling break.

Additionally, a blend of lightweight oils creates a creamy, comfortable feeling on the skin. The innovative wax-free structure helps moisturize skin, while light diffusing optics help minimize the visibility of pores and imperfections for a flawless looking complexion

  • Available in: NC15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 37, 40, 42, 44, 45, 50, 55; NW15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 43, 45, 47, 50, 55.

130 Short Duo Fibre Brush ($40.00 U.S. / $48.00 CDN)

A short, round, flat-topped brush ideal for the smooth, easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and select powder products. Features a blend of natural bristles and synthetic fibres.

Please note: This collection is a relaunch of Mineralize Foundation SPF 15, which debuted last spring. I reviewed the 130 Brush when it originally launched, too.  I will try to review the foundation, but since it is permanent (and has been for awhile), there are several other products that are new and limited for spring that I want to show you first, so it may be awhile — just a heads up.

See more photos!

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77 thoughts on “MAC Finally Flawless Collection for Spring 2011

  1. the mineralize foundation sounds like an interesting product.. =)

  2. Trish

    As a very-oily NW43/45, as soon as I read ‘blend of lightweight oils’ I may have to skip this one. Mineralize foundation hasn’t been able to trump the Studio Fix/Blot Powder combo to keep my oily skin in check.

    • Nella

      I agree. As someone who has extremely oily and acne/break out prone skin I am staying away from this like from a devil.
      I don’t understand why companies claim that it’s a product that suits all skin types.
      Never, in my case!

    • Lily

      That’s exactly what I use to manage my oily skin. The Studio Fix Fluid/Blot Powder combo and it works WONDERS. I’m a bit disappointed that this seems to just be a relaunch.

    • Studio Fix and Blot powder is my winning combination too.

      Not going near this foundation either!

  3. April

    I will definitely HAVE to try this considering I have such dry skin!

  4. Nini

    Why does MAC release a new collection almost every week. One word: Money.

    • Natalie

      at least this one is just a repromote! can just be looked over as them trying to cash in with some extra publicity haha.

    • Jessie

      They recalled the old formula in favor of a new one. This isn’t a cash-cow release like the others. They’re just replacing a product that people already buy.

      I know I do.

    • It’s not like MAC is a NPO. They are a cosmetics company, afterall! They can come out with a new collection daily but that doesn’t mean I have to buy it! I am sure plenty of professional MUA’s are happy to see new stuff.

    • Katy

      They actually have this out permanently, too! Just about promoting!(;

  5. Miss J

    Worst foundation i have ever tried. It looks awful after hour or two. It never blends nicely.

    Brush i love! I use it all the time for all the other foundations (studio fix, studio sculpt, prolongwear).

    • Courtney

      I agree… the foundation is horrible! I’ve had blending problems, it never stays on like my other foundations, I barely apply any and if I even hug someone they are wearing it on their clothes… it just didn’t sink into my skin or anything… horrible!

      • ashlee

        You have to blot your face with a tissue to avoid the rub-off…I have dry and sensitive skin…i think it’s intended for people with dry skin…but you should always blot your face to remove exces foundation and oils :)

  6. egon

    I have the brush & i <3 it, is it going to be permanent?

  7. Courtney

    I might be willing to give the foundation a try if it’s a liquid. I mostly wear powder foundations because the coverage is better, but I wouldn’t mind finding a liquid formula either.

  8. Eva

    How funny that MAC has had these products out for almost a year and is taking the time to “re-launch” it. I bought the 130 and the mineralize foundation combo just this past November and have been using it ever since. The foundation is great for my skin, which tends to run dry from all the Retin-A I use! I switched from Studio Sculpt to Mineralize and couldn’t be happier. I still get the dewy finish (which is more satin when I apply my MSF Natural over the top), but I don’t get the break-through oiliness that I used to get with Studio Sculpt. It seems that the Mineralize foundation doesn’t break down on my skin as quickly as Studio Sculpt did. I use the 130 brush to buff the foundation on, and it gets all the little nooks and crannies of my face! Also, the brush doesn’t waste a lot of product (but the sponge that comes with the Mieralize foundation will!), when I was the brush hardly any foundation is left behind on it.

  9. Julia

    Is it just me or has MAC been pumping out collections like crazy!?

  10. JayJay

    Ahhh, I just thought I went back in time to Spring ’09!!

    With both the foundation and the brush being permanent, I honestly don’t see the point in this release, but I guess they do everything for a reason.

  11. kate


    i like how mac releases a collection every other second, it allows me to buy only what i think i need/want with my budget.

  12. Ann

    So, this is the compact version of the Liquid MSF? Loved the liquid version, so I may try this one out.

  13. Lea

    That brush is AMAZING. I own it and use it for foundation, powder, cream blush and highlighter every day. It’s a lovely brush and absolutely worth the money.

  14. Jennifer

    I actually really liked this foundation, especially when used with the 130, prep and prime primer, and some strobe cream. I have normal to dry skin, so this foundation is good for me.

    Sometimes it is nice to have a foundation in compact form, seems to take less time and make less mess when you are in a hurry.

    I am NC20 in this.

  15. Well wouldn’t you know I already use the #130 and this particular foundation already! Good deal and the blush leaves a flawless coverage! :-) I also use Studio Tech on the days I don’t use the Mineralize and they both blend flawlessly! :-) But hey everything isn’t for everyone!

  16. SoSwanky

    Been there; brought that. So I can say that I have a collection days in advance (lol). Really, MAC needs to slow down with the collections They make plenty of money as it is and already have a loyal fan base in place. Waiting to see what the Wonder Woman collection brings….or not.

  17. Heather

    For everyone who is wondering why MAC is repromoting so soon…. anyone who purched and went to replenish this foundation may have noticed that it is on long term out of stock! I believe it has something to do with the availibility of an ingredient. When they first stopped sending shipments to stores we were told it was re-launching in December but was then pushed back again! The 130 brush has been availible since it’s launch though…

    • Jenny

      Exactly! I bought this foundation twice. Once when it was first released, they sold out. Then again I bought one I think in the summer and it sold out AGAIN. I’ve been waiting forever for it, I love this cream foundation.

  18. Is this the mineralize product they had last year, but couldn’t reproduce b/c they couldn’t get one of the ingredients? If so, it’s about time it came back.

  19. tinaaki

    Is this the complete colection? I mean it looks very “poor” just foundation and a brush? :(

  20. Mais

    I didn’t know where to put this comment but here goes…

    Just so that everyone knows, MAC sent out an email (which I received) about 5 days ago featurings “GOODBYES”..

    Well I just got around to checking it and lo and behold, a whole bunch of things are going bye bye like BLUSHCREMES!!! (MOST OF THEM!!)- sadly i had been saving up for those so now is the time to nab one; Lipsticks, the 189 and the 194 brushes, and couple of loose powders, liners and the like. I suggest you head out and check if your favorite color is going bye bye and stock up!

    • Court

      Oh no! Not liquidlast liners!!!

    • KimmieC

      I received this same email and was also very surprised. It said that shade sticks are being discontinued too. Oh and so is tete-a-tint e/s, which, devastated me the most. Love that color!

      I don’t think the ridiculous bombardment of promotions is going to end anytime soon. They are clearly proving to be too profitable…except for Tartan Tale, which was a total flop – aside from the brush sets of course which always sell out.

      It seems to me, and this is just my opinion, that Mac is slowly phasing out alot of their permanent products for 2 reasons; 1) to showcase the launches that much more, and 2) to create pent-up demand for the discontinued shades; so when they include them in a promotion, CHA-CHING for MAC! Its a guarantees a successful launch every time, and that they meet/exceed their sales goals.

      As a previous person in this thread pointed out, it is all about money.

    • Ayesha

      Wow you are right! ALL the concealers are going to.. Except Studio FInish. That is a LONG list..

  21. Vijaya

    Hi, Christine! Do you know if the formula is being changed at all?

  22. Jackie

    I kind of LOVE that lip combo. Any idea what that is?

  23. beril

    how does this compare to the liquid mineralized foundation?? that stuff sweats off my face even in winter :(

  24. Alicia

    I have the foundation and i LOVE IT! ive had it for about a week now and i have seriously been crazy over it. I need that brush now, because thats the exact kind of brush im looking for!

  25. Traci

    I bought both of these when they first came out. I really liked the foundation and the way it looked on my skin, but sadly it made me break out so I returned it. I love the 130 brush for liquid foundations though!

  26. anguyent

    OMG I have been waiting for this for months now!!! I’ve been trying to repurchase since end of spring since the problems others have listed above. I have dry skin and tried to replace it with studio fix but I like this one much more…lighter-medium and more dewy for me.

  27. Cristalle

    Yay good news.Interesting products! cant wait to try these out once i have the chance. Love the 130 to bits have been using it over the 187 to apply creme and liquid foundations, etc. Have not broke out from mac face products or anything like that in fact i love their products more then other high end products.

  28. What type of coverage? Full (I hope)?

  29. Jodie

    this is already online in the UK!

  30. Norlite

    i just want to say love the ad picture, model and her skin. MAC employs the absolute best retouchers in the business.

  31. SB_sweetie

    I bought this last spring & it was one of the worst foundations I have ever used. It seemed to do the opposite of what it claimed. It just sat on my skin and was almost waxy…Also, the color match was hard…best to head to the counter to try on. beware!

  32. emily

    can someone tell me what blush lipstick and lipliner the model is wearing???
    thanks :)

  33. Cheyenne

    I’m getting dry skin lately…wouldn’t that just make it way worse?? I’ve always hated mineral foundation because either way (oily or dry) it makes my skin look horrid.

  34. Sounds interesting, love the look of that brush!

  35. Samantha

    how is this a collection if both things are already in the permanent line?

  36. z

    ooh whatever the girl in the ad is wearing on her lips I need to have! I hope they lauch other products in this collection besides the foundation and brush. With a name like Finally Flawless, I would assume there are other products to join. Here’s hoping :)

  37. sean

    MAC has 44+ launches a year. They want to keep things fresh and interesting. There is something for everyone. This is one our most popular foundations because it mimics skin texture. Works beautifully in my opinion!

  38. Katie

    Those foam application pads are disgusting. They bring back middle school trauma when I would cake on Neutrogena creme foundation over acne because I had no idea what I was doing.

    Why would a company with MAKEUP ARTIST in the name release stuff no actual makeup artist would use?

  39. Shawnie

    Does Mac ever have African American models?

  40. Jenna S.

    I have oily skin, and when I tried this on the first time I ever went to MAC (the MAC saleswoman applied a full face to me), I remember it caking up, especially around the nose.

    I’ve actually tried a number of powder foundations that run the full gamut from high- to low-end (I hate liquid formulas). My favorite has been Covergirl Fresh Complexion for years, with Jane Iredale PurePressed Base coming in at a close second.

  41. Christine, I have a question for you ! I’m an NC30-NC35 in MAC for reference, and I have very very VERY yellow undertones to my skin. SO MANY of my foundations that I use that match my skin (MAC MSF Natural’s in Medium Dark and Medium Plus, Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in Honey, Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden, Amazing Cosmetics Powder Foundation in Tan etc) are still too pink for my skin and my face doesn’t match my neck or shoulders! Is there any solution to this or any way to make them less pink on my skin? Thank you !

  42. LU

    This is online now at MAC! ^^

  43. Erica

    I have been using this foundation for over a year and i love it… works very well for dry to extra dry skin

  44. Maiki

    would using this formula break me out?
    Studio Sculpt broke me out horribly and I’m afraid to try one of MAC’s foundation.
    Would their foundations and powder have the same formula mixtures and what not?
    I am interested in this product but I’m afraid i might break out from it.

  45. Angel

    I want that foundation and the brush.. but now i realize that the brush is actually a few bucks more than it was last year :(. WTF.

  46. Katy

    I have pretty dry skin, and this is by far my favorite foundation ever!! It’s like a cream-consistency, and blends SO nicely! Deff. a neccesity if you have dry, or combo skin! & Invest in the brush, too. It’s spendy, but really does so a big part in the application. (:

  47. fifie

    I have super dry skin and i’ve been using Studio fix for many years. once i’ve learned about the mineralize foundation, i finally found the answer to my dry skin! Thank you MAC Flawlessly Foundation!

  48. ashlee

    I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FOUNDATION! This is the only MAC foundation that does not break me out and it’s great for my dry sensitive skin.