Thursday, April 26th, 2012

MAC Angel Lipstick/Lipglass, Nail Lacquer

MAC Fashion Sets – reviews, photos, swatches are coming. I’ve taken 2500 photos, but I still have 7 more sets to photograph. So there’s still a lot of work left before you’ll see any reviews (haven’t gone through, edited, written, etc. anything other than this preview photo!). With luck, I’ll be able to get one or two sets reviewed today with the rest to follow tomorrow and the next day.  Thanks for your patience — there are a whopping 48 products in this launch!

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42 thoughts on “MAC Fashion Sets – Coming Soon!

  1. There some sheer madness in having  48 products although only 32 are new… sadly I’m just not interested in this collection as well. That is a lot of works for you.

  2. RockyHadadi

    christine, can you please tell us what shade/s you’re wearing in the preview photo? thanks!

  3. Kafka

    The nail varnish looks darker than the lipstick.  Faint red undertones that make it a more tulip pink, while the lipstick (which I own) is more pale with a white undertone, but perhaps I am just imagining it. 2500 photos and you’re barely done yet??!!  *faints*  How many photos do you take of each set? 
    You know, we’re really lucky to have you.

    •  @Kafka In all, I ended up around 3,500 photos for the 16 sets.  A lot of things I only take 3-5 shots of, but there are other types of shots that I need to take more of – like lip swatches, nail swatches (I usually take anywhere from 50-100).  I take way, way more than I need to, but a product is only new once – so if I bumble the photo, I can’t go back to it once I’ve swatched it!

  4. Jennifer Love

    I already placed an order! PLEASE hurry with these photos and reviews, I always check your reviews out first and I want to purchase more from this collection! 

  5. Lola

    Thanks for all your hard work.  I can’t wait to see all the swatches!

  6. Shelby

    So excited by this idea but I wish there would have been more LE lipsticks.

  7. Gia

    Lovely color. Can’t wait to see the rest! 😉

  8. PinkDiva512

    Its Online already… I called all my local stores and they said the collection were not going to be avail in my stores until 5/15 :0…. so i will be ordering online

  9. livnzoe

    thank you for doing all this hard work for us christine!!!!! <3

  10. AngieLid

    You’re amazing! :)

  11. Audrey

    Holy eff, 2500 pictures? Christine, you deserve a medal. I’m super pumped to see the swatches!

  12. Kathy S

    I like the polish!

  13. HannahS

    I saw them online also, but decided to wait on Christine’s reviews. I’m interested in a few sets, but will wait for the reviews first. I’m really interested in the limited edition lip glasses like Girl About Town. It’s too bad they are not sold seperately since I already own the Girl About Town lipstick.

    •  @HannahS
       They are being sold seperately. I just bought from the offline site. :)
      I bought the lipglasses to go with the lipsticks i already own. Unless it will be different at the store locations?

  14. I’m really excited about this collection being a nod to retro glamour and the “total look,” but I only wish they had included matching lip pencils with each shade!

  15. Athena

    will this be available at MAC counters or just MAC stores?

  16. Malin

    that is a gorgeous summer color, have to check when it hits the stores here in sweden!!
    It kind of reminds me a bit of one of the colors in chanels spring nail polishes, “May” wich i love but is sold out every where here. hope i can get my hands on this one :)

  17. LauraCM

    Ohh, so much work! But we appreciate it you! :)

  18. LauraCM

    Yikes, I meant we appreciate you! I always check here before I order or swatch something, I like to see how it looks on the lips and then when you do a full face shot! :) We appreciate all the time you put into the pictures and swatches Christine! :)

  19. ImNotAnAddict

    So excited that I can barely breathe!  Can’t wait to see your post, Christine!  Your photos and swatches are always divine!

  20. The collection is already up on MACCOSMETICS.COM  :) 
    I called my local MAC counter and I was told that they will only be getting the North America catagory from the site. So if you want anything other than whats from that catagory.. you might wanna pick it up. Well the catagory of your country :o)

  21. Iris

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  22. Lumissne

    Oooh, would love to pick one of these up! But I have to admit, something ticks me off a little: On the website, in the Asia-Pacific section for this collection, they only mention cities in Asia. Huh? Isn’t “Pacific” meant to be a component here? I’ll admit that New Zealand (where I’m from) is still developing fashion-wise. But what about Australia? 

    • Amanda

       @Lumissne This bothered me too! I’m from Canada but I mean why weren’t any cities from Australia/NZ featured? A little disconcerting. 

    • jeanniesmiles

      @Lumissne I found this on another site, where they listed more countries – 
      “Here are the top selling shades and countries where they rank #1:
      Spice – a best-selling lip pencil in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, UK, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Travel Retail.
      Myth – #1 selling lipstick in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Finland.
      Russian Red – #1 selling lipstick in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Singapore and Venezuela.
      Snob – #1 selling lipstick in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Travel Retail.
      Chestnut – #1 selling lip pencil in the US.
      Rebel – Deep wine cult fav.
      Girl About Town – A popular go-to bright fuchsia!”

  23. Wow, Christine, you are amazing! Hats off to you for all this hard work! (And jeez, Mac, maybe you could launch a few products at a time? LOL!)

  24. Miss J

    2500 photos with more to go…WOW! I know I’ve said it before, but seriously, I greatly appreciate your dedication and the fact that you remain humble. Keep up the great work. 
    BTW, seriously happy I figured out how to get my comments to post, LOL. It took me a bit…slow moments.

  25. KK

    I can’t wait to see these reviews!  I’m really looking forward to this launch.  There are a few lipstick colors I’m excited to try in the lipglass formula (St. Germain, Snob)…I am just not a huge lipstick fan.  Can’t wait to see what you have to say, and as always, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the blog and the reviews, it truly is amazing!

  26. Claire

    Your work is sooo appreciated, Christine!! Your reviews are always worth waiting for :-) AND I THINK I NEED THE ANGEL NAIL POLISH! lol

  27. trhoades

    I really dislike the lipglass formula and MAC lipglosses in general so won’t be buying any of these :) Will save my money for some bobbi brown high shimmer lip glosses. they are the BOMB!

  28. nissanllelys

    I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

  29. Joan

    I was able to access this collection on MAC’s web site (I am not a Pro member) on Thursday April 26. Placed an order for free 2nd day shipping w/promo code ‘SETS’

  30. Hello so far I know MAC Angel Lipstick/Lipglass, Nail Lacquer is really pretty good. Actually I like to use lipstick sometimes but always use lipglass.

  31. Ana G

    You really are amazing Christine! And I can’t wait for your review….my wallet won’t like it, though :-)

  32. zuhacheena

    Omg..!!! Gorgeous.. Cant wait :)

  33. liliamoose

    thank you so much for your hard work you’re the only person i can rely on for accurate photos/swatches and awesome review <3