Friday, September 23rd, 2011

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara

Intensely inky, this lightweight, innovative mousse-like formula saturates lashes in a carbon-black pigment that promises the deepest, darkest, richest look imaginable with full long-lasting coverage. Each stroke of the unique double-lush brush creates vixen volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes, magnifying and multiplying magnificently. Long-wearing polymers quickly coat from

False Lashes Mascara ($19.00 U.S. / $22.50 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Extreme Black Black

availability: October 6th, 2011 (North America), January 2012 (International)

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70 thoughts on “MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara

  1. I’m happy the kept the packaging of the cap style. ^_^

  2. Rebecca

    Now once I pair this with Prep+Prime Lash I will really be sporting some long lashes! :)

  3. Melissa

    I’m interested to see how it performs, but . . . that looks like it’s a very, very standard brush? I don’t know why they’re claiming that the brush is unique when it’s obviously not.

  4. Devi

    It’ll be available on my birthday… neat. xD

    I dislike mascara though, so no chance of me getting this no matter how well it performs. xD

  5. Isn’t it the Marcel Wanders LE Mascara???

  6. gabi

    I wish these mascaras could actually make our lids look somewhere near the perfection of the model’s lids from the ads…
    Do you happen to know the collection/color of the model’s lipstick in the add? It’s so amazing :~

  7. Something about the lashes in that photo are very off-putting. I’d rather know more about her lip color and blush!

  8. Tommy

    Gotta have me some of this!! <3

  9. Nicole R.

    I’m not too crazy about MAC mascara’s, I prefer Mally Beauty’s Volumizing Mascara but may give this one a go. I’m curious about her lip color though, it looks like something I would wear!

  10. I know it’s Photoshopped but damnnn her skin looks good!

    This may the first MAC Mascara I ever purchase!

  11. Annette

    Another ad for mascara with a photo of a girl wearing false lashes. This really annoys me and i’m not the only one.

    • Regina

      This bothers me too. I can’t get over how obvious it is in these promo pics in particular!

    • Arrow

      That was my first reaction too. Those lashes are fake, artfully done but still…

    • Melody

      It annoys me, too! Even though I like the False Lashes formula, I’d still prefer to see the advertised product performing in the ad. I guess you could argue that this ad is meant to be somewhat artistic but still…

    • Ria

      Nope, you’re not. You can just about see her natural lashes, at the outer corner of the eye, and they’re nothing to write home about.

    • Christina

      look at her nostrils – awkward, looks like she’s hollow or sth. bad.

    • Babs

      I’m with you Annette. There should be some truth in advertising when it comes to cosmetic ads. IMO, mascara ads are among the biggest offenders in setting up false expectations.

    • Violet


      So freaking annoying, Jesus.

    • Brianne

      no you definitely are not! I hate when a company makes me feel like they think we are idiots who cannot tell that the models are wearing falsies. Just show us how the mascara actually looks, sell us on the actual performance!!

    • lilly

      Why would I buy this? Is it mascara to wear on TOP OF false lashes? STOP USING FALE LASHES IN ADS! It makes me distrust a company completely. I will NOT be buying MAC for a while now…

    • Karina

      I agree as well as others… Using fake lashes while attempting to advertise how good a mascara product is, is just plain annoying & deters potential buyers from even thinking about trying the product. You would think that companies would know & understand that but, it seems they may just pray on the naive.

  12. Hi Christine! I know this post is about mascara but, is it possible to find out what blush & lippie she’s wearing? It’s just beautiful! :)

  13. Mary

    I don’t like it that everyone’s using false lashes in their ads!

  14. Evelyn

    Nice in theory but as the model is wearing false lashes, I can’t imagine what this will look like on real lashes.

  15. Megan

    I just want to know what lipstick and blush she is wearing.

  16. Lulee

    i think it is crazy how expensive mac mascaras have gotten/are.

  17. Brittany

    I’m more interested in what she is wearing on her lips!
    Does anyone know?

  18. Jennifer

    I quite like the original of this mascara. I have naturally long lashes, so pretty much anything works for me, although I love volumizing formulas most.

    Commentary on Mascara ads in general: I know lashes are hard to photograph and look really well… And in the case of this add the false lashes really drive home what the product is suppose to do , but do to your lashes realistically… However for once I would like a mascara add where they have no false lashes or photoshopped lashes dramatized 34444555x over … It doesn’t represent the product and it gives false hope. I’d settle for real lashes even naturally long ones displaying what the mascara does realistically… IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? lol

  19. Dana

    Another blatant use of false lashes in a mascara ad… so what else is new. They shouldn’t have went so close up here, what’s funny is that you can see the shorter lashes.

  20. Melody

    Oh yeah! I know MAC has a bad rep for mascara but I love the original false lashes formula. I hope this is the same only blacker. <3

  21. Monica

    i like MAC mascara they work well on me, i am waiting for the review 😉

  22. Melina

    I love mascara, and I love testing them out. So I am super curious to see how this performs.

  23. Erin

    Does anyone know of a mascara brand that DOESN’T use fake lashes in their ads? I want to give them my business. A google search turned up pages and pages of complaints but no alternatives.

  24. Chelle

    Sheesh, MAC is a bit behind in releasing info on launches. I do love the packaging design…looks a bit familiar lol.

  25. Ashley

    I hope it does what it claims, I will definitely give it a whirl! I used to really like MAC Opulash, it was their first mascara that I actually liked, but since I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for an impressive mascara I’ve found a couple that I like better, HOWEVER, the others I’ve found are about twice the cost of Opulash! :( I do love the cap style on this one though!

  26. Ugh, I hate mascara ads. I do love the color of her cheeks though!

  27. i’m dying to know the lipcolor 😀 its so pretty!

  28. Violet

    Nice falsies, wonder where I can get those.

    I personally am only digging her eyeliner and would love more pictures showcasing it.

  29. Joanna

    MAC False Lashes is my HG mascara. Not because I get dramatic lashes – it’s the opposite. It gives me natural looking lashes, and I love the wand. I’m interested in trying this new formula.

    • Sarah

      I agree on the natural, yet long lashes this mascara gives!! Love, love, love it!! :) Definitely my HG of mascara too!!

  30. I’m just excited to see a makeup model wearing glasses!

  31. divinem (Melissa)

    While I love the concept of flawlessness, it really bothers me to see someone’s features so digitally enhanced that they look plastic. This is a no-buy on that principle alone for me.

  32. Stephanie S.

    I wish they’d show us how the product performs instead of using false lashes or digitally enhanced lashes.

  33. I love how brands always use false lashes in their mascara adverts! Doesn’t make me want to buy it more, makes me feel a little cheated!

  34. wow. i’m loving the total look of the model. wonder what
    the blush and lipstick is

  35. Sarah

    Nothing more I hate than when mascara ads/promo images feature a model who is wearing false lashes. I guess if I want my lashes to look like the model’s, I’ll buy some falsies instead of the mascara being advertised. Ugh!

  36. Sarah

    I’m in agreement with a lot of the ladies here – im much more interested in the lip color the model has on. do we have any idea what collection its part of/what the color is/how it performs?!? i think it looks beautiful and would love to get my hands on it if it could make my lips look like THAT!

  37. Woah, who do I need to ask about her lipcolor? I love it.

    And I love the package, I want the mascara for the package only.

  38. Sarah

    I will definitely be picking this one up! MAC False Lash Mascara is my favorite! I’m kind of a mascara-a-holic and have tried many different brands, this is by far my favorite! It never clumps and seperates and lengthens lashes so well! Definitely a must-have for this girl! :)

  39. Roseline

    Does anyone know what blush the model is wearing? Can someone please help me?! THANK-YOUU!!! <33

  40. Nina

    Sorry, not related to this post…
    i was on the MAC (canada) website and noticed that they have NY fashion week looks up, for Jeremy Scott kissable lip color was used, and it says the item isnt yet available, but to sign up for the waitlist…

    Do you have any information on when the Kissable Lipcolour will be back? and info on shades etc?

    Loved it from the Peacocky collection, just wished I bought more!!


  41. mixipixi

    ooooh — do we know what blush and lippie the model is wearing? tia!

  42. Shauna

    I have the original false lashes that came out some months ago. I found that I did like the brush style, and it made my lashes have a very “natural look” sooo here’s hoping that this one will be much more intense!

  43. Maria Fernanda Lievore

    makeup artist from MAC said that she’s wearing Snob+Pink Fade on lips.

  44. Carmen

    I contacted MAC Online and they said that the model is wearing Creme Cup LS and So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush :)

  45. Never mind the mascara – the lipstick is gorgeous!

  46. p powers

    i am trying to find out where the black frame glasses can be bought. also plan to try the mascera.

  47. Christina

    THE worst mascara I have ever used, the girl in the shop told me to layer it up to get the full affect. I do and when it looks like that it’s average. I’ve brought better mascara’s from drug store’s for £5 or less. It flakes, doesn’t build up well, and the brush doesn’t give good coverage. I definitely would not recommend. In fact I’d take it back if I could.