Thursday, August 19th, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines
MAC Fabulous Felines

MAC Fabulous Felines:  Sneak Peek

Bloomingdale’s started selling the Fabulous Felines collection (at least in part!) online on Monday, so of course, because I wanted to bring you photos and swatches as soon as humanly possible, I placed an order with express shipping.  Bloomingdale’s was missing several items, though (1 blush, 2 lipglasses, 3 lipsticks, 2 liners, 2 pigments), so unfortunately, this is not a full or exhaustive review.

I’m going to try and get everything reviewed and swatched ASAP over the next few hours.  I will fill in any missing products when the collection launches officially and I can buy the ones I’m missing then.

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56 thoughts on “MAC Fabulous Felines: Sneak Peek

  1. It isn’t there anymore… do you think they removed it from the site? or did everything just sell out?

  2. Karen

    I wasn’t gonna get something from this collection until I saw this post Christine.. :) I think I want those liquid liners and blushes.

    And yeah I know I’m not supposed to mention this here. I understand that alot of MAC devotee out there is against the Rodarte Collection and that’s fine with me, but I’m going to be honest, I think my heart broke when I realized I’m not gonna get the beauty powder it was soo pretty. Hehe just saying, hope didnt offend anyone..

  3. Patty

    Christine, you are amazing! I can’t wait to see your recommendations :]

  4. Rachael

    Yay! It arrived!

  5. Charlotte McKinney


  6. Lamb

    Awesome! One of the MUAs at my store has been pumping me up for this release, she thinks I’m going to love it.

  7. Awesome I cant wait for swatches :)
    Do you know if this is for sale at Macys yet?

  8. lameka

    my mouth is watering

  9. Judy

    As always. Thank you Christine!

  10. Vix

    This is awesome, thanks Christine!

  11. Jessie

    m excited for this one !!!! i work in conservative environment n neutrals are a big hit with me 😀
    waiting waiting for the swatches !!

  12. stephanie

    wow! this collections looks super huge even with items missing! i’m excited for it.

  13. Georgie

    I didnt realise mac changed the quad packaging, also any first thoughts on the new liners?

  14. Katya

    oh my goodness! the lipglasses look really awesome :)!

  15. Melissa (divinem)

    Oooooh, yummy! Can’t wait ’til you get your order from Bloomies so we can see swatches. Thank for lifting the veil, Christine!

  16. Michelle

    Awesome Christine! Can’t wait for more!
    Must be a lot of work, so therefor: THANK YOU! I appreciate what you’re doing A LOT.
    I live in the Netherlands, so your swatches always make the final decision whether to buy certain products or not.

  17. Happy

    I will def be getting those eyeliners

  18. Wow everything looks gorgeous!!

  19. Oh my goodness…those SuperSlick liners. I said I was going to get them all, and now I see I’m going to HAVE to. So pretty!!!

  20. TSquared2

    You’re a gem for doing this Christine! I was eagerly awaiting your reviews and swatches!

  21. Divinna

    You are the best chica!

  22. victoria

    aahhh, this is what i’m really interested in. thanks so much for posting it.

  23. Leslie

    I’m lovin’ the quads! whee!

  24. Ally_D

    Yikes, how exciting! Going to look forward to reading this when you’ve had time to report back.

    Been LOLing at MusingsOfAMuse and EnkoreMakeUp on Twitter re not disturbing you when you’re swatching. I shall be quiet now so as not to distract you any longer…

  25. Amanda Enn

    I’m disappointed that there are no single eyeshadows . . . :(

  26. Tonya

    I can’t wait! Saw some of the collection on Bloomies website but dont want to pay the heafty shipping fee. I can wait one more week.

    • Yeah, express shipping was $50. FIFTY! On $600! I couldn’t get over it. Should have been like $5, LOL. Well, maybe $10-15. $50 is a bit ridiculous.

  27. Adrine


    You are just amazing at how efficient and fast you work. I appreciate your efforts in getting these out to us. Love you!!!!


  28. Connie

    Aww thanks Christine for trying to grab the products asap so we can see pics/swatches. You are truly an angel for doing this for us! We really appreciated!*big hugs* 😀

  29. crlsweetie912

    Did it sell out? I don’t see it?

  30. Tiffany

    Wow what is the name of that goldish pigment I see in the back right?

  31. Leslie

    Thank you so much Christine!!!

  32. Marjolijn

    Wow, looks gorgeous! I love it when you track earlier launches like this down so we can get a sneak peek 😀

  33. Ashley D.

    I love this already.

  34. OMG you bought all these?! How much did it cost?? I was already teary when paying for around $180 worth of Lancome and Shu Uemura around last year.

  35. jaspreet

    my mouth is watering

  36. I’m LOVING almost all of the liquid liners. I’m addicted to liquid liners, can’t wait til these come on sale in Europe