Saturday, August 28th, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Look: Palace Pedigreed

This is a quick look I did on Friday using several products from the Palace Pedigreed portion of the Fabulous Felines collection.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.ย  Using the 239, apply Courtly eyeshadow on the middle of the lower lid. Lightly blend Quite Spoiled eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid with 239 and bring above the inner crease. Blend Palace Pedigreed eyeshadow on outer third of the lid and into the crease. Highlight the brow bone with Trench eyeshadow with the 239. Bring everything together by applying Rockstar liner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Plum Foolery blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Aristo-cat lipstick as a base color, then layer Docile lipglass on top for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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189 thoughts on “MAC Fabulous Felines Look: Palace Pedigreed

  1. you’re killing my wallet, Christine! lol so gorgeous, I loveeee the lip especially!

  2. abby


  3. ooo wooww this REALLY looks pretty on you! I love the WHOLE LOOK! i keep looking back, thats how much i like it!

  4. LADY DI.

    This is such a pretty look! I’ve skimmed through tons of the looks youve done and you just continue to improve and come up with so many unique and very wearable e/s combinations. I have copied so many of them! great work!

  5. Jody

    Wow, super pretty Love the lips, cant wait to get all my products!

  6. Cara

    pretty lady!

  7. Silvia

    Very classy, I like it :)

  8. Leticia

    You look amazing!!

  9. Marie

    That is such a pretty look on you!!

  10. izabela

    this is beautiful!

  11. I normally tend to think you look better with warmer colours on, but can I just say: WOW!!! You look so uber-gorgeous with this make up on! Amazing!

  12. You look so lovely in this look!

  13. Cรฉline

    Wow this look is so pretty on you and seems easy to make. I wish I could get the aristo cat lipstick but it seems like this collection won’t appear in France or maybe not online. I’ll have to check! Thanks for all these pretty looks! bye

  14. Leslie

    this is gorgeous on you!!!! these are so my colors, I need this! why am I broke right now, dangit? :)
    beautful palette….

  15. Courtney

    Hi Christine!! Do you think that Sophisto is a close dupe for Aristo-Cat lipstick?? Do you know of any other dupes as well?

  16. Dini

    So pretty! I wish I could pull off such cool colors.

  17. Ashley

    This is a wonderful look! I think I might do it with some of the products I already have for today!

  18. victoria

    wow what a beautiful fall look.

  19. Sarah

    This looks great, Christine! I really need to have some of those Feline products.
    I have no experience in this, can you tell me if they are going to sell out quickly or if I have a chance to still get them in mid September (when I’m in the States)? Otherwise I would have to buy them here in Germany, but they are way more expensive here! Argh…
    Thank you :)

  20. phuongk

    very nice look and shirt to go with it! love it!

  21. Katya

    i love the look!! great job!!!

  22. LH

    You look so pretty. I’m loving the lip combo do you think an nc42 could pull it off?

  23. Phoebe

    This is such a gorgeous look! You can really pull off the purple hues :)

  24. Amal

    Pretty! really pretty! <3

  25. holdenismine

    Your eyelashes look lovely! I have a sample of the chanel mascara, i must try it out, makes your lashes really pop out!

  26. Shavonne

    Thats gorgeous on you!

  27. Cynthia M.

    so pretty! love the colors and makes me really want to go out and get Aristo-cat! i’ve been avoiding it :)

  28. Madelynn


  29. Diana B

    Beautiful look on you with the matching shirt.

  30. yiota

    this looks amazing on you Christine!!

  31. Renee

    Christine, this is a gorgeous color palette on you. Your e/s application here is flawless, what brush did you use to apply the outer-V color (Palace Pedigreed, I believe) and did you blend it out with any other brush?

  32. LNU

    I love your lipstick!

  33. Jade

    That is absolutely stunning. I wasn’t tempted by anything from Fabulous Felines until now!

  34. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to try this quad!!!!

  35. Naomi

    Everything matches so well! Beautiful! I loooove the lip colour!

  36. GretalovesMAC

    You look stunning!

  37. Dana

    So pretty! Especially the lip, I’m going to have to get Aristo-cat, it looks gorgeous :)

  38. This look is lovely, I might reconsider the quad (this was the only one I was interested in the first place), and definitely getting the lipstick! Love it so much! And your lashes look gorgeous, but I didn’t get on with my sampe Chanel Inimitable mascara when I tried it, so will probably pass. Unless it doesn’t need an instruction manual to use like the other one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. That lip combo is to DIE for. Definitely going to get these now.

  40. Diane

    Gorgeous look on you.

  41. IndoorKitty

    Christiney, this looks so good on you! The quad looked like complete garbage on me, I’m an NC 40 with under eye circles; I called it my Zombie-kitty face. Sigh.

  42. chibu74

    OMG, you look gorg…pinks and plums suit you the most….so pretty

  43. Marie

    I love * everything * about this look! It’s great for any occasion. :)

  44. Karin

    oh my goodness, this looks FABULOUS on you, christine! WOW!

  45. I really love this looks !!!!

  46. Sandra

    That lip combination looks lovely on you Christine!

  47. Lil

    What do you think about creme de la femme as a dupe for aristocat?

  48. Wendy M.

    Very pretty, Christine!
    I am especially loving the lip. ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. Wow you look SO gorgeous! I think this is one of your best looks I’ve seen so far. And I love how everything matches your clothes too.

    Just brilliant! <3

  50. Mamavalveeta03

    Absolutely gorgeous eye and lip colors on you! But may I ask, why no liner on the upper lid? I just feel it would complete the look and bring out your beautiful eyes even more! : )

  51. Beautiful look Christine!!!
    Is Aristo-cat lipstick anything like bubblegum l/s from colour forecast?

  52. justine

    that’s super pretty!

  53. Penny

    Oooh! That’s gorgeous! I’m almost your coloring and I thought I was too warm for this palette, but seeing how great it looks on you has convinced me otherwise. :)

    Love that lip combo, too.

  54. Tatum

    Oohh, I just bought this palette yesterday, so I will be doing this lookk.:p

  55. I LOVE this look Christine, it’s one of your best :) xox

  56. FlyingBuffalo

    Gorgeous! I think I’ll get Docile, it’s so pretty!

  57. Hilaryโ™ฅ

    Aww that’s an amazing eyelook Christine! You are so talented and I LOVE reading your blog everyday =) you always make my day with all your makeup and beauty tips. Thank you! โ™ฅ

  58. Elle

    I think you’ve sold me on his palette AND the lippies, Christine :) You look gorgeous! It’s always cool to also see how the shirt/dress/whatever you’re wearing in the photos you take with your looks always makes the look pop even more. I’ve started doing that a bit more with my shirts and makeup, and it’s cool to see how they coordinate.

  59. Cheyenne

    Wow I love this whole look. I skipped on this Quad, but I did get the lipstick. Nor did I get the lipgloss. Maybe later I’ll pick these up ! ^_^

  60. megan

    Very pretty…it goes great with your shirt!

  61. Leah

    Oh my God, this is beautiful!!!!

  62. Riche

    Christine this is one of my favorite looks on you! The different shades of pink/plum look great against your skin and really highlight your natural beauty. LOVE IT!

  63. CeeBee

    Lovely! I am really loving the Aristo-cat lipstick, will definitely have to snag that when it comes out here. And I’m a total sucker for purple eyes – you look amazing!

    I might try this with a slightly cooler pink blush, The Balm Down Boy or Jordana Rose Silk as I don’t have Plum Foolery…

    Have you used anything on your brows? Or are that naturally that dark and full – I have to do mine everyday!

  64. Sally

    So pretty!! Love that pic of you smiling and looking at the camera.

  65. Jennifer

    That shade of pink (your shirt) is very flattering on you. It makes your olive-brown eyes pop!

    And nice makeup look too, btw. Hehe. ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. Bernice

    You look so so fantastic !

  67. a really gorgeous look!

  68. Ryan

    wow you look so beautiful. And the lip combo is stunning!

  69. Kerry

    i love this look on you. the blush and lip colour look really good with your colouring :) i think i might have to go buy plum foolery now lol x

  70. Jannette

    I think purples really suit you – you always look so beautiful and femine~~~ :)

  71. Ester

    This totally makes me want Rockstar liner. I really hope UD comes out with a cool new liner set for this holiday season.

  72. serene

    Must get that Aristo-cat Lipstick!

    Christine, you look fabulous. I think this look is one of your best. You look great in purples and pinks, moreso than any other colour palettes imo.

  73. Patrizia


  74. Sam

    Wow great job! The color combinations are perfect and spot-on. The lip was also a great choice. This is so flattering on you as well, you look so feminine + beautiful.

  75. Omg!!!! One of the best looks you’ve done. Or I might be biased because I looooove pinks and purples. heehee.

  76. Heather

    This look is great, but I wish you could post more than one picture. Or at least a shot with your eye closed. Thank you!

  77. TheGnome

    Gorgeous. I love the eye look.

  78. Michelle

    That lip color is STUNNING on you, and the purples really compliment your skintone… you look so lovely!

  79. Lizet Luna

    You’re beautiful little girl! No doubt your beauty with this look appears =)

    Happy Week to you!

    Un abrazo desde Mรฉxico =)


  80. Lis

    You look hot in this pic.

  81. Shanda

    those colors are gorgeous. I might have to get those…

  82. Anuja Dixit

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  83. Argh Christine it looks so so so beautiful on you!! After I saw this look I rushed out to get the palette (I was gonna pass on this one), but even with a base I can’t get Quite Spoiled to look pink on me, it’s always purple, so the entire quad looks like smoky purple on me. But oh well, it looks utterly gorgeous on you!!! =D

  84. Argh Christine it looks so so so gorgeous on you!!! I rushed out to get it after you did this look (I was gonna pass on this one), but when I did wear it, Quite Spoiled looks just like a plain lavender purple on my lids, so the whole quad looks just like plain old smoky purple on me, not at all feminine-looking like yours. It looks soo good on you!! ps: can you recommend me a pink that would also look like the pink on your lids from MAC? I’m not too good with picking out pinks for my eyes hehe =) I have quite a bit of MAC shadows but I never saw one looking like that! I want to make my own Palace Pedigreed quad with the Trax eyeshadow LOL. Thank you!! =D

  85. Perri

    GORGEOUS~ I just bought this palette- I will try this look tomorrow :)

  86. Bettina

    that’s super pretty

  87. megan

    So i wish I would have bought this palette but I didn’t…I was wondering since they were all limited addition if there were dupes you could recommend to me for all the colors in the pallete?
    I would greatly appreciate it!