Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: My Reds & Pinks — Limited Edition

Can you guess which shade is which? It’s not easy! You’ll find the answers behind the cut, under the second photo of the palette! :)  I took close-ups, but I wasn’t satisfied with the majority of them, so I’ll have to do those at another time.  Consider it on the to-do list but a not-so-urgent item…  We’ll do oranges and golds next!

Some clues…

  • All shades are limited edition (I have all permanent shades in separate palettes)
  • 95% of my limited edition eyeshadows are from 2004-2010, with an emphasis on 2009-2010
  • There may be duplicates of some limited edition shades (but they’ll be next to each other)
  • Square-shaped shades are from holiday palettes

What’s inside the palette…

Top Row: Limo, ‘Til Daybreak, Hot Hot Hot, Free to Be (oops, a permanent slipped there!)
Middle Row: Living Pink, Maira’s Mood, Perky, Pink Papillon, Up-do
Bottom Row: Wintersky, Ego, Et Tu, Bouquet?, Liberty of London, Firespot

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27 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: My Reds & Pinks — Limited Edition (2010)

  1. Nice collection! Is there a reason why you keep LEs separate from perm’s?

    I’m looking forward to the gold and orange palette.

    • After blogging for awhile, I’ve found that using LE eyeshadows from 2 years ago pretty useless, when it comes to showing a look, so I avoid using them in looks — it’s easier for me to separate them out so I don’t accidentally use one, too. I try to use permanent shades and/or recently released limited edition shades — e.g. the latest collection. Basically, the idea being to only use colors/shades you can purchase.

  2. Roxanne

    Oh yay! I love seeing your pallettes :) I couldn’t name almost any of them. I’m good at permanents, not so at limited edition ones.

    Sooo… on another note… I FINALLY BOUGHT CHINA GLAZE RUBY PUMPS! I’ve been lemming it since I saw swatches on Temptalia and I’m over the moon about this polish. It’s so prettyyy *bling bling* Thanks a million, Christine! 😀

  3. Ryan

    What colleciotn was pink papillon from??

  4. Amy

    How do u get ur le e/s out of the original packaging? This is a huge pain!!!!

  5. Dawn

    I have just 4 of those

  6. I had no idea the square-shaped eyeshadows fit in a regular palette! Maybe now I won’t be so hesitant to pick up a few holiday palettes from my CCO.

  7. Ricci

    I loveee the Limo, nice collection!

  8. Cherie

    Love it!!!!

  9. Cherokee

    Love your palette. I am actually considering buying a palette and getting the eyeshadow for $11 as opposed to $14.50. I don’t want to depan and risk breaking a shadow.

    Since MAC opened a flagship store on 42nd Street in NYC I am really excited to just go and get crazy.

  10. Laurz

    I don’t have many pinks..but I guessed the two that I have!! (Free to be and HotHOtHot..) I am excited for the gold and orange…I have more of those..

  11. Kate

    how do you depot the square ones?

    • I haven’t done it in several years–I think mine are from the 2005 palettes–I just popped the plastic pan out, then I used a lighter to melt the pans out.

  12. I was wondering if your MAC store allows you to Back 2 MAC the eyeshadow singles with just the plastic outer part (and no metal pan.) That’s a WHOLE lot of Back 2 MAC you’d have.

    • They should, but unfortunately, Back 2 MAC is one of the worst implemented programs (in terms of what rules apply and are applied uniformly). I don’t do B2M very often, but I’ve been able to do that in the past.

  13. Sparkleandsmile16

    Great collection! I didn’t know you could fit in the square ones also.

  14. Alisha in WI

    oooOooo…I want firespot!

  15. lauraaaaaaaa

    christine! is firespot like amber lights?