Sunday, April 25th, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: Limited Edition Eyeshadows (April 2010)

Here’s a round-up post of all of the palettes in one place :)  Please keep in mind that I’ve been buying MAC since 2004 — it’s not like my collection grew overnight!  The journey is there, and there’s a lot of fun to be had in taking that journey!

See close-ups…

Top Row: Limo, ‘Til Daybreak, Hot Hot Hot, Free to Be (oops, a permanent slipped there!)
Middle Row: Living Pink, Maira’s Mood, Perky, Pink Papillon, Up-do
Bottom Row: Wintersky, Ego, Et Tu, Bouquet?, Liberty of London, Firespot

Top Row: Fab & Flashy, Off the Page, Pollinator, Evening Aura, Straw Harvest
Middle Row: Flip, Jasmine, Bright Future, Going Bananas, Crest the Wave
Bottom Row: Dreammaker, Creme de Miel, Creme de Miel, Dreammaker, Rose Blanc

Top Row: Fiction, Scarab, Mink & Sable, Sable Wrap, Henna
Middle Row: Warming Trend, Tender Metal, Summer Neutral, Rye, Rye
Bottom Row: Glare, One-Off, Aquavert, Aquavert, Rated R

Top Row: Eyepopping, Overgrown, Metamorph, Tease ‘n Teal, Gulf Stream
Middle Row: A Bluer Blue, Melody, Cool Heat, Parrot, Stormwatch
Bottom Row: Strike a Pose, Birds & Berries, Birds & Berries, Talent Pool, Haunting

Top Row: Blue Storm, Blue Flame, Love Lace, Fashion, Suave Intentions
Middle Row: Top Knot, Deep Shade, Cinders, Thunder, Climate Blue
Bottom Row: Violet Trance, Very Violet, Dame’s Desire, Lotusland, Fashion Groupie

Top Row:
Pearl of the Earth, Hypnotizing, Thunder, Banshee, Of Summer
Middle Row: Rompin’, Purple Shower, Lala, Showstopper, Night Maneuvers
Bottom Row: Magnetic Fields, Prepped for Glamour, Style Snob, Milled Cider, Sorcery

Top Row:
100 Strokes, Buckwheat, Cross Cultural, Taupe Note, Modelette
Middle Row:
Ochre Style, Bagatelle, Elite, Glamour Check, Glamour Check
Bottom Row:
A Little Folie, Beautyburst, Cut to Fit, Valet, French Cuff

Top Row:
Bold & Brazen, Neutral Pink, Tissueweight, Goldbit, Hey
Middle Row:
Modest Tone, Nanogold, Nanogold, Sugarshot, Performance
Bottom Row:
Soft Force, Daisychain, Chamomile, Blurr, White Tie

Top Row:
Casablanca, Rite of Spring, Unbasic White, , All Races
Middle Row:
Pincurl, Pincurl, Sugar Shot, Silverthorn, Cumulus, Bough Grey
Bottom Row:
Arctic Grey, Apres-Ski, Gazette Grey, Clue, Smoke & Diamonds

Top Row:
Smoke & Diamonds, Knight, Charred, Mont Blanc

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109 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: Limited Edition Eyeshadows (April 2010)

  1. just curious….what are the square ones from? Are they from the holiday palettes?

  2. Dianna

    What a beautiful collection! Are there any shades that you absolutely could not live without?

  3. Melly

    there’s so many eyeshadows! just wondering, could you wear pink eyeshadow as blush?

    • Yes, you definitely could :) If it’s safe for the eyes, it’s probably safe for the cheeks — particularly when it comes to eyeshadows! Now, a blush as an eyeshadow – not necessarily eye safe!

  4. kapi

    How come you don’t pop out the separators so you can fit more eyeshadows in?

  5. Sam

    Wow, I think I counted 139 just LE? You’re a very lucky girl! :] I can just imagine what it looks like with permaments!

  6. Hi Christine, how do you get pop out the holiday pallets? I have the smoke and mirrors palette from last year and I cannot for the life of me get out the section with all the shadows to melt them out!

    Any assistance would be amazing!! xx

  7. Victoria


    wow to think this is ONLY the LE MAC e/s you own!!

  8. This is really great! Enjoyed each and every post you made with the different colors and color groups. I am still trying to figure out how to organize my eyeshadows (not all from MAC, as I am trying to grow my MAC collection of eyeshadows). I was thinking of doing it by brands but then all the similar shades will be scattered around….hmmm…..gotta think about it…..

  9. Roxanne

    Good lord that is a lot of shadows!

  10. AZ

    This makes me depressed =( I keep finding colors here I want.. and then realize they’re LE so most likely I won’t ever be able to find them..

    • Marjan

      Ah don’t worry, MAC will most likely release similar shades in the future and/or repromote some of their old ones ^^

      By the way lovely collection Christine =)

  11. rashmi

    wowowowoww this one was so tempting ….
    do tell me when r u going for dinner next time so that i can come down to ur place ( hahahah USA ) to steal them yeaaaaaaa

    i have one quest. here sweetie …. when i started collecting blushes i didnt thought m gonna buy more then 2 – 3 but as now m addicted pls tell me how can i depot them in n empty blush pallete n use the empty containers for BACK 2 MAC…
    is it possible???

  12. Jennifer

    I think this summer I am going to try to depot all my LE single shadows and other single shadows in pots. I have two palette’s and two quads…And I just adore them better that way, but I am scared I’ll break the shadow depotting… hmmm.

    • Practice on the shades you’re not as in love with… start with those, then save your absolute favorites for the end. I haven’t lost any eyeshadows, I don’t think, though I’ve slipped my nail or the knife and gouged an eyeshadow several times… but I am not really patient about the process.

  13. smoke&diamonds is LE. oh no. I saw this shade a few times and always wanted to buy.

    to be honest, i’m really jealous. really! :-)

  14. Christine – love this post! You have such a great collection.

    Question: Have you ever considered doing what Josh (a.k.a. Petrilude on YouTube) does with his MAC palettes? He takes out the plastic insert and is then able to fit 28 eyeshadow pans instead of just the standard slotted 15 pans? You might be able to consolidate more shadows into fewer palettes… :)

  15. Vale

    You can’t even imagine how much I am envying you!!! And these are just the LE ones!!!

  16. I love your collection! It takes dedication to a whole new level. You rock Christine!

    I totally fell in love with 2 e/s, Ochre Style and A Little Folie (they are in the 7th palette from the top). They’d be so perfect for a look I have planned. Do you recall which collection they come from?

    • Hi Chester,

      They came from “The Originals” Collection, which featured twists on classic MAC eyeshadows. If you like A Little Folie, check out Folie (permanent), which A Little Folie is based off of. Ochre Style is based off of Ochre, which is an old, discontinued shade, so I don’t think there’s anything quite like it in the permanent line.

  17. Keren


  18. love it!! i’m partial to the bronze and browns.. :)sigh!! congratulations.. :) yes, addiction for makeup hardly ends here. :)

  19. aradhana

    wow! thanks for sharing–that is some collection!
    are the doubles of certain shades ‘backups’, or do you generally buy the shadow each time it comes out in a collection for your reviews?

  20. coco72

    How many B2M have you got depotting these eyeshadows?

  21. rowan

    mac releases a lot of samey le colours!! but they are beautiful

  22. Kim L

    I know there is always talk about not keeping makeup too long because of bacteria. How long would you keep an eyeshadow and how would you know it is time to toss. I am very strict with my mascara and liquid liner, but I never know about eyeshadow and blush. Considering you have some older ones I wanted your opinion.

    • Hi Kim,

      I don’t follow the “rules.” Powder products are not a playground for bacteria–bacteria likes warm, moist places, which is why stuff like lipgloss and mascara have shorter lives. Every six months or so, I spritz my eyeshadows with rubbing alcohol and wipe down with a paper towel or cloth.

      • Kim L

        Great! Thank you – I never actually thought about it – I toss out so much…….. yeah, now I know better!

        What would you say about something like cream blush/eyeshadow?

        How long do you keep your lipglosses? I am very strict with mascara – but kind of attached to my lipgloss

        • Depends on how clean you keep it, I’d say. I usually go by if it smells bad, looks funny, changes texture, etc. I would estimate cream blush/shadow at 2-3 years or so, but you could always wipe off the top layer. Lipglosses you use a lot are probably limited to about 2 years.

  23. KC

    I would be very happy if I owned that gold and bronze palette. It’s like wow!!

  24. Great collection they are all gorgeous.

  25. Meghann

    I find that LE e/s are not really that necessary to have just because they are an LE. Pretty much the permanent line has the color of the LE but may added a glitter or be slight more pigmented. In rare cases, you can find an LE that is totally different from other colors offered by MAC. But mainly LE’s are to see if being slightly off the permanent color will look more appealing on you. Unless you’re the type that has to have every single shade no matter how slight of a difference it is, you can just get one or two per collection if need be. Eg. Dame’s Desire/Stars and Rocket, Birds and Berries/Strike a Pose. So I say don’t be sadden if you missed one of these, either it’ll come out again shortly or there is already a shade that is similar.

    Now when it comes to lip glosses and lipsticks, I’m an LE junkie. No matter how slight it is, I can see the difference. E/s is different so I don’t have as many as I do with the lippy’s.

  26. Selena

    Your blog is the absolute BEST for makeup junkies like me. I look forward to it every day! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Oh and I love the LE post, I love looking back at the past releases.

  27. Áurea Robles

    Swatch them pelase !

  28. Chiara

    OOOh, i love especially your greens, and your teals, and fashion groupie too :-)

  29. I think I have 14 of these myself, lol. :) What a lovely collection! Can’t wait to see the rest. :) I love looking at people’s stashes, especially huge well organised ones. 😉

  30. Sally

    I’m not going to lie! I started salivating when I saw your Goldbit! I have one tiny piece left and I’m scared to use it. Its my holy grail eyeshadow! I wish they would repromote it, its been 5 years…FIVE!!!!

    Do you know of any good dupes?

    • Hey (recently came out, but LE) and Jest are both similar, but they’re more pigmented and peachier, but they’re very similar to me. Retrospeck is similar but obviously more golden. Maybe a mix of Retrospeck and Jest would get you there.

  31. JB/Brandi

    Wow! These are just LE eyeshadows! I can’t even imagine what your permanent collection looks like!

  32. and please show your regular mac colors too!

  33. Dini

    Oooh. What a stunning and well-organized LE collection. Lovely!

  34. Jess0501

    can u show how to depot the limited edition palette?? thx

  35. monika

    I remeber how I used to love casablanca…

  36. HC

    Ok, doesn’t the OCDness in you scream when some shadows are in their square form?? hahaha it’s KILLING me!

  37. Donna

    Great collection… do you find that you have a lot of breakage in the palettes? I’ve thought about depotting mine and using the big palettes instead…

  38. wow cool collection!

  39. That palette of pinks is making me jealous!

  40. daphne

    Thanks so much for sharing these Christine. My permanent/LE mixed palettes add up to a few less than these 😉 I wonder, do you end up giving a lot away or otherwise parting with them? I feel like since these are so heavy on the last 15 months or so of collections, there are definitely some I remember you using pre-2009 that I think aren’t here (the only one that comes to mind is Wondergrass, since it’s one of my favorites, but I think there must be more). Or have you just not depotted and paletted *everything*?

    • Wondergrass should be here, but I might have gotten it mixed up in my permanents (just like Free to Be got mixed up here… and I have two Free to Bes, LOL), but it should be here. I depotted 68 on Friday, so it’s still a bit of a work in progress :)

      • daphne

        68!! I barely have the patience to do a half-dozen at a time (I’m always accidentally touching hot pans with my fingers and trying not to let the glue stick pans to my protective paper towels and…well, I’m clumsy!). I admire your steadfastness in sticking to your permanent or new shadows, though I have to admit, I miss your use of some of the LEs…because I finally own them! Ha! I mean, I chased down a bunch of LE shadows because of this blog (C-Shock colors come to mind). Of course, it’s also taught me how to use them creatively myself 😉

        • I’m the opposite… I loathe to depot, so I end up doing a TON at once, LOL.

          I’ve just found that after a certain point, it gets tough for readers who aren’t so into MAC or are newer to MAC to track down older products, even though they are great. I’ve taken to using a lot more PRO products to replace some of those favorite LEs — at least they’re permanent and anyone *can* buy them, even it may take a little work, lol!

          • daphne

            Yeah, I’ve noticed you’ve done that with the Pro colors! I think it’s great that you make the looks more accessible. And I actually do a lot of “reverse duping” 😛 Like I picked up Rose Blanc a long while ago at a CCO, but I don’t have Nylon, so if I’m trying out one of your looks that calls for Nylon I use RB instead…or Sweet Chestnut instead of Cranberry…etc :)

  41. HC

    Hm, I know you have femme-fi. Where do you keep that LE shade?

    • I keep that with my permanents, actually, because I love it and can always recommend a dupe (Shroom!) 😛 There are a couple of LEs (I can’t remember other than Femme-fi) that I persist in using. It was tough to put Going Bananas away!

  42. Tiffany

    those two Aquaverts look different!
    this reminded me of a question I’ve been wanting to ask someone. How do these single pans work with Back 2 Mac since you depotted them? Do you just throw away the casing and B2M the pans?

  43. Brielle

    Hello Christine!

    I have recently told my family that I collect makeup as a hobby because I love to experiment and play with it. Everyone keeps on telling me to stop buying makeup, but I enjoy it alot! I use my own money to buy everything and they stil pester me about it. What should I do?

    • If you’re not in debt, late on paying your bills, etc. then you should just keep reiterating that it’s a hobby, it makes you happy. It’s like collecting stamps!

  44. Brittney

    Ahh… Valet how i love you! I wish MAC would bring it back…

    and Firespot and Fiction…. I truly miss fiction! and Firespot has been one i have been dying to get my hands on..

  45. VJNS

    Christine, what do you do with all the shadows you don’t use? After a while, I either trade with or give them to my daughters. My regular shadows are in a palette or in a caboodle.

    • I keep them in a different area so that I can compare to newer products, since I get a lot of questions about a dupe for such and such or is x a dupe for such and such :)

  46. drooool. I wish I had this much MAC eyeshadow!

  47. jillo

    I still want pink papillon! i don’t know how I missed out on it….I hope it gets re released soon

  48. Anna


    i would love to know how you depot your holiday palettes. ive tried depotting my nyx shadows (tried it with the cheap ones first) and i ruined most of them =[

    • I just popped the plastic pan out of the palette, used a lighter to heat up the bottom of each well, and then pushed through with a knife!

  49. chitra

    WOW!!! What a great collection you have there.
    Back in the days, i wish a grab Magnetic fields :(
    Now i really regret not buying that.
    I was wondering, where do you buy the empty paletes?