Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Makeup @ Erickson Beamon S/S 2012

More photos of the look by MAC – more like the step-by-step process, which I felt really privileged to watch as Chantal Miller (MAC Senior Artist) go through and demo for the other artists. They did a few different color combinations as well. I’m hoping to get more information about what they used in the next day or two!

Check out more photos!

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54 thoughts on “MAC @ Erickson Beamon S/S 2012

  1. Patty

    The looks are amazing!!!! I have a few questions…. What and how did they seal the eyebrows? And the False eyelashes, are they black card stock (thick paper)? What material is it???? Thanks!

  2. Elysia

    GORGEOUS! loove love love! I think “so Bad” from dear to wear could be a total dupe for what was on the one model’ s lips.

  3. Megan

    I kind of want to rock that fiery eye on vacation in Vegas this week. :)

  4. Madeline

    Looking at all those colors makes me so happy!

  5. Ashley

    Wow! I LOVE this theatrical makeup. The purple-lips look and then the orange eye…wow. I bet those long eyelashes feel so weird! :)

  6. Liz

    I don’t get it.

    • Mariella

      Whew – glad I’m not alone! Sure this looks bright and creative and would be wonderful (or not – those lashes could be a hazard) if you are a performer in Cirque de Soleil or a dance troupe. Personally, I get more from looking at Christine’s looks and seeing how she combines and blends shadow products for a look I can actually WEAR.

    • It’s called runway makeup. Along with the clothes, its sometimes very extreme and not expected to be worn in the street…

  7. Crystal

    Wow-zas!!!! I LOVE the make-up in these photos especially the glittery lips. (The 6th to last pic) Her lips look cool! can u do a tutorial on how to achieve that look? (well only how to do the lips)

  8. They sort of look like sparkly faries. 😀

  9. emily

    I love the fiery eyes! Wow.

  10. kasiaj85

    I wonder, which lipstick is it on pics 21-22…. it looks amazing!!! great colorful makeups!

  11. Lucy

    I really wanna know how to get those purple lips. I must have them! Christine, what colors did they use and is it available? Does anyone know of some good dupes for these purple lips?

  12. artemis

    kinda too much, i like the kind o make-up looks that makes you look hotter, these seem like the make-up is wearing the model but they would be cute for a ballet costume or a video

  13. Reminds me of Gem and the Holograms

  14. Isabell

    Cool! It looks quite similar to a make-up Sam from Pixiwoo did a couple of months ago:

  15. I LOVE these fun looks! Great ‘fantasy’ with explosions of color.

  16. Devi

    Err… horribly stupid question, but what’s S/S? :-[

    But I absolutely love this. It’s this type of artistic, outside-the-box approach that caused me to respect makeup so much. I especially love the model with the smooth orange shadow under her eye and the purple lip. It’s almost liberating in a sense.

  17. I love this! So fun and colorful!

  18. Yukie

    Sam from pixiwoo did a video like this way long ago.

  19. anna_a

    LOVE IT!!! But I’m very curious about the lashes. How did they do them? And they just stick paper on the lid?!?! I’ll be waiting for more info. Christine, maybe you can interview Chantal Miller, she could perhaps give us mortals tips on how to create our own paper lashes :-)

  20. Jordan

    Absolutely LOVE how they stole Sam from Pixiwoo’s look. She clearly did this first a WAY long time ago. Nice creativity there, MAC.

  21. Wow, those are pretty out there looks! Perhaps for Halloween as a wild fairy.

    • RD

      Forgive me ladies – this is very similar to Sam of Pixiwoo’s ‘fantasy brights’ tutorial. I do hope that Sam has been credited!

  22. It’s a rip-off of Pixiwoo-Sam’s work!!! It’s got almost every detail the same as she did… bad mojo MAC!

  23. Paige

    This looks like a child playing in its mother’s makeup. I understand going to extremes for the runway but this just isn’t fashionable.

    I love the idea for the lashes though. :)

  24. Charlotte

    I get it! Another stupid collection. I stopped buying MAC three years ago and am glad I did. I can save up money for real makeup collections.

  25. Lena

    wow cool. i’m most intrigued by the placement of the blush and its color; that’s a really hot number. i’m almost sure i can pull it off in a daily look.

    do you know what’s on their nails, christine?

  26. Such beautiful artistic work. Love it. Whimsical and fun. This is what makeup should be.

  27. The blue eyed look is pretty much exactly the same as a look Samantha from Pixiwoo did awhile ago…did they get it from her?

  28. rowan

    totally copying this for halloween, haha.

  29. Veronica

    It’s a little crazy, but sometimes it’s pretty nifty to see the more avant garde aspects of what makeup can achieve. Runway makeup is always fun to look at – I have an entire folder on my drive dedicated to the more street-friendly ones.

    Although, I admit that I would wear the hell out of that purple lipstick.

  30. Hendrix

    Wow… and not in a good way. Looks like arts & crafts day at the local daycare. 😛

  31. Erin

    I can see how elements of this could trickle down into something wearable.

    Most of the models look about 12.

  32. Melissa

    Looks like they copied Sam from Pixiwoo

  33. Emily O.

    I’m actually most impressed by how “less then perfect” the models look. I love the honesty
    of the photos-very refreshing. As for the make-up, I love extreme looks but for
    some reason this rubbed me the wrong way a la Burning Man. Also I could just
    be bitter since our town recently got flooded with a number of highly inebriated, unwashed, obnoxiously behaved Burners.

  34. Love love these colorful looks! These shades for the eyes are more to my liking than those plain, neutral looks, though I naturally like the no makeup-makeup look.

  35. Rada

    Damn! I wish they credited Sam from Pixiwoo for this work because they’re not similar, they’re pretty much the same!

    • PixiwooWasRobbed

      Senior Artist Chantel Miller for M.A.C should have known better. Anyone that has seen the pixiwoo video can’t deny that this look was stolen.
      I’m pretty sure MAC Cosmetics would not be impressed by the blatant plagerism either because it calls into question the creativity of their own artists.

  36. Katie

    This is beyond awful. Looks like a 12 year old who did their own makeup for halloween…

  37. amelia

    This is waay too similar to Sam from pixiwoo’s look ‘fantasy brights make-up tutorial. I cant believe a professional company like Mac would copy a budding make up artist like that, i have lost a lot of respect for them:(
    I would have though mac could have come up with their own look, they obviously have no creativity.

  38. Eric Erickson

    For those of the ‘Comment-eers’ who didn’t understand, this was for a presentation on risers and raised scaffolding; always at least 10 to 20 feet from the audience. Though there was a walkway in which to approach, the aforementioned vantage point allowed the visitor to see the make-up as it was intended. These close-ups are for education only.
    Try to imagine these beautiful girls amidst drifting smoke, and lush vegetation surrounding them. *Bright Angle-Lighting* let the exaggerated eyelashes cast interesting shadows upon the wall; close at hand behind them.