Friday, July 13th, 2012

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Collection

Electrifying pigments fuse with high frost in 12 limited edition shades. From the moment your brush touches the lightweight formula, you’ll be wired into its sensational blending power. For a multi-dimensional pearly wash, try Superwatt—a shimmering taupe. Amp it up with Highly Charged’s vibrant purple, or shock with Fashion Circuit’s Kelly green. It’s luxe with a hue-rich colour charge…who wouldn’t want to be this Electric?

Electric Cool Eyeshadow ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Pure Flash Pale champagne
  • Love Power Soft shimmering rose
  • Dynamo Mid-tone coral
  • Coil Copper bronze
  • Superwatt Light shimmering taupe
  • Brilliantly Lit Bright acid yellow green
  • Fashion Circuit Bright kelly green
  • Infra-violet Mid-tone pink violet with blue pearl
  • Highly Charged Rich purple with pink pearl
  • Switch to Blue Rich cobalt
  • Blacklit Black with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Electroplate Cool gunmetal grey

Availability: July 19th, 2012 at Nordstrom; July 26th, 2012 at, August 2nd, 2012 at all MAC locations; August 2012 at select International MAC locations

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53 thoughts on “MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Collection

  1. TheKikayMom

    The green one looks like one of the test versions you came up with on the way to the final version of Jealousy Wakes :)

  2. It’s funny that it seem you can  buy these in Canada The Bay stores right now.

  3. These seem like less interesting Eyes To Kill.

    Not a fan of the screw off tops coming back…

  4. Joannakec

    My local counter accidentally put these out early over a week ago (which is a major no-no), but it did give me the opportunity to stick my fingers in them and play before they were put away. And the texture of these things is amazing. As are the colours, which are rich and heavily pigmented. The back of my hands were covered with different swatches. I didn’t try them on my eyes for wear or  creasing or anything, so the jury is out. But texture and pigment are a yay! 
    Almost makes up for those terrible Shade and Smoke stick things. 
    PS I’m also in Canada (in case the way I spell “colour” didn’t tip you off) so maybe the message about launching got mixed up up here for The Bay. 

    • Denise

       @Joannakec Official launch date for these at The Bay is July 12 — The Bay gets to launch these first, then Nordstrom gets them a week later, and then at MAC Stores in August.

    • Veronica

       @Joannakec They launched at my local Nordstrom’s almost two weeks ago, actually.  It’s possible they accidentally put it out early, but the samples had clearly been checked/played with by customers multiple times.  Maybe some stores got an early go-ahead?

  5. i bought superwatt from the bay square one mall yesterday. might be returning it because it faded and creased on me like crazy (on top of my nars eyeshadow primer).

  6. I’ll have them. All of them. Give them to me. Now please.

  7. KK

    Love the look of the lighter pinks and the gray…hoping these turn out to be a good product, you never know with MAC anymore.  Looking forward to a review of the formula!

  8. Alison

    My first thought was that they reminded me of the MUA eyeshadows which are available here in the UK for £1! Will be interested to see the reviews of how they perform… This kind of finish should be one of the easiest to get right.

  9. phouse1964

    I got Superwatt and Coil and LOVE them!  They look like shimmer powder but they feel like a cream.  The wear seems good (so far) and the color is stunning. I hope to get a few more colors soon (if they don’t all seel out!)

  10. LOVE the more neutral colors in this collection…can’t wait to see them. I have to say, though, that description had me laughing. 

  11. Miss J

    Please don’t suck! Also, HELL YEAH for an ad showing a model with dark/deep skin!

  12. AshleyPlumlee

    I was nordies a couple weeks ago and they had these on preview. The colors are beautiful (not the best staying power) but the texture reminded me of a moose foundation- i dont remember what it was called-.

  13. Patricia Couto

    Christine, will you do a review of these eyeshadows???

  14. EllenSparago

    Wow, pretty excited about these! I heard you can’t Back to MAC limited edition containers…anyone know if this is the case?

    •  @EllenSparago yes you CAN. i’ve done it many times.

    • AriP

       I have with no issues

    • dsullivan89

       @EllenSparago It refers to you can’t receive limited edition products (a limited edition, special packaging lipstick/eye shadow/lipglass) as your free item.

      • Sarah

        @dsullivan89 @EllenSparago Really? In the UK you can get a LE lipstick, it’s just the viva glam line that’s excluded

        • Safyre

           @dsullivan89  @EllenSparago I’m in the US and nearly all my B2M lippies are from l/e collections. The only exclusions are the Viva Glam Line and collections where MAC is having a colab with someone else (e.g. Disney, Barbie, Marvel, etc) At least that’s what the staff at MAC have told me.

  15. Pamela

    Ooh!  I like the model and the colors they used on her skin!

  16. freshpinklips

    PLEASE be as great to work with as you look! I will be getting the pink neutral and the acid yellow one.

  17. Fátima Sendra Mascarell

    and the Marilyn Monroe’s collection? when?

  18. Parinas Ymcmb

    This collection is for me not intresting.

  19. Mabeline Gidez

    I don’t even know why I looked at this. I have no money to buy new MAC stuff. With this heat and humidity, I don’t even wear much makeup anyway… So, I can’t justify buying makeup if I’m not even going to wear it. Am I alone here?

  20. Emily Bishop

    You are not! My buying period is usually in winter, with all of the sales going on, and I can wear elaborate makeup during the day without it melting off! My hot months consist of waterproof mascara and a lip balm.

  21. Shauna Connelly

    I’m with you guys. I’ve barely bought anything this Spring/Summer as far as makeup goes. I do most of my makeup shopping in winter too. I got one lipstick from their lackluster summer collection this year.

  22. Ahint Ofshimmer

    This is totally unrelated but will you be swatching the new Zoya collection?

  23. Orsolya Gungl

    Good for you ladies in Ireland there isnt much difference between winter and summer,so i buy nice stuff all around the year;)

  24. Victoria Thatcher


  25. Temptalia

    Did anybody else laugh out loud at the creasing in the promo photo? That was the first thing I noticed…

  26. Emily Bishop

    Not with these promo pictures, but I definitely laughed at the false lash placement in the promos for their Haute and Naughty mascara.


    Frost. is BACK! YAY

  28. kelly

    I wonder if these are anything like Buxom’s Stay There shadows?
    That would be great if they were!

  29. TheresaKlijn

    I wonder if this is their response to all the shadows that have come out like the l’oreal infalliable, etc.Can’t wait for reviews! 

    • StefanieKaren

       @TheresaKlijn I get mine tomorrow, My friend got a few of them and says she wears hers without primer and that they wear better than anything she’s used. I’d given her a L’oreal Infallible one and she said these MAC ones are so much nicer!!! Similar but better! Hooray

      • TheresaKlijn

         @StefanieKaren OoOoo that sounds promising! I guess I’ll be making a trip to my local counter to check them out after all!

        • StefanieKaren

           @TheresaKlijn I hope you did make it to check them out! They’re insane!! I LOVE them! I’ve got four colours and loved them so much I got a back up for each!Good job mac, they’re gorgeous!!

  30. JacquelineTaylor

    I saw these in person last week and they are absolutely gorgeous! Backlit is especially beautiful as it is multidimensional with different colored particles of color. The consistency is amazing, and although I don’t know how they will wear or crease over time, they were smooth like butter when I swatched them on my arm. Here’s hoping for great wearability!

    • StefanieKaren

       @JacquelineTaylor I cannot wait to see these! And see you wearing one of them tomorrow!! I’m sure you make them even more beautiful than they are!! Hooray new MAC! <3

  31. FaerieEvenstar

    Is it just me, or do the pots look really cheap? Are they screw top lids? I’m sure MAC packaging is getting more… cheap looking. It used to look really sophisticated.

    • artist

      Yup they are screw top lids. Necessary because the product has a spongy texture and can dry out if unsealed.

  32. peachoo

    i tried Superwatt…. kind of reminds me of MAC Style Snob. 

  33. jessegretag

    For the Nordstrom release date, will that be online too?

  34. Marina

    Coil and Superwatt sound awesome! And I happen to love screw top lids!

  35. Boobie

    Just broke down and bought coil, blacklit and a love powe!!!!! I can’t wait they will be here Friday!

  36. Brjsmom

    Just went to Nordstrom because I was on the fence after christines reviews, which are right on the money and always helpful:)…..I went with no eye makeup and very skeptical, but after the mua put painterly on then electroplate all over the lid and blacklit on the outer v it blended like a dream and looked amazing. Wore it all day in 100 degree heat and it looked perfect at the end of the day! I bought them both and superwatt. Love so far……let’s see if I still love in a few days! The pots are very small, in weight, as Christine mentioned, you don’t get much product….but with the amount of eyeshadow I will be 100 before I ever hit pan on a single one!

  37. Brjsmom

    Was not sure about these after Christine’s reviews, which are always right on the money, she is a genius! Went to Nordstrom today and the mua put painterly then electroplate all over the lid and blacklit on the outer v….they blended like a dream and I wore them all day in 100 degree heat and still looked perfect at the end of the day. I bought them both and superwatt