Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

MAC DSquared Collection – Promotional Images

Here are product photos and promotional imagery for the upcoming launch in October! :)


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107 thoughts on “MAC DSquared Collection – Promotional Images

  1. rayne

    i don’t think i’d get anything mainly because the promo picture is creasing.

    • hi

      Yeah, I agree. I know this collection is geared towards imperfect beauty, but why on earth would they release a promo pic displaying a gross, greasy, creasy blue eye?

      • Candee Sparks

        There’s nothing wrong with the promo picture. Not all make-up has to be perfect and flawless because MAC was first started for the artistic to begin with, so if you don’t like it then shop for something else. It really bothers me when people can’t appreciate the hard work artists do and how much time and effort is spent to create this kind of stuff. If you can’t acknowledge and appreciate the artistic nature of it, don’t wear make-up at all.

        • Rowan

          first of all, don’t be so hard on them. Of course they’re not going to “shop somewhere else” and they have a right to their opinions. I, however, do think that the image is fine and that there is a certain beauty in the imperfection of it. Don’t not get the product just because of the promotional image. I do love the packaging as well!

          • Proximity

            I agree … and besides, it’s quite unlikely that the promo pictures were created using the actual makeup from the range anyhow.

            • CatMeow

              Thursday, August 20, 2009

              I agree … and besides, it’s quite unlikely that the promo pictures were created using the actual makeup from the range anyhow.

              >>> Hahaha, right! live and learn 😉

        • Lily

          i hav to agree… makeup is art it doesnt have to be perfect
          nothing in nature is perfect
          i respect runway looks because its fun
          put lipstick on your eyeballs for all i care – lorraine stanick

        • Brie

          I think this area is reserved for reader opinion and if some opinions are that the promo picture is off putting, then they are allowed to have that without someone interjecting that they are “wrong” for “x” reasons. No one here is wrong, we’re all allowed to not like or like this collection for whatever reason.

          It’s not about not appreciating the work makeup artists do – to be honest, the promo picture is not that great to some of us (I don’t care how hard someone worked on it, as a consumer I don’t feel that the image is appealing on any level).

          Their goal is to SELL THEIR PRODUCT. Not sell their makeup artists. And some of us are saying that they aren’t selling their product in these images, that’s all. I think we’d all like to feel that we’re allowed to have our opinion!

        • Melissa

          I, frankly, don’t give a rat’s ass how hard the makeup artist worked on these promo pics. The job of the promo pic is to sell me makeup, to give me something to aspire to.

          If you saw someone on the street who looked like that, you’d think she looked like a hot raccoon mess, even if she told you she worked really hard on it.

      • Diabla

        Gross? Ah ah ah! Some overdone pretendingly “perfect” make up with the super blending, too much colours and the whole “I play the make up artist” thing is far more gross to me than this make up actually (there’s enough examples of what I’m talking about on youtube). All is relative… I like how Mac’s views on make up are large enough to also include imperfection. I love how the black khol on the waterline is not perfect either: because it’s ike that in real life. I love those promo pics because there’s a little something real in them.

        • Redhead (hi)

          To Candee, Lily and Diabla:

          I have absolutely nothing against MAC artists. I think they’re all very talented, I appreciate their work and yes, real and imperfect beauty is a great thing to show as opposed to perfect Photoshopped makeup. The model in that picture is beautiful and so her is her makeup *artistically*. What I’m saying is that if MAC wants to sell their Greasepaint Stick, that’s not the best picture to show, as most women would not want the Greasepaints to crease like that.

          To Rowan and Brie:

          Thanks for the vote of confidence. You’re right; we are all entitled to our opinions. And hey, so’s anybody that disagrees with those opinions! I agree about the packaging, it’s lovely. And I don’t go by the promo pics, I wait for Christine’s reviews :)

          • rayne

            don’t get me wrong, i like the look, it’s just the fact that it’s creasing. i know life isn’t perfect, etc etc etc, but if i’m going to spend x amount of dollars on products i’d rather pay money for something that wont smudge/crease on it’s own since i already can do that by myself.

          • fks

            I too, feel that the image used does not speak well for the product. I also feel that MAC fans who object to any criticism of their products and images are in fact doing them a great disservice. Make up companies thrive upon the image created by
            their advertising campaigns. Ideally, the image would reflect a certain lifestyle which the customer is assumed to aspire towards. Somehow, I doubt very much that
            creased eye shadow is going to be de rigueur for even MAC fans in the forthcoming
            Everyone is entitled to an opinion. As long as it expressed without abuse, please let us continue to do so, and make this board a vibrant place in the process.

        • Nicole15

          How crazy would all this back & forth over the promo image be if it ended up none of the products on the model’s face were ones from the DSquared collection anyway?!?! HA HA! Colour Craft promo image anyone….Hmmmmmm! LOL :)

          • Redhead (hi)

            I’m not being sarcastic when I say thank you Nicole15 for bringing us back to our senses! We all should have considered the Colour Craft/Ben Nye fiasco before we started mouthing off to each other. You’re probably right; that blue is probably not MAC; perhaps some other company’s blue eye shadow (the Greasepaint Sticks are supposed to have creamy color, and the product built up in the crease has a bit of shimmer) and some Gloss Texture.

      • lani

        i think people fail to realize the promo pictures are editorial. just like when you look at fashion magazines and realize that most of the things in them are not for everyday practical. just because they chose to do that look for the promo piece, doesnt mean they expect u to wear it like that :\

    • Vivian

      Actually I didn’t even notice it until I read your comment.. I’m just unsure if that’s an oops or intended. Anyway, I think no one is perfect and that’s great to see this actually. I think you’ve a right in voicing your opinion-you’re pointing it out, not bashing them. I have oily lids and basically all those “flawless” promo images actually do crease soo fast on me. (don’t I just hate when I don’t achieve certain looks or the product fails or doesn’t last on me) I’m happy that this image isn’t too photoshopped, so I do appreciate them for that.

    • Beto Kylie

      Could it be just gloss on the eyelid that’s creasing?

      In any case, I think her eyes look amazing!!!! I love the darkness surrounding her eye and especially love the glimmering blue!!!! Now I know that I WILL get that and certainly use it – on me (I’m a guy)!
      LOVING LOVING LOVING this collection even more, now!!!!

      • Chase

        I actually think it’s really cool how the eyelid is all glossy and creasing but it’s blended on the outsides.
        Btw Beto Kylie, I’m also a bio. male who wears a ton of makeup! *high-fives*

        • Beto Kylie

          *high-five back*!!!
          How cool!!! I love doing photoshoots for myself or with friends, but regularly I’ll wear just foundation and maybe a subtle blush (I love using “Blush of Youth” Beauty Powder for that)!!! When I go out to a gay club, I might line my lower lash line with a bright eyeshadow, pigment, or liner. I especially like using glitter eyeliners!!! I don’t really do anything more dramatic because most gay guys just don’t do make-up here (except for Halloween) :(
          Anyways, I like being on the edge, willing to try something new or go a little further than what I feel would be okay to go out with. I’m sure I’ll be copying this model’s eyes to go out one night, even if it’s so much more dramatic than what I’ve done before. 😀 So excited!!!

      • I was going to read through all the comments before saying so, but yes, it is almost certainly the gloss texture that is causing most of the creasing. Chanel came out with palettes several years ago w/ eye glosses in them (I have one that it red,shimmery black and gloss)

        Eye glosses are definitely an editorial/runway trend. I’ve worked at makeup retailers before when eye gloss comes into a seasonal collection, and it NEVER sells.

    • Adam

      i realy like that picture . its creasing because when you use gloss texture on the eyelid it pushes the colour around and makes it crease. though it doesnt always look bad. that would be wy they used it. they must have wanted a more vampy, messy, but still beautiful look.

    • FlaLadyB

      I haven’t read through alllll the posts but…Actually it’s NOT a crease…it’s done that way on purpose! If you look closely at both photos you will see the dark curved lines at the bottom of other eye photo and then look back at the first the line where you think is a crease!

    • Brandi

      the grease paint sticks arent what is creasing it looks like they used the gloss on the lid along with the grease paintsticks or blue and a purple eyeshadow which of course would cause major smudging and creasing.

  2. GEEZY0507


  3. I love the 165 and use it for everything… I think I’ll be getting another. Not excited about the lip erase, though, as foundation works just fine. Oh and looking forward to the sculpting duos!!!

  4. GEEZY0507

    im stocking up on feline this time! cant wait :)

  5. amani

    im excited for this and i like how its a small collection so im not spending alot of money

  6. Natalia

    What exactly is Grease Paint Stick?

  7. Love the photos and I’m excited about this collection. I wished they made a lip erase for darker skinned tones. I think the one promo’d is NC37. I’m so glad Feline and the 165 are back, cant wait!

  8. Love Dsquared and they normally do really hot makeup at their shows but to me this is just meh…but…that’s feline!?

  9. glitter princess

    r there swatches available for feline?? does it have glitter bits like the pencils relased with love that look???

  10. Macaddict

    These new grease paint sticks are they supposed to replace the shade sticks? I hope that their name is accurate as in “grease” (meaning that they glide on really nice and without tugging at the fragile eyelid skin). Maybe it’s a new formula for a colored eye primer?

  11. pj

    I am so excited about this collection because I missed out on the sculpting duos and I love Dsquared. The nude lipstick looks nice too and I will for sure be stocking up on the feline pencil :)

  12. MC

    Shape and Sculpt!

  13. I’m looking for that 165 and feline. I use it quite a bit.

    The photography is kind of edgy, smudgy rocker. I like it when Mac does something off the beaten path because it probably won’t be soccer mom must haves. I’m not being snarky, EL has driven many collections recently in an effort to get the midwest soccer mom demographic. This feels like old school Mac. Grease paint is used in theater so I don’t think it’s a big deal that they offer products that are in that genre’. Mac has contracts with lots of Vegas shows so mall shoppers aren’t their only customers. Just thinking out loud

    • Alexis


      When I want to do work appropriate, subtle makeup for work or hanging out casually with other moms I’ll reach for my Stila, Benefit or UD (but apply their shadow with a very light hand) but if I’m going out with the girls, date night with the hub or rocking out at a concert I will reach for my darker edgier MAC shadows/pigment. Every color has its function and place and I think this editorial is an example of that.

      Everyone is a critic =)

  14. Chris

    Honestly, I like the promo picture. It reminds me of partying hardall night and coming home at 8 am, then you fall asleep til 3pm. It seems like the look at 3pm. It’s fun & different. It’s not the glamour look, nor the neutral look. I know some people like a polished look, sometimes I do too.

    MAC wants us to be creative, so have fun and play with it all! =)

  15. viv


  16. Kristine

    Christine, would you recommend the Sculpt and Shape Duo in ‘Accentuate and Sculpt’ for an NC40?

    • hiya im nc40 asian skin and i have the Sculpt and Shape Duo in ‘Accentuate and Sculpt’ which i got the 1st time round.

      I personally perfer the Duo in ‘Lightsweep(warm, light peach with subtle shimmer,)/ Shadester (warm, medium brown)’ then the ‘Accentuate and Sculpt’ but that shadew is not getting released this time boo

      pls see below orginal review by christine :)


      • in addition i forgot to add you may want to check out the lightsweep/sculpt shade from pro in the full version! cos the lighter shade in accentuate in my opinion is quite light ! X

        • Kristine

          thanks for the recommendation….i am actually asian too….i knew that there were full size sculpting and shaping powders at mac pro, however, I was hoping to get one of the duos because they would be great to take along when i’m on vacation…i’m gonna be hunting the lightsweep and shadester duo now…..once again thanks for the recommendation.! =D

  17. Kristine

    Can’t wait to try out the grease paint sticks….however, they just seem like shadesticks without its dry texture….anyone with me?

    • Claire

      theyre still quite dry, you need to work with them very quickly…once they set on your eye (which is very quick!) they WILL NOT MOVE!! found them quite hard to blend with to be honest, still like them though

  18. starsntwilight

    I’ve heard a lot about feline kohl and have been wanting to get it. I’m so excited its coming out again with this collection. Will definitely buy some to try out! I’m so stoked about the “Make-Up Art” collection coming out soon. They are already selling it online. Also for those of you who may have missed out on “Rated -R” and other fabulous colors from the “Love that Look” collection they have it again online. I was so excited I bought 2 more to stock up!

  19. baybee415

    i dont like feline due to the fact that is not waterproof and i have really oily skin. i mean i dont wanna do that much effort putting eyeshadow to set it. i rather use my blacktrack.

    if the crease sticks are waterproof i might get them but if not pass! im not going to apply soft ochre then the stick i think it would crease more..

  20. Romina

    If the make up in the promo it’s creasing it’s because in the runway shows that’s what make up artists are doing for the show. Yes, creasing it’s IN. Make up artists and designers are creating those looks for their shows. You’ll probably see more of these looks in fashion magazines really soon.

  21. The promo pics are amazing!! I’m going to stock up on Feline Eye Khol and I cannot wait to get the #165 Tapered Cheek/Highlighting brush!

  22. I’m so looking forward to a better image of that sculpting powder duo! It promises to be a great product. And the lighter lippie looks very tempting. Thanks Christine!
    That eye image is funny. I’m sure they did the crease lines on purpose, just painted them on using a blue stick! So out of ordinary, just as they painted gorgeous lashes on upper eyelids in a current collection promo 😀 What about some elegant mustache or cat’s whiskers next time? :))) Those of us with a passion for stage plays would truly appreciate it!

  23. whitnee

    i’m not sure what everyone means about the creasing. the “creases” all seem to be drawn on, as in put there purposefully.

  24. Sophiiieeee

    this collection makes me happy…. i want it alll :]]

  25. apfelwinter

    I’m so happy for this collection! I want to buy a Scult and Shape Powder, Bone Beige/Emphasize is good for NC20? Also interested in 165 brush, is it a musthave product, Christine?

    And I just wanna say, I like the first photo (with the notebook and the brushes) very much. Nothing extraordinary, but I love it.

  26. pia

    Ohhhh i love love the lipsticks!

  27. margot

    I really want to check out those grease paint sticks, but I have to admit, to my eyes, the promo picture is not appealing. It just gives me the impression that the product is going to crease on my like mad. But that’s just what I feel when looking at the picture. Even if it’s in, I don’t like creasing.

    I also want to stock up on Feline and get a 165 brush (I skipped it when it was BBR, now I want it LOL).

  28. Pandor@

    Nope, I’ll pass, thank you.

    The promo images just put me off even wanting to go the counter for MAC DSquared.

    I mean that girls lines around the eyes are filled with lines and e/s and G*d know what! Yuck…

    And the colours are not smth special or new. Just plain. Too plain,imo.

    So, a big disinterest blah for this line. :)

  29. Ribbons

    Nothing majorly jumps out at me, but I might go into the shop and take a better look just in case, cause I do like the blue eye colour in the promo pic. It’s a lovely shade.

  30. Elle

    The 165 is my favorite highlighting brush. Might get another one if I have the cash. The lipsticks look good too…

  31. Amber

    I’m a bit confused about the lip erase’s a lip…concealer? Can someone enlighten me as to what people use it for?

    • Lip Erase is a lip balm used for toning down lips’ natural color. Use on its own for that nude lip look or under other lip products if you want a “bare canvas” to start out with. It feels very comfortable to wear and doesn’t look as thick as foundation or concealer can look on lips sometimes.

  32. Cherie

    I like the colour of the blue liner. very interested to see this in person. I’ve heard so much hype around feline, the powders and brush. Should be good!

  33. Kristina

    Cool Photo

  34. Kristin


    I don’t really care for the make-up in the promo shot either, but I usually don’t (remember the major pink eyelids for Sugar Sweet, and the yellow and black on the main Style warriors shot?) Not sure about some of these products, though. I don’t know what I would do with a grease stick!!

  35. Kimmy V.

    OMG! ive been wanting feline forever! i had to get smoulder because its LE i think. yay!!!!!!!!!

  36. OMG! Just love this <3

  37. after reading all the comments i have to say the below:

    1) every one is entitled to their opinion but the promo pics shows creasing and i have to say im sure everyone has had that effect with makeup and i think its good to show that regardless of brand this happends

    2) i cant understand why MAC cant make feline a PERM item i mean a black eye pencil is a standard makeup tool!!!!!

    is it similar to urban decays 24/7 zero ?

  38. Phoenix

    those promo photos aren’t even retouched! that is rediculous!

  39. Samantha

    that girl needs some urban decay primer potion. that promo image looks nasty.

  40. Alexa

    I do not want to heat things up but, let’s take some second to think abt this. Those zombies in the movie, do they look perfect? no. Right? infact they looks rather…. Right? it’s make up. Perfection isrelative. It’s a matter of taste. Some ppl like greasy looking some don’t. :p Besides, promotional stuff have to be eye catching in some ways.
    I am sorry if my (this) oppinion offended anyone.

  41. kpenn

    After reading the reviews here, it definitely sounds like I’ll be investing in Feline and the 165. I may try out a blue or purple grease stick, depending on how the colours swatch. I’m interested to see how the dark lippie works with my fair skintone, too.

    As for the promo pics, I RARELY look to duplicate those looks anyway, so I usually only really take bits and pieces of what inspires me and turn it into my own look. The majority of the looks they show aren’t wearable for every day, anyway, so I don’t see what the big deal is with these ones.



  43. Apreeesh!

    OMigoodness…this is hot…ya know i noticed on Sex on the City’s movie that SJParker had creased lids and they look hot…It was subtle yet smokey..I love this and i like that it’s a party all night look and that ppl who actually portray the scene look can rock it…I’m not scene but this seems rocker fab to runway on the streets…I love it:) hehe i don’t make sense but what ev. I think it would be fun…Makeup’s all about no rules for me..have fun with ur creativity:)

  44. Hinahon

    At least one I can skip ! I’ll save money that way great !

  45. Chase

    Oh wow, the gorgeous glossy rockstar eye makeup almost distracted me from the stunning cheek contour. This collection is totally my style, even though I already have all of the permanent pro stuff in this collection. I guess I’m gonna have to buy the greasepaint sticks. I’m not going to bother with the lipsticks cuz I hate the lustre finish, and I already have a perfectly good black eyeliner.

  46. i needed the lip erase , cnt wait!

  47. Iya

    i think they are going for the vamp look, this is why the promo look is creasing

  48. Rory

    I’m defo getting a few feline pencils but I might get the light pink lustre lipstick as well because it looks nice…!!

  49. freewing

    i think this is a pass for me…

  50. Lisa Johnson

    Very excited! I’m a student and thus I need to keep a tight rein on expenditure. I have a rough idea of how much most products will cost but does anybody know how much the kohl power pencil will cost or has costed in the past (e.g in the Starflash collection) in the UK (GBP)?

    • hi lisa, i got the pearlglide eyeliner from the love that look collection i.e strflash adn since the prices have went up in the Uk they are now retailed at £12!eye kohl’s are also £12! ie smolder but ive heard that a good dupe for felineis the urban decay 24/7 pencil in ZERO! x

  51. Alexis

    iLovee the name !
    is the 165 a blush brushh ?

    they should reaLy put some primer on that qirl . .

  52. teagan

    OMG! I can’t believe the fighting on here! If you like the promo image, great. If you don’t, oh well?! Gosh, I hate internet fights!

    Anyways, I personally like the artisic-ness of the promo image! I want it all, basically!
    I love the packaging too!

  53. jennylevi

    Everyone is freaking out with the picture and giving tons of explanations if the picture in the frist place was not appealing to some of you… Then just skip the collection or wait until you see the actual products in person and see for yourself, that is when you can give a review about the product… what if it works mircales you might not know that… phewwww makeup community =)

  54. Vanessa

    Hi!!!I can’t wait to October for use this Grease eye liners, what is a good alternative??Make up forever Aqua Eyes??Thankssss

  55. I think they probably had to draw that “creasing” (my creasing never looks that perfect, haha!). I think they were trying to say that this line is for people who parties all night long and come home at 10am, when no UDPP will stop your makeup from looking like this =P

  56. MommyLovesBeauty

    Forgive me, but it doesn’t look like the eye makeup is creased. Judging from both pics, it looks like the lines are intentional. They are very smooth and deliberate, and are drawn on the top and the bottom of they eye. And let’s not forget the nature of the Dsquared line. It’s very edgy and different, and MAC conveyed that in this photo. Every collection MAC releases has makeup that no person would wear on an everyday basis. It’s just for looks, so leave it at that.

  57. can anyone tell me why everyone is so crazy about the Feline pencil? How is it different from any decent black eyeliner?

    And just a quick comment to the people talking about this image not being Photoshopped. It was, I promise. MAC isn’t going to release promo images that aren’t fine tuned- we are seeing exactly as much as they want us to see. Photoshop that is done WELL is Photoshop that you can’t tell was used at all.

  58. the first pic of these products looks just like “sculpt ‘n’ shape”.

  59. wenny3kiwi

    WOW i love every M.A.C. collection!!! start by vivaglam and Dsquaared very chic and perfect!!!!