Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Row 1: Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks, Moth to Flame, Smile, Steppin’ Out
Row 2: Utterly Posh, Love Alert, Date Night, Funtabulous, Extra Amps

MAC Double Dazzle Collection – Swatches

Here are swatches of all 18 dazzleglasses that debuted with Double Dazzle, which launched this morning in stores nationwide. I’ve noticed that it is not yet available online, and all I can tell you is there is often a disconnect between different areas of MAC. Your local store should have these out today (both of mine did), but I always recommend giving them a quick ring to double check before you waste your time going!

All but Goldyrocks, Stop! Look!, and Utterly Posh are permanent. However, please be advised that dazzleglasses will likely sell out for, at least, a few colors, and it may take a few months before MAC gets them back in stock, even though they are permanent.

See swatches!

Row 1: Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks, Moth to Flame, Smile, Steppin’ Out
Row 2: Utterly Posh, Love Alert, Date Night, Funtabulous, Extra Amps
Row 3: Like Venus, Stop! Look!, Money Honey, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks

Row 1: Utterly Posh, Love Alert, Date Night, Funtabulous, Extra Amps
Row 2: Like Venus, Stop! Look!, Money Honey, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks
Row 3: Bare Necessity, Girl’s Delight, Get Rich Quick

Row 1: Like Venus, Stop! Look!, Money Honey, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks
Row 2: Bare Necessity, Girl’s Delight, Get Rich Quick

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51 thoughts on “MAC Double Dazzle Collection – Swatches

  1. dee

    Already bought Goldyrocks and Bare Necessity. A friend bought Love Alert. We were the first to buy them at the store.

  2. Brittany

    I love every single one of those except for any that are orange! props to anyone that can pull it off, i would look hiteous (sorry if i butchered that) how much are they? like 14.50?

  3. Brooke

    damn i don’t even like glitter and i need smile, utterly posh, goldyrocks and baby sparks. *sigh*

  4. cass7898

    I just checked online, but didn’t see these for sale. Where did you purchase them?

    • Ceci

      Today (and yesterday in certain locations, at least in NYC), they launched the Double Dazzle collection in MAC freestanding stores and Macy’s MAC counters. The collection doesn’t launch online until next week Thursday I believe.

    • I bought mine in-store. Stores launched them today, and Nordstrom’s lists them online.

  5. Dawn

    I’m heading to the store after work! YAY! I hope my store has them!

  6. Brenda

    BAhhh my stores don’t have them yet =(
    Ohhh dear I wan’t 10….21.50 ea.
    This is not a good year for saving..

  7. Wilcoa

    Love these! Can’t wait to try them… I’ve avoided buying new lipglosses for a while, so I’ll be happy to try some of these 😀

    Want Funtabulous, Money Honey, Love Alert, Smile, and Steppin

  8. I have Sugarrimmed and Miss Dynamite.

    I think I need Steppin’ Out, Love Alert and Funtabulous :)

  9. Melissa

    oh my this is going to hurt … at least they are permanent so i’m going to take it easy … not rush myself.

  10. Julia

    Ok so at first I thought I wanted more but now I’m thinking just…
    Smile (for sure)
    Utterly Posh (maybe, we’ll have to see it in person)
    Extra Amps (this is the only one I don’t remember from the last release of Dazzleglasses… and I bought 9 last time! lol)

    • They’re all quite pretty, and the camera can never quite capture all of the sparkle-factor at once, so I hope you are more impressed when you see ’em in person :)

  11. Alannah

    I can’t remember exactly which ones are re-releases but most of them are, yes? So many of those pinks look exactly alike. I am not sure I need any more!

  12. cloudburst

    I’m must be out of touch, I had no ideas these were in stores today!

    I really want Smile & Stppin Out – I’ll have to see the others in person (tonight!).

  13. Iman

    Thank you so much! I’m not that into dazzleglasses but I know what a pain it must have been to wash the sticky goo of your hands! So I just want to thank you for your dedication to the site 😀

  14. Ely

    Thank you for tipping us off on the early release. I went to the Macys counter on my lunch hour and picked up Bare Necessity, Smile and Money Honey. I already own Sugarrimmed, Baby Sparks and Steppin Out and honestly, they’re all beautiful colors.

  15. Elle

    $21.50? Weren’t these around $18 when they first launched? Why the over-20% increase in price? Hmmm…not very recession-friendly, unfortunately.

    I do love “Money Honey” and “Love Alert”, though. Gotta take a look at the others ones in person before I shell out the cash for these though…

  16. Maria

    They are 18 each.

  17. diana

    i want steppin out, smile and love alert gorgeous!!!!!!!! too bad they are 18 o well . . . at least i cant take my time 😀

  18. Going to the mall tomorrow, can’t wait!! :)
    I want:
    Money Honey, Funtabulous, Like Venus, Bare Necessity, Steppin Out, Smile, Date Night, and Sugarrimmed.

  19. civa

    OMG I didn’t know they released this early!!!
    gotta rush to the store tomorrow for Goldyrocks and Smile
    others can wait. hope they don’t seduce me too much in person.(or else my wish list would go on and on…and that’s not nice to my wallet)
    Thank god they’re perm!
    I have Date night and Miss dynamite but I use miss dynamite sparingly cause once through I can never get it back :(

  20. liz

    okay at least the ones i want are perm so i can wait until either my bday or bday money comes in.

  21. Oh geez. I need Goldyrocks! O_O

  22. Dominique

    Are they ALL permanant?

  23. Sandy

    I had Stepping Out, Love Alert and Date Night from last May and I just bought Rags to Riches and Get Rich quick. These babies are awesome!