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MAC Dazzleglass Creme
Amorous, Creme Allure, Totally Fab, Do It Up, Perfectly Unordinary, My Favourite Pink, Soft Dazzle, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine

MAC Dazzleglass Creme Collection: Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC’s Dazzleglass Creme Collection features nine shades of their newest gloss formula–dazzleglass creme. The new formula is kind of like the pigmentation of a lipglass with the texture of cremesheen glass and the shimmer of dazzleglass. It’s non-sticky, fairly thick (but not overly so, just not thin or feels sheer like dazzleglass–more like cremesheen glass, but perhaps touch thicker) and doesn’t feel heavy, and the majority of the shades are more pigmented. I think they deliberately made some shades sheerer than others to offer customers variety, so I don’t knock the sheerer shades for lacking pigmentation.

Dazzleglass Creme

  • Amorous is a deep, rich red with subtle gold and red shimmer that applies semi-opaquely. I get a decent amount of color, but I still see my natural lip color peeking through, so it’s not 100% solid in color. It’s very holiday-esque to me.
  • Creme Allure is a creamy, lightly shimmered hot pink that goes on semi-opaque with noticeably coloring and darkening of my natural lip color. The shimmer is almost a fuchsia-purple.
  • Totally Fab is a orange-y red with slight gold sparkle and has a creamy look to it (like Creme Allure vs. Amorous). I found this one went on nearly opaque on my lips.
  • Do It Up is a lighter, slightly more lemonade-y bright medium pink compared to Creme Allure (which has a bit of fuchsia tone to it). This one has a silvery sparkle and goes on semi-opaque.
  • Perfectly Unordinary is a milky pale pink with pale gold sparkle. It looks milky on lips, but it does show up and pale down lips.
  • My Favourite Pink is a slightly pinker, but still milky, shade compared to Perfectly Unrodinary, but it has a silver sparkle in it. It’s a little rosy in comparison. When going through the photos, I almost didn’t distinguish the differences between the two.
  • Soft Dazzle is a softer, paler milky pink compared to Perfectly Unordinary but it has brighter and more shimmer (which is pale gold).
  • Luscious Spark is an orangey coral with gold sparkle. It reminded me of a less sparkly, less red Lychee Luxe (with a less gritty texture). It applies semi-opaque with some color without being solid.
  • Sublime Shine is a sheer, peachy-nude with golden shimmer. This is the sheerest shade of the nine, and it looks a lot like Bare Necessity in the tube, but I think it is actually peachier and has more color pay off.

I’m actually VERY pleased with the Dazzleglass Creme collection! I’d actually recommend checking these out if you enjoy dazzleglass or lipglass, because you get enough color and pigmentation that they’re not just sheer shimmery concoctions. They have a lot of the sparkle and oomph of dazzleglass but the intensity of lipglass. There are lots of shades to love, though there are a few that feel too redundant to really merit getting all nine (unless you’re addicted, like yours truly!).

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Amorous, Creme Allure, Do It Up, Luscious Spark
Nice-to-Haves: Perfectly Unordinary, Totally Fab
Skip: No need to get Perfectly Unordiniary, My Favourite Pink, AND Soft Dazzle — they’re SO similar!

  • Product: 9/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: If you like a gloss that’s not sticky, has lots of shimmer, and decent pigmentation, definitely try out a dazzleglass creme!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

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MAC Dazzleglass Creme
Amorous, Creme Allure, Totally Fab, Do It Up, Perfectly Unordinary, My Favourite Pink, Soft Dazzle, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine

MAC Dazzleglass Creme

MAC Dazzleglass Creme
Amorous, Creme Allure, Totally Fab, Do It Up

MAC Dazzleglass Creme
Do It Up, Perfectly Unordinary, My Favourite Pink, Soft Dazzle

MAC Dazzleglass Creme
My Favourite Pink, Soft Dazzle, Luscious Spark, Sublime Shine

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52 thoughts on “MAC Dazzleglass Creme Collection: Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. glitter princess

    Soft Dazzle looks interesting

  2. Elle

    I want. :) Can’t wait to see lip swatches!

  3. I got Soft Dazzle. It’s a really pretty light pink with gold shimmer. when the gloss fades, though, all i see is shimmer…all over my lips. But a lipliner solved that. Love the formula =]

  4. Tattoo Girl

    I really liked all the colors. I ended up getting Totally Fab. I wore it today with MUFE lip liner in 8C. I lined and filled in my lips then used the dazzlecreme over it for a totally gorgeous red lip!!

  5. Dani

    Are these as gritty as everyone says?

    • I didn’t notice it to me… they’ll be a bit gritty when they fade, but that’s common in shimmery/glittery glosses. They felt smooth on my lips when I wore them!

  6. Anitacska

    Oh okay, I dont want all of them now. Some of them are extremely pale or dull. I love the first 4 though, so will definitely get those. Will test the others too, but those very light pink ones are a bit blah.

  7. Allie

    Amorous looks very Christmassy =)

  8. Shauna

    Those are all so pretty. I really love amorous, sublime shine and luscious spark. Thanks for the swatches, Ive been waiting for them. lol.

  9. DevilishDoll

    Uh oh, I want all of them except for Totally Fab. Even though most of them look like regular lipglasses to me, dont seem as glittery as Dazzleglasses.

  10. liz

    are they the same price as dazzleglasses

  11. amy

    I really like this collection and the colour range is diverse and can be worn across the seasons. I picked up Sublime Nature and Creme Allure.

  12. Cherokee

    I just picked up Perfectly Unordinary and it looked really good on my tan/dark skin. I am probably an NC45 and my lips like most women of color is darker (very dark) on the top lip than on the bottom lip. So for me it has to work on both lips which is very hard. This looks really good. I also picked up Creme De La Femme and will pair the two together or wear seperately. Love it!!!

  13. Wow, these look just gorgeous in the tube!

  14. Kiruthica

    ARe these permanent or only limited edition? Thank you

  15. Roslyn

    I have Amorous and I love it. I also like Cream Allure, but I didn’t buy it. :(

  16. Lorna

    i’m liking creme allure and my favorite pink

  17. Dawn

    I snagged Amorous. Looks Gorgeous on brown skin and really pigmented. I LOVE the feel of these glosses. I love dazzleglass in general but not really a fan of how sticky they can be. These are so smooth and are my new favorite glasses. I want MORE! GIMMIE!!!!!!

  18. cindiaz

    they look so pretty,i wish i could have them all,lol.Thank you for the swatches.

  19. autumntrinity

    i bought Amorous and i LOVES it! :)

  20. liz

    i tried on creme allure in store, i loved the color and how it was smooth and shiny without being sticky or gritty! i have a few dazzleglasses that i like, but i think i love these.

  21. Yanna

    All of these colors are oh so pretty!!!! Thanks for the swatches!!!

  22. Teresa

    I have ALWAYS wanted a picture of your bare/neutral lips everytime I look at most swatches. Which I know youve posted before. But what youve done here is great! Love the side by side comparisons 😀 The original big pictures are so helpful as well to see detail and take in the colour. Its just a perfect post. Still using it to help decide 😀 So many pretty ones :(
    Thank you again :)

  23. Ingrid

    Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for your swatches and reviews. Your website is always the one I check out 1st before anything because it’ so comprehensive and helpful! Keep ’em coming =D

  24. Meghann

    I ended up getting amorous and my favorite pink. I tried some of the other colors on but those two stuck out the most. I love my favorite pink. Only con is that the staying power is like, 4 hours. But that’s ok. I have a Rouge by Dior gloss that last all day so i guess I got spoiled.

  25. maria

    r u sure these r the creme’s??? they look sparkly