Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

MAC Dare to Wear Look:  Aqua, Winkle, & Atlantic Blue

MAC Dare to Wear may be eons away (okay, a couple of months), but given the amount of repromotes/permanent shades in the collection, I got a little inspired to create a look out of the ones I do already own. I went with a shimmery highlighter, rather than a matte one, because matte highlighters have a tendency to photograph poorly (they always look chalky, even if you can barely see them in real life). Well, it’s probably I just haven’t mastered the art of photographing matte brow highlighters… Anyway!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Aqua eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Winkle eyeshadow on the outer two-thirds of the lid with the 239. Next, apply Atlantic Blue eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Shroom eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #15L aqua eyes dipped in Royal Wink fluidline on the lower lash line, and then lightly dust Aqua eyeshadow underneath with the 219. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Peach Nuance blush very lightly on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Beachbound lipstick first, and then layer Manhattan lipgloss to lighten, and the finally add just a touch of Lychee Luxe lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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202 thoughts on “MAC Dare to Wear Look: Aqua, Winkle, & Atlantic Blue

  1. Ashley Marie

    I cant pull this off but Christine, this looks amazing on you. Stunning.

  2. chibu74

    i love blue looks, will surely try this one

    love l/s and blush in this look

  3. Kate M.

    Christine you are amazing!!  honestly sometimes I look at your looks and individually I think they might not work together or they’re too bright separately but it all melds SO BEAUTIFULLY!!  This is so gorgeous and fresh…you look stunning!

  4. Louise

    Gorgeous! I love this look!

  5. Sofia

    Got really beautiful! I love it :’D

  6. Ooh, love this look! Amazing, and it looks really good with the lipcombo!

  7. Sarah M

    Wow. Those gorgeous blues really make your eyes POP! I’ve been wearing blue loads lately; I think it may even be may favourite colour of the moment. I’m definitely going to give this look a go. I might try it with a nice cool pink lip though. Obviously I’m loving my pinks too. :-)

  8. Myersz00

    A beautiful deep ocean of blue!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. shontay


  10. ali

    your hair looks great today, girl!

  11. Wendy M.

    Pretty! :)

  12. Roxanne

    Periwinkle is such a cute word. Epic Christine look BTW. Those shadows seem like they would light up in the dark.

  13. those blues look fantastic with your eyes/skin/hair color. you look even happier than usual!

  14. Although this looks really lovely on you, I will be skipping this collection, because I’m not a fan of mattes. Unless the lipglasses are more interesting than the lipsticks, that is. :)

  15. katleen

    one word: wow! That look is just gorgeous!

  16. Sarah Myers

    Love the look! Seems you have some fallout from your eyeshadow, try applying that last, and if you do that already, just try to coat the tops of your lashes from the root out, and then the bottoms 😀

  17. Valene

    Very pretty, I would definitely dare to wear it!

  18. Christine Shen

    Beautiful!! I love these colors together!

  19. Wow. That’s so gorgeous! I can’t believe it!

  20. Traci

    Your eyes just POP! love it

  21. Joanne

    Off the subject, but I love the detail the camera captures of your iris… Haha! Beautiful makeup as well. :)

  22. 53

    That look should be named “Sea & Sky”. It’s like you have it on your eyelids. It’s gorrrrgeous!

  23. mmmmm lovely!! This actually is making me rethink mattes!

  24. Lotti

    Absolutely gorgeous! Will definitely be rushing out to buy winkle and Atlantic Blue eyeshadows; I don’t know why I don’t have them already!

  25. Matte blue – YUM!

  26. lauraaaaa

    lovelovelove blues on you

  27. Hey Christine, i’m loving this look! I have a random question though, have you reviewed the Nars primers yet? I really want to try them, but wont until i read your review lol :) let me know! thank you <3

  28. This is so beautiful! It’s a good reminder how pretty mattes can be! It’s so well blended too! Are all three (Aqua, Winkle, & Atlantic Blue) matte? I loved when you used to give us a pic of the colors used swatched separately. It makes it really easy to dupe if you have to. (But I understand if it makes for too much work)

  29. This is beyond beautiful Christine! I love blues on you too. And the matte effect is stunning.

  30. Chi

    Very pretty eyes…grt job!

  31. Fernanda Harmony

    Christine! I’m in love with this look!!!
    Won’t you post the video tutorial??
    I need, I MUST copy this! It looks so perfect (as ever!)!

  32. Steph


  33. brittany

    Beautiful! this look is soooo gorgeous!

  34. Nessa

    wow!! another blue look Christine..:) I loved that other blue one last week so I decided to go get atlantic blue.. you are right..this is a must buy color..i love it!!

  35. Sabah

    Amazing look! those eyeshadows look sooo vibrant, i might have to give nars eyeshadow base a try!

  36. marisa

    this is lovely, i just love mattes

  37. Love this look! I’ve always thought you look best in blue shadows with pink lips.

  38. Jess

    this look is one of my favorites! :) I <3 mattes. You did a great job.

  39. Rebecca

    you look GORGEOUS in these photos!! love the colors!

  40. Josi

    wow this is so beautiful!!!

  41. Bonn

    The combination here is gorgeous. Completely balanced. Blue looks awesome on you!

  42. Michi

    i like this make up on your eyes!!

  43. Meowese

    I really love this look because it is quite different from your usual ones (which str also lovely, but the crease blending/shaping/lack of liner is getting a little stale — it’s like the same exact look over and over with different colors). This bright look really flatters you! Very nice!

    • Liner on the upper lash line causes my eyes to swell up, so I really have to be careful when I use it, and if I do, remove it within about 5 minutes of applying it. Sorry!

  44. Ryan

    very pretty. But I would have done somthing a little more bold on the lips.

  45. Marie

    This look is amazing! You look very pretty. :)
    And I think every eyeshadow looks good on you, you’re lucky. :p

  46. Chocobon

    Gorgeous, I will try it!

  47. mariana

    OMG i loveddd iitt!! you amazinglyyy talentedd!! =) i lovee the way you used it all the colors! i want to ask u somenthing what eye cream u would recomend mee? im ninteen and i dont want premature wrinkles and all that stuff :S i will aprecciatte ur opinion :)

  48. Ashley Marie

    p.s, you broke the aqua out…did you still hate it? I know yesterday you said you were gunna play with it more.

  49. vmcrow

    Wow, that is gorgeous!! I love the matte-ness of the eye combo! I have been wanting to pick up Winkle and Atlantic Blue for a while, but you made up my mind with this look :) I read somewhere that Aqua is harder to use due to being more chalky–do you find that to be the case?

  50. Bernice

    First off, the hair totally complimented the look ! The look seems very rocker chic; something I’d expect to see on Rihanna and just from the first photo I thought it might be too bright- leaning towards the magazine/editorial looks but in the full face photo it looks stunning ! I really love how everything looks 😀

  51. wow that’s blue! i love matte eyes – i always go back and forth from really matte to really shimmery :) is this the blue that you had to wash of before school? have you ever warn any of the more bold looks like this one out of the house? :)

    • Thanks, Dusty!

      Yep, I did. I do, and I’d wear this anywhere but school — I have enough trouble getting my professors to take me seriously that I’ve just found doing bold/bright makeup makes it impossible, which really just stresses me out! I’d rather lower my stress level than buck the system (I’m not much of a rebel!) 😉

      • baby in a corner

        i know the feeling! i dyed my hair really blonde and love bold makeup looks but i don’t want to look too ‘barbie’ or high maintenance at college or work

      • Gah! Silly professors! I wonder why that is… Do you find you get taken more seriously the less “pretty” you look?

        • Sometimes! I think it’s like… the more time it looks like you put into your appearance, the more people judge you empty-headed. I don’t know if, perhaps, since so few wear any visible makeup that it’s such a rarity that it inspires this “NO WAY YOU’RE SMART!” feeling or what.

        • That’s absolutely the way it is at my work too! When I wear makeup, people go out of their way to pick fights with me, talk down to me, and generally treat me with a LOT less respect than when Igo there, hair in a pony, no makeup, not even brow filler or foundation. But then, I work in a fairly solidly male field as well. On some level, I think you just accept it as “par for the course”. In a lot of areas nowadays, femininity is seen as a LIABILITY rather than just another individual characteristic.

  52. LuvJ

    Very pretty! I love the dimensions of the blues even though all colors are matte. Not to mention, the blush looks amazing too. Is it a permanent EL item?

  53. Nour

    OMG, this look is amazing, it looks oo good in the photos and totally compliments your eyes!

  54. Andrea

    I LOVE how bright this is!! Gorgeous :)

  55. Karen

    You look absolutely beautiful!!

  56. This vibrant blue is very pretty on you.

  57. Christine tihs is beautiful. How did you get Atlantic Blue to look like that? Mines is so chalky, and matte and hard to work with. GREAT job.

    • OMGGG! I adore Atlantic Blue! It’s so smooth and pigmented — not chalky at all! I have two, actually (don’t ask how I wound up with two, LOL!), but they’re both very, very smooth and easy to work with. I’ve never had any trouble with it! I do tend to use it with a crease brush like the 226.

  58. Roslyn

    Mattes are so beautiful. I love how vibrant and clean the color looks.

  59. I adore this look! The matte shades on the lid/in the crease looks great in contrast to the shimmery highlight. Stunning!

  60. Kathryn

    The contrast between your warm toned skin and the cool blue shadow is actually very complementary! I really like this look on you Christine :)

  61. if you want your matte highlighters to look better in pictures (more seemless, creamy, less chalky) use a creamy base under them. my favorite is high brow from benefit, but if you don’t have that you could try eyebright (also by benefit) or even a nyx jumbo eye pencil. hope that helps!

  62. Maureeen

    this look is too pretty and i love the lip combo as well!!

  63. I love this! I laughed at the highlight comment though. I have the OPPOSITE problem.

    NO color shows up as highlight on me, but if i use a shimmery one, it looks like theres a DENT in the skin on my brown bone. Like a solid CREASE that catches the light! So MAC Vanilla is my standard one, and its BARELY visible in photos!

    • LOL! I just find that even when a matte highlighter looks LOVELY in person, it looks significantly powdery/chalky/garish in photos :( Makes me sad!

  64. This is gorgeous! I love how Peach Nuance looks on you!

  65. Jennifer

    Wow, you look absolutely stunning, Christine. I am slowly being drawn from bright looks to more neutral, warm-based looks, and I have basically never been a fan of blue eyeshadow (I think it’s extremely hard to pull off effectively), but this is incredible! I’m so impressed by this; you’ve done an amazing job.

  66. Ashley

    I love this look! <3 You look so good in blues! I have a question, how well is melon pigment dupe for beachboud? Thanks

  67. LNU

    Whoa! This looks gorgeous! Definitely one of my favorites I’ve seen on you!

  68. Mirna

    This look is absolutely beautiful Christine. You pull off intense blues very well!!!

  69. Marta

    is aqua hard to work with? I really want it!

  70. Bananabelle

    Woah… Is ester lauder’s peach nuance blush a dupe of mac’s nuance mineralized blush?

  71. CeeBee

    … swoons…

    Absolutely freakin’ gorgeous!

    Seriously beyond beautiful. Your makeup isn’t bad either.


  72. Wow, that’s bright! It reminds me of both water and sky, like pictures taken off the coast of an island. Super beautiful.

  73. Kelli

    LOVE. I get nervous about doing such bold looks with blue eyes, but this looks great with your brown!

  74. Chloe

    Gorgeous. The colours look extra vibrant. Would you be able to do a review on the NARS eye primer?

  75. Wow. Again – ive never been a fan of blue eyeshadow but this just looks incredible!

  76. Rae

    Okay: I’m officially jazzed for Dare to Wear! These mattes look gorgeously vibrant on your lids, not to mention quite blendable.

    By the way — your choice to use a shimmery hilighter instead of a matte one was brilliant! It really keeps the look from looking TOO matte, and I know what you mean about the chalkiness. Sucks, but it’s true.

    • Yayy!! :)

      I’m not sold yet, but we’ll have to see! I’m hoping that some of the other shades are not mattes, just to mix it up.

      The worst is when it’s all la-di-dah in person. Pretty, soft, ooh-la-la. Then you photograph and it’s like, WTF when did I put chalk on my brown?

  77. Kimberly

    this is gorgeous on you! you manage to pull these looks off so beautifully!

  78. demosthenesval7

    love this look!! totally adding those blue shadows to my lemming list!

  79. Miranda

    Such a pretty lip combination!

  80. Diana B

    At first I thought I didn’t like it but when I clicked on the “keep reading” section and saw the other pics I really love this on you. It looks amazing.

  81. Love this(:
    And I’m totally jealous of your eyes!
    They’re gorgeoussss!

  82. Katie

    Wow. Something about this look makes your eyes look huge. (in a very good way I mean) Beautiful.

  83. Madelynn

    You eyes always look so amazing with blue!

  84. Very beautiful!

    On another note; you seem to be using Beachbound Lipstick a lot despite it being an item to skip from the TTBeach collection. 😉

  85. Heather

    now this, is a fantastic look! the blue look awesome with your hair and complexion.

  86. Evelyn

    wow i love the depth of the crease!

  87. amy

    Christine–I absolutely love this look on you!!! Plus, it looks like you had fun doing it–you are so good at using beautiful, vibrant colors!!!

  88. mmhmm

    love, love, love the matte shadows. very unusual, most bloggers use many more shimmery or glittery shadows. the matte’s a refreshing change.

  89. I like the extreme matte-ness of this look!

  90. Hannelore

    The blending is amazing! I really love this, it’s the nicest blue eyeshadow look I’ve ever seen! The lipgloss is really pretty with everything else^^

  91. Paige

    I was dazzled by this look. The close up of the eye made me doubt that it would be a favorite. But in the shots of your whole face, this blue looks absolutely incredible against your brown eyes. Good gravy!

  92. I love this lok! I’m a huge fan of color. I did a bold blue look using MAC Clear Blue Sky pigment, Fyrinnea’s Javan Rhoino, and Bare Escentuals T.L.C. liner. You can view it at if you’d like.

  93. lei aqua similar to haunting?
    i dont have a pro store near me:(

  94. Sarah

    This looks SO great on you!!!

  95. Jennifer

    WOW,that looks amazing!

  96. Glessie

    Hi Christine. I was just wondering how you got Atlantic blue to show so true to color. I use it today and it looked so dark :( btw this look makes me wanna snatch aqua now too. Ahahah.