Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Cult of Cherry

Cherry on top. Pity poor Eve, there’s a new forbidden fruit. With a smouldering eye and a plush, purple-red mouth, she’s a living, sensual pleasure. The Cult of Cherry is luscious, dramatic, undeniably eroticized. Ripened lips, Spiced Hot Chocolate eyes or Illegal Purple nails, combine to seduce with a sweet-and-shock,
way-to-go dark. Separates the bitter from the sweet. This drama just gets more delicious.

Lipstick ($14.00)

  • Creme Cerise Sheer yellow taupe (lustre)
  • Lightly Ripe Sheer mid-tone pink (lustre)
  • Russian Red Intense bluish red (matte)
  • “O” Intense purplish red with metallic gold (frost)
  • So Scarlet Clean grape burgundy (amplified)

Lipglass ($14.00)

  • Cherry Blossom Sheer light pink with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
  • Rich & Ripe Mid-tone pinkish red with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
  • Cult of Cherry Clean red with red pearl (frost)
  • Liqueur Neutral brownish mauve with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
  • Jampacked Sheer grape with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)

Mattene ($14.50)

  • Rapturous Deep berry red (matte)
  • Kirsch Blackened cranberry (matte)
  • Chock-ful Blackened brown (matte)
  • Bing Blackened eggplant (matte)

Powder Blush ($17.50)

  • Blooming Frosted deep dirty peach (frost)
  • Plum de Bois Frosted deep pink bronze with gold pearl (frost)

Nail Lacquer ($10.00)

  • Silverstruck Frosty greyed taupe with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
  • Illegal Purple Creamy blackened eggplant (cream)

Zoom Lash ($11.00)

  • Zoom Black Rich black

Eye shadow X4 – Spiced Chocolate Quad ($36.00)

  • Nanogold Sheer yellow pink with pink pearl (frost)
  • Brash Frosty reddish copper (vxp)
  • Spiced Dirty deep reddish brown (matte)
  • Sweet Chestnut Frosted cranberry (frost)

Eye shadow X4 – Tempting Quad ($36.00)

  • Next to Nothing Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl (frost)
  • Sharp Frosty bright yellow gold (satin)
  • Dark Edge Dirty chocolate brown (satin)
  • Tempting Rich coco (lustre)

Eye shadow X4 – Shadowy Lady Quad ($36.00)

  • Light Fall Dirty light pink (satin)
  • Smudge Violet Frosty blackened lavender with multi-dimensional pearl (frost)
  • Deep Truth Very dark blue (frost)
  • Shadowy Lady Darkly veiled plum (matte)

Available September 2008 at all MAC locations, 1.800.387.6707,

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53 thoughts on “MAC Cult of Cherry Official Color Story Information & Product Photos!

  1. Hey Christine! Great photos, but are these not similar to the ones you had posted before? Are they indeed different? Just curious. Thanks!

  2. I am so excited for this collection! Can’t wait.. can’t wait.. can’t wait!

    I’m wondering how it will be to have such intense lips though.. I’ve been keeping it pretty light through the summer.

    That aside.. SQUEE! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Suzi

    Has the release date changed? “Available September 2008 at all MยทAยทC locations,”
    I thought this was an August release. Do we know for certain?


    • Hi Suzi,

      I have heard it’s August 21st, but since it’s late, they may call it a September release. (Like Starflash is really an “August 2008″ release, though July 31st is the date.)

  4. Shayla

    There’s not a ton that I want from this collection, but I have my eye maybe on the Cult of Cherry lipglass (since I don’t have any lipglass yet..surprise!)

    I find I’ve focused more on MAC eyeshadows, and now that I have practically all the colors I like, I’ll have to move on to lips/cheeks and pigments :)

    • i’m with you on that too….I’m like eyeshadows and pigments….i only own one lipstick and one lipgloss from mac=( haha! But i still try staying with soft colors.wanna learn to use a more darker color( just feel like if i look silly) LOL!

    • Hi Shayla,

      I’m not sure yet what I want. The mattenes are too dark for me, but the lipsticks and lipglasses sound interesting. The quads haven’t caught my attention yet either.

  5. I am getting the blushes, all of the quads and MAYBE a couple or a few of the lipglasses.

  6. Danielle

    Yay I didn’t know there were going to be blushes. I will have to get those, and maybe the spice chocolate quad, plus some lipglasses! Does anybody know what comes close to Afterdusk blush from the Moonbathe collection? I am fairly new to MAC, but this blush I am sorry that I missed.

  7. am lemming the dark purple polish and the deep truth quad already!!!

  8. Tekoa

    What, Nanogold is a frost now? *looks at the underside of her lustre Nanogold* If that’s true the Spiced Chocolate quad is totally mine. Still trying to justify buying the Tempting quad for Sharp…

    In my city the unveiling launch is August 12th! Official launch unknown.

  9. Ariele

    Yay! I am really getting excited for the CoC release… :) Now with my Starflash stuff already purchased, I can focus on CoC! I’m interested to see if they really did reformulate Nanogold into a frost from a lustre, since that’s how it was released with the N Collection. *scratches head* Regardless, I want the Spiced Chocolate & Shadowy Lady quads + 2 l/s + 3 l/g + 2 mattenes + 1 blush + 1 n/p. YIKES!

    • Hi Ariele,

      It would be interesting if they reforumulated it. It does seem unlikely, doesn’t it? But then again, it is in a quad, not a pot, so it could have happened!

  10. dee

    Ok, If this actually launches in September I am SOOOOO going to have somebody get me this stuff for my birthday.

  11. Tanya

    doesnt the spiced chocolate quad look kinda like the one of the take wing quad?

  12. Mmm! I’m totally getting those quads!

  13. Fran

    Do you know whether it comes out in the UK also in September?! Or will we have to wait a little over here?!

  14. HeavenLeiBlu

    Good thing for my bank account, I can pass on all of this :-)

  15. wow I can’t wait. Saving up for sure! Thanks for the information.

  16. DevilishDoll

    I think I’ll only get Rich and Ripe and Cult of Cherry. I might get O though.

  17. DJ

    curious about the mattene shades, but other than that…not so much. Thank goodness.
    (although I do love the chocolates quad and a few of the lipglasses sound great, just trying to chill out)

  18. Amanda23

    I can’t wait for this collection to launch! My MA at MAC did a look on me and added Sharp and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I’m all over Tempting and Spiced Chocolate quads.

  19. the MAC counter inside Macy’s that i hit today for Starflash and Lustre Twins said unveiling was Aug. 21. naturally, i booked an appointment to try on some looks and buy EVERYTHING!

  20. Brooke

    IDK if this means anything, but I got signed up for the Cult of Cherry ‘event’ today in Mac, and its August 31st?

  21. Nicole

    I thought I have to buy Tempting and Swiss Cocolate quad, but I think I skip these products, because I don’t like matte and lustre finishes. And I get more and more the feeling, that the colors won’t suite me like other e/s. Maybe I go for a lipstick.

  22. vinna

    im liking the purple nail lacquer most i think… and maybe one of the quads

  23. neysa

    i cant wait my mac store is having an event for this that i signed up for

  24. Sid

    i wish mac made it so you can pick what you want in your quad!
    there is always that one color you NEVER use! and it feels like such a waste :(

    personally i would take from each quad you see in the pic the color in the bottom right corner! thed look so pretty in one quad.

  25. Paulina

    Oh. my.god. I went to my MAC store today, just to get an empty 16 pro palette… Little did I know that they had the first shipment of Cult of Cherry today. She literally opened the packages in from of my eyes, and I was the first one to swatch the whole collection. Pre-ordered two pigments, a mattene and the Shadowy Lady quad. THIS COLLECTION IS FANTASTIC! Get it!!!

  26. Kristen

    I’m really excited and really want all of it. I’ll probably just get one eyeshadow, lipstick, and lipglass though.

    Also I have to say I was kind of expecting way cooler packaging. It looks like the lids on the eyeshadows are their plain clear quads. I was thinking they would’ve done something like they did with the heatherette and/or fafi packaging, and have cherries all over it. That aspect of this collection I’m a little disapointed.

    • Hey Kristen! Despite how large Cult of Cherry is, MAC usually only does special packaging a few times a year (though it’s definitely more often than it used to be!).

  27. miss anna

    what lipstick is the model Cult of Cherry wearing?

  28. misty

    i went and bought thw spiced choco quad last weekend loved it highly requirmented