Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Cult of Cherry officially launches today, and I thought what better way to kick it off than by reviewing some of the past posts made for it?

  • Full Details & Promo Pics — Start planning your haul by checking out what you can expect in the launch!
  • Swatches Preview — Get your engine going with swatches of the Tempting quad as well as a few of the lip products (and a death-to-your-wallet vampy-as-hell nail polish)!
  • A Few Lip Swatches — Sometimes just a skin swatch isn’t enough, and with such dark and bold lip colors to choose from this launch, seeing the colors on the actual lips is vital.
  • Cult of Cherry Look — Want to see what some of those dark lip colors look like in an actual look? Then click!
  • Tempting Quad Look — See what you can do with the Tempting quad, when you want to use all four colors at once!
  • Sharp Look-a-likes! — What’s all this hype over Sharp? Find out! (And then see if you can pass on it!)

A word on the review: it is forthcoming! I am traveling all day today, but I have a short layover at Honolulu airport, which does have a MAC store. The bad news is it is in a Duty Free Shop (though I didn’t see any guards nor signs posted about the typical DFS policy of requiring international boarding passes). I fully intend to walk in like I own the place and do my very best to grab y’all swatches before they kick me out! (This, of course, does hinge on them having Cult of Cherry out…)  I will do my very best to get it up today, but if it’s not – check out the posts above! If I can’t get swatches today, you can bet I will be at Nordstrom’s first thing tomorrow AM :) Thank you for your understanding!

Have you seen Cult of Cherry yet? Share your reviews, thoughts, hauls (and potential hauls!), or questions with us all!

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23 thoughts on “MAC Cult of Cherry Excitement!

  1. Danielle

    Sounds good, whenever you can get them to us is fine! Are you thinking of getting any blush? I got both blushes, cherry blossom and lightly ripe at the pre-realease. Lightly ripe is about at close to being red, nothing like the swatch online!! I don’t think I will get any quads I have 3 full palettes and 15 pots! I am good on e/s for awhile! Lol.

  2. brenda

    Sadly I probably won’t make it to a MAC counter today but I already planned out what I’m getting (I want more but my beau says no =( ): So scarlet, kirsch, Bing, Jampacked, Cult of Cherry, Rapturous, and just maybe plum du bois or blossom.

  3. Nell

    Love this collection, even though the dark lips are going to be hard to pull of for me! I´m going to try my best 😉

  4. The only quad I have wanted from the start is the spiced chocolate one since I think that will be the best with my green eyes even though I have 5 full pallets, lol. As for lips. . .mmmm . jammpacked, so scarlet, bing, and cult of cherry are the ones I am interested in (thank god for Back to MAC). As for the blushes I think I am fine considering I have a pallet full of them. ^_^

    I’ll try to get some swatches since I am going there today for my haul.

  5. dee

    I actually got to the store on the first day???? HA! Completely on accident I must add. I bought Bing and Jampacked. I tried on Cream Cerise, but it barely showed up on me(I mean BARELY, the MA had turned around and didn’t know I had put anything on my lips at all.) I may go back though with a totally clean lip to be sure of the color, I got to thinking it may be a MLBB color. I also forgot to try one of the lipglasses on.

  6. lala

    hey xtine a good dupe for “kirsch” is “burnin’ ” :)

  7. Sanayhs

    NO CREME CERISE. On me? Yuck! I’m less than NW15 with definite pink undertones. No nail lacquers, either – OPI, please.

    Other than that… one of everything (all three quads, both blushes, 5 glosses, 4 lipsticks, 4 mattenes). With a second each of So Scarlet, Cult of Cherry and Jampacked.

    This isn’t a wishlist. This is what I bought and have.

  8. Asta

    I nabbed the quads (first MAC purchase ever! so I don’t have to worry about already having the permanent colors). Then I got 3 lipglasses (Jampacked, Rich & Ripe, Cult of Cherry), and Lightly Ripe lipstick. Going back with Mom this weekend for more l/s, perhaps. She asked me earlier this week to help her find a new, non-drying lipstick. Heh heh heh heh. I’m going to get her hooked, too!

  9. Amelia

    I know that everyone (and I mean everyone) is super excited about Jampacked, Bing, and Cult of Cherry… but has anyone checked out the lipstick O? I am curious about it, and no one seems to have talked about it much. I haven’t been to the store yet… curse work and time conflicts, and I am desperate for some info!
    Can anyone tell me what it looks like? Good or bad?

    • Nell

      “O” is a permanent color, which is probably why there isn´t such a hype surrounding it. But I´ve had it for years and absolutely love it. It is a very interesting color, there are brown, red, plum and berry tones in it, with a nice golden shimmer, it changes with the light and comes out differently on different skin tones, on me (NC15) it is a deep berry plum with gold shimmer. I use it for evening looks. It´s perfect with a golden gloss over it, but one could play up it´s different hues with different glosses. You should get it! Though there is no hurry (for once with MAC!), since it is part of the permanent line (and hopefully stays there forever!).

    • O is permanent, which is probably why there’s not much buzz over it. It’s very pretty though!

  10. I picked up a few things last night. 😀 I grabbed two of the pallets (tempting & spiced chocolate), plum du bois blush (which swatched invisibly on my hand, but showed up gorgeous on my face), two mattenes (bing & rapturous) and two glosses (cult of cherry – OMG & jampacked). I also picked up liners for the mattenes, burgundy & nightmoth.

    I already own O and I’m still pondering Chockful & So Scarlet.

  11. Helene

    how much is a pigment sample?