Friday, December 12th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ CreamTeam launches in February 2009, and it features several new and repromoted shades of Cremesheen lipsticks, plus new Cremesheen Glass!

Check out the shades!


  • Creme Cup Light blue pink
  • Shy Girl Coral beige
  • Crosswires Pinky orange
  • Lickable Clean bue pink
  • Lavender Whip Lavender
  • Creme in Your Coffee Mid-tone brown
  • Hang Up Deep berry

Cremesheen Glass

  • Ever so Rich
  • Fashion Scoop
  • Boy Bait
  • Partial to Pink
  • Melt in your Mouth
  • Petite Indulgence
  • Creme Anglaise
  • Looks like Sin

Cremestick Liner

  • Sublime Culture Neutral pink
  • Pink Treat Dirty Pink
  • Caramellow Neutral caramel
  • Velvetella Blackened plum

Source:  Kiss&Makeup

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34 thoughts on “MAC CreamTeam Collection with Cremesheen Lipsticks & Glass

  1. Sara

    um…who DOESNT need a lavender lipstick? i’m all over that

  2. Vee

    I’m excited for the Cremesheen Glasses… and excited to try on the lavender lipstick and play with glosses over top! Thanks for heads up, Christine!

  3. DevilishDoll

    Lickable and Lavender Whip sound like they could be interesting. I don’t see the point in repromoting Hang Up and Crosswires though, they are permanent anyway. What they need is to have another Dazzleglass collection and repromote Comet Blue, Steppin Out, Funtabulous, Baby Sparks, etc plus come out with a few new ones. I’d especially like a berry red Dazzleglass, maybe a lavender one, a cherry colored one, a gold one, hell just every color they can think of. They need more Softsparkle Eyeliners too…especially some light and dark pink ones. Those seem to be my 2 addictions at the moment.

    • Vicki

      Yes give me more Dazzleglass! When I’m feeling like I want to be fabulous I grab Dazzleglass! I have all the colors, so I’m waiting for some new ones. However, I am excited for the Cremesheen lipglasses. It sound quite tasty!

  4. Wow, if that picture is any indication of the effect that you get with those Cremesheen Glasses, I’m definitely going to have to pick a few of them up…

  5. retrofox

    I’m all over the lavender one! That one looks so much fun! God I’m gonna be sooooo broke in feb!

  6. sanderlees

    the lavendar one looks gorgeos in the pic.. but i don’t know how wearable it will actually be…

  7. Kayla

    Just so I get this out, I love this site! I am so excited about the Cremesheen collection! I also wish that they have Dazzleglass again.

  8. Julia.

    Awesome!! I love cremesheens! Thanks for the post!

  9. i didnt like the prom pic…i dunno why…but i didnt like it…n yeah, i wish dazzleglass again like everyone….

  10. Shefali

    I’m excited for the lipglasses. I’m imagining opaque, creamy glosses. Sweet!!

    I’m voting for Dazzleglasses as my fave collection of 2008, hands down.

  11. Lavender sounds interesting! But otherwise, I don’t know… creamsheens haven’t caught my attention really…

  12. kuku


  13. Shanel

    I LOVE CREMESHEENS! now their comin’ out wit the lipglass& liners?! MAN that’s great!

  14. Virginia

    Yay, this is the first MAC Collection since Cult of Cherry which I’m really interested in! The lavender lipstick looks so cool in the promo pic and the lipglasses also sound promising. Will the new Cremesheens be perm like last time?

  15. I <3 Cremesheens so yay for new colors! =D

  16. Emma

    im excited ’bout the lipsticks, the colors sound really pretty. im really excited bout the cremesheen glasses, i hope they have a brush applicator! and i hope they r permanent cuz i want them all!

  17. christina

    I love Cremesheen lipsticks, I find Crosswires is an awesome shade for me. I also picked up Speak Louder which is a little pinker but overall the texture of this line works so well for me. I’m not too keen on the new shades maybe Shy Girl but I definitely will probably pick up one of the Cremesheen Glasses (or two, I have so many MAC products, I need to slow down!)

  18. Jeni

    the promo looks yum!

  19. Crystal

    Oh yes!!!!!
    WOW cannot even wait for this! I’m so excited, HELLO KITTY AND CREMESHEEN!

  20. Ooo I love the promo pic for this! I can’t wait!

  21. Dawn

    Oh Man! Lavender Lipstick brings me back to the Jordana Days. LOL. This will Probably be a little better quality, you think? :)~
    Everything sounds tempting. Can’t wait to see swatches! Bring em ALL on!

    And YES Dazzleglass is the bomb!

  22. Oh my, that Lavender is screaming out to me! It looks gorgeous! So temptiiiing

  23. hipona

    Well, I’m pretty happy with my Up the Amp l/s. If this lavender is superior, i’ll buy it.

  24. I love the dripping lips they did for this collection, looks awesome. Am eager to see what the creemsheen glass is like!

  25. Shar

    Wow -I’mso excited for these! Ilove the name boy bait! :)

  26. Milan

    I’m all over the lavendar…lipstick and gloss.

  27. Burlesque Doll

    Must must must will die without must have that lavender whip suit me goth look so perfectly 😉 Must must must must have

  28. Bea

    I simply MUST have Lavender Whip and the matching gloss! I have Martooni a lavender from MAC years ago but this is WOW! When exactly does this come out? I’m the most excited about this collection!

  29. mm

    holy smokes! the lavender lipstick is soooo adorable…im getting more of that. cant wait!

  30. aradhana

    hi…does anyone know what the creamsheen glass finish will be like? are they basically glosses with no sparkle/shimmer?