Monday, May 18th, 2009

Everything You Wanted to Know About MAC Cosmetics

Our Guide for the Newly Addicted has just about everything you wanted to know about all that is MAC. From the history of the brand to terminology and product basics, you’ll find it in this ten-part series.

Our MAC Must-Haves series features twenty-four posts of must-have goodness, and it is currently still a series-in-progress–which means we are still adding to it. Stay tuned!

Must-Haves:  MAC Brushes

Must-Haves: MAC Eyeshadows

Must-Haves: MAC Glosses

Must-Haves: MAC Lipsticks

Must-Haves: MAC Face Products

These are particular posts where we have attempted to gather swatches for a great number of shadows, not from specific collections, but more comprehensive in terms of products available or were available from the brand.

Swatches From 2009

Swatches From 2007 (Oldies, but goodies — promise!)

These are particular posts where we have attempted to gather photos for a great number of shadows, not from specific collections, but more comprehensive in terms of products available or were available from the brand.

Product Photos From 2009

Product Photos From 2007

Again, oldies, but goodies — promise! I bet the majority of you never even knew these posts existed, because they were up when we only had a few readers! I really do urge you to check these posts out, because they contain hundreds of product photos of both limited edition and permanent products.

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