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MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

In February 11th, 2010, you’ll see this hit counter…  Debbie confirmed it’ll be in four separate displayers, but on a single day.  Which is worse, because now you can’t spread out the costs!

Edited:  Added more product photos! (12/27)

Spring Colour 1 Forecast

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Bubble Gum Light lavender pink (Glaze) (Limited Edition)
  • Laugh-a-lot Mauve pink (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Phlox Sheer light pink (Glaze) (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Burst Clean bright pink with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Cultureclash Frosty clear baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Hush, Hush Rose Mid-tone blue with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Electric Fuchsia Bright violet with blue pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition_

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Da Bling Pink with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
  • LaLa Mid-tone pink (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Rosy Outlook Frosted baby pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Very Violet Dark violet (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Crush Metal Pigment: Stacked 1! ($32.50 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

Crush Metal Pigment in a shade wave of four stackable jars, specially selected for the Spring Colour Forecast collection. Provides intense colour payoff and medium coverage with highly reflective metallic sparkle. Creamy, crease-resistant. Long-wearing. Limited edition.

  • Pale pink, light lilac, mid-tone rose, dark purple (Limited Edition)

Plushlash ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Plushblack Black

Blush Ombre ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Azalea Blossom Light cool pink (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Galore Pink Creamy mid-tone blue pink (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Creations: Pinkaura ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Lingeringly floral, slightly foxy. Starts off green then bursts into a flowery bouquet of freesia, black violet and magnolia petals. Sashays into a rich warm amber and balmy vetiver. (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Check out more information, plus photos…

Spring Colour 2 Forecast

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Colour Me Coral Frosted light coral (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Fresh Salmon Sheer bright pink-orange (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
  • Rose Maiden Frosted bright berry (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Victorian Frosted light golden pink (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Cha Cha Mid-tone pink with gold pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Ember Glow Creamy light apricot (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Kumquat Frosty tangerine (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Hot Hot Hot Mid-tone coral (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Nanogold Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl (Lustre) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Perky Light salmon pink (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Straw Harvest Frosty light yellow-orange (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Crush Metal Pigment: Stacked 2! ($32.50 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

Crush Metal Pigment in a shade wave of four stackable jars, specially selected for the Spring Colour Forecast collection. Provides intense colour payoff and medium coverage with highly reflective metallic sparkle. Creamy, crease-resistant. Long-wearing. Limited edition.

  • Pale gilded beige, yellow gold, green gold, copper gold (Limited Edition)

Plushlash ($13.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN)

  • Plushblack Black

Blush Ombre ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Ripe Peach Light coral (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Malibu Peach Bright creamy tangerine (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Creations: MV2 ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Cool, calm, and classic. Vanilla teased with lemon, melted with lavender creme, and then given a warming shot of vanilla bourbon mixed with vanilla mousse and heliotrope. (Permanent)

Spring Colour 3 Forecast

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Hang-up Deep berry (Cremesheen) (Permanent)
  • Radicchio Sheer mid-tone blue-mauve (Lustre) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Lavender Wind Lavender with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Purple Rage Dark berry with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow Quad — Colour 3 ($36.00 U.S. / $43.00 CDN)

Four limited-edition eyeshadows specially selected to complement the plum/burgundy palette of the Spring Colour Forecast Collection.  Featuring a square design, clear lid and magnetic closure, this marks the debut of our new eyeshadow x 4 compact.

  • Black Tulip Frosted dark grape (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Bruised Plum Frosted mid-tone dirty mauve (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • Jungle Moon Blackened deep eggplant (Matte) (Limited Edition)
  • Mink Pink Neutral soft pink (Veluxe) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Blush Ombre ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Vintage Grape Mid-tone violet pink (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Imperial Splendour Deep creamy violet (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Spring Colour 4 Forecast

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Beigeland Frosted light pink beige (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Bronzilla Frosted mid-tone yellow brown (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Almondine Pale gold with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Gold Dust Mid-tone copper with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow Quad — Colour 4 ($36.00 U.S. / $43.00 CDN)

Four limited-edition eyeshadows specially selected to complement the plum/burgundy palette of the Spring Colour Forecast Collection.  Featuring a square design, clear lid and magnetic closure, this marks the debut of our new eyeshadow x 4 compact.

  • Aztec Brick Frosted true copper (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • Creole Beauty Frosted dark golden brown (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Flip Bronze gold (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Manila Paper Pale frosted white gold (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Blush Ombre ($25.00 U.S. / $30.00 CDN)

  • Springshine Neutral suntan (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Abalone Shell Light creamy warm beige (Cream) (Limited Edition)

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection

MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast Collection


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272 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast Collection + Photos

  1. lexi

    Christine, how much is the quad colour 4???ireally like it but i have no idea how much money it is,and how much are the pink and purple pigments???

  2. kathy

    i dont get it how will they be releasing them ? a new set each week ?

  3. Kerry

    Hi Christine this is my first comment on here but been on this site loads. Will this be launched in the UK?

  4. Jennifer

    I want the purple quad…Definitely want one of the coral and pink lipsticks..And probably one of the lipglasses from the pink and coral collection…And I definitely want the Blossom Ombre…Whether I have the money or not is the question…However when the swatches become available it will determine what I get.

  5. Pam

    Hey christine I was just wondering what the thrid lipglass from Colour Forecast 1 is called….or is it a mistake

  6. Sweetpearl

    the pink and purple blushes seem like the same exact one…

  7. Rosa Napoleon

    I want everything…Iam trying to experiment with color and I think this is a perfect way to do it. I love the purple and orange. I think on women of color these shades seems to bring out our natural glow in our skin and complement our warm undertones.

    • ak

      I’m of color too and I’m willing to look at every different number scenario! The pink lipsticks are bright but they are soft Glazes and Lustres which should be wearable.

  8. Gotta save my money for this collection!! I want the 1 and 3 the colors look so pretty!

  9. claudia

    Well, this is only ONE of their many Spring collections !!! Oh Lord …
    It looks amazing but I’m so disappointed, once again the lipsticks are only lustre, frosts and glazes ! My faves are amplifieds and satins ! I’m sure I’ll get the grape blush ombre, the warm quad and perhaps one of the pink eyeshadows. Need to save for the Liberty collection !

  10. Saki

    the quad case looks different. i wonder if you can depot the eyeshadows… but I am getting that purple quad!!!!!

  11. KC

    I’ll have to inform my MAC guy that he will not be seeing me in January at all. But I’ll be back with a vengence in February/ March ( depends on their Int’l release date). Imma have to save with a vengence considering how expensive quads are here, and lipsticks are $42 (US $21.50. I want almost every thing purple, and the coral quad is calling my name, and maybe something pink too.

  12. Janelle

    This collection is literally worth about $800 for EVERYTHING!

  13. Stella

    OMG, I neeeeed them.
    I can’t wait hehe.~

  14. DonnaN

    oh, WOW….why did I think these were being spread over 4 weeks?? I blame the holidays….

    So, a question… would one get the quad pans out of the palette so that I can add them to my larger PRO palettes, or can this not be done?

  15. andrea

    i really liek the collection but i have to say im not liking the nwe quad packaging :( i think it looks like less quality, and im not that happy about the pigments packaging either, they look kind of cheap to me, but i think the product itself is gorgeous as always.

  16. Tori

    Wow this is an amazing collection im sure i can find a couple of things! :)

  17. Carrie K

    I am SO EXCITED about this collection!! I love everything, I better start saving my money now!!

  18. Dani

    Eek! It looks like my wallet is going to have a HUGE hole in it after I’m done with this collection! (and others!)

  19. sharon

    omG…. :O:O:O

  20. Erin

    I’m screwed, I should start saving my money now…

  21. Susie

    Pigment stacks?That is soooo olddddd. Truecolors did that long time ago at better pricing.

  22. Andrea

    I am liking the crushed metal! The darker lipsticks look interesting, this is just too big a collection to be honest!

  23. amy

    I can’t wait to see the crush metal pigments, they are what I want most!

  24. Anitacska

    The colours in Spring Colour 1 Forecast are all so beautiful! I love pinks and purples. :)

  25. Rita

    I’m SOOO looking forward to this collection! I want about 20 items! This collection seems to be the best one for this spring. I hope the corals are what I’m looking for, I also like the neutrals, and the lavender lipsglass, of course.

  26. Petra

    I have heard others say that they think MAC is launching too many collections, which i could understand, but i think I have finally got to a stage where i MAC collections have gotten so frequent and big, that it just exceeded my capacity lol. It seems like an interesting collection, but i don’t think i’ll be keeping track of it, just check it out in person and see if something really speaks to me (for exc these new blushes, and maybe some lip products). But the promo pictures are not my taste and really just too much for me. :( Anyone feel the same?

    • ak

      No. I know that it takes a lot of willpower to resist these collections, so you have to put it down and make it all sound ugly. LOL

  27. I want the new blush!

  28. Rebecca

    Oh wow! I need to start saving!
    I want both quads and at least one blush ombre…then I’ll see what else I may be able to get after that.

  29. The promo pics are breathtaking!!! This collection is going to hurt my wallet!! I’ve added the total of how much that I’m going to spend and it’s about $534.50!

  30. Sarah M

    I’m getting a little too excited about this collection. Somebody needs to calm me down! Lol.

  31. I haven’t really been too excited about MAC stuff recently. I am skipping Love Lace and Baroque Boudoir completely and only getting By Candlelight MSF from Warm and Cozy. After seeing this, I’m glad I skipped all these because I’ll need tons of money for this collection!!!!!!

  32. Bobbiedoll03


    That is all I got!

  33. Gina

    I’m in love with all the purples in this collection eeeeEEE!! I must get the purple quad for sure.

  34. Leea

    omgg. im gonna start saving up for it noww! (: hahah. wow.
    Although, I think that after seeing the colors in person i might not end up getting as much as my list says…

  35. Emma

    Ooh, I’m super interested in the Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre and the Stacked Pigments!!! The pink and the violet collections look lovely and perfect for my skin tone.

  36. Susan

    is there new packaging for the quads? the flip top lid looks really different.

    sometimes i feel like MAC needs to tone down on the new collections, and work more on the development of the products rather than releasing a ton of products for the sake of it.

  37. melissa

    My mouth is watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mac had to over do it to compete with hello kitty and Barbie!!!!!!

  38. Angie

    OMG!!! I WANT IT ALL!!!!

  39. Myra

    Wow! What a pretty collection. This is really going to kill my wallet!

  40. ak

    I want to see the:

    Bubble Gum, Laugh-alot, and Phlox lipsticks, the Very Violet shadow, the Fresh Salmon and Rose Maiden lipsticks, the Radicchio lipstick, Lavender Wind lipglass, the purple shadow quad No. 3, the Bronzilla lipstick and maybe even the Beigeland lipstick.

    If I were like brand new to MAC I would definitely buy the bronze/gold shadow quad No. 4!

  41. Wow!!!! there goes my budget for 2010

  42. Zinnia

    this collection seems to chosen by the gods themselfs……OMG its amazing i really cant wait for this one 😉

  43. ak


    Bubble Gum, Laugh-a-lot, Fresh Salmon, Radicchio and Bronzilla lipsticks, the Lavender Wind Lipglass, the Very Violet shadow, and of course the purple shadow quad No. 3.

    In the pile MAYBES is the:

    Rose Maiden lipstick it sounds beautiful but I’m not interested in it if it’s too frosty; it has to be a barely-frosted lipstick for me to consider buying it. Phlox and Beigeland lipstick is a maybe. I’d usually not use any lip glass but Lavender Wind might be an exception! And if the purple shadow quad No. 3 is that great then maybe I won’t get the Very Violet shadow after all!

    If I was like brand new to MAC’s total existence then I would buy the shadow quad No. 4 with all of those beautiful wearable bronzes but I don’t need them sadly so I’ll pass. LOL

  44. Makeup_Freak

    OH, I am gong to be so broke. This collection looks so appealing. Every color is gorgeous, especially the purple squad and lipsticks.

    AAAWWWW, Mac has outdone itself once again.

  45. Valerie

    Oh no…i can finally close my bank accounts…i want almost everything!

  46. chrissy campbell

    i want it all

  47. isabella

    oh lord im starting to save NOW! those metal pigment stack thing looks so cool i want them all! and the pink lipstick and nail polish omg god help me

    question: is this like there anniversery collection thing like barbie & hello kitty ? cause isnt it the same release date?

  48. Kim

    OMG!!! Happy Valentine’s to ME!!! This is an absolute stunning collection. I cannot wait to get my hands on and play :-)

  49. Sylvie

    O.M.G- this is makeup heaven!

  50. Kristin

    So..I’m going to go broke? Yes :)

  51. Bonita

    i am going to go broke…. *le sigh*

  52. Lizzy

    Pinks, corals, violets, and neutrals… That’s not too much, it’s something for every one. I can’t wear corals or beiges, and coral girls tend to look green in violets and azalea. So, we all get new make up for early summer!

    And I’m glad MAC finally decided to try different pigment sizes. $20 for a giant jar was probably holding down sales, if anything. It was with me.

  53. RachelMarie

    Woow my must-haves are:
    Crush Metal Pigment Stack
    Eyeshadow Quad-Colour 4

    …so excited!!

  54. Amalee

    this collection is going to make me broke…

  55. Ellie

    Surprisingly the only thing that REALLY grabs my attention is the Color 4 Quad with the golds and bronzes, yum, really my cup of tea.

  56. OMG, i’m gonna be broke after this collection. ohno.

  57. Phoenix

    im in trouble!

  58. Favor


    Forgive me for the money I am going to spend on this collection.


  59. DonnaN

    The longer it takes for this collection to come out, the more that I want. I am seriously gonna be in trouble with this collection, that’s for sure…..

  60. MAChostage

    I have a feeling that this will be one of those “flattering for all” collections. The first MAC collection in a while that has me really intrigued!

  61. Kim

    Please tell me which lipstick under the Color Forcast #3 is the Radicchio one? I am dying to start buying these items now. Why do we have to wait soooooo long?

  62. Emma

    Gorgeous collection!
    I was wondering if anyone knows if the packaging of the blushes is just like the normal ones or have a LE packaging ? And also – are they the size of the regular blushes or beauty powders/MSF’s ?? :)

  63. Budget Beauty Bombshell

    What exactly is a Blush Ombre?

  64. Maria

    Ok, enjoying lillyland so now I can focus on this. Yes, this collection will get me broke but at least this is during tax refund time. So far on my radar I see stack1, both quads, almondine and golddust lipglass and radicchio lipstick. Now the only problem is, I have this as the list so far, however, usually it increases when I see it in person. oh boy.

  65. Aislin

    It is of vital importance that I acquire the eyeshadow quad for #4. (I will also be swatching the lipcolours for #1 & #2 with glee, but mostly eyeshadow quad. It looks like pure, work-appropriate, blue-eyes win.)

  66. Basema

    Hi. I’m desperately looking for MAC’s lipstick in Violetta. Can anyone help me? We do not have MAC PRO store here so can anyone help me buy some? Tx

  67. Melissa

    I heard that aside from the 4 pan palette changing the 15 pan palette design also to a clear lid . Has anyone heard this ? They told me at the mac store today.

    • It might be happening, though I haven’t heard anything about it myself. The quads do look different here and the info I got said seemed to say it was permanent going forward. MAC might feel it’s time to modernize their packaging. Some of us long-time addicts may not like the change so much, but at least it shows they’re willing to change with the times, I suppose…

      • ak

        Hey as long as the ‘change’ is functional, you know, easy to open, and hard to break or spill all over the place.

    • Melissa

      My only concern with that is that the clear lids might get all scratched up and grody looking.

  68. Cynthia

    what’s the exact international release date?

  69. julianne

    i really want the neutral quad.

  70. Melissa

    That purple quad has my name alllll over it.

  71. JO ELLIS

    The colour forcast collection is going to make me So Broke!!

  72. Kierstin~ MAC LOVER 4 EVER

    Comes out right after my birthday….. hello late birthday present! this is sooo the collection for me! espicially the quads!! they are so gorgeous! what if i want everything? I don’t know! Please swatch these for us temptalia! or could you do like a must haves and pass! like the stuff we should get or not get :) I’d so love that!!!

  73. Rosanna

    Good thing Vietnamese/Chinese New Year’s is on the 14th…all those “red envelopes” are going to help me pay for this collection – of course, after careful consideration and your reviews + swatches.

    I’ve been looking for a good orange (and veluxe pearl, yay!), Straw Harvest!
    I’m not into frost lipsticks but they’re better than glazes and lustres plus the Rose Maiden and Victorian sound so interesting!

    Seriously, How are you going to review this whole collection, Christine?! It’s just baffling!

  74. monika

    OMG>Alla lipsticks from 1 are mine!And nanogold eyshadow!

  75. Lize

    Oh. My. God.
    I am so excited for this collection!
    And I am going to the USA on february 22nd so I hope that this collection won’t sell out quickly haha 😛

  76. Leenie

    Wow I cant wait to get my hands on the purple collection, It’s So pretty.

  77. Victoria

    i cant wait for this collection. I’m new to MAC and this will be my first collection that i am getting and i cant wait for it to come out…but i dont think my wallet is lol..from everything that i see im thinking i might be spending in the near 400 range : / but atleast im getting my MAC collection off the ground with a bang lol…thank god its income tax time.

    thanks Christine for the pic…theyre really helpful : )

  78. Lola

    Radicchio lippie? Which one is it out of the two in the purple collection? Also why is MAC making so many lustres & frosts when I prefer amplifieds and cremesheens??? I wish MAC would have a suggestion box for some ideas. I know you can’t please everyone but just to get their customers inputs on a few stuff would be nice.

  79. Kristen

    yesss! I got invited to the preview party for this next week! Cant wait!

  80. Judy

    Kristen, I am soooo jealous right now. Where is this preview party? Are you allowed to purchase the stuff early? If so, please let us know what you get. What is good. What colors are fabulous (especially the lipsticks in my case). Thanks and have fun.

  81. Lis

    OMG, is MAC trying to make me go bankrupt. I swear everything I want totals like 700 dollars. Sheez

  82. Karla

    I just saw a sneak peek at my MAC counter tonight… Everything looks amazing!!! I love the one lady who works there she is soo nice!! I really want the vintage grape blush ombre. It looked so pretty…

  83. Nicole

    I love the colour 3 and 4 eyeshadow quads! Definitely picking those up! :)

  84. Nicole

    ha! and it comes out on my payday. excellent!

  85. Amanda

    Ohhh man I cannot wait for this to come out! It’s been a while since I wanted EVERYTHING from a collection.

  86. brandie

    Wow I can’t wait to see this stuff! I got an invite to go to the MAC party near me this Tues[2nd] so Im actually really excited! I got my wish list ready! lol thank you so much for these pictures! I absolutely love this blog =]

  87. Hannah

    The neutral quad looks very promising :)

  88. I’M SO EXCITED!!! I really hope it doesn’t sell out like we know it will! I like to buy collections by pieces because it’s more affordable for me.

  89. sweetstickythang

    this is the DEVIL, wrong on so many levels. I keep saying I’m not gonna get sucked in by these collections then they put out a MASSIVE collection. Sigh, the purple quad is a must, but I REFUSE to buy anything else from this collection *fingers crossed*

  90. Melissa

    I want all the blushes! its like your getting to colors in one!
    wow those pigment stacks are cute, but I’d know I would spill it. lol

  91. shebeli

    when is exact date of this collection being released? i cant wait!

    • February 11th in the U.S./Canada, March for international.

      • ak

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! It comes to London in March! YAY!

        Please please PLEASE buy some and do some swatches on yourself Christine! I’ve seen the USA MAC website and I just cannot wait. I think that THESE will probably my favorite cosmetic collection of all time!

  92. Victoria

    just saw all the colors on MAC’s website and i cant wait to this collection…the colors are amazing!!

  93. Jan

    I saw this yesturday at the Pro store…They let me go in the back room and was able to place my order.

  94. Barbara E.

    I really want it all and its on their website now!

  95. Judy

    I was naughty this morning. The Spring Colour Forecast is up on the MAC website my peeps. I bought out the store. Sorry! Just joking. Enjoy ladies. Let me know what you purchased. I bought the Eyeshadow Quads #3 (purple), the radicchio lippie, the phlox, bubblegum and pink burst lippies as well. I stayed away from the blush this time due to financial strain.

  96. Danielle

    I love the way everything looks so far, I will just have to SEE it to really know what I must have. Its funny b/c I love MAC lipsticks, but as I have collected I really find I don’t wear them much nowadays. The coral lips look sooo pretty though. THANKS for all the hard work Christine.

  97. Matina

    Wow, I just went crazy I spent $180 worth of makeup and two nailpolishes! I think this is a beautiful, upbeat collection.

  98. Jackie

    I luv MAC!This spring collection is SO COOL!Can’t wait 2 it in person!