Saturday, September 29th, 2007

MAC PRO Launch Reviews
Overall, PRO products are always fun to dabble in because most of have to make special trips to the PRO locations to even check these out. I went with my girl Karen to check everything out, and whew, we both hauled some good items! First, I went with the mind to check out the new beauty powders and nudes & shapers. I have all the Nudes and Shapers already on their way to me, so it was more to just sneak a peak at than buy.

There is so much stuff available, and it was a bit overwhelming. However, Karen and I scored one of the best makeup artists, David, who was the manager of the San Francisco PRO store. (BTW, anyone can place an order for PRO items, just call (415) 771-6113 and ask for David — tell him Christine from sent ya!) He was absolutely so helpful and showed us all these crazy tricks and how to use some of the products. He turned me on to the new reflects glitters, which are just beyond gorgeous, as are the beauty powders.

Beauty Powder/Loose Powder
A sheer, jet-milled loose powder that brings a silky smooth wash of colour and luminous shimmer to eyes, cheeks and skin.

Daisydust — This is my favorite out of the bunch! It’s a lovely light gold with a touch of white shimmer, and it reminds me of Gold Dusk pigment, only more finely milled.
Dancing Light — This is almost like a lighter version of Daisydust, more white gold than yellow gold.
Drizzlegold — Part peach, part gold, and overall, gorgeous. It’s a slightly peachy gold that’s light enough to use just about anywhere!
Lightly Lilac — The “craziest” color out of the bunch, which I could see working for some, as it is a lovely bluish purple color, very cool.
Micro Pink — A lovely cool pink with tiny bits of shimmer, which goes on so smoothly.
Natural Flare — A gorgeous reddish peachy color, lots of melon hues in it, and it’ll warm up cheeks perfectly (though it’s not overly warm!).
Paperwhite — White, white, and white! I had to skip this beauty powder because I’m too tan to work this as well as the others, but it feels like silk on your skin with slight shimmer.
Peach Haze — A pinkish peach with shimmer, and like all the beauty powders, goes on flawlessly.

Reflects Glitters
Reflects Antique Gold — My favorite out of the bunch, most definitely. It looks like shimmering water when applied. Incredibly shimmery and smooth.Reflects Bronze — More gold than bronze, but gorgeous. Think Goldmine with a whole lot more punch!
Reflects Blackened Red — Sultry, dark maroon with glitter and insanely smooth. If Maroon pigment had glitter, this would be it!
Reflects Bronze — More gold than bronze, but gorgeous. Think Goldmine with a whole lot more punch!
Reflects Copper — I was totally thinking this was Off the Radar in glitter form – it’s a very orangey color.
Reflects Purple Duo — Kind of an odd color, probably my least favorite, as it sort of looks like Turquatic, but with more purple.
Reflects Rust — More red than rusty copper, but lovely nonetheless. This looks amazing over red lipstick!
Reflects Transparent Pink — Like Transparent Teal, this is a great body highlighter. This reminded me of Pink Opal pigment, only much more intense.
Reflects Transparent Teal — Oh, wow, this was gorgeous – it’s this crazy whitish with teal reflects glitter color, so it would make an amazing body highlighter.
Reflects Turquatic — Very blue, darker than sky blue by a touch, but really gorgeous. Hard for me to see where I’d use this other than the eyes (and I don’t know if these are eye safe yet — none of the other Reflects Glitters are, so history says no!).
Reflects Very Pink — Fuchsia pigment with glitter, but ultra fine and amazing color pay off.

Check out the rest of the post for product photos and swatches!


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64 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – PRO Launches Beauty Powder and Loose Powder, New Reflects Glitters

  1. This is gorgeous, wow the glitters look hot, looks like im going to have to go and check it out!!!

  2. Vera

    David has helped me before when I went to the PRO store. He is a sweetheart. And I have a question about the beauty powders. I’ve never used them, so how would i use them? Are they used all over the face, only as a highlighter, or is it different for different people?

    • Isn’t he? Loved him. You can use them on the face, eyes, lips, or body. They’re really all over products. I like them as blushers, highlighters, and the lighten lip colors. They’re great mixed in with moisturizer for a shimmery look.

  3. I love the idea of the beauty powder! I bet it looks absolutely luxurious on the skin.

  4. Great pictures! Love the one of all the pretty Reflects pots lined up together. You’ll also have to tell me how you feel about the rest of your Beauty Powders (and if I’ll have to get them too, ha ha ha!)

    I had tons of fun! Every girl needs a MAC Pro Store and cupcake day with a friend!

    • Thanks, girl! I just used Natural Flare in today’s look, and omg, LOVE! I’ll keep you posted on the rest as I get through them.

      I had so much fun, too! I kept babbling to my boyfriend about our day, and when he seemed bored, I shoved a cupcake in his mouth 😉

  5. kelly a. gonzalez

    I so luv flashy hot and young make up! Glitters are soi perfect for my stlye thanx for letting us kno its out. I am sooo gunna go get those! Cute!

  6. Katie

    Thanks for all of the great details! :) I think I might have to get some of those glitters and beauty powders now!

  7. Jacqueline

    Thanks for yuor review and swatches. The reflect glitter looks so nice. How will you use them?

  8. Lorin

    Those are gorgeous! Sadly, I think probably a “mature” woman shouldn’t be wearing quite that much glitter (although I may give it a try anyway). Sounds like a fun trip.

  9. amybecca

    Ooooh, I love those beauty powders! Are they pretty much just a loose version of the pressed ones? How does their wear compare to the pressed? Thanks for the wonderful swatches!

  10. Roberta

    Thanks so much for the swatches, they are lovely. I can’t wait until the pro store opens in Chicago!

  11. beautopia

    WOW, the reflects are amazing, Blackened Red is especially awesome. And I need at least three of the powders. Thanks for the swatches!

  12. Casie

    I like MAC, and these colors look fun for special occasions, but why are they launching so many new products every day?

  13. Mai

    Maybe it’s me…but it kind of looks like the names for the swatches of teal and pink reflects were swapped, in the jar picture I mean.

  14. Carrie

    Which of the beauty powders would you suggest for an NC15? They look beautiful.

  15. Sheena

    These are gorgeous…I especially like the DrizzledGold :) I think I’m gonna be heading out to the mall soon, lol…

  16. Tiffany

    Question , is the Pro store the regular Mac store? because that is the only one I know here in Detroit. I love the powder, I love the daisy dust, and the peach haze, and lightly lilac.

    • Nope, they’re not the regular store. They’re like freestanding stores, but they carry PRO products. You can visit to find the nearest PRO location (be sure to select the box that says “PRO products sold here”).

      You can always order via the phone from ANY PRO store and pay a nominal shipping fee. Like I said, David is more than willing to help you from the San Francisco PRO store ;D

  17. Awww, cute! I hope he liked them. I can’t wait to go back (both to the Pro Store and to Kara’s, ha ha ha!) I’m hungry!

  18. Vy

    the reflects make great color for halloween! can’t wait…

  19. Slau

    How do you use Daisy Dust? I just got it. :) Thanks!

  20. Mal

    OH MY GOD. Those glitters are amazing. I am going to have to get my hands on those, just WOW.

  21. Nicole

    I love everything, thanks Christine!!! Three quick questions, 1.) I’m an NC20, what Beauty Powders would you recommend for me and 2.) I love to wear both very bright or very pale lipcolors, which Reflects glitter (1 Reflects glitter) would work well for use on both types (and also on a mid-toned lip?) Basically I want to know if I can use only one color reflects glitter on any lipcolor and if I can, which one? 3.) And lastly, in what order would I put on the reflects glitter, I always wear lip liner, lipstick and lipglass, so how would I incorporate that into my look?

    Thank you so much in advance, Christine, you are a fountain of knowledge and so fabulous, too!!!

    • They would all work for you, actually! Paperwhite would be the only that would be harder to work with. Daisydust and Drizzlegold would be lovely.

      As for one Reflects, perhaps Rust!

      You’d put on reflects glitter last, on top of gloss, or before gloss (and then mix it as you apply the gloss).

  22. kia

    what tricks did david show you for the reflects glitter? to use them on the lips like you would with a pigment? share! share! lol… so much of it, i’d like to use it in all ways possible =) thanks!

    • Hey Kia!

      he showed us to just mix it with clear gloss for an amazing color (Antique Gold makes a lovely lip, actually!). Umm, oh man, I’ve forgotten so much now. I think that was the really big thing he showed us. He also told us we could use them on lashes with mascara, or clear mascara. Or using the liner mixing medium.

  23. Lori

    You have me VERY interested in these beauty powders! I’m looking for some nice highlighting effects rather than the New Vegas I just bought (my first msf ever!) and it looks funny on me. I use Hyper Real NW100 (sorry I don’t know what that translates into the regular 2 digit foundations). I’m just wondering, should you get something similar to your skin tone (ie a lighter one if you’re more pale) or can you work any of them??

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Lori! I love all of them, and I am NC30, which is light-medium olive. You can pretty much work ANY of them! Honest :) I can even wear the white one (Paperwhite) if I sheer it out. They’re all super gorgeous.

  24. Lori

    Thank you Christine!!

    Perhaps Ill wait til some are out in person with the MAC of Beauty (I assume these will be at counters?). Anywhoo, how much does a jar cost? Seriously interested! Have you tried the Bare Escentuals lightening powders? Are they comparable?

    • My pleasure, Lori!

      There will be a couple with MAC of Beauty from the PRO launch, plus additional ones (yay!). I believe they are $21 each, which is not bad because there is SO MUCH in the jar.

      Haven’t tried BE’s lightening powders, so I can’t tell you, sorry!

  25. Lori

    Seriously, that’s alright! You help so much! Ohh these next few months are going to be TIGHT with the collections and that I’m a student. Hmph. But oh so fun :)

  26. Brittany

    Hello! This has been very helpful to me thank you so much. I am thinking of buying this “reflects bronze” glitter, it looks orange in the pots (which i dont really like) but in the photo on your skin it looks very nice and doesnt look orange and more golden.

    I am looking for a golden glitter. Do you think id be better off to get the “reflects antique gold?” or is the reflects bronze quite lovely?

    Im from new zealand and we dont have a MAC store in my town so i have to shop online, and at the moment i can only find the “reflects bronze” on the new zealand trading website, just wondering if i should go for the bronze or wait to find the antique gold.

    • Hey Brittany! IMO, it looks like Goldmine eyeshadow, with a touch of copper in it, but I don’t consider it orange at all. Antique Gold is a darker dirty gold.

  27. Sun

    Hey girl, this is prettyingold from the lj community! I was wondering if those glitter jars you have shown above were brand new as in…that’s how much product came in them when you brought them home from the store?

    • Hey Sunny! yes, that’s how they were when I bought them. Glitters don’t always come (usually don’t, actually) full to the brim like pigments.

      • Sun

        That helps me out SO much. Thank you for replying, and so quickly to boot! See, I swapped for a full size jar of transparent pink that was supposed to have never been used or 1x max. However, when I opened the jar I was SHOCKED to see so much missing from it, because when I purchased Reflects Blue, Gold, and Silver 2 years ago they were filled to the top (and even after this long, practically still are). So, instead of yelling at the girl I bought it from, I’m glad I talked to you first. It must have just been the way it came!

  28. Erin

    I was just wondering if you have any fotds using the glitters?

  29. millee

    hi everyone, i have just purchased the reflects glitter, pearl, gold and blackened red. absolutely amazing! i am wanting to use it on my eyes, however it doesnt seem to hold on the eye for too long! ends up on my cheeks after a while lol, any suggestions as to how i can prep the eye before use or what i can use to help the glitter stay!
    all comments will be appreciated! thank you x x x

  30. millee

    thank you!!! i dont know why i didnt think of it! 😀
    thanks again christine!
    x x x

  31. Allison

    Is there a way that I can purchase these from a site online?????