Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

I’m getting very, VERY excited for Overrich!  These colors look beyond gorgeous :)  Thanks to Debbie for the pics!

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

MAC Cosmetics | Overrich

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69 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Overrich Pigments Photos

  1. lala

    and these comes out w/ the color forum??

    I went to check that line out today…it was cute..I like the powders…do you think the brown one looks like “Warm” or something??..I did everything soo fast ..I swatched “tea time” and that was it.

  2. Sonia

    *Yawn* sorry but these look boring to me.

    the bronze one, the rouge one and copper beam ones remind me of the done to death colours as seen in the ‘she shines’ collection and the ‘rushmetal collection’, not to mention the fact that most of these pigments look dupable with permanent products from MAC.

    They remind me of apricot pink/revved up, sunnydaze/subtle/coco and copper sparkle/rush metal.

    • You know, they are similar to the Rushmetal launch (I think less than She Shines, personally) – but I’m actually more intrigued by these than I was by Rushmetal!

  3. Platinum

    These are GORGEOUS!! Do they come in regular pigment jars, and when are they coming out???

  4. Skyler

    Jesus. These are all insanely gorgeous. There isn’t one I don’t like! I especially love Vintage Gold and Museum Bronze. Wowwowowowowowowowow. I can’t wait!

  5. Ashlee

    Gah I was so tired of all the new collections(they just have too much comming out this year.) I mean I love seeing the colors but I wasn’t going to buy because there is so much.

    But seeing Antique Green, I have to have it.

  6. erynn

    when does this launch? i need!

  7. Heather

    Yes, I will have all of these! :-) I need more practice using gold type colors.

  8. Eek! Sold already… minus Mauvement. Ack. These are beyond beautiful *sigh*

  9. Anna

    wait im confused,when does this collection come out? and how come some people can get things from future collections early?

  10. Aline

    i….. want….. them………. ALL

    (except the repromotes lol)

  11. Zoila

    i want them all.. 😀 the antique green looks a bit blueish.. it’s gorgeous though.
    they look so pretty.. i’d use them all together to make a victorian antique-y rainbow eyelook..
    ah.. :)

  12. Nell

    These are so rich and beautiful.
    Please, MAC, stop it already, I have a child to feed!!!

  13. Zsofi

    i amalways looking forward to expand my Pigment collection,i have 12 now,and i want morrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)
    my fave product from MAC ,in my opinion no other brand makes a similar product. Loreal have tried to copy it,but i am faithful to MAC :-) if only i could get to New York once…..
    That big MAC store…..
    if these will be ready to buy here,i will be definitely picking up some.
    i cant tell which,i will decide in the store :-)
    Mega Rich and Heritage Rouge seem to be the most unique for me looking at the pics.

  14. L A S

    I’m really wanting blondes gold. Looks like the perfect highlighter to me! Heritage Rouge is also pretty, though I may pass just because I have so many e/s that are similar!

  15. kobri

    Oh no! I had better start saving now, cause I am lemming all of these!

  16. cloudburst

    Oh crap, I want them all. I thought Mega Rich would look alot more orange swatched. Does anyone know the release dates for this collection?

  17. Tekoa

    I’m wondering how Vintage Gold would look over Cash Flow. Probably amazing.

  18. Ariana

    These look amazing! SO excited!

  19. Sandy

    Heritage Rouge, Blonde’s Gold and Antique Gold are mine…and so is Vintage Gold (maybe)

  20. Claire

    I definitely want Blonde’s Gold, Mega Rich and Copper Beam. Also liking the look of Museum Bronze and Vintage Gold. I’ll have to get saving!

  21. Brooke

    I’m getting them all except heritage rouge and megarich lol ahhhhhck

  22. Aprilrobin

    Ooooooooh, they all look incredible. I think I need them all except maybe Heritage Rouge. I already have Ruby Red and Mauvement and never touch them, it looks pretty darn close to those.

  23. dawn

    i will probably definitely get museum bronze. that looks great and i’ve been looking for a color like this. Then I’m sure i’ll see the others and spend my car note. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Ashley

    What a beautiful line for fall!

  25. Leigh

    Ooo heritage rouge and copperbeam are gorgeous!

  26. Lish

    now christine you kno i am eying that vintage gold. I am all about the golds lol.

  27. Jeni

    drrroool! i love pigments, heritage rouge like nothing I have seen before, cant wait!

  28. Angie

    Wow they don’t look great in the jars, in fact they look boring! But, they look absolutely fabulous in the swatch, can’t wait to see the new looks u can do with it!

  29. Blonde’s Gold is my fave, it is totally gorgeous!

  30. Linz

    When do these come out? I was all set to get none b/c I thought they looked like dupes but the swatches are gorgeous. Ugh…

  31. VC

    All gorgeous but they kinda remind me of Flashtronic (or Rushmetal?) and Sunnydaze.

    Thanks for posting!

  32. Ariele

    Ohhh, lovely :) I’m loving Antique Green, Vintage Gold, Blonde’s Gold and Museum Bronze!

  33. Teresa

    I want them all, this is horrible! When will it end!!!!!!