Monday, December 15th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics is giving you 25% off all of their holiday kits, sets, and palettes!

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29 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Offers 25% Off Holiday Sets & Kits

  1. aramis

    is it online only or also in stores??? thanks=)

  2. Sheena

    For free overnight shipping, you can use TB1DAY. It’s only valid today, 12/15, though—but at least you don’t have to wait to get all your goodies! :)

    See for more details.

  3. DevilishDoll

    I’m so angry about this. I already bought the cool pigment set and the Infatuating Rose palette. I bought the palette on Ebay for $47 cause I had no money on my credit card at the moment. I coulda saved $25. And now I can’t get anything from the sale. =(

  4. Ariana

    It’s online too!


    Just went on and bought the rest of the Little Darlings collection. I can’t believe it went on sale, so fabulous!

  5. Selene

    i got the smokey eyes pallete!

    thanks for posting

  6. Andrea

    I ordered the Glamour Basics kit. I might have to also get the lipglass sets!

  7. Liz

    How long does this last?????

  8. Liz

    Couldn’t wait!!!
    I just ordered the smokey eyes and the pink lipglass set! Under $60 for BOTH plus free overnight shipping! What a great day!!

  9. Ashlee

    I’m excited, I haven’t bought MAC since summer and Ulta messed up my order and I didn’t get it. So hello MAC plus I’m getting Christmas money.

  10. Oh I didn’t know about the free overnight shipping! It’s in stores and at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s counters too. I got the Coral lips palette at Nordstrom’s yesterday and ordered the Smokey Eye palette online.

  11. Tiara

    I scurried on over and picked up the pigment sets and the pink lips set. I was gonna pass on both buuuuuutt with 25% off-who could really pass up on anything?

  12. Heather

    So it’s in the store too? Even in Canada?

  13. Sara

    good lord do i hope this will there after christmas. i want the warm eyes palette and the neutral lipglass set. and mayyybe i’ll spring for the warm pigment set too who knows

  14. Shanel

    I would like to know if it’s instore/mac counters or just online only?!
    Cause I wanna get the warm pigments, $23?! that’s a major steal (:

  15. Does this work in Australia stores too? Ohhhhhh I hope I hope *crosses fingers*

  16. classic

    I just step to MAC site, 25% only for MAC exclusive pls recheck. I think not all holiday collection

  17. Sorry Passion of Red has 25%

  18. Ada

    The holiday sets are on sale until Dec 31. Just confirmed with LiveChat.

  19. Crystal

    I know!!! I went to my MAC store yesterday and the MA was like “believe it or not, we are having a sale!” i was like WHAT?!?! MAC and sale just dont go together! So yea i bought the eyeliner set for 22 bucks, I was supposed to be shopping for my family but you cant turn down a sale at mac!

  20. Claudia M.

    I got the neutral pigments at the mac counter at macy’s and neither salesperson knew that they had a sale, and after I showed them the email and mac website (on my phone) insisted that it was only at mac stores.
    I got it anyway and I’ll deal with the refund later, those are sold out everywhere else, and I didn’t want to buy it online, it’s my birthday and I want to wear today!!
    Nothing more frustrating than a stubborn misinformed salesperson. >=/

  21. Kathleen

    Seems like MAC is spitting in the face of their loyal customers who already bought the collection. I am not pleased.

    • Alexandria

      I don’t understand the frustration people have about this whole sale thing. What is it, really? They still actively court you people by putting out collection after collection and this is their first sale supposedly. I find it hard to believe that they would “spit” in the face of their loyal customers by doing this. Just look at the timing. This sale is happening at a time in which the economy is going down the drain. MAC is a company after all, and they’re simply looking out for themselves. They’re not some “experience” like people want to believe they are. They only care about you when they need you to spend $40 on some Limited Edition crap. When will people realize this? And I’m not trying to be rude, but seriously move on. You’re lucky that you can even afford MAC with this economy right now.

      • cloudburst

        It does kind of suck for people who bought everything at full price – I did buy a few things full price, but I did also pick up a few things when I heard about the discount. I think all it means to me is that people (including myself) will wait to see if they do this again next year before they buy anything.

  22. Marta

    Wow, I guess I wasn’t the only one holding out on buying the Mac Holiday sets, that is, until the sale came around! I picked up both lines of the MAC exclusives sets … I can’t wait to see how well that little buffer brush fairs!

  23. victoria

    i got the smokey eyes. actually i was waiting for the sets to get to the cco cause some eventually do depending on which ones are left.i wasn’t too crazy about getting them right away so i was willing to wait til they got to the cco at 30% off but 25% and free shipping’s not bad.i wish mac would have their 15% sale on everything again. they should have those once in a while like sephora.

  24. Annie

    Today MAC stores and counters are selling them cheaper. I got the holiday brush sets for $20 and the eyeshadows for $14.50!!