Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Here are some swatch photos to keep you on the edge of your seats!  Remember, we totally welcome YOUR swatches of the latest MAC launches, too.  Post them in the comments or email them to [email protected].  Or post them on our forum!

There are fourteen more for you to see…

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

Neo Sci Fi, MAC Cosmetics, Swatch

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49 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Neo Sci Fi, Future Earth, & Solar Fields Pictures, Photos, Swatches

  1. Rachel

    i might cry so absolutely BEAUTIFUL<3. question, i called my local mac store and they are selling it in their store, do you know if bloomingdales and or macy counters have it today too ?

    • lol, Rachel!!

      It’s just Nordstrom’s & MAC stores/freestandings from what I understand. Bloomie’s and Macy’s will probably have it next week.

  2. danielle

    they are all pretty!

  3. kellie

    Love the packaging. Must get Femme-fi… and I’m sure I’ll pick up several others also!!!!

  4. TR

    OOooh. I love the pigments, Electro lipstick and nail polishes. :)

  5. Sarah


    Where is your review? That’s the next best part :)

  6. Brooke

    wow now i kind of wish i’d ordered sci-fidelity too!

  7. I ordered both blushes and Pleasureseeker lipstick. nothing else looked too special, so i’m saving my $$$ for Tendertones :)

  8. Theresa

    Black Ore and Bronzescape both look GORGEOUS but am wondering if there’s gonna be major fall out.

    And doesnt Space Out blusher look amazing as well ?!

    • Hey Theresa! I will definitely let you guys know. I will be doing my makeup in a bit (after I answer all of the comments) using Black Ore.

      Spaced Out is definitely pretty!

  9. I wasn’t really excited for this until I saw these swatches. I can’t wait to see your look with Black Ore Christine I really want that color and I want to see what it looks like on!

  10. Sharonda

    After looking at the swatches makes me want the whole collection and I only was going to get a few!

  11. I have fair skin kind of under toned by red (a little ^_^) and I was wondering what eye shadows you would recommend?? I buy most of my MAC products on line now since the tax in store is over 9%!!!!!! Online I believe it’s only 6.75% . . so that’s how I try to save money and still but MAC to my hearts content ^_^

    I’ve been sitting online practically all day trying to decide on what I want . .and I cannot decide!!! They all look so amazing and great for summer!! AAhh Help!!

    • Hey Molly!

      To be honest, I think all of the eyeshadows are VERY wearable for just about anyone. They are all in the neutral family; the least neutral, I would say is Evening Aura, but barely outside of the range, to be honest. I think you would love a nice combo of Femme-Fi, Expensive Pink, and either Time & Space or Magnetic Fields. You may like the ashiness of Magnetic Fields more than the warmth in Time & Space.

  12. What eyeshadow is Evening Aura close to?? Also, I have green eyes so magnetic field or time & space? Also, I usually only use Fix+ with my pigments because it seems to leave the least mess. . . should I stay away from solar bits?

    • Hey Molly! It may be close to uhh, Orange Tangent or Sunsplosion, which came out some time ago (both were LE).

      Time & Space would probably work better, but either would, honestly!

      You may want to try Fix+ & Solar Bits combo at the store, walk around, see if it dries well.

  13. Thank you so much for your help ^_^
    I wasn’t too excited for this launch, but now with your advice and seeing how wonderful it looka on you. . there is hope!! lol

    Thanks for helping a fellow addict ^_^

    • My pleasure, Molly! I think this is a GREAT launch that everyone can wear. :)

      Let us know what you get, what you love, what you hate!

  14. I totally will ^_^
    I’m buying them online right now as I type!! I’m excited!! But yes, I shall actually have to go to a store to try solar bits. I’m on a first name basis at my local MAC, lol.

    I don’t think I was too impressed with the Naughty Nauticals (they looked wonderful on you though) I did gfet ilegal cargo because I love purples and violets and such. I think it will look great over my lilac paint.

  15. Jen

    Astral is really pretty, but is Naked Space like Illicit l/g from Smoke Signals Collection?

  16. ayat

    Thnx Christine!! Those r awesome swatches!!

  17. pompam

    I NEVER have interest in any brown color for lip stuffs..
    but after seeing your swatch..i start to reconsider and feel like emmmm..mayb that would look nice on me!
    Is Astral pretty sheer or a bit pigment?
    Love love you! muahhhhh!!

  18. Ava

    I just called MAC to get Neo Sci & Solar field collections. I ordered everything but black ore, the repromotes and the nail polishes. After seeing the swatch of black ore it looks like I will be calling MAC again to get that along with sci fidelity lipstick. I thought sci fidelity was just like partymate. But party mate is a lustre. Bronzescape looks like it will be my favorite. MAC keeps making us coming back by changing one thing. Well that makes it different. Gotta have it. I can not wait to get my package so I can do some new looks with the solar bits! Thanks for the swatches. I can not wait for the new MSF’s
    this summer.

  19. kat

    I really want all of the eyeshadows (except expensive pink, as it’s perm) so I don’t know what I’m gonna end up with :S

  20. Jennifer

    I finally decided on my haul… I ordered online.

    Femme-Fi e/s
    Expensive Pink e/s
    Magnetic Fields e/s
    Black Ore Solar Bits

    I decided not to get Evening Aura at this point since I have about four or five other peachy shadows that I think might work in place of it. Same with Time & Space – I’ve got a bunch of coppery shades as well.

    And I also got Smut e/s and Trax e/s… I’d been wanting those for a while. :)

    Luckily with the free shipping offer online I was able to keep it under $100…. 😉

  21. hind

    i still dont know wht to use with solar bits
    as a abse
    wht do u recomed?

  22. hind

    i meant base*

  23. jamie

    magnetic fields was my favorite! i put it with scroom and patina!

    i was not crazy about the orange, i would have rather had a bright pink or green for summer but i would rather have orange over some boring color.