Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

MAC Neo Sci Fi

Neo Sci Fi, Future Earth, and Solar Fields are now up on the MAC Cosmetics website!  Happy hauling!  (Let us know what you get!)  PLUS! free shipping on all orders through the 31st!

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49 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Neo Sci Fi, Future Earth, and Solar Fields Launched!

  1. Livia

    christine, i’m so envious! We always get these collections late. Do you know when this collection will be out in the UK? Looking forward to your review! x

  2. Brooke

    I picked up:

    From Neo Sci Fi –

    Femme Fi e/s
    Evening Aura e/s
    Magnetic Fields e/s
    Pink Grapefruit l/g
    Spaced Out Blush
    Pleasureseeker l/s

    other stuff –

    Love Knot lustreglass (for a bday gift)

    Light Medium MSF Natural
    182 Brush
    239 Brush
    15 pan palette

    263 brush
    211 brush

    *eyes cross* I picked up a lot more than I thought I would lol

  3. Nell

    I´m going to New York tomorrow, Pro Store – here I come!!!!!
    Yay! I´m getting a collection on time, can you believe it?
    This is going to be the haul of the century (well, maybe the decade, want to keep my options open!)

  4. Lori

    Quite an online haul for me, mostly b/c my counter told me they’re releasing next week.

    So I got 4/5 shadows (Femme Fi, Evening Aura, Magnetic Fields, Expensive Pink)
    Pleasureseeker l/s
    Soft & Slow l/g
    Spaced out blush
    lip exfoliator/conditioner
    bare necess d/g
    glamour od d/g
    hush ccb

    and i still want to get the volcanic exfoliator when its avail!

    • Hey Lori!

      Very nice online haul 😀

      What made you skip Time & Space e/s?

      • Lori

        hmm I guess it was people’s comments how they thought it was close to amber lights. but tbh they’ve now told me the bare necess d/g is sold out so removed it, and i’m tempted to pick up the time and space shadow from your swatch–doesn’t look at all like amber lights!

        • Hey Lori! From swatching and seeing it in person, it’s not. It’s more like Bronze+Amber Lights, but definitely not Amber Lights as a dupe. Personally, Woodwinked is a pretty good dupe for it, as is Bronze.

  5. Erin

    I purchased:

    Evening Aura e/s
    Femme Fi e/s
    Magnetic Fields e/s
    Spaced Out Blush
    Electro l/s

    Thats it!!!

    BUT, LOL, I am probably going to go back for Pink Grapefruit and Soft and Slow. If anything I think it will be the Pink Grapefruit.

    I am still waiting for the Volcanic Ash to launch. Thats the only product that didn’t launch.

  6. pompam

    christine, what do you have on your list?

    so far for me
    -sunsonic l/s
    -naked space l/s
    -spaced out blush
    -magnetic field e/s
    -between femmi fi and evening aura e/s
    -im til deciding between solar richie and refined golden, for nc20

    for me,,this collection is my must-have!
    peach-golden is the best tone for me!

  7. Lauren

    Is this already out in Pro stores in Canada!!!!! Im so excited I cant wait.

  8. Sharonda

    My paycheck couldn’t come any sooner, LOL because I was going to go the counter and haul tomorrow or whenever it comes out.Doesn’t it come out on counters tomorrow?
    I’m planning on getting..

    Pink Grapefruit/ Soft & Slow L/g.
    Astral L/s.
    Expensive Pink/Time & Space E/s
    Plasma Blu/ Phosphor Nail Laquer.

  9. traca

    i thought the shadows were going to be deeper, more copper/brown? the colors are nice, but….dark skin sistahs need a lil more warmth, a lil more depth. the lipsticks and glasses are nice though.

  10. Alexa

    oh my god.
    my wallet is going to cry!
    i want like 70% of these products!
    i love neo sci fi and the solar bits

  11. Vivien

    Expensive Pink eyeshadow: $14
    Magnetic Fields eyeshadow: $14
    Evening Aura eyeshadow: $14
    Plasma Blue nail lacquer: $10
    Spaced Out blush: $18
    Summerfruit cremestick liner: $15

    AND next week I go for my makeover and will be getting:
    Pleasureseeker lipstick: $14 [BACK TO MAC]
    Naked Space lipglass: $14
    Lip Refinisher: $14.50
    Refined Golden Bronzer $18
    Neon 8 nail lacquer: $10
    Tendertone: $15

    This is all made possible thanx to a MAC gift card and remaining B-day money! BUT I start working at White Water soon, yay, so I will have more money to spend on more stuff I don’t need!!! And I will TRY to save some for rent money since I am dorming in August. YAY again!

  12. Sandy

    I’m not getting anything til saturday. I’ve booked an appointment for a makeover that day and will get my goodies the same day :)

  13. JillyB

    I’m disappointed there are 2 repromotes because I love the orange cases. But I’ll be at my local Nordies on Friday buying plenty, I’m sure. Warm colors are great for me.

  14. lala

    Femme Fi e/s
    Evening Aura e/s
    Magnetic Fields e/s
    Time & Space E/s
    Spaced Out Blush

  15. Skyler

    I ordered:

    Sci-Fi-Delity l/s
    Pleasureseeker l/s
    Sunsonic l/s
    Naked Space l/g
    Magnetic Fields e/s
    Femme Fi e/s
    Evening Aura e/s
    Time and Space e/s
    Space Out blush
    X-Rocks blush
    Plasma Blu n/l
    Phosphor n/l
    Sunpower Solar Bits
    Bronzescape Solar Bits
    Black Ore Solar Bits
    Scatterays Solar Bits
    Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
    Prep + Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher

    My teeny, tiny haul. Haha. 😛

  16. Jennifer

    Gonna get Evening Aura e/s, Expenisve Pink e/s, and Bronzescape Solar Bits for sure from the new collections; maybe more. I’m also planning to get some other e/s colors as well before the 31st when free shipping ends….

  17. amy

    do you know if the pro stores will have just the pan only for the blushes?

  18. Theresa

    I so green with envy!!!
    We just launched Naughty Nauticals not too long ago in Singapore and I think it’ll be a while before Neo Sci Fi hits here!!!! I cant wait and I’m soooo eyeing this collection 😉

  19. Pquanda

    CHRISTINE!!!!!!! OMG!
    So, my homegirl at Nordstroms gave me an exclusive showing of the entire collection. I carefully swatched, while my friend thought I was on crack wondering what I was doing. I left my camera in the car (IDIOT) and she got really hungry.. so we went to go eat, and I’m picking up my purse to go get the camera, and I look at my hand……………………….
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the swatches smeared.

    I was so upset, but I figure I can give my own dumb review.

    BY THE WAY, the solar bits are a hot mess. Chunky, flaky, not blendable, comes on totally unevenly… a hot, glittery mess. Our local mall that has the MAC store and counter has a fairy kiosk (I don’t know why, it’s just got all this fairy stuff). My friends ran into me while I was eating and they’re like “..did you go to the fairy kiosk? what’s wrong with your hand!?”

    …That was from the solar bits.

    • Ohh, lucky you, Pquanda!! I appreciated the quick review, and the THOUGHT about getting swatches. LOL, I always bring the cam in my purse so I can snap pics right away before I swipe it all OVER myself (always happens).

  20. online haul = magnetic fields e/s, evening aura e/s, electro l/s (!!), pink grapefruit, phophor n/l, neon 8 n/l

    i must get the blushes and the lip refinisher at the counter when they get it in.

  21. Pquanda

    Ugh, my review.
    The eyeshadows are great. Magnetic fields is supposedly veluxe pearl, but it sure acts like a satin. Just wasn’t as smooth and buttery. It may have been that particular shadow as the MA was swatching it with her fingers (!?!) and the oils made it not so smooth? Anyways, it kinda reminds me of a really dark remotely grey, but take that as a grain of salt. I’m as yellow as the Simpsons, so colors always look different on me than others.

    The two blushes barely showed up on me, they just looked like shimmer (I’m NC40s, fairly dark).

    Lipsticks were amazing, the sci-fi delity is very.. metallic? It’s very interesting. Sunsonic came off as a bunch of white glitter on me, I imagine my super-olive skin sucked away all the gold from it so all was left was the flashy white glitter. The link on specktra with sunsonic will probably be representative of how itll look on most. Pleasureseeker came out as a more pale sock hop on me, nice with what seemed to be a lustre finish. Electro was nice, but a bit too orange for me. I think electro is lustre formula, and for those of you who were worried that formula meant it wouldn’t be actual orange, have no fear!!

    Pink Grapefruit is cult, everyone will love it. Naked space was nice, but it kind of reminded me of the N lipglosses. Supreme was gorgeous, I’m picking up two! Soft and slow is repromote, so check MUA/Specktra.

    Polishes were great, but it seemed as if you need a couple coats to get a perfect, opaque finish. I’m not a nail person (well, I go to the salon to get mani + pedi) so that’s all I can contribute.

  22. SOPHIA

    Is this a PRO only launch???? I am so glad that MAC doesn’t launch ALL the stuff in Singapore…otherwise my wallet will go burst!!!!!