Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Naughty Nauticals | May 1st, 2008

The ship’s in port and she’s out cruising for romance. Her looks: uniformly chic, superbly shipshape through an alluring fleet of pinks, corals, reds bell-bottom blues, the deepest, bluest, navy Nail Lacquer seen this side Marseilles. In style anddesire, poised, perfect ready for her evening cruise.

Check out official promo photos and details! Start planning your haul!

FYI — I spoke with Valley Fair freestanding, and Dazzleglass launches tomorrow, the 24th, according to the manager. Naughty Nauticals is still slated for May 1st. There are some stores doing an early unveiling this Sunday, the 27th, though, including Hillsdale Mall.


  • Buoy-o-Buoy Creamy neutral pink brown (lustre)
  • Port Red Clean yellow red with gold pearl (frost)
  • Party Mate Sheer mid-tone pink (lustre)
  • Ahoy, there! Sheer light dirty pink with multi-dimensional pearl (glaze)


  • Hey Sailor Blue plum pink with white pearl flecks (lustre)
  • Love Knot Sheer pink with blue & white duo chrome (lustre)
  • Bateaux Neutral brown peach with white frost (lustre)
  • Ensign Peachy pink with white and gold pearl (lustre)

Eye Shadow

  • Shore Leave Pale frosty cream (veluxe pearl)
  • Illegal Cargo Mid-tone frosty grayed plum (frost)
  • Meet the Fleet Matte midnight blue (matte)
  • Pandamonium Frosty gunmetal with white pearl (lustre)
  • Submarine Mid-tone frosty clear blue (frost)


  • Lark About Sheer frosty white blue (frost)
  • Mutiny Clean sky blue with gold pearl (frost)
  • Bell-Bottom Blue Frosty blue with white pearl (frost)
  • Lovely Lily Dirty lilac with red pearl


  • Smoothblue Ocean blue with frost
  • Greyprint Rich pewter grey with frost

Pro Lash

  • Coal Black Honest-to-goodness-black

Nail Lacquer

  • Naughty Nauticals Dark royal blue (frost)
  • Shirelle Classic “she’s a dame” red (cream)

Available May 1st, 2008 at all MAC locations, 1.800.387.6707, and

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52 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Naughty Nauticals Collection Information, Images, and Promo Shots

  1. Robbin

    are these all LE items?

  2. Shefali

    There is a rumor this is coming out tomorrow…is that true? I’m way excited about this collection!

  3. Tekoa

    The Dazzleglass is showing up tomorrow, in Canada anyway. And what’s this I’ve heard about “Stowaways”? How do they factor into NN?

  4. meg

    I am so excited about this one!
    Is it true that it is someing out early? We need to find out!
    I think Pandamonium is a repromote from the balloonacy collection.
    not sure though

  5. Heather

    OMG I want all of it! Well, no nails for me, I’m not into that as much. But wow it’s going to be hard to hold me back!

  6. Nell

    I have to stop spending already!
    Must absolutely check out the l/s though! aaaargh!

  7. lala

    ok hmm so far 2 l/g . 2 or 1 l/s..2 or 1 e/s…lol my list keeps going down…I’m sure theres dupes out there :/

  8. dee

    I’ve got it. I only need 3 things. Ensign lustreglass, submarine and pandemonium eyeshadow.

  9. Skyler

    WTF is with MAC moving up release dates that the last minute now? I’m seriously getting tired of it! Ugh. I hope NN is still coming out May 1st. I don’t think MAC realizes people get up in the morning and go straight to their computer to order/call the store at 10a.m. to place stuff on hold before it anything sells out. Hello, we’re MAC addicts here.

    Anyway, I’m buying almost everything from this collection. I love it! Lovely Lily and Pandamonium I passed on because I have them, and the pencils and mascara because they’re not LE. Everything else will be miiiiinnee. 😀

  10. Joli

    I’ve been saving a giftcard I got for xmas for this collection. I like the texture of lustreglass so much better than lipglass, so I’m excited for new shades.

    This collection is much more my style than Fafi or Heatherette were.

  11. sarah

    at first i wanted everything from this collection, but now i am limiting myself to mutiny pigment, bell bottom blue pigment, and maybe 1 lipstick :)
    im going to a special even on the 27th and im very excited :) too bad im not getting much tho! but im mostly excited about mutiny pigment

  12. Everything looks so pretty! But I must learn to be sensible and only buy colours that are really unique or different to what I have already… argh!

  13. Christina R

    Hi Christine

    I live in San Jose and I love it when you update us at on the collections and our local malls. You posted the information for the Fafi event a couple of months ago and my girlfriends and I went and had a geate time.

    So thank you and keep up the great work

  14. Natalie

    I heard that Mac PRO in Chelsea (in NYC) will be launching this on Thurs. the 24th…

    • Hi Natalie,

      Many PRO stores launch collections 1 week before they are launched nationally, so this would fall in line with NYC PRO’s usual schedule.

  15. Wow, this collection is so beautiful.

  16. Ashlee

    I can’t wait to get this collection. Good thing I have enough to get 2 lipsticks using B2M!

  17. I got to see these as they arrived yesterday.
    * Lark About: not really a must-have. looks better on pale skin. dupe-able.
    * Mutiny: gorgeous! Its this sky blue that literally GLOWS with this white brillance, it is sooo pretty!
    * Bell-Bottom: this is a true like, “denim” blue when I think of denim this is what I think of. It has a glow to it that is a slightly purple/navy sheen. Very very pretty.
    * Lovely Lily: pretty, dupe-able in my opinion, but very very pretty. it has less of a red in it than i’ve seen people say.

    As for shadows:
    * Illegal Cargo: beautiful! i love this gray/violet kind of look to it! this one may be a sell-out.
    * Meet the Fleet: very pretty, but won’t sell out immediately.
    * Pandamonium: Definitely going to sell out. This is just gorgeous. If you like a shimmery gray smokey eye that seemed to be a hot trend for summer ’07 pret-a-porter collections, this is it.
    * Submarine: well definitely sell out!

    Also, the all over body brush is the softest thing in the world. If you apply any kind of product to your bod, you need this thing!

  18. lainey

    My Nordstroms had the quad that is coming out already on display for presale. I believe its called Stowaways. It looked absolutely beautiful, but I was tested it out, I was a little disappointed with it. The colors were a bit unpigmented except for Satin Taupe, but that isnt LE anyways. especially the navy one (forget the name) but it was super chalky!!

  19. Laura

    So excited for this collection, mainly the pigments.
    From swatches I’ve seen over at, Submarine looks REALLY very close to Freshwater (Freshwater perhaps being a bit brighter, even), Pandamonium looks like Charred and Meet the Fleet looks a bit like Fertile.

    What are your opinions?

    • I’m excited for the pigments, too. I haven’t seen anything, and I try hard not to form any opinions until I can see and swatch things myself!

  20. Stephanie

    Hi Everyone,

    I just found your site and am excited to share with you. Last night my MAC store did a special sneak peak event for the Naughty Nauticials. At the end of the event they even allowed you to purchase! If I could I would have gotten them all! Since I couldn’t I went for my absolute favs and they were: Shore Leave, Illegal Cargo, Meet the Fleet, Buoy-o-Buoy, Bateaux, and Hey, Sailor (my true fav of the collection). I’m broke for now but hope to get at least a pigment or two from the collection before it sells out and I think that will be quick with the way this event was going last night!!! This collection definitely tops Fafi and Heatherette in my opinion!

  21. Alison

    Anyone know who the model is? Now to save up and go shopping.