Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Naughty Nauticals, coming May 2008, is one of MAC’s summer launches!


  • Ahoy There
  • Buoy-O-Buoy
  • Party Mate
  • Port Red


  • Ensign
  • Bateaux
  • Hey Sailor
  • Love Knot


  • Wave
  • Lark About
  • Bell Bottom Blue
  • Lovely Lily


  • Cargo
  • Meet the Fleet
  • Shadow Shore Leave
  • Submarine
  • Pandamonium


  • Greyprint
  • Smoothblue

Nail Lacquer

  • Deep Sea

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88 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Naughty Nauticals Collection Color Story, Images, Product Photos

  1. Nell

    Thank you.
    A relentless flow of temptation…

    Seriously, the colors look very nice and wearable, not to out there, which is a good thing in my book. Looking forward to that release, although I still have to come up for air after the Heatherette frenzy.

  2. Ashlee

    I love the look of shadows. Heatherette & Fafi shadows weren’t for me. I only liked 1 out of each Hetherette tri and wasn’t going to pay 32.50 for something I wouldn’t use half of.

    That blue pigment is gorgeous. And The lip colors are so me!

    • I know exactly what you mean – that teal is so pretty, but the other colors didn’t grab me enough to plunk down the $$!

      I’m so excited for new pigments!

  3. Lone


  4. Ross1977

    I want all the pigments (I hope they are all eye safe!), the blue and grey e/s and all the lipstick :-)!

    • Hey hun! The pigments will probably be eye safe, MAC has been pretty good about that in the past year or two :)

      • Ross1977

        I really hope so because I had some problems with no eye safe pigment and I am a little bit obsessed with it :-)
        At least I will e-mail mac cosmetics and let you know :-)

  5. PIGMENTS!!!!!!!!!! Eek! I just died a little!

  6. Hey Cristine,

    Hmmmmm ..If it is really lust then i wud like to try Hey Sailor(LustreGlass).And call my hubby HEY SAILOR Come to Lusty Gal,Lol.Oh poor Sailor he’ll melt rie away!!


  7. Robin

    Christine- do you know if the eyeshadows are coming out in a quad or are they being sold individually? I like what I see :)

  8. Tanya

    woo hoo how exciting!! I will be getting some items from this collection for sure :) I like three of the glosses, a couple of the lipsticks and the pigments and shadows look interesting.

  9. hmmm this collection doesnt appeal to me that much :(

    probably good as i will be poor after Heatherette LOL

  10. Becky

    Ahh!! So pretty!! Oh, and please kill a lemming for me, do I *need* eversun? I’ll be ordering sight unseen, skin tone is NC20-25…what do you think?

  11. kat

    aww I don’t really dig anything in particular. I guess I’ll have to wait for swatches and to see them myself, but it doesn’t look like my thing… D:

  12. Angi

    I’m gonna go broke on this one. Love all these. But don’t tell Paula P cause she says NO make up artists use blue shadows. Guess she hasn’t talked to many make up artists lately :)

  13. oh gosh, I am loving this!

  14. The Lustreglasses are a must!

  15. Esme

    Im not as excited for this collectio i only liked a couple of things inluding eyeshadows and two of the pigments. BtW Christine are you planning on getting any thing form the dress camp collection? If so keep us informed!!

  16. Grace

    ohh i like the teal pigment and tan l/s

  17. Janis

    Wow one of the pigments looks like another lovely teal shade! Can’t wait to try that one out :)

  18. Shefali

    OMG there is not one thing here that looks bad…JEEZ. That red lipstick…holy cow. And the pigments…wow kazowee…new pigments…I’m speechless. Thank goodness this is in May and for once I’m praying they don’t move it up. I seriously need a break…although I’ve been really, really anticipating this particular collection.

  19. victoria

    ooooo now we’re talking something new, e/s colors i mean, finally. i sure hope these turn out good and not boring. and they look very wearable too. i have my eye on the dark blue with sparkles e/s and the red l/s.

  20. kobri

    OMG I saw new pigments and I think my heart stopped for a second. That crying in the background you can hear is my Visa card. I had better start saving now! Adore!

  21. Heather

    Oh wow, I want it ALL! I HAVE to have the pigments and e/s! I’ll also have to wait on the swatches to see about the lip stuff. I’m drooling already! I can’t wait!!!

  22. tatiana

    i love ALL the lipglasses!!! i wanna get ALL of them…

    now lets just see what my mom has to say about that! after recent purchases hahah!!



  23. OMFG! I am so all over this one. I’m so poor after Heatherette, but damn, I love the blues! I gotta start saving now!

  24. Sanayhs

    I’ll take one of everything, please.

  25. JackA

    Definently digging this collection alot more than Fafi and Heatherette-and I’m not even too keen on blues. Love the playful yet sophisticated-ness that it seems to evoke. Definently into that Port Red lipstick.

  26. Cosine

    I love all the new pigments except maybe Lark Around… it looks just like Vanilla. It’s already impossible to finish one tub of Vanilla even if I use it all the time for highlighting my brows and inner eye area so I don’t know if I need another similar pigment. However I do like the idea of having every single colour released by Mac… LOL I’m insane…

    To Christine and all the girls out there: Has anyone finished up one tub of pigment before? Which one? I need some tips or my pigments are just sitting there, wasting away…

    • If I have pigments I don’t use a lot, I tend to swap samples of them for samples of other pigments. Even the sample sizes tend to last me awhile! My roommate and I also split jars — she’ll buy a whole one, I’ll buy a whole one, then we’ll fill little screw-top jars for each other.

      • That’s a good idea! I used to do samples, which helped downside my jars. I also will half jars if I can!

        • Cosine

          Thanks for the tip Steen! Too bad I don’t have a roommate and neither are any of my buddies as into MAC (or just cosmetics in general, not just MAC) as I am… sobz…

          And to Christine, isn’t it always nice to know that we are not the only insane-MAC-pigment-collector around… LOL!

    • Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how unique it turns out to be in person. LOL, I keep buying pigments even though I’ll likely never finish them.

      Never finished any myself!

  27. Is this official?

    I love the blues! Yay! And Pandamonium! How exciting!

  28. hi christine! been a lurker for a while and this is the first time i’m commenting. this is an awesome site you have! :)

    wow, me loving what i see! i love 2 lustreglass, all e/s and the nail lacquer is too cute! i also like the liners… would you know if they are waterline safe? i hope so!

    • Hi Mhean, happy to see you comment! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank you so much!

      I’m glad that the collection has you excited! No clue about the liners and safety, though :(

  29. The more I look at that first pigment (top left), the more I see “Parrot” in a pot. Or am I the only one who sees it :-) ?

  30. michelle

    I see new pigments! :)
    I hope you do pigment samples! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Btw, if you’re really interested in Dress Camp I could do a CP from S’pore.
    Just let me know!

  31. Lindsay

    Oh wow!!! This is going to be an expensive one, I had better start saving now!!! That nailpolish is freakin fantastic and the blue eyeshadow and pigments!! Yay!!!

  32. Sandy

    thanks for these pictures Christine. I am not buying much from Heatherette so I can save my money for the summer collections, especially these. I was all the lippies and most of the shadows. So excited!!!

  33. Next week I will receive most items of this collection, I will keep you girls posted!!!

    And I will do a review about it on Youtube and of course make pictures of the swatches!!

  34. Belinda

    Horray!! Pandamonium! :)

  35. All teh FAFI’s and Heatherette’s are better than this but I do not like their glosses but their glosses are great!

  36. Alexa

    i love this collection
    i can’t wait for it to be released!
    how do you find out new collections that aren’t already out?