Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

MAC MANISH ARORA is available to purchase online! I purchased a few things so that I could swatch them for you all! Then I’ll probably gift them to family, LOL! *goes back to bed*

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76 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Manish Arora Available!

  1. yuumi

    Manish Arora is very nice,I love these package and coloring so much.


    In Japan, no have plan to sell…oh my god!

  2. nia becenti

    I was soooo sad to not have gotten anything from the Dress Camp collection that I swore that I would get stuff from this collection!!! I am so excited I bought some for myself and as gifts. Yahoo!!

  3. dee

    I really don’t want anything, but I’m sooo gonna buy a lipglass because of the packaging.

  4. Tekoa

    Going Bannanas is MINE! *cackles gleefully*

    So yeah, got the pallet and the two lipsticks. Life is good.

  5. cloudburst

    I went & ordered as soon as I saw this post. I ordered the palette & Devil blush…I wonder if it will sell out in a day like Dress Camp (which I missed out on).

  6. Tanya

    YES YES YES!! Every morning for the last two weeks I have been hovering near my computer just knowing that this would be released early!! I was lucky enough to get Dress Camp last year and I did not want to miss out this year. I am trying to budget a bit so I only got a gloss and a lipstick :) such restraint for me!!!

  7. SnickerDoodle

    wooohoooooo!!! got the palette overnighted so hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow for my birthday :)

  8. Tatti

    arghh i want the palette but the website won’t let me buy it cause I live in puerto rico :(

    do u think they’d have it in the MAC store?

  9. evangelia

    I can’t wait to see swatches!!!!! Devil looks beautiful!!! Shine Manish looks pretty too, but I’m trying to lay of the lipglasses cause I want to get the holiday set.

  10. evangelia

    shine manish and kiss manish are already sold out!

  11. If only I had waited about say 2 months I got have got the gorgeous packaging with the Girl About Town lipstick! =[ x

  12. evangelia

    i ordered Devil, i couldn’t help myself! i justified it by telling myself that i don’t have a coral blush…but the pretty packaging swayed me too.

    pink swoon just sold out!

  13. DevilishDoll

    I just bought a bunch of stuff and can’t buy anything else at the moment. Everything but the palette is sold out already. And that is what I really want.

  14. evangelia

    i guess the economy can’t be that bad, if a makeup collection sells out in like 2 hours. how many of each item did MAC make?

  15. cloudburst

    Hhhmm maybe I should have ordered Pink Swoon too – oh well, can’t go back now! Everything else is still avaialble on the Canadian site.

  16. evangelia

    every ungaro product is still available! this is obviously a case of packaging lemming.

    can u.s. residents order from the canadian site?

  17. vicki

    I didn’t have my priorities right today! i should have woke up and checked this site then checked mac! i knew this was going to happen! only the eye palette is left!

  18. Jen

    How do I order on the canadian site to ship to a us address. I tried and it converted me to the us site where most of the collection is sold out??? I tried to call the canadian phone number but you can only leave a voicemail, is there a way for me to order online the canadian site?

  19. Annie


  20. sej

    I called the MAC PRO store in LA and it releases there on Thursday. The girl told me they have very limited amounts of all the products, with the exception of the eye shadow pallete. I guess they just didn’t make a lot of quantities of this collection. =(

    • Good luck getting it, Sej!! I hope you can get your hands on it.

    • michelle

      hi sej!
      where is the MAC Pro store in Los Angeles?
      I just want the eye shadow palette but I wonder if MAC stores will have them, like the one in Santa Monica or on Robertson. Because if they are limited release then I doubt that Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom will have them.

      • I believe it’s on Robertson, Michelle!

        I’m not sure if it will have it – you should call in advance.

        • Heather

          Yeah, I was just at that store (it is on Robertson, Christine – you were right!). The MA said there was a line this morning before they opened and everything was gone within the first hour! OMG! I was sad…BUT they also have all that mineralize stuff and Red She Said out already 😀

  21. Nosh

    What the crap. I just got home from work. And everything is GONE. I skipped everything since starflash to save for this collection! Unbelievable… >_>

  22. minsue

    i like how things just came out online and their all sold out =[ sad panda…

  23. Milan

    will this collection be at Macys or Nordstroms or just in the MAC stores and online?

  24. Mykeshia

    Gosh I didn’t see you at the family reunion!

    I wanted to get somethings but in the end I just don’t have the funds for this collection. I figure that I could get one of the coastal scents 88 pallette, for dupes.

  25. Rosie

    I took a peek of the collection and I must say they have some beautiful colors. A lot of pinks and my fav color for lips is pink!!

  26. michelle

    Oh my goodness!
    Everything is already sold out!

    Christine do you know when the stores will have them?
    I’m going to have to check Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s

  27. Daisy

    Do you know if we can order it on the MACPRO website because I know that its sold out, but when I go the macpro page it doesnt say that is sold out.

  28. Haydee

    The packing is very beautiful but believe it or not I passed on this collection. This morning all the items were all available, I just asked myself do I really need it or will it be laying at the back of my dresser. So I didnt purchase anything :( Im waiting for the Christmas Collection since my favorite color is RED. Have fun ladies :)

  29. deepblue

    In Austria we have these products in stores since the 1st october – so we are again the first who can put their hands on this nice products! 😉
    I bought the shadowcompact, lipstick “kiss manish” and lipglass “pink manish”. I love it!
    Many greetings from Vienna!

  30. candace117

    I got all of it…haha the few times I’m glad I get up early anyway for work….hahahhahaha……SCORE!!!! I had dumb luck with DressCamp and this haul was way more planned out.

  31. evangelia

    i’m really wishing i got both l/g’s :( i saw some swatches at specktra and they are adorab. christine, do you know how we can find out if our local MAC store will carry MA?

    • Candace117

      Manish Arora is only available online and at select PRO stores ( I Think like only 3 this time ) you would have to call the pro stores and ask them if you can do a charge send if you don’t have one near you that is carrying it.

    • Aww :( You can call your local store, but I believe NYCPRO and SoHo, and maybe one or two other stores in the US will have it.

  32. Milan

    I don’t really need the colors…I just want the packaging. I guess if I can’t get my hands on it, i’ll live. I’m going to check my Pro store on Friday.