Thursday, September 10th, 2009

MAC Close to Real, High Def, Resolutely Red Lipsticks
Close to Real, High Def, Resolutely Red Lipsticks

Review: MAC Cosmetics In High Def Collection

Just launched, MAC’s In High Def Collection (see full collection details here) contains several hand-picked products from the existing line as well as some new products that are designed to work well in the high definition environment. There are four new shades of lipstick: Close to Real, High Def, Resolutely Red, and Sharp Focus. The rest of the collection is permanent, existing products (Face & Body Foundation and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural).

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Close to Real is a pale, frosty peach. Despite having a lustre finish, it doesn’t feel like one to me. It feels much more like a frost lipstick, and it definitely looks like it on the lips. I found this one to seem to grab onto every imperfection on your lips–even after I had exfoliated–it just didn’t look very flattering. The color is really pale, so I’d vote on using this more as a layering shade than standalone.
  • High Def is a creamy, opaque pinky-coral color. It has a slight sheen, but it doesn’t contain any shimmer. On my lips, it doesn’t read very much coral (unfortunately, as MAC lacks corals!), but it’s still pretty. It looks more like my-lips-but-better with a bit more pinky-brown.
  • Resolutely Red is a mostly opaque, lightly creamy shade of reddish-wine. It’s not super bold or bright, so it’s more of a wearable red. It’s not too cool or warm, either, which I definitely like. It has a glossy look to it when applied.
  • Sharp Focus is semi-opaque muted, browned-down red with almost a bit of plum undertone. It’s almost like a vampy lip color, yet not really. If you’ve wanted to go for a darker lip, but have found vampy shades too dark too fast for you, this might be one way to start.

Face & Body Foundation

Face & Body Foundation is a water-based sheer to light-medium coverage liquid foundation. MAC says that it is water-resistant, and I’d agree that it holds up pretty well under water, though I’ve never say, showered, in it either. (I’m now curious, so I may try it!) It has a slightly dewy finish, which may be too much for those with really oily skin. It’s a solid foundation, and I actually used this as my go-to for maybe six months or so a year or two ago. I liked it a lot during summer, because it was very lightweight and held up under the summer heat.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

This is a baked mineral-based powder that has a near matte finish (there is just a slight, slight bit of luminous-ness to it) — MAC calls the finish “natural-matte.” I personally can’t wear MSFN due to the fact that it breaks me out, but I know it is an often raved about products for others. I wish I could say I experienced the same amazingness (despite breakouts), but it just didn’t wow me. It’s a great setting powder, and it can be used as a very light, sheer foundation (I recommend the 189 brush for foundation application). Many like it because it gives their face a sheer, even look. I’m sure plenty of you have tried this, so please do share your thoughts for others who haven’t!

You can view reviews for: 187 Brush and 188 Brush, as well. (Both brushes are permanent.)

Recommendation: This collection left me unexcited, to be honest. The lipsticks were so-so, but I didn’t feel like there weren’t already as good, if not better, options available in the permanent line. I have no problem with MAC pointing out, “Hey! We have products that look great for HD work already!” I’ve always liked Face & Body, so I do recommend that if you haven’t checked it out. But overall, it’s just not a very exciting collection, yeah? Bring on Fall Trend!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See swatches

MAC Close to Real, High Def, Resolutely Red Lipsticks Swatches
Close to Real, High Def, Resolutely Red Lipsticks

MAC Close to Real Lipstick
Close to Real Lipstick

MAC High Def Lipstick
High Def Lipstick

MAC Resolutely Red Lipstick
Resolutely Red Lipstick

MAC Sharp Focus Lipstick
Sharp Focus Lipstick

MAC Sharp Focus Lipstick
Sharp Focus Lipstick

MAC Sharp Focus Lipstick
Sharp Focus Lipstick

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87 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics In High Def Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Heather

    Yuck close to real looks like hoochy momma wear

  2. amy

    I went to MAC this morning to pick up High Def and I can’t wait to try it! In the tube it reminds me of MAC Mocha (my very first MAC l/s) but in a much shiny and creamier finish. I might go back and get Resolutely Red because it swatched and glided on so beautifully. I wasn’t impressed with Close to Real, it was why to light and to sheer as a lipstick. I think it would be more appropriate as a neutralizing colour to prepare your lips for a brighter or darker looks.

    • Ohh! I hope you find it just like Mocha… but better 😀 Let me know what you think!

      Resolutely Red is definitely pretty, but I don’t know if it’s a must-have red or even makes my top 5 reds by MAC list. I agree with ya that Close to Real has got to be layered!

      • amy

        I just tried it and I really like this. It is very similar to Mocha but more pink and Mocha is a bit more brown. I like the texture of the Amplified Creme much better too! I am just wondering if this is close to Brave New Bronze as well? I missed out on that colour.

  3. Alexis

    Thanks – I’ve always been curious of that foundation. I am currently looking for something with just a bit more coverage than my tinted moisturizer. I may have to give this one a go!

    • No problem, Alexis! :) It kind of has the feel of tinted moisturizer (just because it’s so thin and water-y) in a sense… very light. I don’t know, it always reminded me of it, just thinner!

  4. Roxanne

    I’m loooving Sharp Focus and High Def and I don’t even wear lipstick!

  5. Amy

    I need to get resolutely red – I’m such a red lip fanatic!!

  6. s

    I’m kind of interested in Sharp Focus – but, Christine, are there any dupes you can think of? Thanks!

  7. Jamiemaria

    Hi Christine,
    do you have a recommendation of a Mac lipstick in the same color range as Close to real, but better? The color looks really pretty in the tube, but a bit creepy on, lol.

  8. Kristin

    Resolutely Red and Sharp Focus are both calling me!!! I have trouble wearing red lipstick, but this looks very wearable.

  9. Kerry

    I wear MAC mineralize skin finish natural daily. I hate to wear foundation; i don’t like the feel of it on my face, or the feeling that you can’t touch your face. So MSFN is perfect for me. I use some (admittedly pretty heavy duty) MAC studio sculpt to conceal where necessary and then use MSFN all over.

  10. Wow, the high def lipstick looks gorgeous!! :) It works so well with your skintone too :)

  11. Nadine

    Resolutely Red is really pretty, but it doesn’t look very unique. The style black and the lipgloss collections are where I’ll be spending my money!

    I have the skinfinish natural, and ADORE IT! I used to use liquid foundation but I found that it emphasized the tiny hairs I had on my face, whereas the skinfinish makes me glow gorgeously!

  12. Your swatches of Close to Real and High Def look really pretty… Although I hate MAC’s formula (it’s too drying for me).

    I was underwhelmed by this new collection too.

  13. Liz W

    I love your lip swatches, Christine. Do you know if High Def lipstick is the same as Shy Girl?

  14. Caroline

    yawn to everything. saving my money for style black, dsquared, and magic mirth and mischief.

  15. Christy

    I’m definitely going to have to pick up High Def and Sharp Focus tonight. =)

  16. erica

    I am a very big fan of MSFN I apply it with a 109 brush most of the time sometimes I use a 182 if u dont need a lot of coverage but u just want to look even its perfect for you.

  17. Charisse

    I only plan on getting the Hi Def lipstick from this collection. Maybe try the Face & Body foundation as well.

  18. Heather

    im in love with high def, I just hope it doesn’t sell out.

  19. Tamyra

    I want High Def! Looks like a perfect everyday color.

  20. Jules

    I use MSFN as my setting powder currently. It is good, but no wow factor for me.
    I was thinking of trying MUFE’s HD powder – is that a better product?

  21. charlieee

    MSFN doesn’t wow me either! I bought it after reading a lot rave, but it’s just not suitable for my skin. My face looks like a total oil slick after just an hour of application :( I gave it away to my sister and it works great on her!
    I’m now using Maybelline Dream Matte powder which is similar to MSFN but works so much better! Oil control is really good! :)

  22. Resolutely red really looks amazing!

  23. I really like the High Def lipstick!

  24. Lisa

    Has anyone heard what MACs spring 2010 collection will be? Who they will collaborate with this time? I was thinking Nancy Drew would be a good choice!

  25. Bella

    I have MSFN, I had wanted something to keep in my make-up bag for touch-ups while out at night or whatever. I use BE and am thoroughly devoted to it, its just lightly cumbersome in my make-up bag. I like the MSFN, I think my color is a little dark and Ill probably have to re-purchase a lighter color for winter. I havent had any breakouts from using it and its great for in a pinch to absorb oil and do quick bathroom touch-ups at a party. Plus because its baked, its not too fragile to be wagged around everywhere.

    My only complaint is my color tends to look a little (just a tiny bit) orange on my skin if I apply too much, other than that I like it.

    Does anyone have any other recommendations for another powder that would give light coverage + a little color, with oil absorbing properties?

    • I’m so glad MSFN works pretty well for you, though :) I’ve heard good things about Maybelline’s Dream Matte powder. I’ve also heard good things about Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte for oil control (not a powder).

  26. Cathy

    I bought close to real actually 3 of them and 2 of the high def lipsticsks last night…lol…I know I went overboard…but this collection is a MAC exclusive so Macys, Dillards, and Nordstroms dont have it and I didnt want to miss out…

    Close to Real looks scary but it is actually really pretty and my MA told me they will sell out of that color within a week because its a nude pink/peach….High Def is pretty too but I was expecting it to be a bit more coral/peach brown…but it looks like a mauve pink brown not any shade of coral at all…i dont really know why they consider it a coral..but its still gorg and an everyday color!

    I also have the face and body foundation and the NMSF and I adore them! Its all I use foundation wise!

  27. Christina

    Sharp Focus looks so different on me. It didnt come out red at all, just a mauvey brown. I expected to love Hi Def since it was touted as coral and is an Amplified, but it wasnt as special. I put Sharp Focus on and that magic click when you just find your color happened. Resolutely Red is also nice, but as a red lover, it almost wasnt bold enough.

  28. Magnolia

    Sigh. I wanted High Def to be pretty. It isn’t, at least not to me. Since when does brown = coral? MAC needs to end their coral hate right now.

  29. selena

    Suprisingly I DONT want anythinhg from this collection(;

  30. Oh, High Def is actually quite pretty on the lips. But… Im guessing Hug Me looks very similar on me.

  31. Elly

    I may be one of the only ones who likes it, but I think Close to Real is a fantastic colour. Ive had a hard time finding a light pinky nude that works for me (im very fair with naturally rosy cheeks). I definitely think its not for everyone, but fair girls should take a look. I just bought my second tube and will probably stock up on a couple more after payday. There isnt a nude at MAC that looks as nice as this one (atleast for me).

  32. Luisafer

    High Def Lipstick, Resolutely Red Lipstick pretty colors!!! but I’m not use to wear so reddish colors so I guess I’ll stay with the High def only… looks so natural but at the same time gives that pretty shine and texture I like :)

  33. Andrea

    Sharp Focus looks like Cherish to me.