Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Pretty Baby

Product images for Hello Kitty Face/Cheek/Nails :) So, your beauty powders, beauty powder blushes, and nail lacquers!

Tahitian Sand

Fun & Games

Fun & Games Packaging


Fun & Games


Something About Pink, Vestral White, On the Prowl

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76 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Face, Cheek, and Nail Photos

  1. vicki

    I would like to thank you sooo much for these pictures. You have helped me narrow done my list dramatically. My bank account says thank you too!

  2. KaylaK

    Thanks for the pix!

  3. I guess a lot of people are asking, but just what are the beauty powders? Lovely photos!

  4. Elisa

    Ah, I’m in love with the beauty powders! *O*

    And, because of I still have nothing like these, I’m surely going to buy one of the babies!!

    Thanks so much for all these photos!

  5. miss showbiz

    oh wow the collection is so wonderful!! stilll pondering on which eye shadow pallet to get defo love the blushes! :) cheers xox

  6. Tana

    Hi…. I’m really keen on tippy but not sure on whether it will look good on my skin tone im an NW20…. will Tippy or fun and games suit better

  7. Anitacska

    Fun and games is really pretty. :) Wasn’t going to get anything from HK, but I might just get that.

  8. Yay thanks Christine! Fun&Games and On the Prowl were already on my list, and after seeing this I KNOW I need them :)

  9. carriespooner

    I’m NW20 and I’m getting Fun and games for sure. I can’t do pink.

  10. Amy

    I feel Tippy Looks like fashion frenzy from fafi.
    Yay! Pretty baby is back! I ran out of my one from Diana Ross

  11. MissTiss

    Fun & Games is on my list. It looks pretty. I’m lovin’ On the Prowl too.

  12. Shanel

    i got both tippy & fun’n games, both are lovely :)

  13. Christine Chu

    This might sound stupid, but what is beauty powder? some one help me out please =)

    • They’re like all over face powders :) Highlight, blush, or finishing powder — depending on your skin tone. Whatever you want to use it for and how it works for you is all good.

  14. Melissa

    Hey thanks so much for all of theses… which of theses do you recommend for me … NC30??? THanks again for all of your posts!!!!You ROCK!!!

  15. I totally want On The Prowl nail polish! Do you think it’s worth getting and can you think of any dupes from other brands (OPI, Zoya, China Glaze, etc.)?

  16. Joanne

    Do you think that Tippy is similar to dolly mix?

  17. Priscilla

    anyone know if the glitter in fun&games is chunky?

    these pictures REALLY help :]

  18. Hira

    Hi Christine. 1st time commenting. I love your site/blog, it’s so helpful! The Hello Kitty collection is amazing, thank you for all the great swatches! I really appreciate it. Quick question, I am NC40, I am not sure what beauty powder or blush from the Hello Kitty will look good on me, any suggestions? Once again, thanks for all your hard work :)

  19. victoria

    i’m getting fun and games, i just have too many pink blushes but thankfully room for more peaches. the bp blushes look great but are they super pigmented like the fafi blushes that you can only use a stippling brush? i would like to ask you which bp would you prefer more, i know in your review you weren’t thrilled by them but just asking. and i can’t wait for you to do a look with these, pls pls pls.

    • Gottal ove peaches :) They’re not super pigmented in the sense that you’ll be a clown with just one swipe or anything! You get good color, but it’s not overboard, and you can build it up very easily :)

      If you’re looking for an all over powder, probably Tahitian Sand!

  20. Aisha

    Thanks for all the swatching you’ve done, it’s been a great help to me in regards to formulating a list 😛 I was wondering about the beauty powders though. I know they are very sheer, but I am also quite pale, NW15. Will both BPs show up well enough to be worth purchasing? I wish I could swatch them myself, but we don’t have a MAC counter here, so I just have to go by advice and swatching. Thanks again :)

  21. Portia

    If I were to choose one of each, which one would you recommend?
    I love the HK stamp on the powdeR!

  22. kaLabaLa

    I stumbled upon your site while researching the HK collection.. Christine you are a *God Send*!!! I’m debating over the blushes.. im N3 (sadly, the lightest color MAC makes) and I’m not quite sure which would suit me best. What are you thoughts?!?! Thx grl!!! =)

  23. Ashley

    Thank you so much for the swatches as they were extremely helpful. I’m an NC15 and am not sure what would look good from both of the BP and BPBs. Should I just stick with the blushes or maybe get a little of both? Any recommendations on which to get?

    • No problem, Ashley! I think the blushes are really gorgeous — they’re nicely pigmented, but they’re not OTT and very buildable. The beauty powders just don’t do much for me; even on you, they will still be very light. If you could only get 2, I’d opt for the blushes over the beauty powders!

  24. Miss Showbiz

    Hey christine.

    I am colour NC 40 what do you think would go with my skin the BP or the BPB?

    Cheers xox

  25. Michelle

    Hi Christine :) HK has grown on me!! I pre-ordered today, Tippy and Fun & Games BPB, as well as she loves candy l/g, Now I also got pretty baby b/c I am NC15, and like light pink, however I am concerned b/c I think it might be TOO similar to the Ungaro beauty powder. What do you think?

  26. Jean

    Hey! thanks so much for the pictures…it helped :)
    Just one question though,
    I am asian and have NC/NW 15 skin (not sure which N..)
    I also own Dandelion (Benefit) and Innocent peach from Clinique as my two blushes.
    Do you think they are both similar to the two HK blushes?
    and which one would you recommend for me ?

  27. Eli

    Hi Christine, before taking the plunge what do you suggest for me I’m a C6 girl should I even opt for the Beauty Powders? Or what do u suggest?

  28. Rosie

    i am nc35 which bp and bpb do you recommend?

  29. Evelyn

    im an asian nc20-25 and i was wondering whether fun & games or tippy would look good on me
    i got pretty baby too by the MA gave me tahitian sand by accident
    i decided to try a little of it before exchanging (shh) and it doesnt really show up well, maybe its my asian skintone?

    i also asked another MA to put tippy on me and she used a HEAVY hand…it was terrible even after it was toned down
    ive read a lot of good reviews on it though if used with a light hand, and then i heard that coral colours look good on my skintone…im really not sure which one to get!

  30. kaLabaLa

    I’m no Christine by any means, but I think you should try Tippy! I have Fun&Games and it is very lightly pigmented, and is mostly peach on my fair N3 skin. I try to select colors that are complimentary to my undertones and it ALWAYS turns out well. I’ve found red undertones (me) should choose yellow-based products, and vice versa.. and I’m assuming you have yellow undertones- so maybe you should choose the red/pink based Tippy! The peach might not show up very well or may make you seem flushed. The pink is LOVELY and I think you would enjoy it 😉

  31. Jemma

    Hi im sooo looking forward to getting this collection but how do you find out what skin tone you are and do you do foundations in HK range???

  32. Glenna

    I’m a new MAC lover and unfortunely missed out on this collection..Would anyone know where I could find them? you think CCO would have them out yet?

  33. binnie

    has anyone noticed that the pink hk nail lacquer can be duped by the barry m limited edition pink colour i couldnt belive it so if you missed out you can get it :)X

  34. zini

    does anybody know where i can buy any of these products now… i bought these just because of hello kitty but now my powder broke and u can hardly see her face so please if you have any information where i can buy it.. PLEASE LET ME KNO!!

    • Gina

      They have them at allcosmeticswholesale.com right now
      they have the lipglosses, lipsticks and blushes but i don’t think any of the beauty powders.
      i’m so stuck. i’m not sure whether i should get Tippy or Fun and Games. I’m an NC30. I would get both but it’s $40 each! so ah, help?