Thursday, December 27th, 2007

LouLou Magazine clued us in with this awesome sneak peek at Heatherette, debuting March 27th!

One more photo…

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55 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Heatherette Sneak Peek Photos

  1. Mary

    If ever there were a “must have” collection for me, this is it! I can’t wait to see what other colors are going to be included.

  2. fie

    Ah damnit. D: I want Fafi and Heatherette now. The packaging….it’s toooooo irresistable!

  3. Tanya

    OH OH OH OH exciting!! I can’t wait to see the colors, I adore the pink look. I got so excited I started squealing at which point my SO asked me what was wrong, in my excitement I said “MAC is coming out with new MAC-up” LOL so thats his new name for make-up, since he knows I only wear MAC, so its now MAC-up.

  4. Tekoa

    Haha. The circle thing (blush?) the hand is holding reminds me of those rolls of bubble gum you get at the gas station.

  5. jeni

    My favorite color is pink but I really am
    not too crazy about this I like pigments and that pallete on the bottom left looks cute though

  6. Stacey

    Cute packaging indeed… but I also hope the colours are awesome too!

  7. Ashlee

    That made me drool! lol

  8. victoria

    when i saw this i laughed out loud. now that’s crazy packaging. it’s either classy packaging or something real crazy. i can’t get my eyes off the disco ball. actually i want to see both heatherette and fafi in person. but i do like the lipstick, i fell for the finery because of the packaging. i’m hoping the colors are not bubblegum colors, let’s keep our fingers crossed, hope it’s something workable.

  9. Katie

    I so hope that they re-release Heatherette Lipstick!

  10. cosine

    I’m gonna just get everything pink regardless of the colours they contain =D
    I ADORE CUTE PACKAGING!!! And I like this one better than Fafi because Fafi maintains the regular black background just with extra prints on top… its like for barbie and mcqueen just more playful… but I think I’ll still be getting half of the collection… a little of every item =D

  11. victoria

    hey christine, is that an eye quad? could that mean that they will design l.e. eye quads instead of the cheapy clear plastic palette? i don’t mean to say cheapy but it would be nice to have a design for special l.e. right. since the colors are l.e., the whole thing should have special packaging as well.

    • Hey Victoria! I think there is a beauty powder, lipstick, and quad pictured in the photo!

      With Fafi, it looks like there will be a mirror inside, which is definitely new, so maybe MAC is going fashion-forward with packaging for 2008.

  12. Lone


    I wonder how the lipstick look like??

  13. Elizabeth

    Why does MAC do this to us? I am going to be so broke with all of the new makeup they keep bringing out.

    • I don’t know – because they’re evil? :(

      I’m personally surprised they aren’t putting off Heatherette until summer or fall. Too much going on in Spring… which may mean there’s even MORE for the rest of the year – uh oh!

  14. As totally tacky as the packaging is, I absolutely LOVE it! Haha. Hot pink plastic w/ a discoball & total 70s style font. Can’t wait to hear product descriptions!

    Also, I think the pigments should have hot pink lids that match the rest of the packaging, that would be really cute.

    • LOL! Yes, I think tacky is definitely one word that could be used on this collection, in terms of packaging…

      Considering how drastic they went with the packaging, I’m surprised the pigments didn’t get a makeover too!

  15. Nicole

    I can’t wait for this and for Fafi… I’m too excited!!!

  16. taj

    The package is so 80s ! But hv to wait to see the products before I’m totally thrilled !

  17. Becky

    Is this going to be shipped and sold in UK MAC?
    I want the quad it looks so cute!

  18. Elle

    I love how the new collections for the beginning of ’08 increase with color: neutral for N Collection, pretty and girly pastels for Fafi, and probably full out bold and glam-tastic color for Heatherette (which I really want a preview of ASAP!). MAC lives up to giving a little something for everyone. (And absorbing my wallet like a sponge in water.)

  19. Miki

    Omg! The Heatherette and Fafi collection I want everything!!!! Gosh. My poor wallet. lol.

  20. xdlr

    Totally 80’s……..Totally.

  21. Melanie

    I am all OVER this one. I think I will be buying much of it. I am dying here waiting for this one

  22. Nally

    I WORK at MAC and I’m loving this collection already. I am already prebooking people for this event because I KNOW it will sell. And it is just as glittery, glitzy and glam-y as you would want it to be.

    Great pops of color, great fun flirty glitter, and a new set of lashes to be released as well! If you love it now, just wait to you see it on! *wink*

    As far as tacky is concerned, you are only as tacky as you want to be. The Heatherette line is designed to be bold but with style. Wear it like you own it girls, and no one can call you tacky!

    Oh, and yes, the colors are beautiful. :)

  23. p3@chez hate creme

    i eefin love mac n i eefin love heatherette. i mean it was a divaous idea to combine the 2. u guys at heatherette should open a store in Baltimore Md. i promise i will be ur #1 customer. love wat u do me 2 love ya!!!!