Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up — Heatherette’s launch is now planned for March 20th, 2008, moved up one week earlier!  (Yay for us, and yet boo for not as much time to save up for it all!)  I had this confirmed by both my local stores, several readers (ahem, Tekoa!), as well as MAC Cosmetics’ LiveChat.

I also wanted to use this space to relay to all of you that both myself and the blog’s readers would love to see your swatches and product shots of the latest collections.  I always do my own swatches and pictures when I can, but I’m just one person and one skintone.  It’s always great to see how colors look on different people!  You can always reach me at [email protected] if you have questions, comments, or want to submit something!

What are you planning to get from Heatherette? (See collection details here!)

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57 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Heatherette for MAC Launch Date Moved Up to March 20th, 2008

  1. Shefali


    • Shefali

      I went to my local Nordstrom (Arcadia) and got some good info:

      They are not launching until March 27th. They said some stores are launching early. It apparently just depends on the location. The cool thing was that she showed me what their layout is going to look like on launch date – OMG…they are going to have a hot pink red-carpet like runway with models wearing tiaras and Heatherette/MAC make-up. So cool. The best part for me was they had everything from the Heatherette collection so I could check it out. The stuff is so AWESOME!!! The packaging is to die for…the makeup colors rock! I’m getting everything except one beauty powder and a couple of the lipsticks. You can also pre-sale everything from the collection and pick it up on the day it launches. I didn’t do that today b/c I bought beauty blushes. But I’m going back next week to do that. And of course, they are booking appointments for makeovers.

      Another thing that’s happening at Nordstrom stores across the country is the Pro Tour. Apparently MAC artists are going to Nordstrom stores and doing classes. The Nordstrom in my area is doing it on April 11 from 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm. Cost is $75 which goes toward products. I totally booked myself and can’t wait!! My MA told me spaces are limited to 10 people per class.

      And, I think Naughty Nauticals is launching on April 10 or 17.

      • Who did you talk to? The official launch date for ALL locations for Heatherette is March 20th. I would double check with the manager, because it’s releasing on the 20th and i’d hate for you to miss out. also, not all locations are doing presale:)

        • Shefali

          Hi Tosha – went there today and it’s releasing on the 20th at Nordstrom but they are still doing their crazy fun launch on the 27th. They JUST got word today that they are not doing pre-sale – but they were until yesterday. They are not doing it anymore because they moved up the launch.

    • Thanks for ALL the details, Shefali :) I called around and though they were all a little befuddled, I eventually got a manager to tell me the deets!

  2. BaDKiTTy

    I just came from my local MAC store and they told me that they will have it on the 26th:(

  3. Janis

    Gosh we still don’t have Fafi here and you guys are getting Heatherette already! Not fair lol!

  4. Carrie

    hmm, I might pick up Alpha Girl and the orange nail polishes. Other than those, I’m not really feeling this collection. :/

  5. kia

    oh no!! my wallet isn’t ready =((( i didn’t get through all of the beauty powder blushes!!!!!!! LOLLOLLOLL

  6. tatiana

    i jumped from my computer desk! hahhaha my moms is saying that im crazy right now.. LMAO!!!

  7. tricia

    today i was at my mac store and they told me the 25Th.

  8. Heather

    Ok, so I’m kinda biased since my name is Heather, but I am soooooo excited about this collection! The lipglasses look nice and I like the eye-pencils. Even though I have a couple of the eye-shadow colors, I think I’ll get the eye palettes anyway – the packaging looks awesome! :-)

  9. victoria

    does date that go for macy’s too?

  10. julie

    I went to nordstrom today after work and the mac ma was amaaaazing! First off I had a problem with a brush, my 129 blush brush was shedding hairs like crazy. He set me up with a new brush without a second thought! Then he showed me the new Heatherette collection!!!! They already have them in the store. The colors are gorgeous and the two e/s trios are adorable. So cute! And the eyeliners were gorgeous too – there’s a purple liner that is great and I’ll definitely be picking it up. Ahhhhh mac I’m gonna be broke again! But at least I’ll look cute as heck.

    • victoria

      oh no, oh no, i can’t stand it. 20th is soooo far away!!!!! and too bad i am going out of time that very day and the only store that carries mac in that area is macys. i hope its out at macys too.

  11. victoria

    i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i’m spelling everything wrong today. must be too excited.

  12. claudine

    wooooot wooooot

  13. does anyone know about getting it in the UK? I have heard rumours about being online only, any info would be great, the collection look amazing!!!

  14. Sara

    what DON’T i want? lol! i am seriously considering the e/s trio 1, pencil duo in black funk/pop blue, lollipop loving l/s and sock hop l/g, and the 3D silver glitter!! does anyone know how much the e/s trios will be going for? i can’t wait for your swatches, christine!

  15. Ariele

    Yay! My birthday is the 19th & I’m going to Vegas on the 21st… I was hoping to check out the MAC store at the Forum shops as I hear it is an awesome store! This way, I can grab Heatherette there :) Based on the swatches I’ve seen (&of course… the super cute packaging!), I am getting 2 l/s, 2 l/g, both eye trios, a beauty powder & probably a couple of the eye pencil duos.

  16. Erika

    that’s a good thing but on the 25th i had an invitation for a release party…wonder if that makes any sense…means i have to call grrrrr

  17. dee

    If anything, I’m thinking Sock Hop and Style Minx is what I’ll get.

  18. Nell

    I´m getting lollipop lovin and sock hop, maybe alpha girl beauty powder. I don´t even know if it will launch in Europe and when, so I´ll have to haunt ebay (again!)

  19. Tanya

    sh*t!! The 20th is my sons 10th Birthday :) which is great but uhmmm how the heck am I going to go pick up Heatherette when the store opens at 10am and I have to bake like 30 vegan cupcakes and frost them…and have them to the school to pass out at 11:45!!! AGH…this is one time where I am not really too happy about them pushing up the release date!! BLAH!! I’m gonna call the store and see if they are releasing early.

    • Tanya

      AGH I just spoke to the Sacramento MAC and yes its arriving on the 20th!!! I wonder if my son wants to go to MAC and buy Heatherette for his birthday? BLAH!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Cosine

    I just went to my MA today and she said its coming to Singapore in July/August… yay…


  21. GRace

    Yes im excited but im worried cuz I havent picked up fafi yet so I hope I still can get that, I only want 3 things.
    For Heatherette I want the 2 BPs, 1 e/l, 2 l/s, eye trio #1

  22. Wow, so what does this mean for people who got invites to opening parties?? I have one, and it says the 25th at 8pm! But what happens if they get the product on the 20th?? Will it be gone before the launch party? Will they get a special shipment for the launch party? Will they move the party up? WTF? That kinda defeats the purpose of getting invited to a pre-launch party! I’m so worried now!

  23. Erin

    ^^I would call them, if I were you!

    I think I’d like Lollipop Loving, Trio #1, and that’s probably about it.

  24. Erin

    Oh yeah! Also, Jardin Aires.

  25. pompam

    I cant wait for your gorgeous swatches!!!
    especially for those lovely lipsticks+gloss!

    Im also looking forward for AlphaGirl and Trio2(pink one)
    I think Heatherette will come in Germany in late April

    Love Love you!!

  26. Steph

    I’m excited for this collection too :) Hopefully my MAC store will have it by the 20th.. Is it the same for Canadian MAC stores as well? Anyway, i’m planning on getting Lollipop Lovin l/s, Sockhop l/g and Jardin Aires pigment. I’m still deciding on the beauty powders, pencil duos, and the eyeshadow trios..