Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 9


These are some terms that are commonly used by MAC fans that may be a bit confusing to newcomers.

  • Acronyms | Many things get abbreviated on the internet, and makeup is no different. If you’ve seen one and don’t know what it is, MakeUpAlley has an excellent abbreviation list that should help you!
  • CCB | Cream Colour Base
  • Depotting | This is the act of removing the eyeshadow pan/palette from the black container that it came in. There are several methods on doing this, the most common requires a lighter/candle and knife. To begin, you can pop out the plastic insert that lays in the container (basically, there are two pieces to the container, the entire outer casing and a little “plate” that holds the eyeshadow pan). You can easily do this by taking your knife point and inserting it where the two parts meet, which is the same place where the lid closes and clicks in place. After you have removed that portion, take a lighter and melt the bottom of the eyeshadow container enough that you can push a knife point up through it to pop out the metal eyeshadow pan. You can also quickly melt the label found on the bottom of the eyeshadow pot (just enough to make it easy to pull off, too much and you’ll blacken it) and adhere it to the bottom of the eyeshadow pan.
  • E/s, L/s, L/g | Eyeshadow, lipstick, lipglass
  • Eyeshadow “in pan/palette form” | The typical eyeshadow comes inside a black plastic container with a clear top that pops open. Eyeshadow bought in pan/palette (means the same thing in this context) is when you buy a metal pan that is filled with the eyeshadow color with a magnet on the bottom of it. Essentially, it does not have any protective case or black plastic container. It is the bare bones product. You would then place them in an empty quad or palette.
  • Empty palettes, quads | When you purchase an eyeshadow or blush in pan/palette form, you place it inside an empty palette/quad. An empty eyeshadow palette can hold either 15 or 4 eyeshadows (referred to as a quad), and it is a slim black container. An empty blush palette can hold 6 blushes.
  • FOTD (EOTD) | Face of the Day or Eye of the Day; essentially, it is someone’s makeup from that day
  • MA | Makeup Artist
  • MLBB | My Lips But Better
  • OTT | Over The Top – as in, that bright blue eyeshadow is over the top for wearing to the office

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21 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 9 — Terminology

  1. Renee

    wow acronyms are good! i always get confused :] you should add
    HG – holy grail

    <3 thanks christine!

  2. Anna

    how much do palettes go for (Canadian)? they don’t have them listed anywhere :(

  3. Ashley

    I know the 15 palette is about $14.50 CAD. I’m not sure about the quad but the 15 pays for itself after about 5 eyeshadows, since the pan inserts are $12.50 (vs. 16.50 for regular eyeshadows)

  4. Mila

    Can you add the definition to NC and NW as well? I am still not 100% sure what foundation color I am, and I don’t know what these terms stand for. Thanks!

  5. marilyn

    hey! . it would also be nice if u put what kind of finishes certain products have such as a matte finish, dewy finish, satin finish i work in a MAC counter and some customers dont know what kind of finish they want. tha would b so nice! thx!

  6. And HG — HOLY GRAIL…. meaning the most PERFECT (insert item/product) which works for you.

    Like Studio Sculpt is my HG foundation.


  7. lauren

    MSF- mineralize skin finish!

  8. Mirna

    Hey Christine,

    Can you add what MSFN or MSF means? I see lots of posts refering to those accronyms and I have no idea what they mean!