Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics:  Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 4

If I’m new, what are some good basics that I should get into first?

It is important to note that everybody is a little different, and their preferences for the type of makeup or kinds of products are not the same across the board.  You should use this only as a guideline, but not as something that is universal to every person.


  • Lip Conditioner | Both the regular lip conditioner and the tinted lip conditioner are great for keeping lips soft, and the tinted ones give a nice touch of color for everyday wear or quick lips.
  • Lipstick | There are so many shades and textures, it would be impossible to recommend a set that would work for everyone.  I want to give you something to work off of, though, and like eyeshadows, here are some color families and what people tend to rave about.
    • Browns >> O, Shag, Touch
    • Corals >> CB96, Jest, Vegas Volt
    • Fuchsias >> Girl About Town, Full Fuchsia, Impassioned
    • Nude Pinks >> Hue, Hug Me, Plink!
    • Nudes >> Cherish, Myth, Velvet Teddy
    • Peaches >> Honeyflower, Mocha, Ramblin’ Rose
    • Pinks >> Angel, Snob, Sweetie
    • Purples >> Dark Side, Odyssey, Rebel
    • Raspberries >> New York Apple
    • Reds >> Lady Bug, Russian Red, Ruby Woo
    • Vamps >> Desire, Media, Underworld
  • Slimshines | These are a more moisturizing, creamier, and sheerer version of the lipstick.  Some favorite shades are Bare, Funshine, and Long Stem Rose.
  • Lipgelees | Glossy, sheer color that’s more moisturizing than lipglass.  Some favorites are:  Dewy Jube, Lu-Be-Lu, Lust Is Lush, and Slicked Pink.
  • Lipglass | This is a glossy, tacky formula with sheer colors as well as opaque ones.  Those who dislike sticky glosses should stay clear of the lipglass formula!  Some good colors to think about are:  C-Thru, Cultured, Lychee Luxe, Nymphette, Pink Poodle, and Prrr.
  • Lustreglass | This is a less sticky version of lipglass, which also tends to run sheerer in color.  Some favorites are:  Flashmode, Little Vi, Luminary, and Pinkarat.
  • Plushglass | This gloss formula is high-shine without any tackiness.  The colors tend to be sheerer, and the formula is intended to plump up lips.  Popular color choices are:  Big Kiss, Full For You, Nice Buzz, and Pretty Plush.
  • Lip Liners | There are several types of lip liners to choose from, including the traditional lip pencil and the cremestick range.  I prefer the cremestick range as it is non-drying and goes on easily.  Some favorites from the cremestick family are:  Beurre, Cranapple, Cream O’Spice, Pink Treat, Red Enriched, and Summerfruit.

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32 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics: Guide For The Newly Addicted, Part 4 — Lip Basics

  1. emily

    i love love a lot of those shades!!!!

  2. n.fiona

    hi christine. if it’s not too much to ask, can you put a link of the previous parts so we can easily find part 1-3
    you can just tell me what category/section this falls under


  3. Lindsay

    Plink is a great starter lipstick! It was my first and I still love it, I go back to it all the time. And if you want to give it a little more color then pair it with TLC in Petting Pink…perfect soft pink lip for summer!

  4. Pearl

    Good point Christine. I always find myself layering lipglasses/etc. over lipsticks. I don’t seem to get enough color for my pigmented lips with just a plushglass, lustreglass etc. The only glass that has good color for me is the lipglasses, which is the only one I wear on its own. But I always tend to use a lip liner for even lipglasses. I don’t like colors that are too sheer. I love using lip pencil, lipstick and lipglass. That is my favorite combo. Recently, I have gotten into the lipgelee’s because Stephen Moleski told me about Kim Kardashian’s pink lip and how he achieves that look. Thanks Christine!!!

  5. Carrie

    Oooh vamp colors!

    Something I love about the vamp colors is that you can control the intensity of the color and use them as a stain. I love patting Underworld on with my finger, it comes out on me as this nice sort of fuchsia-brown tint.

    sooo many runway shows for Fall ’08 used Media.

  6. Bella

    Can u suggest any lipliner color(s) that will go with the Coral lipsticks?


  7. Any idea what the difference between Lip conditioner and Lip Treatment is? I hate the smell of Lip conditioner but the Lip Treatment, like the rest of their lipsticks is gorgeously vanilla flavoured. Is it worth buying or should i stick with my Vaseline?

    • They should both smell like vanilla as far as I know… perhaps the sample you tested was old? They will smell plasticky when they lose their scent, which is about 2-4 years after it’s been opened.

    • Lindsay

      The Lip conditioner has sunscreen in it that makes it smell funny.

  8. I may have got this wrong. Seeing as apparently the lip conditioner smells like vanilla too? All i know is that i went to MAC and tried the Stick Lip conditioner and didn’t like the smell as it had that typical old, lipstick smell.

  9. Thanks, I went back today and it was definitely an old sample! It’s vanilla and slightly minty :)

  10. lis


  11. Lexi

    Ditto Lis…Pearl can you let us know how to achieve the pink lips a la Kim Kardashian? Thanks in advance…

  12. Shanae'

    *~*Lexi: Kim Kardashian usually wears the following on her lips (to get her signature pink lips); Stripdown lip pencil, Angel lipstick, and Nars Turkish Delight gloss…here’s a link to that info…HTH!! ;)*~*

  13. uscpharm07

    wow all ur articles are so freakin helpful.
    love these color choices and yea ur awesome.
    are these articles including product reviews all by one person aka temptalia or is this a group of persons? i love u whoever you [guy/s] are :)

  14. uscpharm07

    i also really appreciate how you describe each product in a very understandable manner such as less stickier than blah blah blah. awesome awesome awesome!!!

  15. bee

    i think i am going to buy a lipglee now…

    slimshines are my avorite!

  16. Cristina

    Hey! I always find myself coming back to this, specially when I go over to mac. I’m still trying to bump up my collection….. But I think that you might just need to update this because there are now new things added to the perminent line and also taken away.