Monday, February 4th, 2008

An interview with Fafi, and of course, the relevant excerpt that has to do with the new launch!

How did you get involved in this project for M.A.C?
They approached me, it’s a cool project, I wanted to do that kind of thing for a long time.

Talk a bit about the line. What’s it called, What items are in it, what colors are there, what design did you choose for the packaging, and basically what makes it Fafi-makeup and not just regular makeup?
I think it’s regular make-up with a Fafi packaging! I didn’t work on the colors. I never bought M.A.C before because it was too expensive, but it’s actually crazy products and textures I have to say. I didn’t want to do random packaging, so I’ve created 3 characters for them: Eriko, Ermine and Monoka. They are from the CV but they sometimes come on earth to see what’s happening. They cannot be seen by human beings, so when they come it’s night time. Eriko loves Paris, french recipes and can’t stand people who owns restaurant and do mediocre food. Monoka loves to go to to Shibuya, Tokyo to sing 50 cent songs. Ermine searches for graffiti in NY with her camera.

When do they drop? Are the products limited, and if so how long will they be in M.A.C stores?
they drop for St Valentine’s day in the U.S and at Colette, then one month later everywhere else. I am going in a few countries to promote it, I just cancelled my Dubai event due to human reasons! Ha! it’s the first time i am involved in something.

Which product off of the line is your favorite, and why?
I have to wait, as usual I will be the last one to put my hands on it.


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9 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Fafi For MAC Interview

  1. gracee

    wow i find this interview kind of funny! she says she doesnt know mac products and calls the makeup “regular makeup”. you think she would at least know to hype it up!

  2. Lori

    I found it interesting as well, usually when they get celeb. type endorsements for any brand, that person may lie and say “oh used X for years, love it” blah. Its kind of refreshing that its not the case. But a bit disappointing she didn’t get to help in the planning or colour selection of the products. Oh well!

  3. jenn

    OK, so is Fafi a little crazy? lol

  4. zoe

    OMG for once france(well paris) is getting a mac collection at the same time as the US. Thank god for colette <3

  5. kia

    it was weird to hear her not hype it up, but a great bit of info from her nonetheless. i like that she was open and honest. for some ppl, mac is too expensive (esp. across the waters) and that.. okay, MAC only used her for packaging… cool with me! it’s cute.

  6. She’s not crazy.. just seems like her English isn’t 100% fluent

  7. she sounds a little off, if you ask me.

    her “characters” sound kind of stupid.

  8. victoria

    yeah it’s too bad she didn’t really get involved in the color selection but at least mac chose a collection close to her creations. i understand she might not be familiar with mac makeup because she’s abroad and we all know it’s not easy to get a hold of mac stuff outside the u.s. but she could at least tell us more about her paintings like why do these colors appeal to her and influence her art. what her art was about. i mean i didn’t know the girls were like fairy like beings that came down to earth, i thought they were cool cute city teens, kind of like a modern take on barbie. but maybe she’s just not good expressing herself in english.

  9. Tanya

    I think she sound too cute :)