Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

These photos were leaked earlier today at TheCarmineVault, which has a ton of Fafi news and updates, so if you love Fafi… bookmark it!ย  I have to tell you, I adore Google Alerts for keeping me in the Fafi loop!

Check out one more photo…

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69 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Fafi For MAC (Fafi x MAC) Additional Photos Leaked by TheCarmineVault

  1. Daisy

    These look awesome!

  2. fie

    oh god. this is one collection which i’ll HAVE to buy it all. it’s so pretty. damnit. and here i thought i would spend less on MAC next year. haha oh well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s going to be money well spent

  3. victoria

    i want the other quad with what looks like mint green and yellow in it. and the beauty powders. i would have the check out the colors for the lipsticks and blush. i hope the blushes are nice. if they are, i’m in trouble.

    • I’m just gonna have to wait and see to test everything out! I’m not too impressed YET!

      • victoria

        okay i’ll be totally honest, i’m really for the quality here. i love LE, i love new things but i only got the beauty powders from barbie because those were the only items that impressed me. i’m hoping the colors are new, fresh and beautiful. as for the packaging, for me, it’s just something to add to my collection. but honestly, i like the barbie logo better, i like things a bit simple. don’t hate me ladies.

        • I’m completely with you! Sometimes things can look gorgeous in pictures (ahem, Sheersparks!!) but be awful in person.

          As much as I like packaging, I’m kind of into totally fresh packaging over just putting a sketch of a girl or even the Barbie logo, you know? For me, changing up packaging re: couture or Stylistics is fun to have for the sake of packaging.

  4. Ashlee

    That quad looks really nice. And so does the powder. Oh and the lip colors. Im not feeling the bags though, ive never been overly excited about mac bags.

  5. jeni

    I’m more excited about FAFI than BLM its so I’d I can’t wait!

  6. Jenny

    Ever since I’ve been coming to your blog.. my wallets been scolding me =(

    I can’t wait for that quad and blush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I want that powder as well as the lipglass and lipstick!

  8. Tekoa

    Oh, the artwork is just lovely. When form and function align, its wonderful.

  9. S.

    Love the package..the toons. but for me the makeup is similar to what I have. It depends on how good one can match the colors.

  10. Lindsay

    Ohhh that quad is so pretty!

  11. Tanya

    Oh it just keeps getting cuter and cuter. As for the toons being trashy…..no way they are super cute!!!

    I can’t wait to see the colors and try everything on. I would love to have some fun colorful items from this collection…its not even Christmas and I am counting down the days until Feb.

    • OMG, I know! MAC has us ticking the days off til February now. At least it’s right before Valentine’s Day, so some of us can beg our beaus for a bag full of Fafi!

      I am interested to see how everything turns out, color-wise, from the line.

  12. Tonee

    Ohhhh @ the eye shadow quad!! It looks so amazing.

  13. Kat

    ohhh I want that quad so bad!!!

  14. Aly

    First the Originals then the Fafi….my paycheck should just be signed over to MAC!!!! :)

  15. Fafi + MAC = a dream for me. I love both so much. I gotta save save save for this collection!

  16. ooohh la la, I got a chubby lookin at this!

    • lol! It’s too bad that you already have one of the quads and don’t love it much :( Then again, I usually pass on quads that have too many permanent colors in it.

  17. I can’t wait!!! I love MAC!!!

  18. Nicole

    OOOOOhhhhh I can’t wait. I’m so excited, and this time if there’s a lipstick and lipglass color i really like then i’m going to buy a few of each. when BLM came out i loved Style it Up and Fanny Pack but i only bought one of each. I’m being very frugal with them, it’s so sad really. My husband loves those colors on me so it’s sad that i can’t wear them more often.

    • Hey Nicole! I hope this collection meets everyone’s expectations :) Style It Up is a gorgeous nude!! I know how you feel – hopefully you’ll find a great dupe of it.

  19. Joanna

    Has anyone noticed that Fafi’s girl cartoons have really bright, luscious lips? They’re all gorgeous pastel shades like in this pic http://www.feedmecoolshit.com/UserFiles/Image/pics4/fafi8.jpg
    Silly to drool over a cartoon, I know, but I’m praying that this collection comes out with really similar lipcolors! I can’t wait for your review :)

  20. gretchxn

    i just spent 200 bucks on a limited edition fafi camera, and now, my favorite makeup is coming out with products featuring her. im guna buy the whole set!

  21. Sharonda

    Been a Fafi fan for a while and I love MAC so I can’t wait!

  22. Jessica

    OMG sooo excited im totally spending hundreds on this and the Heatherette Collection i totally cant wait the package is so amazingly cute i need everything!

  23. xdlr

    My husband said I can have it all when it comes out!!!!

  24. Serpentina

    look at those gorgeous shades of pink in that first pic! ^_^

  25. Lladira

    omg i want it all

  26. kim

    this collection is so hot…i love the pinks

  27. Luisa

    Los quierow
    i really really really do
    fun * n sexy = fafi + mac

    where i can get them in argentina?

    • Floricienta fan

      de seguro los encuentras en floricienta store
      ahi venden de todo
      o si no en el internetth

      yolos quiero taรฑien

  28. Patricia

    ooh cool :)

    love & pink
    most likely to succeed

    want them too


  29. mirabel

    hi there! i’m from singapore and i bought the quad and the iridescent powder, but i’m slightly disappointed with the quad! i love fafi more than mac so although the colours for the quad #1 is indeed very pretty, it surprises me that the fafi image for the quad is a sticker over the case and not printed on!! however the image is printed onto the case for the powder… so i’m wondering if its just the products in singapore? i mean, why can’t they just print the 3 fafi dolls directly onto the case for the quad since they did it for the powder (and everything else actually)… it just makes it feel like a drugstore product and i’m so sad! =(

  30. and hearts

    OMGGG…i literally screamed when i heard about this, but actually looking at the products is amazzzing. seriously, I LOVE MAC make up and I LOVELOVELOVE FAFI as an artist…I’m getting a tattoo of her work on me next month, it’s just so beautiful. I’m super excited!!!

  31. Patty

    dude. its HAPPENED. ive seen it at the macys im by.

  32. eliz

    porque sere tan fan de estos cosmeticos, tengo que tenerlos !!!
    se ven geniales los diseรฑos =)

  33. jawade

    what a lady VAN rip off