Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

This is supposedly the color story for Fafi For MAC, and since I know many of you are eagerly anticipating this release (February 13th!), I thought I should share!


  • Fun ‘n’ Sexy Blue pink with blue pearl (G)
  • Not so Innocent Sheer tan with pink and peach pearl (G)
  • Utterly Frivolous Rosy coral with pink pearl (L)
  • High Top Grey purple with blue pearl (G)
  • Flash-n-Dash Intense tangerine red with pink pearl (G)
  • Strawbaby Coral rose with rainbow pearl (L)


  • Cult Face Blue mid-tone pink with white pearl (F)
  • Sugar Trance Creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl (F)
  • Squeeze It Brassy plum (F)
  • Totally It Sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl (F)

Quad #1

  • Howzat Deep grey with silver sparkle (S)
  • Hey Neutral tan with pearl (VP)
  • Pink Venus Washed pink (L)
  • Vanilla Soft pale-peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (V)

Quad #2

  • Bold as Gold Yellow gold with gold pearl (L)
  • You’re Fresh Pale green with silver sparkle (L)
  • Shockwave Intense orange with silver sparkle (V)
  • Prankster Muted dark blue (S)

Paint Pot

  • Nice Vice Dirty purple with purple pearl (F)
  • Girl Friendly Creamy grey pink (C)
  • Layin’ Low Creamy beige (C)
  • Cash Flow Green gold with gold pearl (F)
  • Perky Cream coral with white pearl (S)
  • Rollickin’ Aqua blue green with white pearl (F)


  • Blacktrack Solid flat black
  • Smolder Intense black (Eye Kohl)
  • Fascinating Snake-eyes matte white (Eye Kohl)
  • Zoomblack Rich black (Zoomlash)

Powder Blush

Hipness Intense coral with soft white pearl

Fashion Frenzy Mid-tone blue pink

Iridescent Pressed Powder

  • Sassed-up Soft coral pink with gold sparkle
  • Verve-acaious Intense yellow gold with gold pearl
  • Belightful Gilded peach bronze

Nail Lacquer

  • Girls Will Be Girls Pink with coral pearl
  • Boom! Rich eggplant with purple pearl


  • 210
  • 129SH Powder/Blush
  • 208
  • 182


  • Rectangle M.A.C/Small/Clear with Fafi detailing
  • Rectangle M.A.C/Mini/Clear with Fafi detailing

Fafinettes (Dolls)


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53 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Fafi For MAC Color Story

  1. Fie

    Oh god. I want so many things from this collection. especially the Hipness blush, Nice Vice paintpot and Strawbaby l/s!!!

  2. Ess

    Ooooh, the ‘rainbow’ pearl’ sounds intriguing! cant wait!

  3. Tekoa

    I wonder how close Rollickn’ will be to Other Worldly. I have the last one and if they’re similar I think I’ll pass on Rollickn’. Everything else though….*types in numbers on a calculator* Ieeeeeek! Tres expensive.

    • Christine B

      I’m wondering the same thing. I kind of hope it isn’t because it sounds pretty. But I also hope it is so I won’t have to buy it haha.

    • Yeah, how many paint pots do you need in that kind of color, right? Well, that’s my thinking these days!

  4. Christine B

    I’m going to be so broke. These colors all sound so fun. I’m especially intrigued by Cash Flow, Nice Vice, and Strawbaby (rainbow pearl sounds really nifty). I’m going to have to really watch myself with this collection.

  5. Specktra has a whole thread on it, including pics of all the items!! the paint pots and iridescent pressed powders looks AMAZING!!

  6. Vera

    I think I may be spending more than I first expected. I purposely didn’t go see the N collection so I could save that money to spend on this collection. (Although Nanogold, Neutral Pink, and Soft Ochre seem like pretty cool colors. Could you suggest possible dupes for those?) And I’ve been saving some Christmas money, but it looks like I may need more. hehe Just for my wallet’s sake, I’m hoping I won’t like the colors on me, but that’s not common. =P

    • Uh oh! I think half of us will go in, be less impressed and walk out with less, but then the other half will make up for it!

      Nanogold is like Pink Opal and Motif eyeshadow had a baby. Neutral Pink, nothing really reminds me of it, maybe a bit like Thunder eyeshadow (light purple-pink), but that’s old and not permanent. Soft Ochre is more like a regular base color – kind of like Stillife or Untitled paint.

  7. Zoffe

    I can’t wait for this to come out! 😀
    I can’t wait for the purple paint pot, I’m so excited!! 😀

  8. Making a list, checking it twice…

  9. Oh no.. I can hear my bank account crying softly from here!!!!!

  10. Crystal

    OMG CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tanya

    I am sooooooooooo excited!! Everything sounds so amazingly beautiful.

  12. Nell

    I just saw all Fafi items are already on ebay!!!! very expensive of course.

  13. Lindsay

    Oh wow! Paint pots! Eeeks…I am so excited! Also for the nailpolish and the quads! This is gonna be one expensive haul! I cant wait!

    Thanks for the info!

  14. Yep, the color story definitely did NOT kill any of my lemmings for this collection. If anything, it INCREASED my wants :) Based on the descriptions, I want nearly ALL of the lip products, both of the quads, 4 of the paint pots, 1 of the blushes, 1 of the IPPs, 1 of the nail laquers, the 210 brush, the 129SH w/ bag, maybe one of the small or mini clear bags AND a doll! Jeebus. I’m going to be broke. But my love for Fafi is really taking me over on this one. Two of my favorite things coming together? There is no way I can pass this stuff up!

    • lol, Ariele! I can’t wait to see it all in person. I know that I can skip the dolls and bags… that stuff I don’t need whatsoever personally.

      I’m glad you’re both a Fafi and a MAC fan!

  15. Wow, sounds like the Fafi collection will have a ton of stuff well-suited to those of us with warmer skin tones… all the corals and warm pinks and golds. Awesome!

  16. claudine

    i have to get my hands on quad 2
    sugar trance and totally it lipglasses and one of the pressed powders yay
    thats my plan for now but i can see myself buying way more like always when im at a mac counter haha

  17. claudine

    sadly i live in switzerland and the n collection will lauch february and fafi march kinda late :((

  18. michelle

    A huge thanks to you Christine for posting this! :) I can’t wait to see the swatches & confirm my must-buy list for Fafi! 😉

  19. Thalia

    Verve-acaious sounds very tempting, but if it ends up a glittery mess as I found New Vegas to be, I might just pass.

  20. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Not sure if you knew about this but there is already a link to the Fafi collection on the MAC website. Nothing is there yet, but you can sign up for advance notice about the collection there:

    You probably get way advance notice than all of us…maybe other readers would want to know. I totally signed up!

  21. Shefali

    Oh wow…more news. I just went to the MAC website and when the page loads…this black spraypaint colors the middle of your screen and then the words MAC Fafi get graffiti’d on your screen. SO COOL!

  22. strawbaby

    i can’t wait. this is the most exciting collection for me since ‘culture bloom’ which was around 2 years ago! eeeep!!!

  23. strawbaby

    my HG powder is a pro one (super white hyper-fx pressed) so i’m always stocking up! i love the lavendar fx one too :)

  24. Elle

    Score! Now I know which paint pots I want by name!

    By the way, did you see the updated Heatherette news on Spekctra? They have names and prices of what might be released. (